03 June 2006

~Pop Quiz: Who Doesn't Hate Us?

In case you’ve been on some other planet for six years: person squatting in White House Oval Office now has a Perfect record –Entire world despises us. No? Name ONE country that doesn’t have fear, loathing or contempt for us. Feel free to Post answer –just as soon as you can think of one.

England? It has been reported that Prime Minister Tony Blair talked to former President Clinton after the election and was told ‘thumbs up’: ‘Oh, yes –get together with him, ya, that’ll be good.’ Unfortunately: Blair listened. England was converted from no-lover of right-wingers into ‘coalition camp follower’ –and got dragged straight into Iraq. British soldiers: died, got captured, committed crimes –on specious evidence. Now stuck there. The only way Blair could get another term: promise he’d never run again afterwards. Yup, just roll’n in the Isles over us.

Spain? Their moderate leaders’ joining of march into Hell: netted massive bombing that slaughtered over 200 and injured many on their way to work. Endeared us to Spaniards? They couldn't change leadership fast enough, but it's done now.

Italy? Right-wing leader joined the parade into and now out of, with deaths, kidnappings, beheadings in between. Italians dumped him in recent election.

Japan? They don’t even trust the beef we ‘produce’ let alone the policies.

Russia? Putin’s eyeballs –haven’t exactly worked out. Neither has occupant’s “policies” –or President of Vice actually standing in Russia to deliver lectures –on ‘How to Run a “Democracy”’…we’re Such good lecturers –and lovers of democracy –and of spying, how else to explain the “patriot” act...such Good Ideas....

France? French smelled a rat when they looked at the Iraq 'evidence' and refused to hit the road –which got them? The “base” came through –real champs: Champagne, French wine dumped down the drain –yup, our heroes, proved they were Real men –on fruit of the grape; cheese boycott for extra zing, weenies on cameras told ‘em off real good.

Colombia? You're thinking –of the Billions we ship them every year, so surely they're wild for us? They're wild alright, about the TONS of toxins we dump on them, our clever way of 'eliminating' their drug problem.

Venezuela? Uh…American “religious” “leader” used his face time –to urge murder of their president, nice go’n…and really, the Bible is so useful for hate and murder and international policy...Yup, what better use of US intelligence agents, which would, Duh, solve our oil probs, with Grand Theft.... Heck they’re into Keystone Kops imitations and just kill’n time not shipping kidnapped people on private jets to places where they uh-eh “don’t” do torture, and hang'n at your local library, just checking on what you're checking out. –Heck why not send ‘em on down to do a bit of assassination. Anyway: sending heating oil TO poor people in THIS country was uhm, so rude? IF the squatter Wanted poor people to have inexpensive oil to heat their homes in winter, HE could have done it.

Afghanistan? So fond of Americans that when a US military truck crashed into parked cars and pedestrians their First Thought? Accident? –heck no, intentional –so they attacked the military. What does that say about liberating them –and the Rummy's PR on after-quake aide? Hey Rummy: WHY were the brakes shot? WHEN will promises –hospitals, roads, schools, infrastructure, stability, Be kept? Some way to support themselves??? Hey, Maybe you didn't notice: largest poppy crop ever got harvested...nice go'n, thanks. Great job creating jobs...is your plan: enough of their export is imported here nobody will notice your job performance?

Mexico? We do have a formal trade agreement with them, remember? Ya, they do too, US corporations are using it to pay $1. an hour wages, hire children and dump toxins into their water-ways. Ya, they’re wild about us down there. Especially the part where US businesses advertise in Mexican newspapers, and when Mexicans get into the country to apply for the listed job openings, “religious” ‘base’ wants them declared criminals, arrested and shipped back. –While the business owners plead ‘ignorance’ and Duh, no Idea how to call Social Security to verify anything, while they count their money and trash the middle class. Cute.

Saudi Arabia? Well, the ruling royals love our restaurants, stores, gold plumbing fixtures. –But the citizens with satellite dish, but no career, job or future –not so much.

Iraq? Even though The Rummy and ex Chief of Joints Dickey Myers got marching orders ON Inauguration Day –some two Years before invading, couldn’t get it in gear, so they went to “war” on the cheap –missing water, vests, hardened transport, night goggles, translators, working weapons, adequate bullets –maps, intelligence and troops –nevermind Actual EVIDENCE, True reasons or After-Invasion Plans. Well, shucks, they are all men, the species well-known for not wanting to ask directions. So annoying to them, Also missing: compliance with international treaties, Geneva Conventions, US law, Military Code of Conduct, ethics, respect for natives, electricity, in-country security, working pipeline, American media willing to look the other way, $9 BILLION bucks, rose petals, kisses and Truth.

China? Well, it doesn’t exactly Matter whether Chinese like us or not: we owe them sooo much money, cuz the occupant has spent Everything that was in the Treasury –plus given the rich so much money, if Chinese government reps don’t show up at our bond debt auctions any week –white knuckles appear, of people we never see. –They’re hiding in dark rooms, trying to control their Fear.

How about the countries that want to stop degredation of planet's environment? Oval Office occupant told the 187 worried Kyoto-signature countries: he was just looking out –for his corporate benefactors with the fat check-books –told the world ‘get lost’ cuz it wasn't good for biz and he wasn't signing on –then blew ‘em off. So clever. Now we don’t got to bother with ‘em, only with melting ice caps, soaring gases, heating up oceans, stranded Polar bears, mutant frogs, disappearing fish, songbirds, plants and rare species and stuff…but hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding prolly no biggy….

Say, is it true: at the rate oil is being pulled out of the ground causing massive earthquakes....

How about the countries where they have our exports –you know, gar-bage on a bun for a buck, coffee stamped with a green circle, and all the rest –where the locals Can’t possibly provide food as good, loaded with trans-fats, toxins, high fructose sugar, stuff that makes it last –like cockroaches: if a bomb hits, manufactured American stuff will still survive. If US corporate geniuses could find a way to shove that stuff harder: they could get Asians to be as morbidly obese, loaded with as much lard and diabetes as us. Well, if GM can figure out how to turn a healthy, bicycle-ridding nation into a world-class polluting octopus for oil, the rest of our corporate CEOs will prolly find a way, just like First Pal convict Kenny-babe did for Enron.

So who does that leave, exactly –which country Doesn’t despise us?

To: Conservative –right-winger –extreme right-winger and “religious” supporter of this White House regime, Here’s a question: When, which week –what event will have to happen for you to Finally Get it?

Is “Guest” pass for 12 –15 million law-breakers to help his pals Finally enough for you to wise up? Has it dawned yet: the September 11 terrorists got into the country –on planes, in Business Class, not through the desert. But that isn't stopping the regime from now calling for NATIONAL ID cards....

If you owned a business selling used cars and your salesperson couldn’t sell any cars: would you fire the hump and get a new one? Oh, to have British form of government –calling for elections when they are displeased with government employees, no waiting.

How many more ice caps –hurricanes…trapped miners…stripped mountain tops…trees in nation’s parks…stolen water –how many more deaths in the desert…toxins dumped into waterways…soaring cancer –asthma –mass exodus of CIA agents...while President of Vice with his Halitosis and tap Root into Treasury –has to kill how many more in two More years for you to Get it….

It’s hard to be healthy when the chief salesman is bending every agency, government employee to abet corporate pals, spy on citizens, Plus use non-wealthy Americans for canon fodder to increase profits and protect oil....

Can you name even One thing he's done correctly/well or a country that still believes we are super?

The regime THE worst thing that ever happened to this country: We gotta Dump the Hump…or at least render him impotent –fire Every one of his cronies sucking up oxygen in Congress…so he can't shove any more damage through. It's him –or it's this country.... The election in November is our Last chance.

Mission Accomplished:
Price of Oil: from President Clinton $20. a barrel to now over $70.
US Debt: Over $7 Trillion

Military Funerals Attended of 2,500+ Americans: 0

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