05 September 2008

Cancer: "Cure" Fund Raiser

Tonight the mega-corporations that quash news --drip emotion all over irrelevant stuff thrown up during "news" --fail to examine, investigate, even report the NEWS that actually matters --to you/your life, the country: decided to throw a bash --give up some of your airwaves/their cash-cow time to: hold a 'bake' sale --to raise cash --for cancer.

A bunch of doctors --want the cash, who wouldn't. What will they Do with Cash they get from the 'gimme more' marathon? Invent cures? Nope. If they did that: they would have to find a new way to earn a living. Yuk on that.

Did you participate? --Imagine a "cure" in your lifetime?

THINK --about the Billions "American Cancer Society" et al, have hauled in --over multi-decades. What have they done with the dough?

Actual Cancer "cure"?
Stop using Man-made personal care products. ~TaDa.
--No perfume -cologne -after-shave, nothing that has scent;
-no "propyl glycol" --body way wasn't designed to tolerate petroleum
-If it slathers, moisturizes, "creams" any part of the body: it's Worthless --to you, but
very good for the doc/hospital/pharm --medical biz.
Don't think so? Humans are humans...Ask yourself: why doesn't Africa --Europe --South America have the SAME cancer rates as the US?

The only thing the multi-network "fund"-raiser will cure: the heaviness of your wallet.

Your choice.