29 June 2006

Open Letter To: Barbara Walters

Your face –slapped all over Our airwaves past few days, but fortunately: YOU don’t get only or last word, thanks to one of the few rights not stripped by current Oval Office occupant, though his pals are feverishly working on it. This author not black and doesn’t need to be to see what you have done –and wretch; appalled at your temerity. Who the hell do you imagine you are?

Your name –etched into a California sidewalk next year, at least until The Earthquake, announced recently. Which means: you, or your employer, nominated you, put up $2,200. for said “honor,” “agreed” to show up when it’s done. That stretch of a Los Angeles sidewalk reserved for significant people in the Moving Picture business. What’s it got to do with you? Who the hell do you imagine you are?

EXCUUUSE us: Where the Hell were your ‘modulated’ tones when FCC enabled Mega media corporations to rip-down firewall –TV-radio-newspaper-Internet, single ownership in a single market –Engorge themselves, become ever-larger –control news –line their pockets –suppress competing viewpoints –buy up competition, that outraged Americans? National Rifle Association, ACLU to artists –well over two million protested in letter, fax, phone, e-mail to FCC. You? –Too much of a team player to allow Opinion, facts, doing the right thing, journalism –even discussion –to interfere with making money?

State –federal –no-longer supreme courts –quashed, stripped out –Jamb-packed only with conservative/right-wing judges –now devoid of variety, backgrounds –any variance from ideological interpretations. –You had what to say? Too busy keeping your lips tightly zipped, hoping for another invitation to White House?

Billions of diapers, plastic water bottles, Styrofoam packaging choking landfills –take hundreds of years to breakdown, IF ever –makers of those, cars, drugs –thousands of toxic things poisoning the planet, advertisers on your little flog & tell hour. –But those worried about the planet –those views discussed –aired when? More Important: avoid any conflict –with the sweep of cash through the door –belonging to the makers, who air commercials of such during “your” piece of our air?

An employee told the public You & Co. did not ‘invite’ her to continue employment –an hour/two days before YOU said it –you moaning, whining in oh-so-dulcet tones –Whining and bitching because she beat you to it???

You hired: Meredith Vierira –intelligent first-rate reporter –with wit, personality, brains –class, to let everyone else have a turn at ‘shining; glimpse at life growing up child of a doctor in New England 1950’s, married parent with career, to lead that mess of an hour. Joy Behar, single person who brings the funny, glimpse into Italian family life, circa 1940s New York, 1950’s discrimination of women, life with long-term boyfriend. Star Jones: attorney, newly-married, contributing interpretation of law, growing up in large extended family in the South of 1960’s. –Each: views influenced by decade, environment.

Then: You hired a twenty-something person –so mind-bound to an ideology, a religion, a political party there actually is no reason for her to speak: makes no-nevermind What the Topic –her “views” predictable, extreme right-wing, biased, rigid. But with her every person unfortunate enough to turn on this view gets a two-fer: her recitation of Party Lines AND Lecture How to Live. How life is to be lived –loudly, even if others are talking, and Often, because twenty-something from small-town, primitive state Knows; not shy sharing. Illuminates? HOW does such a person get on your little mess of an hour? She brings What to the table? Budhist, Jewish, Muslim, Lutheran, non-believers shouldn't watch/should follow Immediately? YOU decided: you saw a wind blowing off a distant pool that ‘somehow’ doesn’t Have Enough outlet? –It was right time: to Pander to the rabid right? You: went right off the rails.

Then after journalist Vierira (wisely) quit, you hire a person who brings what to the table, besides her homosexuality and left-wing agenda? –Ability –to suck the oxygen/interrupt /talk louder than anyone else in the room –non-stop? With her the only time anyone else gets to talk, apparently: they are saying something flattering to/about her. How will such a skill set add to –conversation –discussion –anything? Whom do you & co. imagine will be market for right-winger, left-winger rant fests? Your judgment hiring such a skill-set? Is it supposed to amuse the few viewers still watching –to see extremists attempt to convince the other of something? What the hell were you thinking, hiring Either one?

What do You bring to the table? Hmmm…much-married, given to name-dropping, feigning modesty, lunching…not a reporter, not amusing, not a lawyer…economics –medicine –science? Nope. –Painter –biologist –poet –archeologist –historian –bond trader –gourmet cook –gardener? Naw, nope, nada. You’re just the discriminating Hostess with Mostest? –Only the well-done/quality booked? Any doctor looking for business slides a show of latest cosmetic procedures –guaranteed to get him a palazzo in Italy, glides right on in. –“Designer” desperate to keep from going belly up gets runway time to show off latest stupid rags, produced by which country’s children –you-can’t-be-bothered-to-verify.

Hell, anybody with a good publicist and a movie/book/CD to flog ‘somehow’ manages to get a seat, without Iota of quality or criteria applied. –‘Somehow’ even less difficult if tied/owned by parent Disney/ABC? The four co-hosts: forced to be polite in face of such marketing inanity. Has occurred to you –even once—only Good movies flogged, instead of whatever-drivel has littered once perfectly good raw film by Ms/Mr Famous?

–You stand for nothing –perched on the edge of your seat –breathless with anticipation –posing Deep Probing Questions –waiting breathlessly, for answers from Ac-Tor of the minute. One of the people you hired: once thought it would somehow be amusing to book a real twit, who thought it would be amusing to showcase cocktails –procuring one for color, a martini of alcohol mixed with medicine –because Pepto Abysmal is pretty pink. Where do you get off thinking such people have any value to viewers? Meredith Vieira had the integrity to spit it out, say aloud “this is awful.” Awful? Like labeling the Grand Canyon: ditch.

First year or so, topics discussed at the beginning of the show, relevant, of weight; stimulating conversation. Then your use of Our real estate veered sharply –into the depths –where yellow journalism, gossip and trash is placed. What’s on the cover of a rag –Topic A, on your show of rancid shows; latest amateur wannabe singer –oh, yes, deep examination. But: opportunity to educate –how to invest/ save/create a smart pension? –environment –how to restore political balance? –bills on the House or Senate floor that week? –natural remedies/alternatives to slash & burn methods for breast/cervical/prostate cancer? –spirituality? –how to live rich life? No time, those views: You & Co. too busy throwing up view on tech toys, clothing, any pricey “interesting” new thing that wants flogging, filling up hot air –making money for You/network.

Did you hire consultants –who said version of ‘women don’t care about important subjects’ –and believed them? Though much-married makes you a-typical, you seem to be product of long-dead, thankfully, era when it was projected women were only interested in fluff and lunching. GET A CLUE: women have Always worked –hard –inside, outside of wherever they live, one way or another; usually at two careers; care deeply about many things. Do Explain That to near-hysterical director/camera operator who makes the mess un-watchable: sooo fearful a Real Point About something will make the show “dull” –they chop/cut –every quarter second, non-stop, until anyone who actually Looks at it soon cross-eyed or dizzy as camera whips from face to face to crossed dangling legs to tacky dated cheap set.

Where was your judgment –class –brains: when you asked a sexual question of journalist Charles Gibson so Inappropriate –so low-life –he walked off the dais and, body language transmitted, did not want to return, didn't for several seconds.

But: An employee whom “consultants” decided wasn’t pandering enough to any viewers still watching that mess –should be 86’d? –You believe them? –You/‘consultants’/network didn’t like her wedding chatter? Or: didn’t like her getting free stuff because of the chatter? Uh –you, the network Don’t put up the whole show so you can sell drugs –cars –diapers –tech toys –to get money?

According to media reports: a contract was not forthcoming –in December. If true: that means for Half a Year she has had to keep quiet, while pretending interest/enthusiasm –do the job for six months Knowing she was fired. But YOU are “upset” she finally said so –TWO DAYS before You could? She announced what was coming –two days before You could ax her –pissed you off? Get a Clue: every person ever fired Applauds her. She announced she was leaving –on her five minutes –with dignity. She stood up for herself.

You: admired, once, by millions of girls, growing up in tumultuous times, wondering where they would fit in the world; watching first female video news anchor on national news show. You were given gifts, finite amount of time on the planet, as everyone. What have you done with them?

What is it you “agreed” to be “honored” for on a Los Angeles sidewalk? –Whining –about the exit timing of already-fired employee? Utterly tacky. You have embarrassed yourself. Are viewers capable of changing views? Yup. Harry Reasoner –on you –now viewed differently: He was right on. Stuff you do around Academy Awards time so trite the only thing missing: a hat. You can flog impending arrival of left-winger with an agenda 24/7: that will only further prove your shortages.

You have acended/decended into the ranks of George Hamilton: famous for being famous, but for What? OUR airwaves: too valuable for your ilk. Step aside or at least: shut up. If you aren’t part of the solution: get out of the way –you’re blocking our view. This author will continue to join many others –elsewhere.

Except for one day during Vierira’s last week, this author admits: after not watching for years, happened to turn on TV, saw segment of Star Jones announcement, Barbara Walter’s face. “The View” –panders, deals in drivel; utter waste of air, your time. Read a book, do your work, find something stimulating; avoid dated narcissistic flogging hour view. As Star Jones learned: that view isn’t healthy.

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27 June 2006

Iraq: Go –Stay? –Plans? –Brains?

Americans debating, about three years late, what to do about sinkhole Iraq. Pull out –remain –send more troops, bring all home –keep paying Halitosis invoices –stay & pray? White House clearly has budget for speechwriters to think up slogans to save its flaccid reputation and crashing poll numbers –slap names on critics, but budget to think up anything to save/achieve the debacle that is invasion of Iraq? Where’s the brains –Plans, strategy? Or: does Administration leave military in Iraq until Americans loose all rights, freedoms and White House is free to do anything they chose, swiping un-written authority on claims “it’s legal”?

Republican leader of the Senate Dr. Frist:

“Announcing an artificial timeline for withdrawal, as the Democrats would have us do, would only embolden the terrorists and encourage them to persist in their atrocities. Simply stated, surrender is not a solution.” “His” views on energy: “…we should give renewed consideration to legislation, which Democrats have repeatedly blocked, that would open up small areas of Alaska to environmentally sensitive oil exploration. In addition, the United States should work to begin construction of new… nuclear power plants.”

“Sensitive” exploration –nukes??? Is that Anything like the way we ‘explored’ Iraq for “WMD”? Doctor Senator Frist neither thinks for himself, puts military’s welfare nor best interests of the country ahead of his Party. Dr. Frist’s bio doesn’t list any military service, but perhaps that’s because his testicles were removed –as he gives no appearance of having testicles as he fails to speak up for those doing the dying, but with no voice, as he lip-sinks Oval Office occupant’s talking points. http://frist.senate.gov/

Ditto good little Republican soldier Senator Warner. Ever-vocal Senator McCain –for war –against –staying –leaving, who can remember, he’s ever-busy out gathering /scoring points, but he’s always up for Soup du Jour opinion, so check the Oval Office website to find out where he’s at for the day. But in the morning: check it again; he doesn’t like his opinions to get stale. Other Senators –clueless what actual stench of war is about, speak in clumps and unison. Members of Senate, House who are thinking members of the Republican Party: too stunned, appalled, disgusted or angry to speak.

Decorated Viet Nam vet Democratic Senator Kerry says: ‘date-certain evacuation’ —and doing damn fine job running campaign –for long-dead 2004 Election. Baby-boomer Sen. Lieberman, Never ever was a Hippy, hot on war and on trail of crafting: party of One. Sen. Rodham Clinton: a mystery and a confusion, sorta; voted to give away Senate’s authority to declare war, but now against invasion, but won’t say so; ‘military should pull out –some day.’ Ex Marine Sen. Murtha, who once believed what “leaders” said about Viet Nam, not confused now: ‘Iraq is in chaos; generals have no plan; recent US military murders of civilians, confirmed by compensation paid to families, due to massive stress, inadequate troop number, objectives; generals angry at lack of leadership, direction from the top.’

If you label yourself Right-winger: you believe your Party’s line, want military to stay until “success” achieved –“success” un-defined; your mind closed. Left-winger: you want troops out now/date-certain; case and mind closed. What’s the answer –what should US do in Iraq now? –Which side is correct?

We can’t know where we’re going if we don’t know where we came from: WHY is the US in Iraq? Occupant told New York firefighters, widows, grieving parents: ‘strike at those who attacked us.’ Iraq had Nothing to do with September 11, 2001 attack, so no-go as a reason.

-Some guy got $350,000 a MONTH—times how many months?— to whisper sweets in their ears, as “evidence” used in State of the Union
-‘Iraq possessed weapons of massive proportions’
-Iraq might/maybe/could send “smoking cloud” over us
Quick hop to Africa by former Ambassador to investigate for the CIA: Another “reason” blown to bits, along with the $350,000-a-month-guy's "evidence" and the classified/ secret identity of his wife. –Revenge for blowing their excuses to invade.
Minor detail: Iraq was under UN restriction, Not allowed to fly –any at all
Okay, Iraq wasn’t going to fly any nuclear weapons here/anywhere, Duh, Reasons #2 and #3 dead.
Then they ‘floated’:
-terrible/bad/evil Saddam
–“evil” theme –got traction, lots of ‘ink’ -“certain” he has weapons capable of massive destruction? The Rummy delivered them, in person
At the same time: they go to work on the people who are supposed to represent us, we the people; imply any representative who doesn’t support them/give away authority to delcare war:
a) not patriotic
b) not real American
c) coward
–THIS from crowd that between them has combined military experience of: Zero years. But It works: members of House, Senate --everyone went silent.

What a coup. Except: the truth –the ‘elephant in the room’? Revealed During 2004 re-election campaign: Pentagon was ordered to prepare plans for invading Iraq –ON Inauguration day 2000 –3 1/2 years before invasion. The cite: General Wesley Clark. –The day Occupant swore to uphold the Constitution: How did he know Iraq would “need” to be invaded?

After shock wore off –rose petals, kisses way weren’t coming our way from Iraqis, violence and death against troops soared, opinion of Americans, world tanked his popularity…no WMD, not “evil Saddam” –no threat of nuclear weapon over the US –not a strike at those who attacked September 11th.

So Occupant floated another ‘balloon’: military invaded Iraq “to bring democracy.” Iraq was invaded for Democracy??? –2,5014 Americans, 30,000 to 100,000 Iraqis, countless coalition, aide, pacifist and contractors died –US Treasury striped bare, hemorrhaging red ink to “bring democracy”??? Cold comfort to widows, grieving parents, sisters, brothers, Americans.

Death rates and tanking poll numbers continue so Occupant’s toadies float another attack ‘balloon’ –version of ‘if you aren’t with us, you’re against us and a coward’ –to hold on to pals’ contracts and majority in Congress:
‘Democrats want to cut & run.’
Implied: Democrats as “Cowards”??? –Those “Cowards” made sure the world got Peace after worst right-wing extremists in history in germany blew up the world, for the second time;
“cowards” were in the mud, blood, heat, snow in Korea.
Over 58,000 “cowards” twisted in Vietnamese jungles, while those who sent them –fat cat Republicans like Dick Nixon sat home, lying to Americans, ‘winding down’ the war while secretly he escalated.

This –attack version a re-run: Democrats, working class, minorities and those who believe White House claims are the ones in the desert, doing the fighting and the dying; while fat cat Republicans, getting richer off the “war,” want to keep on keeping on. Now that we know the truth, what now?

Administration done anything to eliminate core reasons Arabs –Muslim extremists hate us? –Can Iraqi women send their children off to school –anyone go get groceries, gasoline –with any certainty? How is it Possible: super country with military budget of $446 Billion bucks can’t stop bunch of rag-tag insurgents –after Three Years? Tiny Israel, fraction of our military budget: 67 DAYS to end a war.

Stay –pull out?
-US troops weren’t trained in house door-to-door, neighborhood combat
-Halitosis, thanks to President of Vice, got tap-Root into US Treasury –on no bid, no compete contracts; over-charging; vast sums for what Army always did for itself
-American soldiers maimed, wounded, killed by bombs, in inadequate transport
-80 to 90% unemployment in Iraq
-No electricity; no working pipeline; no stability, no peace
-Not enough US troops to overwhelm fighters

This author has no personal stake –no family member getting maimed/wounded/blown up, does afford distance, objectivity –lots of time to think deeply what to do. Look at occupant’s claims:
-“Iraq’s oil will repay our costs”
-“outside agitators/terrorists coming in to Iraq; responsible for bombings”
-“our troops will stand down as Iraqis stand up”
-“Iraqis voted [in three elections], a government, a leader in place”
-Looked into Prime Minister al-Maliki’s eyeballs, likes what he sees
-Spying on Americans’ bank records –without court orders ‘–looking for bad guys’
-Insurgents fighting to get US out of Iraq, hate us/troops/democracy

So if we don’t have enough troops, most Iraqis unemployed, people with no future, no career, no money, loads of hate for Americans pour into Iraq, sign up to fight for pay: the obvious is obviously wrong.

So, this ugly mess –means? Together –what do we have? Bag full of remedies –if combined. Freely admitting, like the Occupant, no military strategy training, this author, unlike him, using common sense only, Supposing we: use Occupant’s claim’s, do exactly what he says; put his words into a Plan, put his feet so close to the fire –it singes him –we get a Plan, let’s call it Plan #1 –no Plan B.

-Position 2/3 US troops along Iraq’s borders –Iran –Jordan, etc., with ten to thirty Iraqis in between, say 10’ apart, all day, all night
-Halitosis, paying American truck drivers, guards, contractors, etc. over there nearly quarter of million, can afford to pay: each Iraqi $10. per day PLUS feed them –on THEIR tab (nope, don’t care whether legal or possible, don’t give a damn), from the billions they siphoned out of US Treasury
= Nothing, Nobody gets IN, nobody gets OUT of Iraq, without permission, check-point examination
-Any fighting in provinces and cities: Iraqi police/national guard/army to respond or not –it's on them
-White House: can use their no-doubt by now perfected spy ways to FIND who is sending money into Iraq, TO whom, Which pick-up point/ bank enabling; then cut it off
-No coalition of the coerced, US troops: fighting in neighborhoods; no more target

-Remaining 1/3 US, coalition troops, ten to fifty Iraqis—five feet apart, in between: divided between pipelines, electrical generators –guarding the infrastructure, all areas –until repaired; on-going
= No body crosses the borders; no guns/ammo/bombs/bomb equipment/money gets in

If Iraqis: smart enough to build “WMD” –pipeline and electricity, they’re smart enough to Repair them –without any help from Halitosis; Americans don’t need any more invoices from Halitosis.

Ergo, eventually: no American, multi-nation troops fight/wounded/killed; money, weapons, material, replacements dry up.
No more = No more. Eventually: whole thing dries up. All troops get out; they get to keep their pipeline, their oil; they reimburse US; right-wingers forced into actually enabling Iraqis to decide their own fate; left-wingers get troops back, no more war. The End.

One note: uniforms Iraqi police, military must be altered –trousers best choice; each distinct –only This time: US behaves as though they still have brains –number Each pair; guard them transit to delivery; on arrival in Iraq: assign each to named Iraqi with photo ID –Not stolen this time.

But: if Oval Office occupant “can’t”/ doesn’t find source of money going to insurgents: then Americans have proof –that Real purpose of spying on bank records –is spying –on Americans = more Imperial power-grab/loss of rights, violation of US Constitution.

Thought of this after the shock wore off, of The Rummy’s destruction, indifference. Thinking about it ever since. If no American troops in cities, insurgents cut off from replacements, money, weapons = end of shooting at Americans. Every thug fighting lives next door to someone: Eventually thugs have to get food, water, gas, more money. Eventually: Next-door neighbors will turn them in –death or exodus. Occupant & Co. won’t be removing any Iraqi assets. Iraqis can re-build schools, etc. their own selves. The End.

Let’s see the doughy little “brains” try to squirm away from this; right-winger, left-winger objection to US military protecting Iraq, Iraqis, infrastructure; removing object of insurgent violence, yet keeping troops from injury, while increasing employment, safety, peace –secure grocery shopping.

If You know Actual reason this can’t work –wanting to sell ice cream in the desert –continue making money off war doesn’t count, then: Post it. Otherwise: e-mail it to your reps in Congress. Find your rep’s contact info in the left column links.

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Smokers: Good News!

If you are a smoker there is News out of the White House. According to papers filed with court and various Administration agency heads: Tobacco is Harmful BUT: carbon monoxide NOT.

Do you realize what this Means? Yikes, this is Great! Instead of using tobacco: find a car with engine on, get on your knees and just suck the tailpipe emission --cuz it Way ain't gonna hurt ya! Yikes, these guys did it again, they just don't stop lookn' out for us. And really who knew: tobacco --a plant, grown by Nature is way worse than carbon Monoxide, courtesy of Man. Sheesh, what will these guys "think" of next? Except: isn't carbon monoxide what people use who want to kill themselves --quick? Oh well, enjoy.

24 June 2006

Illegals: Figured It Out Yet?

Angry at illegals --at people who came into the US illegally? Angry at all those from Mexico, Central and South America --who fill ERs, public schools --so much, schools are crowded, hospitals are closing to emergencies or closed permanently? Are you so angry you are part of the crowd pressuring Congress to "Do Something"? --Want borders 'beefed up' --walls, lots and lots of walls --border patrols and blah blah blah? Well: Have you figured it out yet? The solution to a problem: is in the problem.

While you were getting all hot and bothered, writing, calling Congress, maybe even 'saddling up' to "watch" the border:
Why did so many people come to US, illegally --since 1986? Think about it: Across the US, mid-West, unknown small towns, deep South; states that never saw Hispanics before, why did so many come, go so far from the border?

Business owners and corporations, members of the Republican Party, placed ads in Mexican newspapers advertising jobs in the US. Did you know that? Think about it: poultry processing plants, meat packing houses, cattle ranches; hotels, restaurants; dairy -crop farms --all the houses, malls built in California, Nevada, the South. Wal-Mart. Republicans hired all those who showed up --at Lower wages and --Duh, pocketed the profits.

Got a Chamber of Commerce in your town? Have you seen them --run around getting face time in front of cameras to declare: Americans did not want the jobs. Well, that is true: Americans do not want to work at Minimum Wage. Real translation: 'our members don't want to pay going rate for labor.'

While you were getting even angrier --Demanding borders be closed: those who came into the US knew they couldn't go back and forth. So: Duh --they came with their spouses, their children, aunts, uncles, parents
and Stayed.

How long until corporation CEOs, business owners, Republican Party, Commander in Grief figures it out: no books, clothing, cars, tech toys, houses, luxuries can be bought by Americans with NO job?

Remedies Want thousands --millions of illegals to "obey the law" --to leave? --No, Really want illegals to leave? Then start Demanding: borders be monitored but open; special pass for seasonal workers. Terrorists? They came in on jets, Business Class.
Demand Minimum Wage be raised.
Demand Republicans obey laws.
Figured it out yet? If construction --every job paid the going rate: Lots of Americans would work.

Flag-draped Americans coming home this week: 12 -join two thousand five hundred
Afghans, Iraqis Killed: over 60,000
Americans Wounded, Permanently Maimed: over 20,000
Terrorists Killed: One
People Arrested, Held Without Charge, Lawyer, Rights, Trial Date: 465
Chief Procurement Officer: found Guilty
First Pal Ken Lay: convicted
House Whip Delay: indicted, awaiting trial
FEMA Director: found Incompetent, fired
CIA Director Tenant: forced to resign
Chief Bagman to Republicans Lobbyist Abramoff: Pled Guilty
Chief of Staff to President of Vice: arrested, indicted
Missing, Stolen Social Security Number: 25 to 35 million Vets
Navy Missing, Stolen Social Security Number: 28,000
Price of Gasoline Past Six Years: risen over 300%
Exxon-Mobile, Chevron, BP, etc.1st Quarter: highest profit in 100 years
US Debt: $7.8 T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N
Tax Cut to Wealthiest 1%: Welfare extended
Estate Tax for Heirs of Millionaires: cut
"Unreasonable Search, Seizure"? Phone taps Without Court Order: 100% of Americans
Spying on Bank Records Without Court Order: 100% of Americans
"War" on Drugs: 80% of world's narcotics just harvested largest crop of opium ever in American-controlled Afghanistan
Press "Conferences": now higher profile, better surroundings, less said
Low Cost Medical Insurance: None
Home Owner Insurance Policy: thousands voided
World's Largest Auto-maker: about to go bankrupt
Republican-Packed Republican No-Longer supreme court: your property can now be declared "blighted" -given to private parties to develop for profit, in direct violation of US Constitution

Figured it out yet?

E-mail this to anyone who hasn't

21 June 2006

Russert, Bradlee, Rather, Media...

This author monitors all of the political Sunday morning political shows with one TV, one remote, often only one eye (after writing all night), no recording device. Political shows are important, how they doing?

“Meet the Press” with Tim Russert supposedly the most watched of the morning political group. If you are one of those who watch: why? Last Sunday: oily boys invited –to make their case, again… justifying, mealy-mouthing, “needing” to punch holes in pristine Alaska, California and Texas coasts, to, somehow magically, bring down the price, pretending they don’t have enough refineries –but leaving out:
-THEY closed over 143 refineries;
-there isn’t enough oil in Alaska preserve to cover more than six months worth of need

If Russert was serious reporter, working for media corporation that gave a damn about journalism:
“WHY did they get billions out of US Treasury after September 11”?
Tax breaks ever since?
If they can afford to back-date stock options to shower “CEOs” with multi-billion dollar “bonuses”—which they also tried to justify Again–why don’t they pay what they owe?
WHY aren’t they paying taxes on oil drilled in public's places? They drill US coasts, public lands, parks –but skate on royalties they owe –thanks to Oval Office occupant, President of Vice and the people they put in agencies to collect the money. Oily boys: suing to get contracts, signed during last administration, over-turned, that mistakenly (?) listed too-small royalty amount. Put to the oily boys?

Where were questions on: President of Vice’s meetings with 180 energy producers –who reportedly wrote this country’s energy policy –from their wish list?
Fossil fuel heating the planet, ground beneath cities at risk with massive earthquakes from disappearing oil?
What do they intend doing about greenhouse gas –alternative fuel?

Tim Russert, too ill(?) to ask? –All such Missing from Russert. Oily boys said all their blather already to Congress, numerous times since, so why did NBC give them air time to say it all again?

Russert omits the Hard questions, let’s people blather –especially “doctor” Condo, the Rummy; acts frightened of President of Vice. NBC’s “Meet the Press”: viewer never learns a thing; guests give well-rehearsed lines, often White House-written talking points; Russert at most: repeats question a guest has already evaded; utter waste of time. Russert: missing in action. “Meet the Press”: waste of time, electricity.

Last week Russert made the rounds of talk/sales shows: selling book he ‘authored’ of stories people sent him of fathers. This he went around flogging as a Father’s Day gift??? Does anyone else think: stories of Other people’s fathers way odd gift –to a father? Why would a father want to read adulation of other people?

Ben Bradlee, Executive Editor WASHINGTON POST: interviewed by reporter, friend Jim Lehrer of PBS, on PBS. Bradlee spoke of journalism; friendship with John F. Kennedy, before his presidentcy; Watergate and Deep Throat; reporters and false stories by fakes and ethics. He came from upper-class family that lost everything in the Crash of 1929. He doesn’t belong to any clubs, he said, because he doesn’t want to be compromised, influenced, what he learns, can say in print; spoke of relationship with President Kennedy, when they were neighbors, five doors apart, both pushing baby carriages.... Refreshing. A person of class. Will any of his caliber, ethics, intelligence, judgment dome along, when he’s gone? Thanks for the piece, PBS.

CBS: Somehow couldn’t ‘find’ room for Dan Rather, held the door open so it wouldn’t hit him on the way out, five months before his contract expired. Does that matter? Does it matter that CBS news ‘managers’ Les Moonves & Co chose perky ratings draw to replace superb reporter Bob Scheiffer –instead of a credentialed reporter? Only if you care about media doing their job, being our ‘eyes’ ‘ears’ –Media granted privileges for That –watching government, not appeasement to government employees; not spooning pabulum, omiting investigative stories.

The roar Rather generated over papers, as basis, for story that current Oval Office occupant: did not complete his military training; failed to appear; got special treatment; his military records mystically disappeared. –Regardless of the papers: WHICH part of the report wasn’t/isn’t true? Occupant Did Not Complete training for which he signed on; required to complete –failed to show at numerous documented times. Why wasn’t THAT the issue? But Rather got the boot? Right-wingers: desperate to prevail, whined, crabbed about the dotting of any “i” /the gnat on a flea, while the ‘crab’ stunk up the whole house…hold onto illusions –their guy, right or VERY wrong.

(For the record: this author not a fan of Dan Rather; growing up: television seldom on, but when there was David Brinkley, John Chancellor then Tom Brokaw, why watch Rather, was unsaid habit.) CBS: will rue booting Dan Rather, one way or another. Cosmic payback: If rumors become reality, his future could make CBS appear as dated as their soap operas? Best of luck, Mr. Rather.

Bob Sheiffer, CBS: gives him and us only half of an hour of his smart, inciteful political show, but asks the hard questions of the usual suspects; stays with a point until he gets an answer or until viewer can realize: guest's evasion. His commentary at the end: loaded with common sense; refreshing on its own and because so little exists publicly. CBS neither seems to know nor care how lucky they, we are to have him. If they did: they would not bump his program for sports junk, Often. But look up schedule on-line or call CBS affliate station: clueless, NO notice when it will air. Rude, stupid, CBS. Maybe they’ll get it: when he’s gone. Shame on them. Every thing he does: superb. Thanks Mr. Sheiffer.

IF CBS cared about journalism, news: they would have sought fine reporter Meredith Viera, NOT gone after 'ratings-getter' perkiness. Her Credentials: journalism over twenty years; once worked at "60 Mintues." Yes, this author a fan, ever since she showed up on "East 57th Street" –anyone remember it?

Whatever it is Fox slaps up on Sunday: does not change; if you want to know rabid-biased right-wing Party line politics: pick any Sunday, they say same things every week. Bill Kristol looks positively reptilian, grinning, always siding with administration who, in his world, haven’t/don’t/ do any wrong/criminal/deceitful/biased acts.

But of course if extreme right-wingers are right: where’s your low-cost medical insurance? Where do you Think your pension is? Carrying $8,000. in debt (average amount for Americans) in plastic debt –at 20 -30% rates? Once considered criminal usury rate –but Occupant & pals: don't have a problem with those rates of greed.

“This Week” on ABC : best of the bunch. When guests start going off on stale talking points: host George Stepanolous interrupts; doesn't let guests blather on, unless they determined to look the fool; reporters discuss politics of the week, in some context, often with background info; then relevant comic snippets from various shows, usually Letterman, “Daily Show” and secret right-leaner Leno; honors those who died the previous week. Classy, well-balanced, informative political hour.

ABC: promos for Charlie Gibson, future host of nightly news, so “great” a journalist? In tradition of Edward R. Morrow –David Brinkley –Peter Jennings? Really? –“Harvest of Shame” and coming up: how to potty-train a kid??? Why the hell was he ‘interviewing’ on potty training recently? Picture any one them doing such a thing? So bad, such utterly meaningless drivel, too moronic to watch. How far do they intend to grind his credibility? What the hell were they thinking? Aren’t you just twitching with anticipation of such lofty re-port-age ‘skill’? Gibson: not equipped with enough spine –to refuse? It hasn’t, duh, occurred to any of them: doing two-hour morning drivel dance –gushing ‘Good Morning America’ goop –NOT, duh, a good leaping point to hard/Night news? Well, people who could plunk copy reader Elizabeth Vargas, who appears to practice Where to put emotion, in front of a camera: short a sandwich for a full plate?

ABC also ran a promo recently complimenting themselves for recent journalistic events, such as: first to go on air with news of military bombing death of Iraqi fighter al-Zarkawi. Not mentioned: How they came to be the first. How: Because people in government and the military trust: first-rate reporter Martha Raditz, but not credited. On another program of reporter round-table, “Washington Week,” she revealed she got a middle of the night call. This author was up, TV on that night –and ABC was first with the news, hours before any other station cut into programming with the news. Why did ABC take the credit –without naming Raditz? Raditz will be allowed to report –allowed to age –still keep her job? Or: subjected to pressure to go under face-surgery knives, unlike male reporters? Does a reporter who can get the story, knows the players, has judgment –or do 60, 70-something female reporters have to look like 20-something bimbettes to get on air, not allowed to age at ABC?

ABC ‘helped’ Ted Koppel out the door; then replaced him with some of the worst drivel on American air, of trash “scoops” by underwear-sniffer Martin Bash-emup; dripping exposes, about Nothing, dripping with emotion by Cynthia McFadden, on now-worthless “Nightline” utterly avoiding any subject that matters, informative, relevant to anyone’s life –about anything. Do people who do such things imagine they are “honoring” Peter Jennings? How much glue huffing does that take?

Message to ABC executives: Grow up. Stop pandering. Americans did NOT get stupid day after you booted Ted Koppel. Any time Martha Raditz, Brian Ross has something to say –get everyone else out of the way; let them have whatever time they need. Start behaving as though YOU get it, till you do.


If Rumors are true: reporters –at all six news-controlled media giants are not getting permission to do stories; controlling what Americans are told…. Who needs rumors? Where are the stories? When will management get up to the level of Americans? When Will it dawn: if Americans are so dumb –why are content-rich blogs so well read? From NBC with its bomb-making parent GE, to ABC, now controlled by Disney and partner Capital Cities Corp., who’s largest stock-holder at the time of purchase was late CIA director Casey, all the media giants are tied to government; deep financial vested interests in pleasing Congress, White House –not in informing. Pentagon plan of embedding reporters: deep inside tanks, trucks as they headed to Iraq –brilliant stroke to both ‘give’ access and cut off reporters from knowing a single thing that mattered. But: media giants allowed to engorge in a single market: inform less; ignore local issues, politics, government, bulk up on revenue. That isn’t what authors of the Constitution had in mind as they wrote. Do stockholders demand that news divisions make money, or do the owners demand it?

IF Congress –our reps gave a damn about rights, free flow of information: there would be a bill to require ALL media to give free time for campaign ads, debates. Those are Our air rights they’re using; supposed to be OUR Congress, not the reps of bloated corporations. Why don’t right-wingers stop following ideology long enough to get that? If media corporations cared –allowed news directors, reporters to do their jobs, would US military be in Iraq? Would Halitosis, President of Vice’s last employer, have tap-Root into US Treasury?

Western Medical Establishment gets free air time –loads. Why? If “medicine” is the premise to give free air time: why not Asian –folk -non-invasive -non toxic methods on news shows? Western Medicine uses media to get on camera with new whiz-bang gadget –toxin –‘breakthrough’ that never quite cures cancer... –But if they just ‘had more money’ –they’re “sure” they could find. Hint hint: send contributions. Whose business Wouldn’t improve with free air time on 6 o’clock news?

-Contact ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox: tell them you want more investigative stories; better coverage of local issues; much better election coverage; will boycott sponsors’ products until you see results

-Buy a local and a national newspaper, at least once a week. They ARE committed to doing their job, but underpaid. If we don’t support newspapers: they won’t be around to support, inform us or the next generation. Buy newspapers; read on-line: give a click on any relevant ad to give them revenue. If you're about to make a purchase: see if you can do it through an ad posted on a newspaper. It matters.

-Demand alternative medicine get the SAME free air time

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15 June 2006

Hop Hop Hop –Go Rove-ing Reporters?

He Hops outta Camp David …Hops to Iraq…Hops back…reporters do hippity-hop with him –and Mission accomplished? Why –uhm Why did Oval Office occupant Hop? Why not hop over on Sunday –tomorrow –why not invite Iraq President over Here after last two minister appointments announced? Why did he hop that day? –Why Hop over there –Tuesday? Why didn’t reporters doing bunny-hop with him ASK –Comment –Note? Hmmm…the planet’s dumbest reporters? Mysteries…

The news –“genius” Karl Rove indictment –won't be nailed, for now, spotted it only 31 minutes after it went up on the news wires, then I immediately wrote the piece on KKKarl –but did not post it. Why not? This author: dun seen dat movie...I wanted to wait, see what/how they would Do it –Dead certain: White House crowd would do something that would cause the news to be forced Away from K-baby –focused on something else –and Bam! Hippity hop hippity hop…hop...hop to Money-Looting Central –Iraq.

White House Regime
If you’re a supporter and Don’t believe Occupant’s hop hop hop done Solely to protect his pal, draw media attention Away from Rove? Please describe: PRECISELY what was accomplished by all the hopping? Eyeball examination: doesn’t count. –Oh you believe the statement “trip was planned for a month”? Well Duh: they knew that Eventually Special Prosecutor Fitzpatrick would make a decision –for –against indicting “genius” –That the real reason for pressure to hurry up picking last two cabinate ministers, before Prosecutor's announcement? –They merely made plans for the DAY of announcement. Duh.

Lead Story
So instead of nasty little “genius” person being ‘above the fold’ –sole story –the hopping hither, yon the lead story. Then for extra good measure/more control: they plunked Occupant in the garden next morning to do some more fiddling with reporters and the news. Mission accomplished? If you’re a supporter –don’t believe they manipulate/ manipulated the news: howja like oil at $70. bucks a barrel –how many illegals did you see today –where’s your low-cost medical insurance –where do you Think your pension is –where is your job going? Last month: they fiddled with senior adults, pushed them to enroll in their Welfare plan for drug-makers and they fiddled with non-citizens having Americans’ jobs –but at lower wages. This month: they’re fiddling with the flag and making sure everyone knows they’re not homosexual….as they loot the Treasury and your rights, your privacy, your quality of life, your children, your money –Penta-gone…. But –Protection –even of military’s Social Security numbers?

Giant media, Still grateful for régime’s help in allowing them to become even bigger, via FCC and Mickey Powell, manage their reporters –so real story, whole story, rest of the story, stories that Matter –don’t, somehow, ever get done. So “reporters”: “report” on Brittney Spear’s driving skills –lost pet –who got shot, what burned down –who married whom –do the bunny-hop –but No wiser, no-better informed…THAT the very reason to stop the FCC –reason NOT to vote for these people OR anyone who supports them OR allow electronic “vote” machines Anywhere. They have plans to steal the 2008 election –if the Universe doesn’t nail “genius” first…. Maybe you can help: KKK-baby appears to be addicted to food –maybe all those plans stealing elections and sending other people’s children to fight for oil, even though he and his boss evaded service with multi deferments, bothering him. –Send “genius” some comfort food –ship some sweet nothings, to ease his pain….

But EXUUUUSSSE me: Five trips to Grand Jury...FIVE...but NO indictment??? What did that cost? Who said WHAT to Whom? Duh: SomeBODY told lil Scooter the Name of the wife of their #1 Exposer of lies –then shoved lil Scooter out into reporter land to reveal what he was told...who dat? They Believed they could STOP Facts –Real reasons –Truth for invading Iraq from leaking –by leaking secret name of CIA agent. WHO did THAT? WHO told Scooter? WHO shoved him into reporters? WHO Will be arrested for violating Secrets Act? WHO got the $9 BILLION 'disappeared' bucks? WHO will pay for dead Iraqis, dead Americans, dead soldiers?

Pimp My Oval Office
He swore an oath. Politics: You –all non-corporate Americans, have been betrayed. Oval Office occupant works for ONLY one Party: the Money Party. Loyalty: for sale. YOU don’t count. There is Cancer in the White House.

“…have you seen the new ad? It’s live bulls –mounting simulated cows. It’s nice to see Anne Coulter getting work.” David Letterman

E-mail, copy/paste this post to right-wingers, right-wing websites, but not to moderate Republicans –they’ve had their Party hijacked, they’re as appalled, disgusted as everyone else.

If you’re in Ohio: network with friends, relatives, co-workers: GET electronic
“vote” machines OUT of Ohio –before those people steal Another election DON'T WAIT

Register to Vote THIS WEEK –get the free Voter Registration form at any Post Office, pick up extras for everyone you know, fill out ASAP, DON'T wait

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14 June 2006

Karl Rove: Sentence? LOL…

“…I heard the news today, oh boy…” News: the Special Prosecutor Won’t indict Karl “brains” behind Oval Office occupant Rove, for violating Federal Secrets Act for revealing CIA agent’s identity. Angry? Why?

Reportedly: Rove “leaked” the agent’s identity to friendly reporters, via Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff to President of Vice, as retaliation for the agent’s spouse exposing claims/lies for Iraq invasion…. Karl Rove and the people running HIM: so arrogant, so intent on invading Iraq, they thought they could silence the agent’s husband and any Future critics by using stealth personal attack, as a warning.

Think it’s un-just –that Special Prosecutor won’t be indicting Rove? There are people, all over, inside, outside federal government, who can’t stomach what’s going on…telling what they know…. The Truth is leaking out –While they’re still in the White House. They tried to silence undercover agent’s husband, others, But: Evidence is surfacing –of their True intension to loot Iraq, leave it splintered, immobile, assets shipped out…. Various things Caused them to Have to shelve those Plans. Iraq: Nothing to do with 9-11 attack, terrorists who planned it; no way to attack this country. Now: Forced into entirely new Plan: helping Iraqis form a government WITH their oil…no looting will be Held Today…. Americans, world know now, the only one claims Not to is occupant and weenies who really really wanna keep their job in Congress. EVERYbody else gets it.

Karl Rove may be “elated” today: but Now he will receive his True sentence. The Universe will not allow escape.

Don't Worry ~Be Happy.... We know what he did, but the Universe knows: how to inflict Perfect Justice. His sentence, Among other things: he is now “free” to “orchestrate” the next election.

He will receive: everything he has coming….
Look Forward to it –watch it –enjoy it...they can run nekid through Rose Garden, it won't change what's coming...justice meted out by the Universe is superior to Man’s….

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13 June 2006

Stock Market: Which Way?

Did you watch the stock market climb past several weeks –Hoped it would keep going up? –So you invested in the New York Stock Exchange, So you could make ‘tons’? Ahhh, the Perfect investor –for insiders.

How is your stock portfolio doing now? Upset, worried –fearful, what’s going to happen? If you, typical investor, invested in the stock market, hoping to make quick money: You watched the ‘market’ go up –you saw: Dow Jones Industrial average of 30 stocks go up. You thought it was a sign to ‘get on board.’ Once invested: you hoped it would keep on keeping on. Then WHOOSH: down it came. You’re angry; worried, what to do now…with important money, fearful it will go down under what you put in: you sell. You didn’t make any money in the stock market? Why not? You entered the market with four things: Hope, Greed, Fear, No memory.

Dow Jones, thirty stocks used as 'come on' AKA: advertising, recently hit approximately: 11,600. So what? What was the highest closing price of past few years (which was also the highest close ever)? If you Aren’t typical investor: you know it was 11,700+. When the market climbed but failed to reach that level and go beyond it: signal –a giant signal that insiders were distributing their stock, to typical investors, to attract attention. Rising price: attracted typical investors. –They were forcing prices Up: so they could ‘clean up their books’ and go short. That is: they borrowed stock at the top, 11,600. and will close their short positions at the ‘bottom’ –whatever amount they decide/when there is no more money to made/when pessimism is gone. Then: insiders will acquire same stock, but at much cheaper price –“discounted”—and do it all again.

You would know all this IF you functioned with Memory. But, typical stock market investor, you don’t. So you: buy High, sell Low. Insiders adore you. You trade the stock market with: Greed, Fear. The Dance goes on –every day, every hour the stock market is open. Why –why doesn’t government agency that looks out for investors and oversees the stock market, the Securities & Exchange Commission, SEC, protect you? Hah! It’s one of the Best stories of the last century.

SEC does what it does: thanks to Joseph P. Kennedy, father of President John F. Kennedy. Highlights: President Franklin Roosevelt needed a favor, a Major favor, and asked former Ambassador Kennedy for help. Price of the favor: Kennedy wanted to be the first head of the new SEC agency authorized by Congress after the Stock Market Crash of 1929, formed to protect investors, so that such a crash could never happen again. Done and Done. Kennedy essentially, literally: gutted every provision that would have changed how insiders –and investors trade the stock market. You don’t do any Real homework; screwed, every time.

What current White House administration has done to financial situation of this country: is so dire it is possible that we may one day look at 1929 Stock Market Crash with longing, for Good ol’ Days, if US goes bankrupt, other countries stop buying our debt. It will be difficult if not Impossible to be disease-free and able to withstand what this author fears is coming. They are following orders? If you are a member of Republican Party: your Party has been hijacked; if you’re a right-winger: ideals of the Party crushed. –Largest federal agency in the history of the world, “Homeland” “Security” –on the largest deficit ever known, nearly $7 TRILLION. General Motors and Wal-Mart are in a position to bring the US down Permanently. In case you’re wondering: this author spent a lot time researching, figuring out the stock market; then day-traded the market for two years.

No community should permit another Wal-Mart. Believe it.
If you can’t/won’t do homework necessary and become knowledgeable investor, with memory instead of greed and fear then: put 35% of every dollar you get into savings.
–Roth account, some form of pension account –something safe, steady, secure.
-If you’re going to put part of pension savings into stocks: buy low, a few each month; expect to hold for years –any mistakes will be corrected, with time.
-IF you Don’t save at least 35%: how much money do you NEED now, to live each month? Think: you’ll need that amount when you’re too tired/too ill to move –but without job or income.
-NO tech toy, no new hat, no car, no weekly restaurant meal is worth trading your future. Believe it.
Start saving –this week –the insiders already have.
-Take the 35 to 37% off First dollar/pay yourself First, just like the Japanese.
Figure out how much you can send to get out of plastic debt hell.
–It’s NOT a “credit” card; it’s being a servant to insiders. Don’t play Their game.
Do NOT permit your child, any you know: to get into plastic card debt; especially not while still in school
If they/you can not pay the amount of a purchase by the end of the month/by the time the bill arrives: DO NOT PURCHASE

If you think YOU can’t be broke and homeless: have a chat with one of the 660,000 in foreclosure now, some after only one year’s worth of mortgage payments, some after only two months; anyone from Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Iowa, Mississippi, Maine…or New York, after September 2001….

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Charlie’s Back…

Charlie of “Charlie Rose Show” returned to the show yesterday, after three-months of heart repair in a French hospital. Too bad he didn’t have surgery on his other problem. –It must be difficult to fit through doorways –with an ego that size: entire first half of the show –the thing Most people long to hear –minute detail of “my heart surgery” and of “me, Charlie Rose, and my heart surgery, every detail” and more of “me me me and me on me.” Was there time –for Charlie to squeeze in Actual Thanks to all those who stepped in to host, to guests who agreed to the substitute host interviews? Did you hear any?

Second half: the only reason to keep flipping back to see when the first “subject” was over: Tom Friedman –on new Green technology to help the planet. The neo-cons –bloated oil boys –crafty coal creeps –their bought prostitutes in the “science” world who pollute the Internet with garbage designed to obscure facts and ALL their K Street crowd: trying to label “Green” vaguely French and ‘girlish’ and silly.

But: Fossil fuel is heating up the planet, which is causing certain types of cancer, destroying eco systems and species –FACT. YOU don’t Have to believe the evidence, but: What business can be done on a fried planet…with Florida, New York World Trade Center Monument, most of Greenland under water? That crowd will go the way of the Do-Do, look Seriously stupid in their SUVs, when the rest of the world moves past them –in Clean transport. Their turn IS coming –and so is everyone else’s. This author has a theory: fossil fuel pulled from deep in the earth –with out any ‘lubricant’ causes plates to shift = triggers earthquakes? Those jumping into Green tech: may they go so fast question won’t get answer. Early money rises fastest….

Did Charlie leave his bags in France??? Looks like it, from here.

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11 June 2006

~White House Shames Americans

Three people held for over three years by White House administration each made a noose in their solitary cell and hung themselves...Three Suicides: White House administration has brought shame on themselves and on Americans. Holding people on No evidence, No trial, No way out: Ain't the AMERICAN way. We have been shamed by this administration. We MUST Protest.

Anyone who does NOT Protest what the White House & Co is doing in GITMO: is NO Better than those who watched the trains go by and ignored the stench, circa germany 1940.

White House & Co., if you don't remember, sent a bag containing $70 million in cash and orders to "find terrorists" to US military in Afghanistan shortly after invasion. According to reports at the time: Army personnel went door to door asking if anyone knew any terrorists and offering reward of $70. US for any turned in. Afghanistans, cold, hungry, tired, broke and unemployed: "found" terrorists for the Americans --and got enough money to live for a year. Some turned in neighbors, some pointed to strangers passing in the street.

These: blind-folded -head-covered, shown off to reporters--violating international law--"the most dangerous "terrorists" on the planet." Proof? Then flown to a corner of Cuba that is neither on US soil nor any other country's, but: under control of Donald Rumsfeld, President of Vice, "doctor" Condo and Oval Office occupant. Imprisoned, held in solitary confinement, under made-up category that does not allow for trial under US courts, military tribunal, their own country's system --nor any court system, thought up by: Secretary of "Defense" Donald Rumsfeld. They were interrogated in ways illegal by international law, Geneva Conventions and so repugnant: FBI agents refused to participate in illegal acts they witnessed --ALL done on say-so, "executive" order of White House administration.

Head of the prison is trying to spin deaths of prisoners: as though he and White House are 'protecting' us. We're supposed believe SPIN about suicide??? FBI agents wrote reports to their superior officers that they would NOT participate in examining prisoners.

If the GITMO prisoners are NOT allowed to go into any court to make a defense for their innocence: How LONG do they remain in prison? Until this administration leaves --until the end of time --until Every one committs suicide?

One "terrorist": once drove a car with Osma bin Forgotten in it. PROOF the driver committed even one act of terrorism? This is the "democracy" for which Americans are dying to 'bring' to Iraq?

Initially over 600 people were labeled "terrorist" and held prisoner: in No-Man's land without rights, evidence, witnesses, visitors, Geneva Conventions, lawyers, trial dates or dignity. Hell, people Actually proven to rape and murder children get better treatment.

How long could YOU be held under such conditions until you became a "terrorist"?

If a member of YOUR family was arrested: would you fiercely contend that they were to be Presumed innocent --unless a recognized process declared otherwise? WHY aren't GITMO prisoners owed the same?

Leaders of other countries have protested and demanded return of their citizens. White House has released over 150 people. Why? They claim: GITMO prisoners are the most dangerous people on earth, so why let ANY go --IF they have the Proof? IF they Have PROOF: why aren't they presenting it in a court? Prime Minister Tony Blair of England has criticized White House administration and called for prison to be shut down.

Making "appointments" for Red Cross to enter GITMO: EXACTLY what nazis did in the death camps. IF their statements can be believed: approximately 465 non-Americans remain in No-Country's prison. Three of them killed themselves rather than go on. Several are on hunger-strike, being tied down, force-fed through tubes inserted in the nose. THIS IS SHAMEFUL. The White House that had them arrested, held, refused them legal due process: has brought shame on Americans --ALL of us.

White House administration is spying on Americans' phone calls, e-mails WITHOUT any court's orders, in direct Violation of Constitution, and has allowed Millions of illegals to enter the country and work low-wage jobs once held by Americans. PROOF White House administration Doesn't give a Damn about “Democracy” --Ignorant, non-English speaking population is weak and the more of them: the better for THEM and their corporate pals. These people Respect NOBODY and NO Laws.

If you Don't Protest, demand shut-down of that Stench: Don't cry, don't look for sympathy when they come for YOU. Do NOT whine if this country is attacked --again.

What the White House administration is doing in Cuba : PUTRID DIZGGUSTING

GITMO Prison: PROVES White House administration ILLEGAL, Immoral, Doesn’t give a Damn about laws, rights or “Democracy” and it MUST be STOPPED.
Demand: White House & Co OBEY international laws. If you DON'T write they WILL assume you don't care.
You can find e-mail address to administration at: firstgov.gov
You will also see links to: Donald Rumsfeld, Department of Defense
Don't be stupid: don't threaten injury, don't use obscene language

NOT The Only Suicides at GITMO:

10 June 2006

~"Charlie Rose" --Happily No Charlie...

If you don't know: at an hour when most areas are stuck with slow-drip drivel of local "news," PBS airs "Charlie Rose Show," hosted by Southerner Charlie Rose. Program opens, most nights, with significant events of the day, details, political ramifications, perspective by analysts, reporters, specialists knowledgeable about the event.

Rose has been away, since about mid-March. In his absense: Past three months show has been wildly uneven, unexpected, unusual and Tterriffic. Guest hosts not just good but Superb have done the interviewing: Veteran print -TV reporters, authors, specialists from various fields; xxtreme conservatives, 'interviewing' like minded with baited leading 'questions.' --Nothing about it predictable. The producer or Booker or whomever has been choosing outstanding hosts paired with excellent unusual guests.

The good:
-Array spanning architects, authors, analysts, artists, auteurs; interspersed with anarchists, arch conservatives, actors and a**es. That's just the A list. -Conversation, debate deep enough for in-depth insight, background facts, thought process/personality of the guest; ideas; sometimes original thinking
-No music, hype, gimmicks
-No flogged drugs -cars -sugary cereal crap interruptions
-Stand-alone in-depth conversation, excellent questions, original answers

The bad:
-Charlie Rose. He makes what probably most viewers think is a good attempt at impartiality. HAH. When he's talking to a woman or to a Democrat: he does, by this author's count, one to all of about five things, that reveal his feelings about the guest and/or their viewpoint; he can't help himself --it leaks. An intellectual Democrat, female smarter than he --particularly repugnant: count goes up to seven or even eight ways that reveal his reaction --while his words oh-so-seemingly benign....

The ugly:
-Too often an egoist is at the table flogging his/her latest waste of what was once perfectly good raw film stock
-Sometimes they get bite of the whole hour. Boring bits to give a pass.
-Rose's not-disguised support --for he who steals elections; near-refusal of expressed criticism of him

Sadly, since his name is on the door, eventually Rose will return, along with viewer wincing at conversations with women, Democrats, et al.... Too bad, cuz the way the show is is so fine.... Extreme conservatives, 'interviewing' like minded with baited leading 'questions'...authors interviewing artists....

It way does not rise to the level of intellectuality, wit or charm of much-missed "Dick Cavett Show," but some rare nights it makes a run at it that mollifies the loss of that show, almost.

Remedy --for banal, vapid, fast-Gar-bage 'selling' shows
"Charlie Rose Show" on PBS
Send PBS a donation, if you want both to remain - SEE link in *Margin

Remedy --for 'celebrity'-riven media
If you absolutely Have to see celebrity junk: Do NOT buy the rags,
giving them money Insures there will be more pictures and more
pushing of them in/instead of hard news;
See that stuff --at the library and stop the flow of money
to the mosquitoes

Mission Accomplished:
-Oil: $70. + a barrel
-Low Wage Workers Imported for Corporations: 11 to 15 million
-Suspects Detained Without Rights: 465 -3
-Suspects Killed: One + one religious advisor
-Collateral Women, children, Men Caught in Cross-fire: over 50,000 + two wedding parties
-US Debt Including Welfare for the Wealthy: over $7 Trillion
-US Military + Nation' Guard Inserted: two countries
-Military Funerals Attended: 0

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08 June 2006

~US Took Out Terrorist? Questions...

US Military press conferences to announce they killed the terrorist who supposedly master-minded killings, explosions, destruction in Iraq. Hmmm...shoved Marine murders right off every front page and TV station...surprise, surprise...But: leaves a few questions.

Why is US Military in front of cameras, Taking Credit? President of Vice, Chief of Joints who quit, the Rummy, the Wolf, the Perl, the CIA toady Tenant, the "doctor" and the occupant --identical words on camera: 'things' are getting better cuz Iraqis will/going to/have/are --forming a government, having election/ will vote/care about/have voted --'will govern and protect their country themselves.'

IF Washington Means it: why weren't Iraqi leaders the ones --in Front --in every way, taking credit for the Planning, the Executing of attack on the terrorist of Iraqis, military, aide workers, contractors, reporters, foriegn civilians; destroyer of mosques, homes, pipe lines, clean water, electricity? THAT would have showed Iraqis: their government is capable and protecting them. THAT would have shown the world: White House is Serious about Iraqis taking care of themselves. THAT would have showed respect.... Why didn't it happen?

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest?
Country with 5,000 years of culture, history, knowledge --full of people Smart enough to "make weapons of mass destruction" --"reason" for invasion --but NOT smart enough to carry out attack on One terrorist??? Just Exactly How is Iraqi government going to DO their job if US military Don't get out of the way, let THEM lead? There was a full-standing army in place when US military invaded, but, gee they know Nothing about strategy, discipline, fighting? Well, they're giving good imitation, Every Day. Picture the whole scene, but with Iraqis doing the answering of reporters' questions....

Press reported that US intelligence claimed they knew the Who, What, Where on the terrorist who was orchestrating the violence inside Iraq --INCLUDING his picture, Jordanian nationality, a wife and a son in Jordan, age, associates, history, etc. Ever since, this author has wondered: if they KNEW, Why didn't they scoop up the wife and/or the son and announce they would be held captive until terrorist put down his weapons/turned himself in?

No Go on the Info???
IF this war is Real --not stage-managed to capture oil, why DIDN'T Secretary of Defense do everything to STOP after-invasion violence and murders BEFORE Iraq exploded? Would they have used 500 lb bombs on a "dead-ender"?

If using specious evidence to get others to join in invading a country, that did not attack this country, can accurately be labeled "war": why weren't all possible methods used to stop after-invasion violence --Before it exploded into house-to-house combat, murder, explosion, destruction, grief --when they knew that was coming if they invaded? Why did "Defense" Secretary order Generals NOT to even read "After Invasion Preparedness" papers --written long before the invasion?

After-Invasion How To: --thousands of pages, written by the knowlegable been there-done that, on the protection of borders, natives, museums, offices, documents, hospitals, schools, libraries, universities; medical supplies, food, roads, infrastructure, oil fields, generators, electricity grid, roads, airport, communities, mosques, institutions; reconstruction; organization; security; coordination of leaders, teachers, police, military and medical staffs? --EVERY Part of After-invasion --NOT allowed to read???

President of Vice stated 'they're no threat'..."Defense" Secretary: "dead-enders." So US Military didn't, duh, do any better than professional, trained, scientific inspectors --on hunt for weapons of massive destruction, but way DID find caches of rockets, bullets, mortars, launchers, et al --and Walked Away, leaving NO body to guard --uh, Why?

The real answer: It isn't Real? What comes out of White House toadies is Blather, meant to pacify --somebody, somewhere? NO MEANING? US Army Basic Training: takes six - eight -twelve weeks? Say it takes 24 weeks. What's with: Three YEARS of 'training'? Oval Office crowd WANTS a strong, disciplined, trained Iraqi military? Or: 'Gotta keep fighting terrorists' ad nausea --suits their goals --as they send nation's Guard Back to Iraq, swipe rights, nominate/install 'macho men' who can't form coherent plan or sentence, properly secure peace or a laptop or even CDs.... Hell, they fire the competent/any who disagree with them.

A 500lb bomb...means pretty much everything into pulp? --TWO such bombs --on single story, brick & mortar structure guarentees it? Guarentees no answers, no trial.... But that amount of explosive: how does terrorist's face and head emerge intact?

"$25 million--MILLION--bucks" reward??? Why not $10,000 --$100,000 --even $1 million bucks reward on terrorist's head? In a country with 80 -90% unemployment, thanks to genius planners, WHERE was --common sense? Well, Hell not coming out of THEIR pockets, but WHAT do those people Use for brains? WHERE was, duh, a Time Limit on the reward? The "winner" will do what with the money? Buy bullets?

They CAN however, issue $11 BILLION dollar checks, to relatives, in
'friendly' 'helpful' states --Immediately after emergencies; No-bid/No compete contracts to pals & former employers; spy on domestic phone calls, e-mail, library books, movie rentals --and call for national ID card --while claiming to be looking for terrorists --while spying on AMERICANS --without court-approved orders --to increase control, power. But they can't state real reasons --before, during, after invading a country that did NOT attack this one? They don't know How/Care about competence, actual defense, doing the right thing or anything that doesn't net Them tons of cash, more power?

Fiscal responsibility, upholding of Constitution, international law, treaties, rights --protection of Iraqis, borders? Over two years of planning but inadequate troops, supplies and equipment? Massive waste larded with fraud and pedophiles in "homeland" "security" and clever deals to lease ports, but not screen cargo or secure US borders? Photo ops with the wife, now Rose Garden pop-up "news" "conferences." Like the setting somehow improves the content. More deck-chair arrangements....

For our money we get: nearly 500 sitting in No Man's land limbo, without charges, evidence or trial dates...nearly 50,000 (--100,000?) missing legs, arms, eyes, hands and family members; nearly 3,000 American dead; No security in Iraq, Afghanistan, Mississippi, New York, Washington, New Orleans or in between either border --or attendence at military funerals, not even one.

But they did fire the photographer after she dared to shoot flag-draped coffins returning to Dover airfield. They don't got a problem with the BEFORE photos, only with the AFTER ones. Guess they thought Actually showing all those coffins at once was 'bad' PR.... Curious: When anyone of them asked about reporters denied access at Dover...mysteriously: EVERY one says EXACT same answer....

President of Vice served in which branch? Occupant has how much combat experience? Nation's Guard sent --Out of the country --un-trained, ill-equiped??? So many ways, we got biggest mess in history of this country? Two oil boys..."religious" ones... hell-bent on welfare for the wealthy...using war? Whudda Thunk it: more dangerous, more harmful than Tricky Dick....

"Some day the people will demand peace
and we will have to get out of their way and let them have it."
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Death of one sick terrorist: changes what? White House crowd has done what to affect Root cause of hatred of US? Those who on Tuesday hated us and the British don't hate us on Thursday after terrorist's death? Americans will get rights, privacy back? Now we're secure?

One terrorist, one militant religious advisor: dead. What difference? Iraqi families will be able to grocery shop safely? Electricity will run 24/7? Post traumatic stress will disappear? White House Proved democracy could be inserted on others at the end of automatic rifle? Iraqi oil will now repay US Treasury? $9 BILLION disappeared bucks will magically re-appear? US military will be home this week-end? Price of oil will go down to match actual demand? And porcines will be airborne....

Remedy to Disease & War Politics

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~"Sat on Info 18 hours" --or 18 Months?

Chiefs, Secretaries, Joints first fire civil servants, police, entire military and nation's guard, then label them "dead-enders" then 'disgruntled' then "insurgents" when US military starts drawing fire. Then They drop the labels, identify the leader, slap up his picture and cite him in briefings, by name. They find out in "February" what happened in November with Marines, supposedly inform their boss in March, but paid surviving family members 'death compensation' When? They sit on the pictures, the evidence and the story till US media report it. They got a PR firm, reportedly at $35,000. a month, and an ad agency consultant on staff. You remember the ad agency consultant, dontcha? She's the genius behind "Mission Accomplished."

They know WHO he is, they know what he looks like, they know what he's doing, they know How he's doing it and who he's doing it with, they know he's inside Iraq --But: they don't go after him till NOW???

So: They 'can't'/don't find him till AFTER the start of Formal 'inquiry'/Iraqi/ Congressional/Military investigations on Marines begin.

Usually this author lets some time pass, for various things to float to the top, before commenting. Not this time: They 'JUST NOW' got info on his hide-out location and only 'sat on it for 18 hours' before hitting the target? The military grunts sure are free to believe that, so is the US media and so are you. But me: They got a PR firm, reportedly at $35,000. a month, and an ad agency consultant on staff. They pumped $62 million bucks into a TV "news" station in Iraq and paid reporters to put stories in Middle Eastern newspapers, their version of news. It's a rare week they Don't manage the news and it's timing; release stinking stuff Fridays after reporters have split, crook their fingers at reporters to come Hither when the Real story is Yonder. i.e., Morning departure for a "conference" in Europe On the day FCC votes on allowing Mega-bloated media to engorge themselves. i.e., They tried to manage entire front pages with "Report" of Union, but the Universe screwed them Good --with announcement of the passing of Mrs. Coretta Scott King...on a day that meant she dominated front pages, not him....

Joint of the Marines hot-foots over to Iraq NOW --to give Marines a lecture on 'character' and 'values'??? Where was the lecture Before they were shipped to Iraq --or immediately After they got the news? WHY does he sprint over the Same week news of the murders of Iraqi families hits the public? Where were the reinforcements OR the replacements for exhausted troops, inadequate number? What the hell is America doing in Iraq?

At a time when, reportedly, Marines have shamed Americans, WHAT Could Possibly look better, or dwarf the story.... They got a PR firm, reportedly at $35,000. a month, and an ad agency consultant on staff. Two and a half more years....

03 June 2006

~Pop Quiz: Who Doesn't Hate Us?

In case you’ve been on some other planet for six years: person squatting in White House Oval Office now has a Perfect record –Entire world despises us. No? Name ONE country that doesn’t have fear, loathing or contempt for us. Feel free to Post answer –just as soon as you can think of one.

England? It has been reported that Prime Minister Tony Blair talked to former President Clinton after the election and was told ‘thumbs up’: ‘Oh, yes –get together with him, ya, that’ll be good.’ Unfortunately: Blair listened. England was converted from no-lover of right-wingers into ‘coalition camp follower’ –and got dragged straight into Iraq. British soldiers: died, got captured, committed crimes –on specious evidence. Now stuck there. The only way Blair could get another term: promise he’d never run again afterwards. Yup, just roll’n in the Isles over us.

Spain? Their moderate leaders’ joining of march into Hell: netted massive bombing that slaughtered over 200 and injured many on their way to work. Endeared us to Spaniards? They couldn't change leadership fast enough, but it's done now.

Italy? Right-wing leader joined the parade into and now out of, with deaths, kidnappings, beheadings in between. Italians dumped him in recent election.

Japan? They don’t even trust the beef we ‘produce’ let alone the policies.

Russia? Putin’s eyeballs –haven’t exactly worked out. Neither has occupant’s “policies” –or President of Vice actually standing in Russia to deliver lectures –on ‘How to Run a “Democracy”’…we’re Such good lecturers –and lovers of democracy –and of spying, how else to explain the “patriot” act...such Good Ideas....

France? French smelled a rat when they looked at the Iraq 'evidence' and refused to hit the road –which got them? The “base” came through –real champs: Champagne, French wine dumped down the drain –yup, our heroes, proved they were Real men –on fruit of the grape; cheese boycott for extra zing, weenies on cameras told ‘em off real good.

Colombia? You're thinking –of the Billions we ship them every year, so surely they're wild for us? They're wild alright, about the TONS of toxins we dump on them, our clever way of 'eliminating' their drug problem.

Venezuela? Uh…American “religious” “leader” used his face time –to urge murder of their president, nice go’n…and really, the Bible is so useful for hate and murder and international policy...Yup, what better use of US intelligence agents, which would, Duh, solve our oil probs, with Grand Theft.... Heck they’re into Keystone Kops imitations and just kill’n time not shipping kidnapped people on private jets to places where they uh-eh “don’t” do torture, and hang'n at your local library, just checking on what you're checking out. –Heck why not send ‘em on down to do a bit of assassination. Anyway: sending heating oil TO poor people in THIS country was uhm, so rude? IF the squatter Wanted poor people to have inexpensive oil to heat their homes in winter, HE could have done it.

Afghanistan? So fond of Americans that when a US military truck crashed into parked cars and pedestrians their First Thought? Accident? –heck no, intentional –so they attacked the military. What does that say about liberating them –and the Rummy's PR on after-quake aide? Hey Rummy: WHY were the brakes shot? WHEN will promises –hospitals, roads, schools, infrastructure, stability, Be kept? Some way to support themselves??? Hey, Maybe you didn't notice: largest poppy crop ever got harvested...nice go'n, thanks. Great job creating jobs...is your plan: enough of their export is imported here nobody will notice your job performance?

Mexico? We do have a formal trade agreement with them, remember? Ya, they do too, US corporations are using it to pay $1. an hour wages, hire children and dump toxins into their water-ways. Ya, they’re wild about us down there. Especially the part where US businesses advertise in Mexican newspapers, and when Mexicans get into the country to apply for the listed job openings, “religious” ‘base’ wants them declared criminals, arrested and shipped back. –While the business owners plead ‘ignorance’ and Duh, no Idea how to call Social Security to verify anything, while they count their money and trash the middle class. Cute.

Saudi Arabia? Well, the ruling royals love our restaurants, stores, gold plumbing fixtures. –But the citizens with satellite dish, but no career, job or future –not so much.

Iraq? Even though The Rummy and ex Chief of Joints Dickey Myers got marching orders ON Inauguration Day –some two Years before invading, couldn’t get it in gear, so they went to “war” on the cheap –missing water, vests, hardened transport, night goggles, translators, working weapons, adequate bullets –maps, intelligence and troops –nevermind Actual EVIDENCE, True reasons or After-Invasion Plans. Well, shucks, they are all men, the species well-known for not wanting to ask directions. So annoying to them, Also missing: compliance with international treaties, Geneva Conventions, US law, Military Code of Conduct, ethics, respect for natives, electricity, in-country security, working pipeline, American media willing to look the other way, $9 BILLION bucks, rose petals, kisses and Truth.

China? Well, it doesn’t exactly Matter whether Chinese like us or not: we owe them sooo much money, cuz the occupant has spent Everything that was in the Treasury –plus given the rich so much money, if Chinese government reps don’t show up at our bond debt auctions any week –white knuckles appear, of people we never see. –They’re hiding in dark rooms, trying to control their Fear.

How about the countries that want to stop degredation of planet's environment? Oval Office occupant told the 187 worried Kyoto-signature countries: he was just looking out –for his corporate benefactors with the fat check-books –told the world ‘get lost’ cuz it wasn't good for biz and he wasn't signing on –then blew ‘em off. So clever. Now we don’t got to bother with ‘em, only with melting ice caps, soaring gases, heating up oceans, stranded Polar bears, mutant frogs, disappearing fish, songbirds, plants and rare species and stuff…but hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding prolly no biggy….

Say, is it true: at the rate oil is being pulled out of the ground causing massive earthquakes....

How about the countries where they have our exports –you know, gar-bage on a bun for a buck, coffee stamped with a green circle, and all the rest –where the locals Can’t possibly provide food as good, loaded with trans-fats, toxins, high fructose sugar, stuff that makes it last –like cockroaches: if a bomb hits, manufactured American stuff will still survive. If US corporate geniuses could find a way to shove that stuff harder: they could get Asians to be as morbidly obese, loaded with as much lard and diabetes as us. Well, if GM can figure out how to turn a healthy, bicycle-ridding nation into a world-class polluting octopus for oil, the rest of our corporate CEOs will prolly find a way, just like First Pal convict Kenny-babe did for Enron.

So who does that leave, exactly –which country Doesn’t despise us?

To: Conservative –right-winger –extreme right-winger and “religious” supporter of this White House regime, Here’s a question: When, which week –what event will have to happen for you to Finally Get it?

Is “Guest” pass for 12 –15 million law-breakers to help his pals Finally enough for you to wise up? Has it dawned yet: the September 11 terrorists got into the country –on planes, in Business Class, not through the desert. But that isn't stopping the regime from now calling for NATIONAL ID cards....

If you owned a business selling used cars and your salesperson couldn’t sell any cars: would you fire the hump and get a new one? Oh, to have British form of government –calling for elections when they are displeased with government employees, no waiting.

How many more ice caps –hurricanes…trapped miners…stripped mountain tops…trees in nation’s parks…stolen water –how many more deaths in the desert…toxins dumped into waterways…soaring cancer –asthma –mass exodus of CIA agents...while President of Vice with his Halitosis and tap Root into Treasury –has to kill how many more in two More years for you to Get it….

It’s hard to be healthy when the chief salesman is bending every agency, government employee to abet corporate pals, spy on citizens, Plus use non-wealthy Americans for canon fodder to increase profits and protect oil....

Can you name even One thing he's done correctly/well or a country that still believes we are super?

The regime THE worst thing that ever happened to this country: We gotta Dump the Hump…or at least render him impotent –fire Every one of his cronies sucking up oxygen in Congress…so he can't shove any more damage through. It's him –or it's this country.... The election in November is our Last chance.

Mission Accomplished:
Price of Oil: from President Clinton $20. a barrel to now over $70.
US Debt: Over $7 Trillion

Military Funerals Attended of 2,500+ Americans: 0

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01 June 2006

~Best Money G...Can Buy --Update

HEY Right-wingers –If Marines went on murderous rampage, families, grandmothers, babies shot dead, each killed in bed…

Hey –Running Lardbutt –“religious” robber-barons, FOX “news” watcher-wingers –James Carville’s spouse, Ms. Annthrax Coldtart, Good Ol boys –ALL you Right-wingers: upset –at murderous Marines? Why?

When Oval Office occupant demanded we lob canon fodder Reservists and teens into faraway desert ravines –weren’t you all bouncy as new collard greens? He –Paid a liar $350,000 a Month, to hear what he wanted to hear in his ear by any means. When WMD inspectors hot on the trail of Nothing scenes –they yanked them by the jeans, to keep them from spilling the beans. But when he –“doctor” Condo –the Dick, the Wolf and the Perl couldn’t get reluctant French to assemble their machines –YOU Happily dumped their wine down latrines.

When Dicky Myers repeated all the “reasons” like some stinking comic’s routines –you just looked away, imitating giant Holsteins. President of Vice –aide to Halitosis, tap Root into US Treasury all like cozy sardines. –Thousands of prepped pages of after-war scenes, but on the way the Rummy again intervenes, so generals get orders to use them for sunscreens –you somehow surprised, at disappeared ancient museum figurines….

YOU merely watched as the Fired Army, National Guard and police reconvenes –while found stashes of weapons, rockets, armory guarded by NO means, and $62 Million crammed into TV propaganda demeans. When two wedding parties meet with carbines –Secretary of “Defense” no problem they were mashed to smithereens –you didn’t even notice, so busy off hating queens.

John O’Neal: brilliant FBI agent classy man of brains and of means, booted by FBI robotic management machines, but first he connected ALL the dots of wolverines, then off to head Tower Security on day of his death when it careens –you, ignorant indifferent buried in routines. NOW you’re surprised???

Occupant “accepted” “full responsibility” –Glug glug relief failures –means? Affect any different than just sucking down plate of pork and beans? When no-bid no-compete contracts funds cake in elegant canteens –who, Which leadership will pay for deaths by greens?

He got the job the first time on greasy pole swung by no—longer supreme court, which stopped the clock on counting ballots –then claimed there “wasn’t enough time to count ballots.” He got back in the second time by greased “vote” machines, cranked up with help from its Republican CEO and his vow to “help” the count. –Hence the title “occupant” –in case you were wondering. People are tortured, humiliated, abused –in prison, thrown in on no evidence, no charges, no witnesses, no rights, no notice, no trial dates. From “liberator” to occupier” –on memos asking “Why can’t people be forced to stand longer than the twelve hours I stand every day.” –Dogs to terrorize –yet “somehow” different than the terrorizer they replaced? Failure to supply supplies in time of war: an act of Treason? No???

“Chief” of the joints –charged with looking out for the military –did what? You were surprised he ran away to hide his head in “retirement”? WHAT did you Expect would happen: when chief terrorizer isn’t hauled up before Congress –court –tribunal –court Marshall –ANY authority to answer for his crimes? Hell, occupant, also not held in chains, defends him ad nausea. But: after five hours of search and destroy –on top of 32 MONTHS of ravaging: when the bills, AKA Death Compensation, went UP the chain who dares call it “mystery” or “unknown”? If you throw a pregnant grunt into the slammer –sole blame for torture, abuse without Order Givers joining her: WHAT did you Expect?

When you see ‘lecturer’ –in full military drag at the church podium and your reaction is applause: WHY did you expect the youth lobbed from such to be any ‘better’ than you? WHEN, which week –month do you wise up: they found out Which words you wanted to hear –to get your wallet un-locked, then crammed the words into occupant’s mouth –till you gave –gave –gave, till his cup ranith over with cash.

You got your “war” your military “might” –your Republican House, your Republican Senate, your country reeking of Republican-controlls. Controllers who changed bankruptcy, tax, injury claims, retirement, insurance, coal mines, logging, dumping, drug giveaway laws –to benefit THEM, so what did you Expect?

Neighbors ratted out their friends for the $70. US bucks US military handed out for “terrorists” –that now pack Gitmo. Now what? WHY are you upset –corporations' ads in Mexican newspapers –netted millions of illegals –WHY are you angry Now? THEY got all they wanted and much more –without a whimper out of YOU. What did You get? Jails, prisons packed full, the good-paying jobs lobbed overseas. YOU Got: the military -chain of command -Congress -Oval Office your money bought. So, No really, Now what?

Military Funerals Attended: 0
Oval Office "Approval": 26%

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