31 January 2006

'Union'-Why Today?

Pop Quiz: Why is Oval Office Occupant delivering State of Fractured Union -today?

a) To show he's macho and not afraid of message in the newest tape

b) Force vote on his nomination to no-longer supreme court before speech

c) End of the month is 'slow' news time and he wanted all attention focused on him

Answer: All of the above -None of the above

Speech was scheduled long before newest tape appeared -long before children, women, old men were killed in their house by remote control -during attempt to kill elusive destructive leaders.

Occupant considers US Senate HIS servants, majority being of same Party, so he ordered them to vote on his nomination -in time for him to plant his nominee in the gallery, show off his new point-man on the court.

But the real answer, if you have been paying attention past five years, is: Three-card Monty.

Attention is directed here –while real action is over there. Just like the day FCC took "vote" on enabling giant media to engorge themselves, rip down firewall between ownership of radio-TV-newspapers-internet. Remember? Two Million+ wrote to FCC begging them not to do it, including Nat. Rifle Assoc., ACLU. But chairman Mikey Powell, Colin's kid, had his orders. So While vote held: Occupant hopped on plane to Europe –expecting reporters to follow –his every meaningless move, to distract from the vote. It's called 'managed' news, AKA 'it's what I pay my toadies to do for me.'

Today's 'card' game: Start of First Pal's trial –for Grotesque Theft –known well in advance. Before he got into the Oval, he ran around the country in First Pal Ken Lay's plane, using First Pal's money. Now: Occupant doesn't want media mentioning that "old" stuff, might 'tarnish' the reputation, what with everything else he's done past five years turning out so 'great.'

Second mis-direction: Announcement of how oil companies –Exxon, Mobile, Shell, et al, made out -what with that 'bad' patch of hurricanes and 'shortages' and "uncertainty" over supply last year.... Guess it worked out pretty well for them: they got same amount of oil in pipeline they had the day hurricane season began, but gosh, look how much more cash they got. VERY Well known when oily quarterly reports were comming out. -Reporters covering speech/not covering oily reports.

With the occupant you don't just get news -you get Managed news. And why wouldn't we: Long ago he hired an ad agency; he's paying a PR firm $325,000 a month -to 'handle' stuff...who IS paying those bills? Ad agency genius: she's the one who decided 'celebration' -forced ships to turn around, sailors to stop fighting -all hands could be on deck for announcement "Mission Accomplished" -end of "war" in Iraq two Years ago. Somebody forgot to tell Iraqis.... Somebody forgot to tell media: STOP PLAYING HIS GAME

Think the Occupant controls everything -always gets his way? Then you weren't paying Good attention: the Universe had something to say...Coretta Scott King...a week before –even two days later? Nope. Exactly precisely....


If you catch this year's version of how much is fractured, remember: the Opposite
of whatever he says is the Truth –unless you believe in giant media and fairy tales.


Time...only three more years....

29 January 2006


When did it happen, exactly, that you got dumb? Now, apparently: you got to have short sentences –flashing things –“celebrities” or you won't pay attention. How –when did that happen?

If it's true, that you are dumb –why did people write books –send you to school, taught to read, think? Why did anybody pay for college –trade school? WHY do you care what “celebrities” do -wear -say -eat? IF you Care so much Please explain: what does hearing/reading/seeing what the grossly over-paid under-worked people DO for you? HOW does that improve YOUR time –family –relationships –bank account
–quality of life? Using as model? --to figure out how to stand still and get over-paid without contributing any thing? No? Why: are you tolerating newspapers and Public’s airwaves to fill up with such trash?

CBS is so certain you are dumb: on Sunday morning they tell you what they are going to tell you, then they tell what they are going to tell you --every few minutes, you being too dumb(?) to hold the thought –longer than –few minutes? Cram it full of “Sell-a-brat's” “news.” To make sure they weren't hurting your brain: they dropped Single most intelligent person that ever appeared on any program in the US. He used to review literature, film, TV, theater --until they asked him to talk about anything but the thing that feeds them, TV. So he reviewed movies only, for years. Then CBS 'discovered' you are dumb so they got rid of him, then stopped covering cultural events, beautiful –innovative things.

They hired heads instead --to talk at you. Now the heads -One head whines –defends oil corporations, debt-card corporations, wags his tongue at how you spend money and misses his mommy –one head giggles –while delivering banal rants on the banal, lecture at, since you're not bright enough to 'get' Serious subjects, so you’re supposed to be enthralled watching their heads bobble -to hold your 'interest.' Another one is capable of covering various subjects with wry wit, but his finest piece: home-town village reaction, first on-air Sunday after September 11, 2001. Maybe: among the five finest things ever put on TV. Now: he covers whatever's going that's gross, disgusting, way down at the bottom waste-of-time dumb barrel. Not humorous, not wry, just fills up air.

Then any “celebrity” --“singer” --rag/pamphlet writer --ACT-or with a publicist & manager with a rolodex who wants to flog client's latest whatever: DEEEEEP INCITEFUL Examination of “celebrity's” personality, do's/don'ts ad nausea, cuz it's hard to learn about latest CD -book -video –movie anywhere else –without the coverage. Soup-de-jour platter had two: daughter of Important “celebrity” and an ex president. Ex pres –Who but he can polish his image like perpetual image-polisher
himself –while giggling “reporter” listened, in, uhm, awkward position, rapt as words tripped out of him –words that left out significant parts –utterly un-challenged –met with ‘ooohs’ and giggles, Crack reporter she. The daughter? WHAT did you 'get' out of that -except regret for wasted time?

They used to end the program with elk –bees, wild flowers, penguins, snow melting, fish struggling up-stream, cactus flowers, falling leaves –difficult to convey –looking at –focused on some tiny remote wedge of Nature…quietly -whatever Nature has going –three delicious minutes of it, no humans –speaking or showing. Now: cut to under one minute –so you, with 'new' short attention span, won't get –bored.

Unique aspects of political stories, cultural events, stories from Europe, Asia, remote corners –creative intelligent ideas, people, events –heavenly, two decades. –Finest thing anybody ever put on TV –till they "fixed" what wasn't broken –just for you, when you got dumb.

But if you’re so dumb that “only” way to get your head lifted is to jamb
“celebrities” into news, that does leave two tiny questions:
How come you’re smart enough to analyze which drugs you should take –then instruct your presumably-licensed doctor to prescribe for medical conditions which you have also diagnosed -with the blizzard of drug commercials?

Second: why is BBC News and Public Television giving facts, details, context, interviews on news stories that the ‘networks’ give only headlines? Really, why are they bothering with actual Facts –if you’re too dumb to pay attention/care?

So when do you suppose like you will get like 'smarter'? Till then: it’s OUR airwaves they’re using. Local affiliates of CBS also think you’re dumb –think of the stories they did last year: What burned down/cops working/who got shot “reports” –as long as there was film, that’s all you rated. Are you better-informed for that junk? Want Another year of it?

-Write to CBS head Les Moonves: http://www.cbsnews.com/htdocs/feedback/fb_news_form.shtml
–demand they un-fix “Sunday Morning”
–demand they inform, cover local and federal government, politics, events IN DEPTH –withOUT “celebrities”

-Write FCC: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/complaints.html
-Call toll-free: 1-888-225-5322 (888-CALL FCC)

Media giants use OUR airwaves –demand they demand relevant coverage, enforce FCC rules -go BACK to Reason media were given license to use our airwaves: our ‘eyes’ ‘ears’ of what government does/doesn’t do

-Write: to the people who asked for your vote to represent you; demand that they require media do their job or loose broadcast license

–Senate: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

–House of Representatives: house.gov/writerep/

-Buy: one share of stock in CBS and/or parent Viacom
When they send proxy statement asking for your vote on candidates
for Board of Directors: tell them you will only vote for candidates
who will require return to informative responsible local, national
reporting and don't require news divisions generate profit

-Organize: neighbors/block, union -professional group -PTA –local boys, girls club parents -Each buy one share of stock; sign stock-holder petition –tell local media: you intend to vote as a block/demand coverage of local government/ stop “reporting” on “sell-a-brats”/stop requiring news departments generate a profit.

More “celebrity” junk? Relevant news coverage? Write –demand –or organize. Don’t do any: Loose your Right to complain –expect your representatives to ignore what media does –LOOSE democracy. All that is required for dictatorship: silence, inaction...

REMEDY Send donation –ANY amount–to PBS.org

They Don't care about ratings, Will tell you the 'rest of the story' -BUT the new president of CPB: supporter & donator, big time, of Oval Office Occupant

GM, Kobe, Pentagon...

General Motors will not recover. Lakers won't see Play-off. Pentagon will "win" wind.

General Motors: management, old -new, can give away pieces, make things, do whatever work. Union leaders --can, can not join them. But: GM deceived.

Cities ripped out trolley car rails, destroyed mass transportation, suddenly --all across the country --all on their own? Or at behest of GM management who wanted to generate sales of cars to individuals? GM: convinced people, people who were supposed to be looking out for Common good, not to require High mileage; allowed reduction of taxes for purchase of costliest cars; allowed gigantic hole--created for them--passenger cab placed over truck chassis --thereby creating hybrid, that rolls over, that kills --Not to do the right thing. GM: wanted piece-o-Chinese pie; changed healthy bicycle-riding nation into joiner --biggest polluters on the planet. GM can not lower pollutant emissions --except after loosing suits, in California, after damage.

GM: can NOT create cars people want --clueless what that is, shall remain that way, as long as women not part of creative team; team in-putted so heavily not free, by ANY definition, to create; women not significant part of management.

Analysts, males, talk about 'lay-offs' --'legacy' workers --health-care costs; investors, males, 'reward' when reductions are announced. GM management: can spend rest of the year in Bankruptcy Court. --None of it will affect positive outcome. Management, male, functions with 'herd' mentality, soul-killing fear. GM: has violated Natural laws; Nature; polluted the planet for its own gain. It has no yin-yang. Solutions: Easy ones --staring --screaming at them will NOT occur, not be presented --until they correct the violations.

It does not matter how many, how large --the checks. Phil Jackson, author believes, knows it, Kobe Bryant does not. He can hire Best PR team, law firm, ad agency --promote, advertise, speak, hide, giggle, wet his lips... put a ball --anywhere, any amount of times. No change. He violated; betrayed; omitted truth. He could send a check a week --he has not Corrected. Nothing will change: until he does.

They do tomorrow morning --exactly what they did yesterday, the day before. They give lip service, tiny budgets --to those who want to change it. Yet Thief. Stole hearts, minds, bodies, souls, land, loyalty --life. They use toxins to 'fight'--and deny; fail to ship adequate water, vests, goggles, radios, troops, translators, intelligence --yet deny. They use everyone else's money, ten times more than any other country --YOUR money, to do it. It's called: "Bait & Switch" --or is it Manslaughter, to fail to equip, train Nation's Guard --then ship out of the country, collecting atta-boys, 'merit' badges, stars...drape the boxes in stripes --fire the female who photographs it...humiliate the male --dared to tell Truth to Power... tossed the pregnant grunt into a cell --ordered the woman general to sit, quietly, in the corner. Then blamed the grunt for following orders --the woman for failing to speak. WHO ordered sodomy? WHO Ordered Humiliation? WHO hired "contractors"? --"contractors" --different from Mob employees?

--WHO knows, best, what causes a man humiliation? WHICH Part of any of that: "Honor" --"Freedom" --Justice? WHICH Part: will change core cause of hatred, policies, decisions --that caused the hatred...shown on CNN: women, old men, children, dancing -cheering -laughing --celebrating in the street --on hearing of the murders September 11....

GM -Kobe -Pentagon -Ford -Enron -CEOs --wealthiest 1% whine/demand ever-more --leave everyone else to pay the bills: bridges, roads, rails --infrastructure --disease --hunger --rape --theft --hatred --invasions...glance, briefly, as jobs, wages, health, quality of life sink for everyone else....

Police, judges, jails nab the bank-robber. Who turns the flashlight on the thief in the night --who steals from your pocket with 'pencil' for special deal -law -project -pork for only one at the bottom of already-passed Bill? --The Big Dig, bridges to nowhere, pristine park pock-marked by oily pals --6,000+ bottom of just one --when nobody is watching?

There are laws, which if violated, have to be corrected. The Universe will not tolerate violation. Forces --swing wildly one way or another way. But: all violations are put in balance, eventually.

Some: get it. But unless they --the Manager, the CEO, the Investor, the General, the so-called religious leader ACT: each of the parts has the power to bring down the Whole. The Universe will not tolerate Imbalance Indefinitely.... Write: Senators, House of Representatives, Republican National Committee, Democratic National Committee, FCC, local newspaper, local TV, local radio station --demand exposure, better, deeper media coverage --enforcement of laws.

Remedies --of disease --arrogance --crimes will be supplied, one way or the other....

27 January 2006

Why Are You Here

--on the planet?

Chose your parents --or they chose you, depending on philosophy you follow, but either one: what is your purpose for being here?

Are you here to make yourself --others ill? --Destroy -rob -kill -wound -harm --wallow with the ugly --compete in rancid race to the bottom? --Learn as much as Possible --raise children -crops -beautiful things --improve life -of others -of planet -of animals? --Leave better than you found?

You were given gifts, finite amount of time on the planet.

Determine your gifts, parcel abundantly --distribute your time wisely.

Get to it. That is solution --remedy for cancer -politics

20 January 2006


Wish you felt better?

The inside of your mouth is not the place for a ‘party.’

Nothing you eat can change your –love life –family –job –debt –relatives –career –neighborhood –circumstances or any thing.

Reason to eat anything: –to shovel in –whatever some junky food corporation bought all those TV ads to get you/children/broke students, senior adults to think of them? Uh, nope. But If you think so: Dennis Hastert, Speaker of House of Representatives, Republican, made sure: If you get fat --eating junky food made fast, that contains ingredients they DON'T have to list anywhere, that causes adiction and obesity, he got protection --for the maker of that stuff. YOU CAN'T SUE.

But You CAN: supply the nutrients your bones, brain, organs, blood, cells need to perform.

Would you force a four-year old to eat garbage? Then be as nice to you. Better quality of supply: better the performance. Or: gar-bage in, gar-bage out. Too busy –too boring to take along a quality snack? Then: Why did Nature provide? Rather stick with Man-made “food”? --Then: save your money, like crazy –you’re going to need it, for insurance deductible when your doctor is doing whatever to put your body back to normal –or trying to.

REMEDY: If you are –craving –something that is devoid of nutrients:
1. Drink glass of water

2. Wait twenty minutes
Hunger urge will disappear –if it’s just a ‘head’ whim; if it’s genuine message for food –find best quality of a category to fuel-up; chew thoroughly, stop when you begin to feel full. Look at palm of your hand: that is approximate size that your stomach can hold at a time. Pile in more than that –‘stretch’ stomach: expect hips –waist –thighs to expand

3. Next time: bring along a high-quality snack
i.e. banana, for potassium; hard boiled egg, protein; apple, vitamins & fiber; walnuts, same important oil as salmon –brain food; or tangerine, vitamin C & raise blood-sugar level (--but not as messy as orange). That’s how –Not to get cancer –how to prevent colon-rectal cancer –keep cholesterol levels optimum –keep energy up, your body ‘humming’ -That’s: cancer-politics-remedies

19 January 2006

Sad? Mad?

While you’re dealing with solving consider: should you take drugs?

House of Representatives Majority Party former head, Tom Delay, indicted, going to trial soon for various crimes, orchestrated Prescription Drug Bill through Congress-- held vote open four hours longer than historical usual time, threatened, cajoled, told one Rep. if he voted 'right' way Party would help his son's election --said whatever necessary to craft “easier” way to take drugs –boost profits of drug-makers (--they having “hard” time getting money). –Have government pay the bill, millions for millions of Americans. But why?

There is a food that will give feeling of well-being like no other. By the time– face the day -hit the road -begin work, will actually cheer you up. Oatmeal. There is something in oatmeal that creates feeling that isn’t in any other food I’ve ever eaten –and I’ve eaten lots!

-Small pot
-Boil water
-Add oats
-Cook :05 –stir several times
-Turn off heat, add lid, let sit, at least :10
-Finish getting dressed

-Into bowl -add: raisins –soy milk –turbinado (–natural sugar that contains nutrients) –cranberries –blue berries –walnuts or all. Eat hot.

Within ½ hour you –children –senior adults will feel Good, things just won’t seem
as bad. At the same time oatmeal is a ‘working’ food: it gathers up excess fat globules, sweeps blood and takes to the liver; then it ‘scrubs’ walls of the colon –pulls along debris that doesn’t belong, on the way out of the body. –All for amazing low cost –lower than drugs –tests, surgery, disease treatment, doctor office
visits –what a bargain.

If you want zippy blood, clean colon, feeling good use: oats –grown without pesticide, organic, and regular cooking type –doesn’t work with “instant” oatmeal. You are worth what it takes to make, eat real oatmeal. Sad –mad won’t seem so bad. That’s: cancer-politics-remedies

Mad? Sad?

Mad? Sad?

It's a Law: it is not possible to be mad, sad, angry or 'blue' while gardening.

No ground space to garden? Use window space, south-facing --kitchen or bathroom. Make a "sling"
-screw S or cup hooks -one above left & right corner above window frame
-use gross-grain ribbon (that matches room color) or rope: knot ends,
then tie into bow -adjust both to be exact same size
-place one in each S or cup hook
-find scrap wood: slide through looped ribbon or rope
-if not high enough to catch sun or too high to water pots easily:
re-do the knots
-find red clay pots, potting soil, 2" plants or seeds -all at local nursery, local hardware store, or the $.99 Store
-check soil daily: for moisture --plants in a window will
dry out quickly

No south-facing windows?
-Use fire escape:
use lightweight window box on outside of railing -to keep escape route clear for emergency
-Use front door step: large pot with heavy rock in the bottom to prevent easy theft

What to grow? What could be more fun: radishes -they pop up fast; basil, cilantro and try green onion or scallion; maybe annual flowers

These can be started now, in January. Not possible -till snow melts/rain stops?
-Ask your local nursery for their catalog
-Then Google for: seed catalogs
and when they arrive -dream, plot and plan!
Some of the best: Park's, White Flower Farm

Even if weather gets better: no place to garden?
Most communities have set-aside outdoor ground plots. Contact City Hall to find out
if /where in your area. If there isn't any set-aside space, be a leader: Ask your local elected representative how you can get such a space set aside. Enlist some friends, family members, PTA, Chamber of Commerce, Girl Scouts or Boys Club to form a group.

Or: find a senior adult with a house and garden and make them an offer: help care for their plants in exchange for some space to plant directly in their garden or to place pots.

Don't want to grow your own food? Then grow food for song birds, butterflies, bees. They will Thank You -for being able to carry on their jobs. You will be connected to Nature -not to the junk that is bothering, much more fun. The anecdote: cancer-politics-remedies

17 January 2006


What is organic? What’s non-organic? What’s the difference? Does difference matter?

Once upon a time: people grew their own food, near kitchen door –hence ‘kitchen garden’-or on their own farms; fertilized with table scraps and animal waste; then some grown on to seed --collected, saved, traded with neighbors for next season. It was the conventional way, part of life, from the beginning –seeds were found in Egyptian tombs. Eventually: people formed businesses that grew to involvement in each part of the life-cycle of fruit, vegetables until now the ‘family’ farm is mostly in memoirs and postcards. –Thousands of contiguous farms bought up by giant agri corporations, employing giant machines and few employees, chemical fertilizer, pesticide to kill insects, herbicides to kill plant diseases, various ‘enhancers’ to speed growth, size and yield.

So what…chemicals…applied to plants, then watering or rain washes away excess not taken in by plants. Where does it go? Taken up into the atmosphere, comes back down on animals, fish, us in rain; runs off into streams which feed into rivers, lakes, ocean. –Federal government watches all –so it must be safe? One agency charged with the watching, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, with outside consultants, devised a rate at which it is considered “safe” to consume fruit, vegetables that contain chemical fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide. Rates for each vary, but generally: “x” part amount in a billion parts of water. Ergo: EPA, Agriculture Dept, others say i.e. strawberries grown with chemical fertilizer and pesticide are “safe” to eat if they contain ‘so many’ parts. –Leads to three questions:
1. Exactly who is testing–strawberries –peaches, melons, peas, lettuce, spinach–food crops to see: ‘acceptable’ levels or excessive amounts are present in mature plants in grocery stores?

2. Who is counting –besides corporate accountants –aggregate amount of ‘acceptable’ If you eat salad –vegetables, soup and fruit for dinner Sunday night, all grown with ‘small amount’ of chemical fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide and growth hormone, and again on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc –every week of every month all year, who is counting –who is watching how much that ‘small amount’ adds up to in a year –five years –two decades?

3. Food grown with toxic chemicals is considered “conventional” in supermarkets, yet food grown without toxins or artificial fertilizer now labeled: “organic” –why? Who switched them?

John Stossel of ABC has said twice on “20/20”: “food grown with pesticide is a good thing.” Said in 1991 and again recently, 2005 –that ‘pesticide is harmful is a
“myth.”’ If he is right: what accounts for men loosing their hair –twenty-something women now getting breast cancer –children getting brain tumors un-known 100 years ago –American men expecting to die of or with prostate cancer? –None of which happens in countries that do not use artificial chemicals on crops. From end of World War II to end of century applications were approved by federal regulatory agencies allowing: 79,000 toxic chemicals into the market place. –Toxins which Mankind survived previous thousands of years without “needing.” How can build-up of such toxins be good for next generations –future of the planet? I believe: John Stossel is ignorant and wrong.

REMEDY: If you don’t want to find out if he is wrong: grow some of your own food; purchase only chemical-free –“organic” produce. Even if I’m wrong: crops grown without toxins taste rich delicious good; can not harm birds, animals, fish, trees, flowers, bees, adults, children or oceans. How can that be bad? That is: cancer-politics-remedies


Do you remember?

I was doing something with TV on, heard the reporter say
"…was killed today, shot on—
turned and walked to face the set—
"as he stood on the balcony of his hotel…"

Spring 1968...didn’t hear rest of what was said…thought: how very sad for black people –oh: white people…all of us lost something important today…what will happen...I had not gotten over death of JFK…why were both dead –how does murder make anything “better” –will country fall into a black hole never to recover…what's next....

Cities blew up --exploded...the pain was wrenching, to break the heart.... Many years later: I saw a documentry on Robert F. Kennedy, on PBS. He was shown approaching an outdoor stage, early evening. The voice-over said that as he was walking to outdoor stage he was told of the murder. He faced his audience, mostly black people. Many THINK they saw it at the time --news readers, the ignorant, the twenty-something microphone hogs will say it, BUT it was NOT seen on TV or known At the Time: RFK faced his audience, quickly told them news of the murder. Huge gasp.
Then: '...I can imagine the pain, that you are thinking "a white man did this" and I can tell you, a white man killed my brother...' Listeners slowly turned, went home, wept. That city the only one that did not explode in violence, burning, rage.

What would this country be...John...Martin...Robert....

Remedy: register to vote THIS WEEK --by Friday stop at Post Office (find closest one at link), get Voter Registration form, fill it out There (if you don't want calls from Party about events, just make up a phone number), choose a Party --hand form directly to clerk, mark tear-off part with date. -Take :20 tops, BEST way to get your voice heard --tell Washington YOU are now lobbyist --won't tolerate what's going on. That's: cancer-politics-remedies

15 January 2006

Happy NEW Year

Last year was 'hammocked' with Tsunami wipping families, villages & homes and ended with the person who swore in front of whole world to uphold law & Constitution admitting that he personally authorized spying on Americans --violated federal law. In the middle: melting ice caps --destruction of well-loved city, destruction of four states-worth coastline...person who has paid hush money to parents for violating children, deemed "not" guilty of doing it to again --to a 13-year cancer survivor who has indigent, unsavory parents, so they got nothing; death of the splendid --missed Ann Bancroft; banal offerings on Broadway --except for Billy Crystal's memoir "700 Sundays" --and bad movies, worse than previous years, most of them re-makes from previous decades. The utter slamming of villages, mountains of those who could least afford it in Pakistan. --Spy caught working in office of the President of Vice, indictments of "leader" in the House of Reps, and "aides" and "lead" bagman for corporations, investigations of "leader" in the Senate...occupant of the Oval office...and Senators...and pseudo reporters --used and/or paid...and Pentagon that received ten times more money than any other country on the planet, that "studies" armour --of humans and of transport --while both get blown up daily in invased Iraq, Afghanistan...and so it goes. In summary: a stinking rotten year --2006 has such promise --Plenty of Up-side potential --it CAN'T be as bad --right?

So: My wishes for the Planet --the animals --the birds --insects --flowers --trees --oceans --humans, countries: let us strike random acts of kindness to one another...let us pray "leaders" of religions stop spewing hate, disturbed pronouncements --on others' health, other religions & geography.

May we see Prime Minister of Isreal sit up then stand for election; President of Iran aquire insight, wisdom or silence; and the same for "leader" of Christians, Patrick Robertson...of Chile, Venezuela, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands & Poland...and the US...and to you: May you enjoy rude good health, some peace, some quiet, some pleasure, some fun --and some helpful knowledge from these Pages. A Votre Sante! You are most welcome back! to gain knowledge, protection: Cancer-politics-remedies

10 January 2006

How to Get Cancer: Western Medical Establishment - History

How to Get Cancer: Western Medical Establishment - History

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