03 May 2006

Tom Cruise: Mission?

Tom Cruise. Actor? Mission? –Persuading Congress to deal with leaky US borders –avian flu –deficit –medical insurance –Minimum Wage? –Compel UN to start intense campaign on carbon particulates pollution –gases heating the planet –clean water –disappearing mammals, plants, songbirds –low-cost medicine to Africa? Naw, the mission of Tom Cruise: inform the ‘ignorant’ and extract the money –while proving he’s heterosexual.

Long before he jumped up, down on a sofa on camera, declaring deep infatuation with the current girlfriend, he walked away from marriage, on no notice, and several girlfriends and joined a group that is deeply focused on…uh, perpetuating itself. They call themselves a “religion” so they can retain IRS exemption from tax. This IRS-exempt ‘religion’ doesn’t take well to criticism. –A man who took them on legally, wearily stopped at his driveway one day to get his mail before entering his garage. –He got a bite –from a rattlesnake stuffed inside the mailbox instead, so this author, Yup, has trepidation.

Up-Close and Personal
Author also has first-hand knowledge of the Tax-exempt ‘religion’ up close: a cousin. After two years inside: he called home and told his parents he had made a mistake; sorry he had quit college, wanted out of the organization. The tax-exempt group doesn’t let go easily: took his parents two years to extract their son. He needed several years of therapy to extract their ‘programming’ from his head.

First-hand knowledge #2: a friend. We knew each other a good while when one night at dinner his behavior was odd. With much prodding he finally recounted: his partner of many years arrived at their factory one morning a few weeks earlier and announced his ex wife, a member of the tax-exempt organization, had come back into his life, convinced him to sell the business and join her inside the organization/‘religion.’ Nothing and no one could change his mind: he dissolved the partnership, liquidated the business, over 500 went into the street, out of a job. Several Millions (–if exact amount cited too easy for them to know exactly on whom to take revenge) –went straight into tax-exempt ‘religion’s’ bank account. His ex partner was shocked, shaken and missing his friend, never seen again.

Tom Cruise ‘credits’ the tax-free organization –for helping his career. Those at the top give special ‘help’ to those with the most to donate, though both sides always deny it. But no matter the level: all members must contribute –meet their financial quota or meet the sidewalk, expelled from the organization and their living quarters.

‘Special’ Views
They also have definite ideas about various subjects, all on display as Actor Tom Cruise diagnosed, prescribed, criticized a woman he
a.) doesn’t know
b.) had not “examined”
c.) couldn’t examine cuz he doesn’t have a medical degree or a PhD
Didn’t prevent male Actor Tom Cruise from opening his cake hole to tell a female –via TV, how to manage her pregnancy, his special Actor-endowed traits enable him with ‘special’ knowledge. –Though he hasn’t found time to actually marry current girlfriend, has gotten current girlfriend pregnant, so their child will know the world knows her parents weren’t married when she was born. Nice. You know of any religion that espouses that? Well: He’s special. Quite a special example –for teens.

Those same ‘special’ traits and tax-exempt organization’s views are the ones he used to ‘explain’ to a morning interviewer that he possessed ‘superior’ knowledge to the interviewer –on medicine and on psychological counseling, the Actor thereby also showing clairvoyance –mind-reading –or no hesitancy in behaving like an arrogant twit, take your choice.

So now Actor Tom Cruise, having proven he’s high on the Boring /Arrogant Meter, has caused Another meaningless pile of celluloid to be shoved into film cans. –But his mission, to entice you into parting with your cash, is flogged while offering personal tidbits of drivel as he makes all the media pit-stops –all over the world, for his, some fat cat agents, lawyers, distributors’ benefit. So: you should run out and see it? The tax-exempt organization –needs more cash? The world needs another techno gadget-laced violence-laden bit of goop?

Good Value?
A vastly over-paid under-worked person and his tax-exempt ‘religion’ merits your hard-earned money –Plus the cost to travel to the theater, roundtrip? In two months: the UN will be out of money to send food supplies to Darfur. The Actor could make a donation to cover entire $35 million cost –or use his fame (–notoriety?) to organize a fund-raising event to cover the expense. –Or any number of other ‘name-less’ causes to alleviate drought, disease, hunger or homelessness instead of just looking to rack up more ‘score-card’ money he does not need. Media Celebrity-driven /obsessed, soaked with hype: so passé. –Does what for your life?

You do have a vote:
How about making an ego-gratification mission impossible. You CAN vote “no” by doing something positive instead, such as putting money into savings account for your future, in case you become ill, cuz for sure, neither the Actor nor the Oval Office occupant is gonna look out for you.

If you know any 14-year old boys: sit them down and explain how wasteful, un-enlightening it would be to use any money on another meaningless Hollywood bore.

Send a message to Hollywood: "Grow Up Stop Making Violent Meaningless Junk"
Boycott. Don't go along with this 'mission.' Rent a quality movie or get one for free at the library, watch it snuggled on the sofa with those who also like to snuggle. Then maybe Hollywood will thin out their herd and the junk.

[Note: web host of this site has been having mega problems past two weeks, causing posting delays. Here’s hoping the web host and the tax-exempt org. doesn’t prevent future posting….]

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