26 May 2006

*Hey, Best Money Government Can Buy...

*US Attorney Generalissimo No-Problemo –on the Gitmo Guys: ‘we only do approved methods of abuse’...and we like to keep it loose –no evidence, trials or rights –but we got ways to slip each a noose…

*But Snatcher of parents’ children –employer of destruction, grief –copped he hired 19 in taped statement, brief –copped to 19, but not the one of nutty lying motif –of which FBI agent sent 70 e-mails to his subchief –but US Attorney assembled Ted Mack Amateur Hour loose-leaf –if non-pathetic, would have afforded relief –but instead threw America’s credibility on another reef...

*Feds keep sharp locus focus on their glitzes –leave Louisianans to sweep up still broken dishes –while their DC Rep. was busy feeling iffish, bout DC banks and all their wishes, so he shoved his money –$90 grand, in with the freezered fishes…

*Congress did get it together –a bi-partisan measure to protest –oh ya they had a real yank fest – ‘Who the hell is FBI to invade our nest’ –the home, one of their least best –pinching shoes –no, no not a relevant test –man, they intend Fully to contest …butt line up they do, to approve Occupant’s choice of underware-sniffer –ya since all his other nominations–Stop, don’t snigger, Occupant doesn’t give a Damn if you differ –so as Bell boys silently slip records under the door... Americans’ RIGHT to privacy crashes through the floor…
“Those who would trade Liberty for Security –deserve neither.” Occupant doesn’t give a damn about either…

*While “working-class” FTC lady –shocked –shocked, do you hear, to discover there's gambling go’n on in here, but can't find even ONE Oil-Bloated Baron to spear –responsible for decent price “sudden” disappear –while Americans play
‘Will I/Won't I make it to work today’...It's a Good Thing –she ain't in on the Hot Relay—

*Federal Bureau of Idunno: Searching for Jimmy Hoffa tomb...on the trail of the latest zoom…no, it’s a very Hot lead this womb, really no reason to fume –just cuz it’s three decades after Hoffa went Boom…

*Republican Members of Congress continue icy dicey Amnesty guiles –on Global Gas and auto miles –so this should send you rolling in the aisles: buy another guzzler, ooze GM reptiles –and they’ll “help” with your ‘addiction’ trials…oh so yummy for the piles… yup, that’s the ticket…

*Poor Senator Trent Lott, he’s way not hot, Pay-as-you-go pol certainly not, but he’s sure no one minds he got caught, inserting Grumman into US Treasury with a slingshot –just cuz they’re well-acquainted with Senator Inkblot? –Oh for a $500 million bill think they should do insurance foxtrot? –Well all others waiting in huge line pot have done his coffers squat, so to him they rate no more than a kumquat…

*Sen. Frist was first –to feel your pain –offered a token of their gain …while head dealer deals on “security” –he finally notices –five and a half years later with assurity –the ‘door’ is open –Iran –Iraq? Oh Well, what’s one more bomb attack…uh Koreans –Cubans? Gulp, he's gonna get it right, shut it with all his might –he’s sooo bright –just as soon as he Finds coalition of willing –6,000 warm bodies to do his milling -AND the bucks to pay border states to obey...so nobody told him jack –northern door, Open way more than a crack?

*Ack –Ack…birds and flu and stuff…–Ack –it’s on the way –Ack –somebody didn’t get online on ordering day …somebody is gonna pay …vaccine ain’t gonna be enuff … what will they do with all their stuff...

*Mr. Mini-mind Minetta still doesn't have a Clue, doesn't mind the bankrupt jets that flew –on out-sourced “maintenance” when he knew ...30,000 bags went missing…airline CEOs and their bankers into phishing...their employees and retirees left with pissing...but the walking ad against anorexia: outsourcing ports –doesn’t that just tickle ya…and ‘pretty sure we’re sure,’ he’ll text ya –the tinfoil atop the squishy soil –‘sorta gonna be a foil’ –‘No really, according to Hoyle’ –Stop, NO good thinking “Moyle”…“13 to 16 named hurricanes” on the way?…those pesky professors did Try to say: ‘nay, nay’ –even held out handfuls to show it's CLAY –on the Corps’ cores throughout the Bay, Geniuses…the Army sent astray...while Gulf oil goons got our pay –then contributed What –Hey –somebody shudda pushed Ray –but in land of Good Times, roll as it may, fool me twice –let it lay?

*Occupant & Co seem to have an endless supply…willing to tell whatever lie…who ever is left un-indicted…covet it –steal it –tag it “blighted”…but bridges, roads, pipes...some –any infrastructure will be righted...?

*But Hey! –thirty years worth of Vets –spouses –kids and the pets, got call to rev their jets, just cuz their SS#s got caught in nets... just cuz the guy do’n the work on their work was at work while the work was at home –hey, he was embolden –spoke up only two weeks after it was stolen –the second time –another VA perk on another VA piece of work –light'n speed for VA do’n it’s thing –heck, he coulda been Bureau of Indian Affairs kinda ding –never ever saying ‘ping ping’...

*Another welfare for the wealthy give-away…while wait-awhile weenies wait in White House bunker, till more photo ops with the mommy-type folk, another clunker…verdicts and trials and indictments…federal…state...courts no-longer supreme…Scooter and Karl and Delay so dream ‘O when will the hemorrhaging abate...’ o—oh look –gas at the pump unlocked the gate, all that, hehehe, corporate hate...Three Card Monty plan wasn’t late… just as First Pal Kenny had his date, stupid media didn’t mate– that gas “price” was only Bait …Whew, attention-deficit media never wed –the jet trips –the cash –the pull never led, not even one reporter got it in his head… so Trash stories on oil were fed…away from the connection everyone got led…

*Yea though the Righteous Republicans cast no shadow, their servants they now wish to deport, in hope to prevent any tort, the faraway fairway still their choice of resort, along with distended lunches they don’t wanna report –but how else to enjoy a bit of cavort –when annoying constituents continuously snort –seats they threaten to abort –how else to thwart when “religious” “leaders” exhort….

“Protection” Party, they claim –Death in the desert, ‘cram it’ diplomacy, side deals, K Street dealers…not the definition most would use…Gitmo to Iraq, Putin’s eyeballs ...Blaire’s pitfalls…promises to New York fire-fighters –quashed EPA health memo writers...pledge of $15 billion for those dying of AIDs: delivery “Just Say No to Sex” on orphans cascades...oath to up-hold Constitution –tear-down church-state separation...largest poppy crop ever...crystal meth explosion... billionaire oil boys club pump, wages -middle-class grind...each American, now, must bear the shame Republicans have thrust on us in their name…ice caps melt, asthma rates soar…rockets –over Wall Street glare …some labor day fare…

Nobody can abuse you –without your permission…Many people –made it possible –such could be written and you could read –register to vote this week –to honor the deed…. Who said “Independent” isn’t a Party…just pick one, don’t let #!@*?%#&s speak for you….

“Some day the people will demand peace
and we will have to get out of their way and let them have it.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Approval” Oval Office occupant: 26%
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21 May 2006

A Pox on NBC?

"The West Wing" is CLOSED. NBC's Anne Coughs-up-beefless-stew, Jay Leans-to-the-right, while poise boys pose for the stockholders, the advertisers, the Pentagon -don't give a damn about ethics, oversight or you, unless you got a certain number, but they are keen to serve you up to fat-cat corporations, while ignoring their responsibility, privileges, obligations.

Can Anyone Anywhere pack more slobbering emotion into a sentence than Anne Coughs-up? Makes Diane Sawyer look like only a drama queen. Well, Pebble Screwdriver does Try, but he's no match for the Drip Queen. . . . Jay Leans-to-the-right serves up his choices for political office, unhampered by quality, Fairness, laws, ethics, opposition candidates. . . while "The West Wing" had too much depth, breadth, ideas, quality for the corporate crowd. . . .

There are dozens -hundreds? of stories, reports, inquiries they Could be doing, on Congress, Pentagon, agencies, "doctor" Condo. . .people, think tanks, universities with solutions. . . . But Nope, their Only interest is self-interest, serving up 'certain' numbers with 'certain' ages. . .to cram more bucks down their trousers. So the finest writing ever put on air waves is in the shredder, back to flicking pablum at you.
A Pox on all their heads.

They are using OUR air waves. But NothingButCrap can't be bothered to meet it's obligation granted by FCC, Another entity that Isn't performing its obligations TO/FOR Americans. Get them in the only place that matters to them, where it hurts: financially.
If you work for a city or a school, in a trade or hospitality, for an employer with an employee pension fund: find out if the fund owns any stock in GE (parent) or any of it's subsidiaries.
If so, ask your co-workers to join you in asking the fund manager: to dump the stock.

Watch the Crap Corp., "mute" on, long enough to grab some advertiser names. Send the advertisers notice: you won't be using their products as long as they advertise at NumbskullBoringCentral, as long as our air waves used to dish garbage, ignore responsibility to be eyes, ears for us, to watch government. We can survive without another "Joey" -we can't survive if dictatorship is installed, thin layer on layer -with no media attention, no media megaphone, no warning.

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NOTE: It takes 86 cookies, now, to log in to this host, then over 150 more to post. Many days no post can get through at all (grrr). . . others, after hitting "Publish" -pitched into quarks . . . Exhausting -using up passion far more worth directing at those in Washington pimping for corporations. . . Google bug -or bug boys? Doesn't matter: Picking up the crayons, what's left of the marbles, gonna go scribble somewhere else. If you wanna know where: leave e-mail address in "Comments"...Remedy to Disease and Politics.

17 May 2006

"West Wing" –Are You Too Dumb?

The genius-wannabes running NBC looked at the critics’ acclaim, the public’s reception, the quality of the only reason to watch the network and? Canceled “West Wing.” Why?

Early on the wannabe bean-counters –wanting to make a contribution: Told “West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin –‘write faster’ – to speed up production –to save money. Clever boys. Creator? He stepped off. Gosh we’re lucky –Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Paine and that crowd didn’t have NBC genius-wannabes breathing down their necks to ‘hurry on up’ with Bill o’ Rights, Constitution stuff, what with all their revisions. So why did they cancel “West Wing”? Decided –you’re too dumb to get it?

Genius bean-counters axed –the brilliant language, the intricacies –the rare look behind the scene –the deft occasional Biblical –Shakespearian -Dickensian references, among others –the deft occasional humor –the philosophical, moral, ethical push-pull that was each riveting episode why? Cuz. . .you are –after all these seasons –suddenly –dimmer than an old light bulb?

Why did the groupies of creativity decide –you’re not smart enough –can’t get your brain cranked high enough –to ‘get it’ any more? Uh, You ARE ‘smart enough’ to rent cars –buy lower-priced clothing –ask your doctor –about all the drugs flogged non-stop –for the sponsors who shelled out serious money to get time on the last show. –You’re “smart” enough –for NBC to promote itself and whatever junk is coming down the airshaft next September, non-stop. So when, how did you get so dumb? Would that be at the point where bosses of the ‘geniuses’ decided –pay-back time –to their Patron?

Once Upon a Time, Thanks to, uhm, Washington weenies: once-superb NBC network was sold –to an arms dealer. Naw, not that kind, the “good” kind. –You didn’t know there were ‘good’ weapons –dealers? Oh, ya, there are –the kind that makes weapons that kill –for our side; the kind that go BOOM for the Pentagon boys. The BOOM boys, smothered in Wall Street-layered respectability, swallowed up NBC, since nobody who mattered, like American voters, had a way to object to the buy-up. Then one day the BOOM boys clicked on one of their other products, light bulbs, and decided they wanted: More. Mooore! The ‘more’? They and others just like them, mega-money missionaries, wanted firewall between radio-TV-newspapers-Internet in a single market –ripped down; own what they wanted, as much of it as they wanted –without any whining –to “maximize” the money. AKA: spread money on owners of their stock to shut them up and pour the rest over their own heads. Now the annoying, for them, part: laws all over the place stamped ‘Nope’ –can’t swallow all the media in one town.

BOOM boys sidled up oh-so-quietly to oh-so-respectable Congress members to cut deals to get what they wanted. BOOM boys rode into Washington with a ton of dough, and found –familiar faces –warm reception –and a lover of dough –perched, waiting. What A Coincidence. Then they went over to the building where Colin Powell, who used to have the job looking out for the interests of the Whole country, Secretary of State, had his kid, Mickey, working –how lucky was that! his kid had a job at Federal Communications Commission, FCC. Now even though the Public –Americans –you -us –we own the airwaves, Mickey got to decide who could ‘rent’ those airwaves –at bargain prices. Mickey Powell, like his daddy, learned ya gotta go-along to get along, so he wasn’t about to make splish-splash. Mickey –even though a federal judge said he screwed up, told the country: some people wanted to offer Americans “more” –by consolidating all the media –under one roof, theirs –in each town. ‘Somehow’: It would be “Better.”

Plenty –didn’t think Less owners of more –was going to Be “More” –so they asked Mickey Powell NOT to let the BOOM dough-spreading boys get more. National Rifle Association –owners of not-profitable small newspapers –whacky union members –golfers –university presidents, knitters, radio station owners, parents, intellectuals, housewives, clergy, small business owners, mayors, PTAs, governors, college coeds, this author –lovers of music, investigative journalism, independence –all manner of ‘goofy’ folks wanted coverage –control –independence in their small/medium/large communities, towns, cities in every little part of the US. –Hunters –artists –ACLU –Bleeding-heart ‘commies’ and right-wing whackos –on the same side??? Two Million plus asked, wrote, begged Mickey –Not to rip down laws that have protected democracy since this country’s inception; So many: FCC’s website, receptionists, fax machines –crashed.

You forgot what he decided? As he stepped on a plane headed to Nothing important in Europe, the occupant expected press to follow –his every meaningless move thataway –to distract the kiddies at home, while Mickey Powell held the Vote thisaway. . . .

Then they and all their kind all went along with getting inserted inside tanks, seeing, understanding, explaining –Examining Absolutely NOTHING as fish-eye-view embeds of war, when Oval Office desk jockey decided to go after another country’s oil –to supply/Save you –from …something. . . .

After the BOOM boys got all the Best Dough Can Buy, NBC –deep investigative coverage –of moviedom airheads’ –every twitch. Journalist, with a reporter’s career, anchor Tom Brokaw: replaced with a person who began his “journalism” career typing copy –into a TelePrompTer, written by others. Giggle factor, emotion-slathered “news” and shoe showings soared –on once-superb “Today” show. Superb Jane Pauley got shoved. “Dateline” sucks up oxygen with worm’s-eye view of underwear and old murder cases, illuminating precisely NOTHING, as firewall of hard news and fluff get slimed. Nightly newish news –skips over details, facts, depth. Jay Leans-a-lot helps Republicans get elected, can’t find room on his couch for opposition candidates or fairness or anything remotely amusing. Red-headed bore slotted into later considers his hair obsession and jumping the same as wit, humor. Just the promos for ‘Law. . .Indecent Crimes’ instills desire for a shower, how much lower can they go. “ER” past its sell-by date, since they neither any more hire quality writers or give a damn. It's easy to see why Katie would flee; if you have any connection to intervention company: try to hire for excellent Meredith Vierra, who now needs it. Their Idea of comedy: “Joey.” Oy –Can Anybody say: “N-B-C W-H-I-T-E P-A-P-E-R”?

Just the One
So there was One island of quality in untreated sewage run-off still standing…“West Wing”…with characters portraying what Smart government would be like –if we were lucky enough, if we demanded –government that functioned by angling to get the Most of the good, for the most good, weaving Around the junk. Suddenly –show ‘costs too much’ –make-up, hair people hired at apparently bargain-basement rates, to get hair styles so bad suddenly: everybody looked like dyed pompadour parodies –slathered in over-sized lips, giant eyebrows, bright cheek circles. Suddenly: the Possible, shown week after week, was inching up –next national election in November, the one in which majority-in-charge could get neutered.

Did the mega-media BOOM boys cancel “West Wing” –to benefit their benefactor(s)? Is there –a mole somewhere, to say the BOOM boys pulled the plug ‘just in time’ –favor for Mickey –carrying Oval Office’s “water” –allowing BOOM boys to own more media? Nope, at least, none has spoken –yet…maybe: we’ll get somebody’s memoir in a decade –some connected somebody, saying somebody dropped two quarters on the fat-cat BOOM boys –told them it was time, to pull electrical cord on “West Wing.” –The right time, While: you’re busy seeing still-squashed houses in Gulf Coast, water rising against ancient infrastructure in the East. . .the (still?) First Pal Kenny IN the dock for looting Enron-source of life-style. . . while the un-polished get shoved in front of cameras to get fired, at bargain day-rate, others “dazzle” with greedy box-lid flipping ‘deals/no deals’ for money. . .while you are whip-sawed with punctured wallet –levitating cost to get into work, swamped with the illegal-swamping, the dwindling prospects. . . while Mystic Moochers insert themselves into politics…to benefit their own tithe plates….

Maybe you suddenly got ‘dumb’ –Maybe you’re so dumb you Don’t mind having your phone tapped –to “protect” you. . .But maybe: you DON’T need to have an “Identity” card so that incompetent spy agencies –can spy –on you, while your own government yanks your rights, your privacy, your ability to prosper, serves you up to corporations. . . . Can’t we all just –have Life Imitate TV?

What is the Remedy –to slithering Bill-Given Rights? It’s hard to be healthy, disease-free, happy –while living with/in fear of one’s own government –eroding rights, quality, democracy.

How much more floating-in-sewage. . . current Oval Office occupant, majority-party don’t give a damn about non-oil, non-donors
You DON’T need latest tech toy, new shoes –bank debt to eat out –plus thirty years of interest; that's not the way to look out for yourself

-You need to realize: Save –twenty-five to thirty percent of every dollar you see –IF you are to survive what’s coming

-Your employer offers 401k, any pension plan?
Find out, employer’s contribution amount –demand as much percentage as you can get, sign up –this week.

-If No Employer-Pension plan: get a ROTH, through a bank, if you qualify

–Get additional savings account, whatever’s possible
Save Save Save

Remedy –for disappearing democracy
Drop some quarters to buy a newspaper, big, small, both at least once a week. They’re looking out for us, pay them back. Read news on-line? Give ‘em a click, any relevant product, service to you. If they don’t get financial support, they won’t be around to look out for us.

Organize a petition –demand: local TV do more/better local political coverage, of local government, of local issues, of local elections –minus the celebrity crap. Engage co-workers –with PTA, sports parents, singles group, poker pals –That’s your legacy, to the next generation, those people are chewing up, spitting out all over your community.

Those airwaves media giants using belong to us –you don’t protest how they are being used, don’t whine when media giants go on another spending spree –like oil companies did, till there is no competition, like Big Six oil. If giant media allowed to buy up competition: they DON'T have to care what you, your community wants, what coverage "boring" local politics, government gets. Bosom buddy of the occupant: owns more than one thousand radio stations, playing canned elevator music –by remote control, no person in the booth to cut in to give emergency warning notices of anything; just pabulum 24/7. How Much Money is Enough for those people?

Remedy –for BOOM boys of NBC?
Reward NBC with a >click –DELETE key on the remote –you won’t miss anything, they won’t mind, hell, they don’t mind now.

American returned, covered in strips: 2,476
“Approval” –Oval Office resident: 26%

sewage removal. . . remove remove remove . . .

13 May 2006

Revlon Run: Cancer “Cure”?

Smart passionate people asked cosmetics giant Revlon Inc. to get involved –to fund events –to raise funds –to find a “cure” for a disease –that affects their market, women. Revlon’s response: “Run for the Cure.” Is this a good thing? Where’s the bad? What are the politics –of cancer “cure”? –The whole thing: Breath-taking.

The smart, passionate people –lots of people, would like an end to cancer, not just breast cancer. It’s not un-reasonable –to ask a giant corporation who makes money off the affected market, to help. For Revlon: it was a no-brainer to say “yes” –to participate in raising money for a “cure” –where’s the bad? It doesn’t cost them much: they get free positive media coverage, runners get donations, add to the ‘pot’ –Revlon gets good ‘disease’ PR. Heck, they would have to be stupid NOT to get involved. Politics –of disease “search”? THAT’S a different subject.

Petroleum –price and use are in the news non-stop lately. Are you using petroleum –on your body? Check the label of every personal care product you have for: PEG, PG, Glycol. –All are short for propyl glycol, petroleum. What is a product made for your car –windshield wipers –brakes doing in your body? It makes personal care products –moisturizer, body cream, hand lotion, thousands of products: smooth. Seeps through skin, winds up in the liver. Except: this is fossil fuel that has been processed, isn’t natural/not found in Nature in this form, with Man-made chemicals added. Is what goes ON the body any different than what goes IN the body? Not to the body: it seeps through skin, eyes, scalp, nails. Whatever goes IN: enters the liver. So when it hits the liver? The liver can not ‘recognize’ process or excrete. So? Tiny amounts sit in the liver, layer upon layer, year after year.

Why is product manufactured for cars allowed to be used on human body?

Have you ever thought about: lipstick? What do they use to make, the color? How about: red dye, yellow –blue –green dye. –All KNOWN carcinogens, all known to cause cancer. If a cosmetic producer doesn’t use dye –substitute? Ground up wings of a particular beetle. Nice.

Consider: FDA has a Legal Mandate. FDA: May Not allow any known carcinogen to be used –consumed, in the marketplace. So why is dye, other toxic products allowed in cosmetics? It’s ‘Hands-Off’ for cosmetics industry. Consider: FDA, Food & Drug Administration, barred by law from over-seeing cosmetics. Why?

Like the way Revlon products smell? Consider: What are the ingredients –in any perfume? Perfume/cosmetics industry doesn’t have to tell you –FDA –label conformity boards or anybody else. Not your business. Why not??? They got the bucks –to get perfume ingredients declared: “trade secret”
What’s in perfume? Coal tar, a carcinogen. Coal tar: NOT helpful if you want to get pregnant –disease-free –old.

"Every morning across America, millions of women apply...average of nine "personal care" products. Users of these products might assume that somebody is watching to insure that potentially toxic ingredients are kept away from intimate contact with their body. They would be wrong. Neither the Food and Drug Administration nor any other government agency regulates ingredients used in the preparation of cosmetics. The Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1938 established extraordinarily lax standards for the regulation of cosmetic ingredients. When Environmental Working Group compared the ingredients in 7,400 personal care products with potentially hazardous chemicals identified by the Centers for Disease Control, other...institutions: dozens of varieties of skin and tanning lotions, nail polish, mascara, other personal care products were found to contain known and suspected carcinogenic, mutagenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals."

Ingredients posing potential breast cancer risks in Revlon products: 6

A multi-national mega-corporation purchases chemicals for it’s products –without knowing all aspects of those chemicals??? Nope. While FDA doesn’t oversee “cosmetics” –they DO oversee: the health of the employees who produce the products. FDA, EPA other government agencies require employers to maintain data on chemicals used by employees. –Not easy to find, but FDA knows where data sheets are located; knows the effects of toxic chemicals. Revlon knows: what’s in the chemicals they purchase, the effects, the health hazards.

What does cosmetics industry –gigantic American personal care product manufacturers, have to do with politics –with current White House administration? In Europe: there is no “FDA” –lucky them, but they Do have “We're fed up and we're not going to take it any more” position on: toxic chemicals. Europeans are putting an END to toxic chemicals in personal care products. Oval Office occupant: trying to stop Europeans. Even the once-admired former Secretary of State Colin Powell has lobbied on behalf of giant American cosmetic industry, against the new European bans. (see: link below) Oval Office occupant: asked for your vote –claimed he would protect Americans –now protecting giant corporations “right” to put KNOWN carcinogenic toxins in personal care products.... With “protectors” like him: can we afford to be watching “terrorists”?

Want to go for a run? Have a good time. Want to run to raise money to help a mega corp. get free publicity –to sell products –which cause disease they claim to want to “cure”? You’re running in circles. –DON'T wear any make-up or perfume while you're doing it.

Revlon: “Run for the 'Cure'”??? Like calling the Grand Canyon: a ditch.

America Vs Europe:

Black Breast Cancer Survivors:


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09 May 2006

Ohio -Florida -Texas: Gas? Peace?

The ONLY way we are going to get any alternative to polluting sky-high gas OR any Peace OR representatives who Care about what we want: Demand electronic voting machines be removed, Demand they be replaced with: Ink dot or chad-type voting machines. If you don't get the machines out: It won't Matter Who / What you vote for/against, get used to soaring gas price, no peace. The fix is in: vote total of electronic machines can Easily be changed, WAS changed in 2004 national election.

In case you think this sounds 'nutty' or don't believe it:
-In Florida, where the Oval Office occupant's brother is governor, vote count was 'muddled,' it was claimed, by 'confused' voters, 'confused' with chad/punch ballots. Were Florida voters 'confused' or: was voting material INTENTIONALLY designed to deceive? Or did Jewish voters just Intentionally vote for extreme right-wing Republican Pat Buchanan instead of Democratic candidate Al Gore, instead of current Oval Office occupant? Even Buchanan was astounded his Florida vote count was so high it exceeded count anywhere else; so high he thought it was hilarious and TOTAL MISTAKE. In case you don't know, don't remember: Pat Buchanan orchestrated Ronald Reagan placing wreaths on World War II graves --to honor dead german SS military --seen around the world in first world-wide telecast, live.

Black Voters
Different vote tactics were used on Florida black voters. In case you forgot: Ballots went into the trash. Some voters were required to pay a “fee” AKA Civil War-era Poll Tax in order to vote, in direct violation of specific federal law. Other Polling stations were set up in new locations, without notice; not set up at all in some neighborhoods. Some well-known stable neighborhoods did not receive enough booths, which caused 4 -7 hour lines to form. Some decades-long black voters were told their name had been struck off the list, then given polling address that didn't exist or “new” wrong address whereupon they were sent back to the original polling station, which of course, by then was closed.

Texas? What can be said about a former bug extermination business owner who worked his way up and used his position in House of Representatives --to get Texas districts re-drawn in favor of Republican Party, long after re-draw deadline? When Texas Democrats left the state to evade the re-draw approval vote? Ex-cockroach hunter: Sent Marshals to arrest them, claiming 'Homeland Security' to justify spending/wasting Thousands of dollars.

-CEO of Diebold electronic vote machines: stood up at a Republican fund-raising event and declared to current Oval Office occupant “I will do whatever I can to help Republican Party and you get re-elected.” “Re-elected”? Majority of Americans did not Vote FOR him the First time; he got inserted into the Oval Office by the no-longer supreme court, via biased Activist “judges.” Republican Party members did not mind Those “Activist judges.”

-Then Republican Party-controlled Congress used what happened to chad/punch ballots in Florida to: 'somehow' come up with millions of dollars for Not just new voting equipment, but for new electronic “vote” machines, Diebold machines, across the country. But that wasn't enough: they made it Mandatory the machines be installed, with deadlines. Some states have resisted.

Ohio, Florida, Texas: 'drank the Kool-Aide' and the “vote” machines have been installed. But: helped what? Remember? Ohio voters stood in the rain, election night November 2004, waiting to vote until 4 AM. The White House called all the networks at 8 PM --angry that Ohio had not been called for the occupant. HOW did they know HE would win Ohio's Electoral Votes --EIGHT HOURS before polls closed?

Since then software programmers and ex Dieboldt employees have testified in numerous cities, counties to local officials: precisely How electronic voting machine vote tallies can be changed, and How easily.

“Some day the people will demand peace
and we will have to get out of their way
and let them have it.” Dwight Eisenhower

People who want to benefit their pals. Invasion of another Middle Eastern country --with nuclear weapons --with nuclear weapons??? Another “war”? We can NOT afford any more “religious” people who want to invade other countries to “bring democracy” for pay-back to their pals. If you are a right-winger or a senior adult who still thinks the occupant & co should be supported: how much would you like it if some other country decided THEIR form of government should be “inserted” in the US?

We only have the one planet, the one life. You have a voice, you have a vote. What kind of life is that going to be?

Matters to You?
If you care about gas price, about peace, others' rights, universal medical insurance, federal debt, strangle-hold on Congress, changing the White House, single-Party rule, seeing your vote Count: Demand change. If you don't demand that your local representatives dump the electronic vote machines NOW: you --local officals will be busy during summer, fall will be TOO LATE.

THIS Week Ask your neighbors, friends, family to: contact local representatives, and keep on contacting them until electronic “voting” machines are replaced.

This Week:
-Write out a list of groups, organizations, clubs to contact. Ask them to contact local representatives to DUMP ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES
-Organize post-card writing sessions
-Contact One neighbor on each adjoining block: ask them to contact one person in each adjoining block, then each organize everyone else on the block, and everyone they know to contact local representatives

-Next Week:
Write a letter to the editor of your area's largest, smallest newspapers; get several others to sign it: ask for the paper's and the community's help to get electronic vote machines OUT, replaced with non-electronic, non-Dieboldt voting equipment

Next Post Office Visit:
-Pick up extra Voter Registration forms
Distribute to everyone at work, waiting in movie -grocery lines, cleaners, soccer practice, bus stop, PTA, book club; at the gym, pre-school, practice
-Ask your mail carrier to bring Voter Registration forms to you, weekly

Returned Americans, draped in stripes: 2,444

We went to war, where is the "money from Iraqi oil will pay for it"?
We went to war, where is the sacrifice of the wealthiest?
If we are at war, where is border security? Job Approval: only 31%

You are welcome to Bookmark this website; Use the link below to: send this to everyone you know

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06 May 2006

Moussaoui: Verdict?

In case you have been busy, living your life and expecting federal government employees to do their jobs, provide remedies, and you haven't followed the trial: the feds put a man named Moussaoui on trial for being part of the September 11 attack on the US. How'd they do? What's the verdict?

Federal prosecutors charged Moussaoui with failing to tell FBI agents, while he was under arrest, during the month before the attack, what he knew, thereby being part cause of the attack. In effect: for failing to disclose he was charged with lying. Feds put him on trial for lying. That hasn't happened before, ever. Every husband, every boyfriend in America better listen up: You could get the chair for telling a lie. Telling your main squeeze a lie is rotten and it makes you --a terrorist???

A Few Annoying Facts:

-FBI agent who questioned Moussaoui suspected he could get information from Moussaoui's computer; asked FBI management for permission to examine it. Permission: denied -SEVENTY times

-FBI management didn't believe computer was relevant to anything; claimed they did not see the SEVENTY (70) e-mail requests for permission

-A fed prosecutor "consulted" on the prosecution's case: she coached the fed's witnesses --in direct violation of the judge's orders; all of the coached witnesses were then barred from testifying

-Moussaoui did not fly any planes, was not on any plane, was in jail September 11 morning

-Lying to a federal agent is not a capital offense. If it was: there would be LOTS of dead Catholic priests

Oval Office occupant was shown a CIA memo: a month before September 11, headlined
"Terrorists Want to Hijack Planes, Crash Into US Buildings." His actions? Phones calls? Alerts he ordered? Notice to FAA, NTSB, Air force, Immigration, FBI, National Security Administration, NORAD, Air Traffic Control towers? Notice to American travelers? --Managers of famous, tall buildings? Squat. Zip. He was on vacation.

If you saw the Michael Moore movie "Fahrenheit 451" you know: his eyeballs scanned the memo; didn't register inside his brain. "Doctor" Condo testified to Senators:
"who should we have called? We didn't know when it was going to happen."

Job #One
Job of federal government: Protect Citizens. THAT, actually, IS the purpose of federal government. We don't need the feds to tell us to 'Buckle Up' or stick their collective nose into ANY personal behavior. The Reason we ship all that money to them: we Expect them to carry out their sworn job of providing a system in which we can pursue life, liberty, happiness --by protecting us.

Protection we got? President of Vice, Oval Office occupant and the people who control him have failed in every way. Worse: they have caused the demise of Americans, here and in two other countries. They have brought shame on all Americans by violating laws, international treaties, Geneva Convention, human rights, decentcy. They have caused passionate, capable people in the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA to be shamed. They have caused all Americans to be put in jeopardy, endangered.

If IF the media had NOT been allowed to engorge themselves, by ripping down the firewall of competition; NOT allowed to simultaneously own newspapers, TV & radio stations in a single community, become mega-fat cats, but were still committed to the privileges granted them: THEY would have done Their job. Told Whole story. Or at least, deeply examined story they were given by the administration. WHEN will even ONE ask: WHAT policies, WHAT actions of the feds caused (causing?) so much hatred of the US? Supporting one small country is NOT enough to generate the amount of hatred that caused September 11. WHICH media, which reporter, which editor will Actually Ask, get the answers --all the answers? Or do you believe Moussaoui did it all --masterminded it by himself?

One FBI department head saw September 11 attack: as an opportunity to get more money for that department. If you didn't see the "60 Minutes" piece: every morning a translator found all of her previous day's work deleted. She was told to take long lunches, the better to slow down the work, the more 'need' could be shown for increasing the budget to hire more translators. 'Don't work too fast' --'don't work too smart,' FBI motto?

Billions have been handed out to FBI, CIA. What have they --we got to show for it? FBI is still hot on the old mission of pursuing bank robbers of insured banks to the ends of the earth. Thieves of over 3,000 lives? You may have forgotten: FBI had an informant living IN a house in California with two of the killers, with Loads of foreknowledge. FBI--on occupant's orders?--abetted 182 passengers who were picked up September 13, from all over the country, and flown out without a single question or answer, the only plane allowed to fly after the attack. A brilliant FBI agent: connected all the 'dots' --of terrorist cells and attacks and people, long before September 11. He was working as head of Tower security, after FBI management refused to listen and forced him out, on petty bureaucratic charges. He was in his office September 11, in the first Tower. Management has changed it ways --unbuttoned it's lock-step style? CIA --has stopped their turf-protection mission --shares info --with any department?

Family members, still mourning September 11, were misled by Federal prosecutors. Twelve Smart people gave a verdict: they said 'Nope.' Moussaoui? Is he mentally ill? A wannabe pilot? A liar? A terrorist or a wannabe? He claims he hates Americans, would like to kill us. Apparently he also doesn’t believe in Ko’ran or Muslim faith either. A crime? Capital crime? Jury said: lying does not get Moussaoui time in an electric chair or behind a needle cocktail, at least not without PROOF. He will spend all the rest of his birthdays in a pen, by himself.

Verdict on Federal prosecutors? Where was the evidence? Hell, where was the case? HOW did Moussaoui have any part of the attack, the crashes, the murders? They proved: Moussaoui was an illegal immigrant. Period. Who would hire any of them for ordinary Slip & Fall? Yup, we got the worst lawyers money can buy.

The Verdict
Administration, FBI and CIA management ain't protecting any American bodies but their own. Mission of Oval Office occupant: welfare to the wealthiest; strip out the middle class; bankrupt the country; enable illegal immigrants to work for his pals. President of Vice Mission: abet oily pals; aide, engorge Halitosis with No-bid, No compete contracts for un-washed laundry, un-hot food, un-secured Iraqi oil lines, un-built structures --on negligent oversight. But hey, he's getting his $2 1/2 million annual "pension" from them, why would he complain?

Probably the only Real/Best Solution for the overlapping, utterly wasteful duplication: FBI and CIA should be merged. One division handling domestic crime, one international crime. Then: EVERY body could talk, share info. CIA agents, analysts who quit when 'chief' "It's [finding WMD] a Slam-Dunk" Tenant bailed: should be asked to return to help the agents who remained, to cope with dysfunctional White House to protect us.

Swing by the Post Office: pick up Voter Registration forms; if you care enough to read this, care enough to see that everyone you know and TEN people you don't gets registered to VOTE in November; hand out form everywhere

Write to your Senators, your Reps in the House
Demand they hold hearings, even closed-door, to examine structure, management, re-organization, budget of FBI and CIA
You can find your Reps in the links to the left. If you saw Senator Obama on “Charlie Rose” last week you know: he said as few as 100 sincere letters from constituents makes a difference, has impact. They Will listen to you.

Never Again: ONE party allowed to control Executive branch AND both houses of Congress. The "genius" who manipulates campaigns for the occupant: going to send messages to you, right up to night before November election --saying any/every thing to convince you to vote for the Republican Party in your neighborhood. You want more of what we got now? Believe the messages, the attacks, the fear. You want responsible, debt-free, smart government: Ignore the propaganda. IGNORE the emotional hype that's comming. Make up your own mind.

Occupant, feds proved: not looking out for you. STOP putting your life in plastic. STOP asking some mega-bank to loan you money to eat out, finance a life-style you CAN'T afford. Save Your Money. NOTHING you can buy in a store is worth your security, your health, your ability to take care of yourself. Sock away as much money –EVERY week, as possible. If Europeans and Asians can save huge chunks of their income, can’t you? Brown-bag it, use mass transit, use pre-paid cell phone plan, make your own coffee, take in a college student border, use the library to get CD movies, magazines free, walk your neighbor’s pet, whatever it takes –to save minimum $10. every day. Each month of $300. will mean in twelve months you’ll be getting interest on $3,650.

If you need incentive: --That's the amount you need to live for one Month? Picture needing that amount –Every month –but without a job. You’ll still need to eat, pay for shelter, transportation, utilities plus any medical expenses. Save More. Start saving now, you can have enough by the time you need it. New clothes, tools, tech toys aren’t going to enhance your life –if you’re living in the street. Don’t think that can happen to you? Call someone in Florida, New Orleans, senior adult center: ask if they’ll be taking any trips this summer; where, what they will be having dinner; what it's like to live without any money.

A real leader, who gives a damn.
Why was the occupant, "judge" Scalia and all the others --laughing, making jokes at the Press Club dinner last week? IF this is a REAL war: what's so funny? Where is admission of failure --apology for incompetence? Where is contrition from Rumsfeld? Why aren't the consequences of WAR affecting them? Did they forget: over 500 people are sitting in make-shift prison --without lawyers, court dates, rights, dignity or their own country's protection. How many families in Iraq are mourning their missing family members? "We don't count those." How many families in New York? What the hell is so funny?

Americans, returned from Afghanistan, Iraq to their family in a box: 2,414
Americans who "Approve" of Occupant's performance down to: 33%

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03 May 2006

Tom Cruise: Mission?

Tom Cruise. Actor? Mission? –Persuading Congress to deal with leaky US borders –avian flu –deficit –medical insurance –Minimum Wage? –Compel UN to start intense campaign on carbon particulates pollution –gases heating the planet –clean water –disappearing mammals, plants, songbirds –low-cost medicine to Africa? Naw, the mission of Tom Cruise: inform the ‘ignorant’ and extract the money –while proving he’s heterosexual.

Long before he jumped up, down on a sofa on camera, declaring deep infatuation with the current girlfriend, he walked away from marriage, on no notice, and several girlfriends and joined a group that is deeply focused on…uh, perpetuating itself. They call themselves a “religion” so they can retain IRS exemption from tax. This IRS-exempt ‘religion’ doesn’t take well to criticism. –A man who took them on legally, wearily stopped at his driveway one day to get his mail before entering his garage. –He got a bite –from a rattlesnake stuffed inside the mailbox instead, so this author, Yup, has trepidation.

Up-Close and Personal
Author also has first-hand knowledge of the Tax-exempt ‘religion’ up close: a cousin. After two years inside: he called home and told his parents he had made a mistake; sorry he had quit college, wanted out of the organization. The tax-exempt group doesn’t let go easily: took his parents two years to extract their son. He needed several years of therapy to extract their ‘programming’ from his head.

First-hand knowledge #2: a friend. We knew each other a good while when one night at dinner his behavior was odd. With much prodding he finally recounted: his partner of many years arrived at their factory one morning a few weeks earlier and announced his ex wife, a member of the tax-exempt organization, had come back into his life, convinced him to sell the business and join her inside the organization/‘religion.’ Nothing and no one could change his mind: he dissolved the partnership, liquidated the business, over 500 went into the street, out of a job. Several Millions (–if exact amount cited too easy for them to know exactly on whom to take revenge) –went straight into tax-exempt ‘religion’s’ bank account. His ex partner was shocked, shaken and missing his friend, never seen again.

Tom Cruise ‘credits’ the tax-free organization –for helping his career. Those at the top give special ‘help’ to those with the most to donate, though both sides always deny it. But no matter the level: all members must contribute –meet their financial quota or meet the sidewalk, expelled from the organization and their living quarters.

‘Special’ Views
They also have definite ideas about various subjects, all on display as Actor Tom Cruise diagnosed, prescribed, criticized a woman he
a.) doesn’t know
b.) had not “examined”
c.) couldn’t examine cuz he doesn’t have a medical degree or a PhD
Didn’t prevent male Actor Tom Cruise from opening his cake hole to tell a female –via TV, how to manage her pregnancy, his special Actor-endowed traits enable him with ‘special’ knowledge. –Though he hasn’t found time to actually marry current girlfriend, has gotten current girlfriend pregnant, so their child will know the world knows her parents weren’t married when she was born. Nice. You know of any religion that espouses that? Well: He’s special. Quite a special example –for teens.

Those same ‘special’ traits and tax-exempt organization’s views are the ones he used to ‘explain’ to a morning interviewer that he possessed ‘superior’ knowledge to the interviewer –on medicine and on psychological counseling, the Actor thereby also showing clairvoyance –mind-reading –or no hesitancy in behaving like an arrogant twit, take your choice.

So now Actor Tom Cruise, having proven he’s high on the Boring /Arrogant Meter, has caused Another meaningless pile of celluloid to be shoved into film cans. –But his mission, to entice you into parting with your cash, is flogged while offering personal tidbits of drivel as he makes all the media pit-stops –all over the world, for his, some fat cat agents, lawyers, distributors’ benefit. So: you should run out and see it? The tax-exempt organization –needs more cash? The world needs another techno gadget-laced violence-laden bit of goop?

Good Value?
A vastly over-paid under-worked person and his tax-exempt ‘religion’ merits your hard-earned money –Plus the cost to travel to the theater, roundtrip? In two months: the UN will be out of money to send food supplies to Darfur. The Actor could make a donation to cover entire $35 million cost –or use his fame (–notoriety?) to organize a fund-raising event to cover the expense. –Or any number of other ‘name-less’ causes to alleviate drought, disease, hunger or homelessness instead of just looking to rack up more ‘score-card’ money he does not need. Media Celebrity-driven /obsessed, soaked with hype: so passé. –Does what for your life?

You do have a vote:
How about making an ego-gratification mission impossible. You CAN vote “no” by doing something positive instead, such as putting money into savings account for your future, in case you become ill, cuz for sure, neither the Actor nor the Oval Office occupant is gonna look out for you.

If you know any 14-year old boys: sit them down and explain how wasteful, un-enlightening it would be to use any money on another meaningless Hollywood bore.

Send a message to Hollywood: "Grow Up Stop Making Violent Meaningless Junk"
Boycott. Don't go along with this 'mission.' Rent a quality movie or get one for free at the library, watch it snuggled on the sofa with those who also like to snuggle. Then maybe Hollywood will thin out their herd and the junk.

[Note: web host of this site has been having mega problems past two weeks, causing posting delays. Here’s hoping the web host and the tax-exempt org. doesn’t prevent future posting….]

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