13 July 2009

How to Get Cancer: About This Blog

After questioning ordinary people, hundreds, about what they know, believe about Health, Western medicine, their own doctor: my intellectual rage compelled me to speak out, up. --Inform against the Constant PR done by big pharma and chemical industry behind the scene, to get people to 'go along' with things harmful to Health, and away from Nature -natural Organic life -practices.

If it matters
I am the child of a once-brilliant world-known physician. I was born while he attended Stanford University medical school; grew up watching him study, test subject for each new tool he got; go through internship, residency, private practice, teaching, surgery who, I am very sorry, died suddenly, a few years ago. I started this site after years of considering, debating, looking at the way medicine is practiced in the West. Specifically: How disease is "managed" but not Cured.

Where have I been
Many things interest me, and when I'm 'grabbed' I learn all I can. I started this site five years ago, then stopped writing. Why did I stop?

I was Stunned by what no-longer supreme court did: "judges" became activists, based on NO Law, decided who would be the president, eight years ago.

The 'selectee': Oval Office Occupant, I call him the Thug (I don't use his name; or title, since he ascended to office illegally both times), realized my worst fears: though he swore otherwise, he began to Ignore the Constitution and he, mostly, shredded Rights granted in the Bill of our Rights delivered to the King of England and new America/Americans.

The Rumblings about invading Iraq began almost immediately after he took the office. I did deep research and learned: there were NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in Iraq; Iraqis couldn't invade or harm this country. With trepidation: I wrote a letter to the Thug. I asked, pleaded, begged Oval Office Occupant: NOT to invade/start a war with Iraq.

My reward?
He did not reply, nobody did. Instead: I got, I believe, put on some kind of Watch list. I confess: it freaked me. I stopped writing.

Fresh Start
New year, new president. Space/me: still on a Watch List? Dunno, Tired of caring. Some weeks ago, wanting to update, I removed some items from Sidebar and *poof* theme went screwy, lol, and stopped functioning --evil spirits, Watchers??? lol. Undeterred, I 'freshened'/updated theme (technically), and added some new gadgets.

So: I begin again.

Premise of this site:
a.) Chemicals, Man-made, inserted into every part of our life, allowed into market-place without True oversight or PROOF that a chemical is SAFE for humans, creatures, planet --environment.

b.) After Man-made things cause harm: Western Medicine does not Cure resultant disease, but merely treats the Symptoms of disease. --Nobody is going to Get Healthy by treating Symptoms, 'fallout' of disease, ever.

c.) Nature does not make mistakes: human body was meant to live in Harmony WITH nature --eating, using, living with what Nature provides; the farther away from nature, the more harm, destruction --disharmony.

All because of: politics, policies, politicians of the Western 'modern' world.

So what do You think:
Google has enabled many new designs (whew, finally!) and I will try out some, then put up a poll to ask your opinion. Let me know.

Google now let's individuals create and put up/enable all kinds of widgets on their site (very cool); I've added some new things I found; something else I should add/you want to see? --Don't like the colors --font too small? Do you want to read in a Reader? Which one? Ideas? Say so!

This site
Meant to inform; protest against stupidity that causes medical and political Establishment to do Counter-intuitive un-healthy things; Empower You to be In Charge of your health; present the politics of cancer --and the remedies for all of it. A votre sante.

I'm back. Your feedback, thoughts Welcome: Leave Comments.

Addendum: I'm not sure, at the moment, what happened to all the pages I've written over the years, but I'll hunt down to re-enable.

To Chinese spammers: we're onto you --Get a life, go find something Useful to do.

* * *
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