05 September 2008

Cancer: "Cure" Fund Raiser

Tonight the mega-corporations that quash news --drip emotion all over irrelevant stuff thrown up during "news" --fail to examine, investigate, even report the NEWS that actually matters --to you/your life, the country: decided to throw a bash --give up some of your airwaves/their cash-cow time to: hold a 'bake' sale --to raise cash --for cancer.

A bunch of doctors --want the cash, who wouldn't. What will they Do with Cash they get from the 'gimme more' marathon? Invent cures? Nope. If they did that: they would have to find a new way to earn a living. Yuk on that.

Did you participate? --Imagine a "cure" in your lifetime?

THINK --about the Billions "American Cancer Society" et al, have hauled in --over multi-decades. What have they done with the dough?

Actual Cancer "cure"?
Stop using Man-made personal care products. ~TaDa.
--No perfume -cologne -after-shave, nothing that has scent;
-no "propyl glycol" --body way wasn't designed to tolerate petroleum
-If it slathers, moisturizes, "creams" any part of the body: it's Worthless --to you, but
very good for the doc/hospital/pharm --medical biz.
Don't think so? Humans are humans...Ask yourself: why doesn't Africa --Europe --South America have the SAME cancer rates as the US?

The only thing the multi-network "fund"-raiser will cure: the heaviness of your wallet.

Your choice.

21 August 2008

Cervical Cancer "Vaccine" --Scam?

"Vaccine": Scam?
One of the best marketing campaigns ever invented: 'Keep Your Daughter from Cervical Cancer" --vaccinate --pronto.' Excuuuse me....?

The lab rats that came up with the so-called vaccine to counter cervical cancer: picked the disease, I suspect, because marketing for the drug was so slice-of-cake easy.

This post could have been written
--when the 'trials' were going --ignorant school board members were spammed --ad campaign hit the media/our airwaves used --for free, to sell a corporation's product. Now: as good as any other time, while reports roll in ---how useless the 'wonder' drug....

Playing on fear
Giant pharma picked a disease and NO doubt, the plan to sell it and worked it: you want to protect/prevent your daughter from getting cervical cancer? Okey-dokey: shoot her up with this 'vaccine' we made. Oh, gosh: warts --STDs --lesions --fainted --died? Oops, sorry. Uh, Proof --high-profit margin drug will prevent the disease --from ALL the cervical cancer viruses? --All the side effects? Hmm....

Giant pharma: used their sales force --to prey on ignorant members of school boards, on parents, on willing doctors, on FDA...who all jumped on the pitch wagon.

But, Hmm, how does a daughter get cervical cancer?

How: cancer of the cervix? Disease transmitted: via a penis, during intercourse. No penis: cure --no virus?

Sticks and Stones...
Would it perhaps, be useful to educate girls: NOT to accommodate the aggressive penis-holder? --NOT to care so much about being called names/be "popular"/fit "in" --NOT to be passive passenger of one's life --NOT to be 'polite'/NOT go along to get along --demand girls be as aggressive in looking out for well-being of their health, their body --as boys are in looking for sexual gratification? Hmm....

Where, Precisely, is the Evidence that said vaccine: WILL actually prevent all cervical cancers --justifies the consequences and the expense --and the message: only GIRLS should be vaccinated?

Ah, the politics of big pharma, enabled by policies and politicians --and lobbyists --and small ignorant/un-informed minds --and possibly the 'bought' medical establishment, which encourages such vaccine?

So-called "conservatives"
object to the vaccine: on the grounds giving it to girls will enable/encourage sexual activity. Crap. How about respect: Give girls ALL the facts. Empower girls: to USE the brain they were given, to decide for themselves.

Or, duh: just Exactly WHERE is the vaccine/drug/remedy for the disease CARRIER, instead of only the Recipient? WHY is big pharma even making a drug which supposedly prevents the Consequences of getting a penis inserted --but NOT a drug for the penis-holder?

When the penis-user is routinely instructed
--educated --INFORMED of the damage inflicted as a result of repeated insertion --and the consequences --After boys are instructed to refrain from inflicting disease --on girls they are both too young to make life-long commitments with, Then the discussion might reasonably begin: what to do about remedy for resultant disease --but Not before.

Until that day: parents, school board members, politicians, FDA should NOT be looking to engorge big pharma's bottom line --on a vaccine --of unknown long-term consequences --on only HALF of the equation, Right-wing or left-wing.

Otherwise THAT is the prescription: how to get cancer --without remedy, just politics.

02 January 2008

Who Should Be President?

I am tired, worn out.

I have been watching the current administration --ever since The Looser went to court, convinced nine people they should pick him, and they re-paid those who gave them jobs by choosing The Looser of the 2000 election.

Nine people stopped the clock --they started, to re-count ballots, then made their choice --of who would occupy the Oval Office --over the objection, ignoring majority of voters.

The nine didn't care --that ballots were put in the trash --long-time voters were removed from voting rolls --polling places moved to undisclosed locations --voters were disenfranchised, disrespected.

I have watched --members of Republican Party, in the Executive and the Legislative branch, betray the principles of their Party. --Watched them create war, division, disharmony, disappearing middle-class, fear, loathing --massive debt.

Republican Party members: take away rights granted in the Bill of Rights --silence librarians --imprison people without evidence --given Nation's land, minerals, water, assets --to the connected --to their friends.

For the first time in over 800 hundred years: they took the Right of humans to petition Our government for release from prison. The Right of habeas corpus: established by the Magna Carta in England in 1215 --copied by nearly every country in the world. But the United States of America --has gone backwards. --Stripped rights we were granted in the Constitution, in the Bill of Rights, claiming it was for 'our protection.'

"Those who would trade Liberty for Security: deserve neither"
Benjamin Franklin

Current administration: doesn't care. They have used Fear --to get what they want --reward friends with the Public's money --alter basic Freedoms --change laws --make America the most despised country on the earth.

--A right-winger, who actually used a religion --dragged it into federal government --given it Public's money--for eight long years. Should we now choose an extremist --on the left --with a different religion?


I am exhausted. I want Real Change. --Not a person who is PART of the Legislative branch. We need someone with Executive experience --who knows how to Lead, not a follower who is part of a crowd.

The Best indicator of the future: the past. I don't want clever words describing a rosy future that will Somehow appear. --I want to Look at a record --that shows: Been there, Done that.

I'm exhausted, want to rest --knowing the person has the judgement --maturity --experience to solve problems --and already Proven it, not promises and pretty words about the future.

I want a Democrat in the White House. --A member of the Democratic Party will already be refreshing change.
--Who has shown they can lead, not tells me they will.

--Knows How: balance a budget, Done it, not tells me vague words about 'figuring it out later.'

--Knows How to work with the regular people who already run government everyday --the heads of nations --the diplomats --the difficult and those who seek favors.

--NOT a newbie, who will learn on-the-job, but proven skills, experience, knowledge, ability. Would You want the surgeon who has never done the operation?

How about we choose a person: who Has respect --genuine regard --for all Americans, those of other countries --the press --Congress members --intelligence agents --the military.

I don't want the policy wonk --who gave us exported jobs --de-regulated airlines --chaotic telephone-cable-cell-phone mess --midnight raids on the Treasury --scandals, indictments, favoritism.

I want a person: that all parties --would enjoy, content with having --who cares about the Whole country --All people, No Matter Party -ideology -religion --wealth --poverty.... A Leader who can unite the greatest number --without favoritism or favor to business -unions -ethnic origin -gender --or pals --but All of us --treated equally --restoring Rights, values, long-established principles.

I'm tired, of fear, loathing --war and death --division --discord --disregard for privacy --laws --fairness --librarians forbidden to speak. Tired of being embarrassed, wincing --wondering if my phone -fax -e-mail is part of the spying, lying, greed.
I don't want to be ashamed --of being an American --of Gitmo prisoners held on no evidence, bail, rights or legal representation.

--We do NOT need an imperial president, arrogantly scooping up power --signing 'Signing Statements' --in secret --saying 'even though I just signed this Bill into law, I won't enforce or obey it.'

We need a Leader --who will use government to do for us that which we cannot do individually --for the common good. --Like infrastructure, airline and port security, Nation's Guard. --Balance military protection and medical insurance. --care of those who cannot care for themselves. Then leave us alone, get out of our way from making our own way.
We need a Leader who will see to it that we get simple --clean --Fair tax laws.

Not a "perfect" person, a smart one. --Who, when something doesn't work, will say so, change course, move on --NOT terrified, not in denial --stubbornly pursuing failure, even unto others' death.

I don't want a 'private' army --or the candidate tied to it, but to stream-line --modernize the one we've got --with only those weapons that WORK --only the ones we need, not handing out no-bid no-competition contracts for the bloated and the worthless.

I want us to re-join the world --in solving Common problems, restoring peace, making a better world for All. THAT is how to 'make war' on 'terrorists.' "Terrorist": someone who cannot read, doesn't have a job, no way to earn a living --no future. --Our prisons are crammed full of them. --When they are released? How is That smart, healthy --productive?

If we don't have Leader --willing to ask/look for ways to solve --melting glaciers --disappearing species, fuel and food shortages, nothing else will matter --when quakes -hurricanes -floods -mud -disease -hunger consume all of us on the planet.
No tax "breaks" for the oily boys. Choose a person with a record of doing smart environmental things. --Not one with campaign donations from nuke industry lobbyists.

I want to elect a person who Will Actually uphold the US Constitution --as it was written --originally, not the "new version" stripping rights --and the Bill of Rights, original version. THAT is the way to Health --for humans, country, planet.

What I want in the Executive branch: Quality.

I want a person who has Proven they have 'the goods' --the experience, the brains, the personality, the skill. Who fits that criteria --Who should we choose to run the country?

Governor Bill Richardson
We are Lucky he is running. Go to quality, choose him as the next person to lead the country back to the future.

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