11 June 2006

~White House Shames Americans

Three people held for over three years by White House administration each made a noose in their solitary cell and hung themselves...Three Suicides: White House administration has brought shame on themselves and on Americans. Holding people on No evidence, No trial, No way out: Ain't the AMERICAN way. We have been shamed by this administration. We MUST Protest.

Anyone who does NOT Protest what the White House & Co is doing in GITMO: is NO Better than those who watched the trains go by and ignored the stench, circa germany 1940.

White House & Co., if you don't remember, sent a bag containing $70 million in cash and orders to "find terrorists" to US military in Afghanistan shortly after invasion. According to reports at the time: Army personnel went door to door asking if anyone knew any terrorists and offering reward of $70. US for any turned in. Afghanistans, cold, hungry, tired, broke and unemployed: "found" terrorists for the Americans --and got enough money to live for a year. Some turned in neighbors, some pointed to strangers passing in the street.

These: blind-folded -head-covered, shown off to reporters--violating international law--"the most dangerous "terrorists" on the planet." Proof? Then flown to a corner of Cuba that is neither on US soil nor any other country's, but: under control of Donald Rumsfeld, President of Vice, "doctor" Condo and Oval Office occupant. Imprisoned, held in solitary confinement, under made-up category that does not allow for trial under US courts, military tribunal, their own country's system --nor any court system, thought up by: Secretary of "Defense" Donald Rumsfeld. They were interrogated in ways illegal by international law, Geneva Conventions and so repugnant: FBI agents refused to participate in illegal acts they witnessed --ALL done on say-so, "executive" order of White House administration.

Head of the prison is trying to spin deaths of prisoners: as though he and White House are 'protecting' us. We're supposed believe SPIN about suicide??? FBI agents wrote reports to their superior officers that they would NOT participate in examining prisoners.

If the GITMO prisoners are NOT allowed to go into any court to make a defense for their innocence: How LONG do they remain in prison? Until this administration leaves --until the end of time --until Every one committs suicide?

One "terrorist": once drove a car with Osma bin Forgotten in it. PROOF the driver committed even one act of terrorism? This is the "democracy" for which Americans are dying to 'bring' to Iraq?

Initially over 600 people were labeled "terrorist" and held prisoner: in No-Man's land without rights, evidence, witnesses, visitors, Geneva Conventions, lawyers, trial dates or dignity. Hell, people Actually proven to rape and murder children get better treatment.

How long could YOU be held under such conditions until you became a "terrorist"?

If a member of YOUR family was arrested: would you fiercely contend that they were to be Presumed innocent --unless a recognized process declared otherwise? WHY aren't GITMO prisoners owed the same?

Leaders of other countries have protested and demanded return of their citizens. White House has released over 150 people. Why? They claim: GITMO prisoners are the most dangerous people on earth, so why let ANY go --IF they have the Proof? IF they Have PROOF: why aren't they presenting it in a court? Prime Minister Tony Blair of England has criticized White House administration and called for prison to be shut down.

Making "appointments" for Red Cross to enter GITMO: EXACTLY what nazis did in the death camps. IF their statements can be believed: approximately 465 non-Americans remain in No-Country's prison. Three of them killed themselves rather than go on. Several are on hunger-strike, being tied down, force-fed through tubes inserted in the nose. THIS IS SHAMEFUL. The White House that had them arrested, held, refused them legal due process: has brought shame on Americans --ALL of us.

White House administration is spying on Americans' phone calls, e-mails WITHOUT any court's orders, in direct Violation of Constitution, and has allowed Millions of illegals to enter the country and work low-wage jobs once held by Americans. PROOF White House administration Doesn't give a Damn about “Democracy” --Ignorant, non-English speaking population is weak and the more of them: the better for THEM and their corporate pals. These people Respect NOBODY and NO Laws.

If you Don't Protest, demand shut-down of that Stench: Don't cry, don't look for sympathy when they come for YOU. Do NOT whine if this country is attacked --again.

What the White House administration is doing in Cuba : PUTRID DIZGGUSTING

GITMO Prison: PROVES White House administration ILLEGAL, Immoral, Doesn’t give a Damn about laws, rights or “Democracy” and it MUST be STOPPED.
Demand: White House & Co OBEY international laws. If you DON'T write they WILL assume you don't care.
You can find e-mail address to administration at: firstgov.gov
You will also see links to: Donald Rumsfeld, Department of Defense
Don't be stupid: don't threaten injury, don't use obscene language

NOT The Only Suicides at GITMO:

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