13 June 2006

Stock Market: Which Way?

Did you watch the stock market climb past several weeks –Hoped it would keep going up? –So you invested in the New York Stock Exchange, So you could make ‘tons’? Ahhh, the Perfect investor –for insiders.

How is your stock portfolio doing now? Upset, worried –fearful, what’s going to happen? If you, typical investor, invested in the stock market, hoping to make quick money: You watched the ‘market’ go up –you saw: Dow Jones Industrial average of 30 stocks go up. You thought it was a sign to ‘get on board.’ Once invested: you hoped it would keep on keeping on. Then WHOOSH: down it came. You’re angry; worried, what to do now…with important money, fearful it will go down under what you put in: you sell. You didn’t make any money in the stock market? Why not? You entered the market with four things: Hope, Greed, Fear, No memory.

Dow Jones, thirty stocks used as 'come on' AKA: advertising, recently hit approximately: 11,600. So what? What was the highest closing price of past few years (which was also the highest close ever)? If you Aren’t typical investor: you know it was 11,700+. When the market climbed but failed to reach that level and go beyond it: signal –a giant signal that insiders were distributing their stock, to typical investors, to attract attention. Rising price: attracted typical investors. –They were forcing prices Up: so they could ‘clean up their books’ and go short. That is: they borrowed stock at the top, 11,600. and will close their short positions at the ‘bottom’ –whatever amount they decide/when there is no more money to made/when pessimism is gone. Then: insiders will acquire same stock, but at much cheaper price –“discounted”—and do it all again.

You would know all this IF you functioned with Memory. But, typical stock market investor, you don’t. So you: buy High, sell Low. Insiders adore you. You trade the stock market with: Greed, Fear. The Dance goes on –every day, every hour the stock market is open. Why –why doesn’t government agency that looks out for investors and oversees the stock market, the Securities & Exchange Commission, SEC, protect you? Hah! It’s one of the Best stories of the last century.

SEC does what it does: thanks to Joseph P. Kennedy, father of President John F. Kennedy. Highlights: President Franklin Roosevelt needed a favor, a Major favor, and asked former Ambassador Kennedy for help. Price of the favor: Kennedy wanted to be the first head of the new SEC agency authorized by Congress after the Stock Market Crash of 1929, formed to protect investors, so that such a crash could never happen again. Done and Done. Kennedy essentially, literally: gutted every provision that would have changed how insiders –and investors trade the stock market. You don’t do any Real homework; screwed, every time.

What current White House administration has done to financial situation of this country: is so dire it is possible that we may one day look at 1929 Stock Market Crash with longing, for Good ol’ Days, if US goes bankrupt, other countries stop buying our debt. It will be difficult if not Impossible to be disease-free and able to withstand what this author fears is coming. They are following orders? If you are a member of Republican Party: your Party has been hijacked; if you’re a right-winger: ideals of the Party crushed. –Largest federal agency in the history of the world, “Homeland” “Security” –on the largest deficit ever known, nearly $7 TRILLION. General Motors and Wal-Mart are in a position to bring the US down Permanently. In case you’re wondering: this author spent a lot time researching, figuring out the stock market; then day-traded the market for two years.

No community should permit another Wal-Mart. Believe it.
If you can’t/won’t do homework necessary and become knowledgeable investor, with memory instead of greed and fear then: put 35% of every dollar you get into savings.
–Roth account, some form of pension account –something safe, steady, secure.
-If you’re going to put part of pension savings into stocks: buy low, a few each month; expect to hold for years –any mistakes will be corrected, with time.
-IF you Don’t save at least 35%: how much money do you NEED now, to live each month? Think: you’ll need that amount when you’re too tired/too ill to move –but without job or income.
-NO tech toy, no new hat, no car, no weekly restaurant meal is worth trading your future. Believe it.
Start saving –this week –the insiders already have.
-Take the 35 to 37% off First dollar/pay yourself First, just like the Japanese.
Figure out how much you can send to get out of plastic debt hell.
–It’s NOT a “credit” card; it’s being a servant to insiders. Don’t play Their game.
Do NOT permit your child, any you know: to get into plastic card debt; especially not while still in school
If they/you can not pay the amount of a purchase by the end of the month/by the time the bill arrives: DO NOT PURCHASE

If you think YOU can’t be broke and homeless: have a chat with one of the 660,000 in foreclosure now, some after only one year’s worth of mortgage payments, some after only two months; anyone from Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Iowa, Mississippi, Maine…or New York, after September 2001….

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