30 September 2012

EAT WHAT Engineered Genes = GMOs? Prop 37

Did you eat summer corn --with genes that resist weed-killer?  I do not know --You do not know.  Only those who engineered genes in a lab then inserted those into vegetables -fruit -wheat and more, know which weird un-natural genes they inserted into which crops --and they aren't saying.

Chemical engineers don't have to reveal --which foods contain their test-tube engineered genes.

Seeds: belong --not to any one person -country -corporation, but to humankind --unless something 'unique' is done to a seed, for which it can, unfortunately, receive patent from US Patent office.  Monsanto and other chemical corporations decided: there's money to be made splicing -dicing -engineering genes of one plant --inserting into seed of entirely different species of plant = screwing with nature, AKA producing frankenfood.  e.g., tomato made to last as long as a pesticide-grown apple = months --without mildew or flavor.  Nutritional value?  Unknown.  Affect on human organs -blood -brain -fetus?  Unknown.

Killer genes?
Round-UpR is a toxin that will kill weeds --birds --fish --wildlife --humans, most probably all life.  It is so powerful:  chemical corporations that make such toxins should not be allowed to put into market --without first showing Proof of safety, but they are -they do.  In a bad joke, Some corporations have created genes resistant to such toxins and inserted those into food crop seed --without obvious detection or labeling --until now.

What are you eating?

What's eating you?  If you live in California:  you have unique opportunity to Know what's in the fresh -packaged -frozen food you purchase from supermarkets.  Proposition 37 on the ballot November 6, 2012 election asks: Do you want food labels to state contents contain GMO --genetically modified genes?

Even if you're 'turned off' on who should be the next President --have 'no opinion' if a millionaire's daughter decides how taxes get spent on schools, Prop 38 --any other issues up for vote: if you want to Know what you're eating --want Labels to state if food contains genetically modified organisms, GMOs, sign up --show up to Vote.

You can have your say --If you vote.  Register to vote NOW --on-line -or pick up registration form at library -post office --deadline to sign up:  October 19

Vote: 1st Tuesday of November

Man-made genes inserted into crops --safe?  No one anywhere has answer --altered genes haven't been around long enough to Know --short-term, long-term affect.  We only know:  cancer rates are soaring.  Want to be Monsanto's guinea pig?  They most probably would like to use your body to find out.

Can GMOs generate cancer cells in humans?  I could post photos of rats fed GMO-foods --with large tumors all over the body --such photos exist.  I'm not interested in emotional appeal, I will not post gross photos of gross diseased animals. I do not know veracity of those photos or claims.

I do Know:  if Nature wanted a particular gene IN a particular seed, that vegetable -fruit -nut -grain gene would BE inserted --in one of many natural ways, nothing to do with test tubes or corporate profit.

Nature did not invent Round-Up weed-killer; Nature does not create genes to react to that which it did not create.

3rd World Country?

If Prop 37 wins:  FDA will likely require all food packaging in the US to list GMOs id on label --as in 40 countries.  US far behind Europe -Asia -South America GMO labeling.  We can do better.

If listing GMOs on the label fails to win in California:  to avoid GMOs
  • buy produce --not in cans -frozen -packaged goods from supermarkets, but:  fresh --directly from local farmer --farmer's markets held locally, every day, all over --in every state
  • buy 'old': varieties of produce from heirloom seeds, e.g., heirloom tomatoes --multi-colored tomatoes with funny shapes -unusual colors, not perfect looking --loaded with flavor; not tasting like cardboard, stripped of flavor to 'hold up' over long periods, not bright from gas during transport
  • ask the farmer:  pesticide -herbicide -any commercial farms near-by with crop 'drift' -how they control insects -mildew -disease?  If you aren't satisfied with the answers move on
  • In California: ea produce stand must post papers at front of booth:  read the material; 
    • if papers not posted: report the seller to market's manager, or note grower's name and call in complaint later to county which oversees farms
If you live outside of California: to get GMOs listed on food labels: 
  • start a petition on-line --such as at Care2mail e-mail website, it's free (and great e-mail service)
  • write to FDA
  • write to your representative in Congress:  they don't hear from you = don't know you care
  • contact your friends -co-workers -neighbors -PTA to work together on food labels in your state
If you think original/organic food without pesticide -herbicide -genetically modified organisms costs too much compared to 'super'market food:  buy more medical insurance, You will need it.

Sign up to Vote --THIS week

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