13 May 2006

Revlon Run: Cancer “Cure”?

Smart passionate people asked cosmetics giant Revlon Inc. to get involved –to fund events –to raise funds –to find a “cure” for a disease –that affects their market, women. Revlon’s response: “Run for the Cure.” Is this a good thing? Where’s the bad? What are the politics –of cancer “cure”? –The whole thing: Breath-taking.

The smart, passionate people –lots of people, would like an end to cancer, not just breast cancer. It’s not un-reasonable –to ask a giant corporation who makes money off the affected market, to help. For Revlon: it was a no-brainer to say “yes” –to participate in raising money for a “cure” –where’s the bad? It doesn’t cost them much: they get free positive media coverage, runners get donations, add to the ‘pot’ –Revlon gets good ‘disease’ PR. Heck, they would have to be stupid NOT to get involved. Politics –of disease “search”? THAT’S a different subject.

Petroleum –price and use are in the news non-stop lately. Are you using petroleum –on your body? Check the label of every personal care product you have for: PEG, PG, Glycol. –All are short for propyl glycol, petroleum. What is a product made for your car –windshield wipers –brakes doing in your body? It makes personal care products –moisturizer, body cream, hand lotion, thousands of products: smooth. Seeps through skin, winds up in the liver. Except: this is fossil fuel that has been processed, isn’t natural/not found in Nature in this form, with Man-made chemicals added. Is what goes ON the body any different than what goes IN the body? Not to the body: it seeps through skin, eyes, scalp, nails. Whatever goes IN: enters the liver. So when it hits the liver? The liver can not ‘recognize’ process or excrete. So? Tiny amounts sit in the liver, layer upon layer, year after year.

Why is product manufactured for cars allowed to be used on human body?

Have you ever thought about: lipstick? What do they use to make, the color? How about: red dye, yellow –blue –green dye. –All KNOWN carcinogens, all known to cause cancer. If a cosmetic producer doesn’t use dye –substitute? Ground up wings of a particular beetle. Nice.

Consider: FDA has a Legal Mandate. FDA: May Not allow any known carcinogen to be used –consumed, in the marketplace. So why is dye, other toxic products allowed in cosmetics? It’s ‘Hands-Off’ for cosmetics industry. Consider: FDA, Food & Drug Administration, barred by law from over-seeing cosmetics. Why?

Like the way Revlon products smell? Consider: What are the ingredients –in any perfume? Perfume/cosmetics industry doesn’t have to tell you –FDA –label conformity boards or anybody else. Not your business. Why not??? They got the bucks –to get perfume ingredients declared: “trade secret”
What’s in perfume? Coal tar, a carcinogen. Coal tar: NOT helpful if you want to get pregnant –disease-free –old.

"Every morning across America, millions of women apply...average of nine "personal care" products. Users of these products might assume that somebody is watching to insure that potentially toxic ingredients are kept away from intimate contact with their body. They would be wrong. Neither the Food and Drug Administration nor any other government agency regulates ingredients used in the preparation of cosmetics. The Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1938 established extraordinarily lax standards for the regulation of cosmetic ingredients. When Environmental Working Group compared the ingredients in 7,400 personal care products with potentially hazardous chemicals identified by the Centers for Disease Control, other...institutions: dozens of varieties of skin and tanning lotions, nail polish, mascara, other personal care products were found to contain known and suspected carcinogenic, mutagenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals."

Ingredients posing potential breast cancer risks in Revlon products: 6

A multi-national mega-corporation purchases chemicals for it’s products –without knowing all aspects of those chemicals??? Nope. While FDA doesn’t oversee “cosmetics” –they DO oversee: the health of the employees who produce the products. FDA, EPA other government agencies require employers to maintain data on chemicals used by employees. –Not easy to find, but FDA knows where data sheets are located; knows the effects of toxic chemicals. Revlon knows: what’s in the chemicals they purchase, the effects, the health hazards.

What does cosmetics industry –gigantic American personal care product manufacturers, have to do with politics –with current White House administration? In Europe: there is no “FDA” –lucky them, but they Do have “We're fed up and we're not going to take it any more” position on: toxic chemicals. Europeans are putting an END to toxic chemicals in personal care products. Oval Office occupant: trying to stop Europeans. Even the once-admired former Secretary of State Colin Powell has lobbied on behalf of giant American cosmetic industry, against the new European bans. (see: link below) Oval Office occupant: asked for your vote –claimed he would protect Americans –now protecting giant corporations “right” to put KNOWN carcinogenic toxins in personal care products.... With “protectors” like him: can we afford to be watching “terrorists”?

Want to go for a run? Have a good time. Want to run to raise money to help a mega corp. get free publicity –to sell products –which cause disease they claim to want to “cure”? You’re running in circles. –DON'T wear any make-up or perfume while you're doing it.

Revlon: “Run for the 'Cure'”??? Like calling the Grand Canyon: a ditch.

America Vs Europe:

Black Breast Cancer Survivors:


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