27 July 2006

Cheap Gas + Soy Beans + FBI = "Terrorists"???

Remember the fairytales --about the bad guys about to send "mushroom cloud" over your head --expose little children to destruction, death on American soil --if we didn't stop them? --Lots, you(?) voted "For" the guys who told fairytale 'news' and promised protection. Well, the whacky-doodles are back: with a Brand New story for ya, cuz like it worked before, and gosh, there's another election a'comin, dontcha know, and don't You want Protection?

Set in the land where oil, gas --lots of it, comes out of the ground cheap --world's lowest price. But it's controlled by people who don't much care for the whacky-doodles. The Doodles don't like it when people don't like them...so they went next door: rang the money bell door and said: 'let us in and we will pay you, keep us out --we will cut off your income and make trouble. Lo and Behold: the little neighbors let the Big Bad Wolf and all their trainees in, and Behold money poured in along with Army, Navy, Marine trainees and 'How To' manuals.

But to "fight" those "terrorists" and win the Doodles will need some things: more money --and more silence from Congress; more bullets, more guns, more spies, more help from local police to control locals; more of their water, more control of their minds --and yours, but fewer laws and fewer people snooping --and those manuals. --'How to get dirt poor farmers off the dirt; how to enrich soy producers; how to control crowds; how to place bullets for maximum effect'...to convince others --there 'certainly' is Hezbollah Terrorists --in them thar hills of Paraguay....

You're wondering: what about the last 'Really bad guy --terrorists, Osama bin Forgotten & Co'? Well, it's not polite or patriotic to ask, President of Vice will tell you...they looked, they can't find him, quit asking --if they get to keep control of Congress they prolly Could/Will/Maybe/FerSure find him...five years isn't that long to hunt....

So: Wanna see the Doodles of DC fight new "terrorists" --in a tiny defenseless country --so the Doodles can get you more cheap oil, more cheap gas --seized from the big country next door? Well Don't start hoping --yet, they haven't made any promises. --But with your silence --focus on working, paying bills and not watching the Doodle Party, they just might maybe could --see If they could get control of the oil and the gas next door, and fight those bad guys --that Must be in those hills.

Well, if they win this New Important "fight" --they aren't sure, yet, what the price will be.... Wanna help? Care to make a contribution to their cause? Well the Whacky-Doodles could use your --vote, in November --and some donations to the Party --to keep those new bad guys out --of tiny, big and this country --they are just Sure, have moved to South America.... Or --you Could remember the saying: Fool me once --shame on me; Fool me twice --go to Hell.
Get the Hell out of Paraguay.

This information first published in: The Nation


-Before buying Soy -beans -milk -ice cream: find out where the soybeans came from; too hard to do: only buy local-grown, made products produced within 50 miles of your home, supporting local farmers. If the wealthy soybean growers in Paraguay have less international market: maybe they will stop stabbing, shooting, burning native farmers to get their land and stop burning old forests to clear more land for soybeans.

-Write to your Senator, your House Rep: demand hearing --on FBI and US military activity in Paraguay;
on exactly what the Pentagon is doing, why massive money and troops shifted there. --"Surprise" attack on Venezuela --just before election?

-Register to vote --this week

-Contact your local Registrar of Voters: demand electronic "vote" machines be removed,

replaced with Ink Dot or with Paper ballots

-Since it's wicked hot --New England - New York, all across country, Pacific Northwest - California, thought this new view would be 'cooler' to look at; what do you think?
-Big Thanks to Phydeaux, for making it bug-free.
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18 July 2006

Hey Religious, Right-wingers, Rednecks: Plan?

Majority of voters: picked Democrat the first time. You? You picked the guy ‘most wanted to have a beer with.’ Your guy: lost. –L-O-S-T the election, so he ran to court to get himself selected –he didn’t mind Those “activist judges.”

Second time: You voted for Beer-buddy again. –But in case not enough of you: his pals hired ex and retired agents, with badges, who fanned out to Ohio counties and eleven other states, while a check for $29 million bucks sailed off to offshore bank –for them. The ex agents kicked out poll workers and, thanks to Diebold CEO, “counted” wherever there were Diebold “election” machines. Results: even where majority Democrat your guy “got” 80%. But their paychecks never arrived (how stupid was that), so angry ex agents went blabbing all over DC. Your reps, Lots of people in DC know all about it, but don't wait on any hearings.

Real results? Finest scientific pollsters in the world hired to do exit polls Proved –majority –in All states, voted for the Democratic candidate. Not elected: first or second time. Ya, All of us stuck with him, but YOU actually voted for him, so tell us: what is The Plan?

Over 55 million working-class, singles, middle-class families –plus 35,000 GM workers who just got “retired”: NO medical insurance. –Too bad –cuz you got yours? Okey dokey, no plans to get cancer –any disease? You eat correctly –got no gut –no reason to worry about stroke, heart attack? –Don’t know The Dick so no risk catching buckshot or Bird Flu? So if you, your family gets in a car crash –ambulance can’t take you to nearest hospital –cuz it went bankrupt and closed –and so did the farthest hospital, after treating people who had no insurance –where will you be going?

The Plan for covering all Americans with low-cost medical insurance?

North Korea doesn’t like your pal much –dislikes him so much he put missiles on launch pads –aimed at Japan, China and guess what, US West Coast and fired off eight. What now? Well, gosh your pal doesn’t know, cuz: your pal hired his pal to run the agency that should know, but his pal did the job so poorly Lots of people quit. –Plus nobody thought to hire any agents who speak Korean, silly us, so we’re deaf and dumb about North Korea. So? North Korea Told your pal the Answer –but Good Ol’ boy –too busy –too scared to listen? We aren’t that comfortable with rockets pointed at us –first time EVER, but No Face to Face talk. More Missiles –sitting ready to launch –Loaded with nuclear warheads?

So What now? –The Plan to deal with North Korea?

He had Plenty to say –to New York firefighters, orphans, widows, parents and world and we know he’s been busy but: what exactly happened to –Osma Plan? –Remember –Osma bin Forgotten? –The guy your guy claims pulled off First/Only attack on the country? He did have time to arrange for 182 Saudis to be picked up all over the country –flown out September 13, only plane allowed to fly –without even one interrogated by FBI. But: WHERE is that guy?

Osama? –Followers? Hatred that caused attack –dozens more since? Ring any bells/alarms? The Osama Plan?

We get that he’s busy, what with all the trips –Camp David chilling –Crawford clearing brush –around the country picking up money –plus choosing pals, qualified or not, for jobs. But Number One beer buddy made promises to Afghanistan. Hospitals –schools –bridges –hell, a City Hall, roads? Well, Afghans are industrious people –when they saw not happening, didn’t even have food or houses they went to work. –Planted Largest poppy crop in history; should bring in nice piece of change when the world buys the opium they made out of it. But: If there’s another earthquake or Taliban comes back –oops, Taliban already back, controls two entire regions –beating women, again, if not covered or try to go to school…. So we’re gonna do what about their infrastructure? –Drug dealing? Violation of human rights? Democracy?

–The check is the mail or what? The Plan for Afghanistan?

We admit tricky keeping up: WMD, then “grey cloud” –‘nasty guy’ –“yellow cake” –dictator –‘nasty dictator could attack a neighbor’ –then “tubes” –that “couldn’t be for any other purpose but our destruction” –gosh how embarrassing: just tubes. Oh well. –Next: to liberate the people –then “to bring democracy.” –Whew, but Best Bud: chose a guy to run everything who didn’t have much military experience, not battle –war –strategy –combat –training or efficiency experience, none actually, but he could stand for 12 hours so why couldn’t prisoners bagged on no evidence do the same, he wrote. Yup, but: hasn’t worked out too well in Iraq, now that we have “liberated” Iraqis. Some got liberated –right into the same prison “really bad guy” liberated them and then US military tortured them; some got their front door kicked in; some raped; some got dead. Others getting US army training: why is it ‘taking’ three years, four months to do what Army does in twelve weeks in the US?

Ex Chief of Joints –Dickey Meyers had experience, but too busy telling Secretary of “Defense” what he wanted to hear? –No time to round up enough water –goggles –food –bullets –vests –working weapons –or even maps, intel or translators??? Sheesh...he way did know there would be bombs –so why flimsy transport? Maybe the 28,900+ who came home without legs, arms, hands, eyes, feet won’t be too upset with him, but he took off, “retired” fast, but we still know.... Wudda been nice though, if he cudda stopped nuzzling Secretary's ear long enough to read all/any of those Prepared Papers –‘How to Handle the Peace’ that Secretary o’ “Defense” Ordered generals NOT to read….

Country with 5,000 years of history –brains, education, sophistication to “build WMD” “needs” outside contractor to re-build what they built in the first place, in Their own country? WHY did President of Vice hire his former employer for that –on No Bid, No Compete contract, violating federal law? The Plan: the feds don't have to obey federal laws?

If the “contractor” is so good: Why isn’t anybody lined up along the borders –stopping weapons, money, suicide bombers from entering? If the “contractor” is so unique, so special: Isn't $100. for each pound of military laundry high, considering they didn't wash anything? They billed for hot, but delivered cold food Why? US Military actually needs five kinds of cake? All that how they cleared $11 billion bucks out of US Treasury?

How did $9 Billion get “disappeared” out of Iraq? Your Best Bud: hasn't put nickel one into building, repairing US schools, so why is he spending our tax money to build schools in Iraq? Iraqis can't figure out how to build schools?

Any Plan –for Secretary of “Defense” –to get on his knees –beg forgiveness for incompetence? –Arrogance? –Kidnapping –on no evidence, shipping to countries that don’t got a prob with torture? How about for disgracing Americans? –Trying to slash VA benefits –while troops in the middle of invading Iraq? –Ignoring international treaties, US law –decency? How about: he apologizes to Americans for shaming us? Oh, well maybe the 50,000+ returning without ability to cope, function won’t mind?

If an Iraqi mother gets dead –Is she less dead if US military killed her instead of ex dictator? –News to US military: Plenty don't like oil-hungry country occupying their country Plan?

The “kisses and rose petals” thing hasn’t worked out too well. –Electricity –security –peace –clean water –democracy for Iraq when? –“Family values” –on US military –When? The mysterious Iraq Plan ends when?

By the time last President left town: over $300 Billion in our bank. Your guy ripped through that in less than a year and spent so much more the debt is $7.8 TRILLION, biggest of any country in history. If he keeps it up for his last two years: you plan on still calling him “conservative”? Just exactly How Much: will be enough for your good pal and his pals?

Begging countries to loan us money: If China and Japan stop coming to our weekly debt auctions, who do we borrow from? How do we keep on paying the bills? Any body thinking of slashing Pentagon's budget to something normal/reasonable/other than 400 times the size of any other country?

The Plan for getting out of giant debt hole?

Your choice hasn’t gotten around to choosing ambassador for Syria –Lebanon; we also don’t got a way to talk to Iran –they don’t like us much, either. So no go talking to a slew of rocket-firing unhappy campers. –Kidnappers, armed with rockets, vowing to wipe out an ally –a country of six million, now fighting on two fronts, facing some 60 million who hate them.

Middle East: about to Explode –into Major War. The Plan to stop the fighting, get peace?

Your religious choice claims he’s for “family” values –so promising, so promising to give Africa $15 billion to fight AIDs: cool? –Shipping just $1 Billion –to one religion’s charity –which is distributing
“Just Say No to Sex” brochures –and condoms: not that cool. Plus: it like doesn’t do that much for the children –with AIDs, without parents. Condoms don’t cure as well. Or The Plan: hundreds of thousands of orphans will get “family values” and die before they can use the condoms? Well: What IS The African AIDs Plan? The other $14 billion?

Planet heating up faster than even ten-year old predictions. –Polar bears not reproducing, can’t find hard-pack ice or food. Asthma: soaring from pollutants –ice caps melting, disappearing. You and your family don’t mind –113 degrees in Arizona AND in Los Angeles –two months early; Mile High City Denver, New England –makes quite a change; North Dakotans a bit confused; but no problemo on Mid-West, Texas drought?

They cudda used some of the water that reached 96 feet on the east coast during worst flood in five decades. Any Plan to cool things off? –stop the pollutants? –Or the 38,000 leases written before the “election,” handed out following morning? Well maybe the oily boys won’t steal All the water of the residents this time. But: Any thing left in the budget for earthquakes –tornadoes –hurricanes –droughts –flooding –infrastructure repair? One HELL of a job ol' Gail is doing, on our parks, waterways, wetlands, mines, forests. Well maybe this will be the First year NONE of those happen?

If we ask nicely: can we get some of their stored oxygen, clean water, cold air? –Surely they’ve got extra –along with safe spot, in case whatever The Plan A is for nuclear bombs fails….

Your man in DC: doesn’t mind when pals place “Help Wanted” ads –in Mexican newspapers –he’s cool with Mexicans and with helping pals make more money. But the country does seem a tad crowded –with all those who don’t speak English, keen to work for low wages. They do walk quickly though, after a car crash; that cross-registration stuff hard to explain. But considering that Congress just got their Sixth raise in SIX years—$18,000 all together—they can’t get it up –to raise Minimum Wage fifth year in a row??? You don’t got a problem with that?

So what’s The Deal –we are supposed to just keep head down, mouth shut, take leftover job illegals don’t want, at low pay, whatever job hasn't been shipped out of the country, is The Plan?

OK, so How long does No Raise Minimum Wage Plan last? How long till “business can afford” to stop lining their pockets, avoid pension and medical insurance benefits? –Just a hint will do, so everybody else can like make plans, get a loan, take a third job, whatever.

You picked two oil men –so the oily boys are happy, Love their pensions –and you’re cool with price of gas, right? Well for the record: the rest of us Way Not that happy getting slapped around –with “addict” label and grocery-sucking price.

Do Share: Gas Price Plan? –Our Christmas “present” this year: oil at $100. bucks a barrel –gas at $4. –$4.50 a gallon? Do we have the right to refuse service on that Plan? Let us know, cuz if that’s where you/they are headed: we’re gonna have to start stocking food Now –or finding passage to South America.

ETA when pristine parts of Alaska get ripped? Will that be coordinated with when gas hits $4.50 so we will HAVE to search –like for “national security” or: rip Alaska to save us from “terrorists”? Which Plan will they go for?

Interfering with brain-dead women –fiddling with the flag –mid-night spending raids on projects, into next three generations...Packing courts with right-wingers –welfare for drug-makers, credit card banks, insurance pals –$1 million bucks a day interest on debt –ignoring port security –trying to sell ports...shoe-checks on grandparents –hate disguised as “family values” to cheat some out of rights –spying on bank accounts, phone calls, e-mail without court supervision...spy agencies in worse shape than pre 9-11 without adding budget, agents or translators –deleting Americans' Constitution rights. We get it these are Important for your dear pal & co. But since you chose them and they aren’t for governing for all, or even telling us, non-owners of corporations, could you, the religious –the right-wingers –the lovers of incompetence like tell us: WHAT THE HELL IS THE PLAN?

-We need a Democrat –a brains, guts, honest, smarts Franklin Roosevelt Democrat in the White House, slew in The House and the Senate –to repair the damage, restore dignity; other countries believe what we say –stand for things that Matter. Current Oval Office occupant: name a Single Thing he's done that you are not ashamed of? Beatings, false imprisonment, withholding of evidence, spying on citizens, throwing a pregnant grunt into prison, but not officers –using a religion to meet financial goals: way Does NOT count.

-We need EVERY damn electronic “voting” machine removed from EVERY precinct in the US. That trash not removed –Before election day: no reason to vote.

-Get the book: “Take It Back” by James Carville. Link above left, library or borrow from a friend. After you’ve read it: go to work.

This country is on a precipice. We can put the country back on a budget –get out of debt –slash the bloated government –join rest of the world to stop pollution and warming destruction. Religion is a private thing –must be Kept private –in houses of worship –NOT single/One religion dragged into governing for ALL. We CAN restore our quality of life; our reputation.

We CAN’T have a “drug” agency shoveling toxins, chemical laden water, food –protecting corporations. We CAN’T have incompetent departments, agencies, House of Representatives, Senate, Oval Office management.

Healthy restorative quality of life? We can Not afford division –deceit –politics –policies –politicians that harm. We are NOT going to have 1% wealthy –99% groveling. If his mother rescued from attic, dropped into hall: left there –without water, food, bathroom facilities SEVEN days? –HER home, town still in shambles eleven months after?

The Reptile can go to Los Angeles, Every hall in the country where Hispanics are gathered and Beg for new members. He can slither into Deep South, apologize for sending his toadies to disrespect black people, tossing ballots in the trash –beg them to join his Party. But get a Clue: They/You HAD turn –beatings, destruction, deaths, bungling, violations: O-V-E-R. We have way more Proof than we need: We CAN NOT HAVE REPUBLICANS in charge ANY MORE. THAT Is The Plan. GET on Board or Get the Hell out of the way.

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14 July 2006

Answer: The Dick, The Reptile, The Go-Cart.

Question: Name three things that went wee wee wee all the way to reporters...till BOOM –ran smack into blizzard of paper that will catapult into a courtroom.... Plaintives can't loose, one way or another....

Has White House administration already picked out a Christmas present for The Go-Cart –not a pudding, but a big fat Pardon? If true that would be hideous –and glorious...cuz if the Go-Cart gets Pardoned: that would mean whomever is hiding under the rocks would get a Giant Spotlight...Somebody would HAVE to slither out/get tagged for blabbing to blabby reporter Novak, et al.... All of it would be fun to watch, if it weren't for the bombs, bullets, bodies, explosions, hate soaring all over the world....

What Did we do to get such as him inflicted on once-decent country? For his avarice, incompetence, arrogance; failure to advocate for ALL Americans, including non-owners of corporations; lead, govern, tell the truth, or have even a single good idea for anything: May historians give him Every thing he has coming. May we all live long enough to see it....

-Take a News Break: leave off knowing what's happening with Israel, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, Iran, India; deficit, gas price –at least for 24 hours; it will still be going on when you return, but refreshed, less intense
-Find something beautiful to look at: a tree, a bird, moving water; go into a flower shop, inhale deeply, exit with a least one fragrant flower
-If you're not near a museum: pop into library, check-out a book on great art or castles or gardens
-Lie down on grass, arms out, watch clouds –until crick in your neck is gone, shoulders relax
-Move more; eat lightly, well, at home; enjoy all those summer fruits –you'll miss them in winter
-Buy extra berries: spread out on pie pan or plate, put into freezer; when frozen: put into leftover glass jar with lid (i.e., jar from pickle or peanut butter), return to freezer; savor in winter

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10 July 2006

Small Penis? Cure: Vote for a Republican?

Not likely to free willy –pull a Fully Monty at, say the exclusive private club in Northern California where the wealthy boys run free? –Don't want neighbors, pals, co-workers to know about teeny weenie? Not to worry: you can still Feel like a hunk –ever so manly, by voting for a Republican –any Republican.

If you put it out there –Republicans will reward you. They will see it –that you get some jollies out of a war, or rather: watching others get off –to war. You can get a vicarious thrill –out of the blood, guts, glory, hand-to-hand combat. –Heck, if you scoot fast enough: you can watch videos, in your own home –on the evening news. You can Feel like one of the Big Boys –every night. Republican members always put it on the line; members put their membership up –for combat –with somebody, somewhere. You can count on them, to hook you up. That's how they get some, on the side, for campaigns. With the back, forth, back, forth with others –not a problem, it's easy to get up for the hard battle –puffing it up is good business –and good for business, for pals.

Maybe once picked-on weaklings –but now: wimp, limp no more, multi-deferred Bully Boys look out for their pals –they'll look out for you, maybe even in distant lands.

Course, you won't be able to do other things, but a member –sliding in with the Big Boys, will get you in on the down low –to contribute –to Big Boys club pension, you know $400 million-buck pensions aren't just lying around, has to be sucked –from somebody.

So what if you can't pull it off –low cost medical insurance? Well, what is the problem –a $65 Billion Lay? –Delay in ejaculating plans on Indian tribes, homosexuals, lobbyists, Democrats? Heck no, whatever keeps it flowing, not hot air, but rock hard easy with Republican members –strutting their stuff –out and about getting it on –in full power, they can always get it up –when it's Party time.

Plus you can feel good there's no shyness –getting it out there –how they feel about homosexuals. Heck, sometimes they get head –of any religion, to do it –for them. They got no problem either –how else do you picture they can bend all those bottoms over all those barrels –to pick at the pockets of the ignorant in all those mega churches.

The Big Boys are a serious lot –oh, they'll dick around occasionally –with colors, to add to the pot, but never blue, cheerfully looking for new members.

–Kiddie porn –pedophiles –instead of terrorists? Hell no, they stay on the hunt, where the Really big money is, and anyway it's no fun, when you already know where to hunt –which church has the molesters. If they made war on pornography instead of on terrorists, pals wouldn't be able to sock it to them –cut off the top –they pull in, daily, to share with good buddies. So don't worry, be happy –nothing really bad will happen, the Big Boys packed –courts all over the US are loaded with Good Ol' boys, who know: boys just want to have fun. Plus everybody knows: kids can't vote.

Limp? Flaccid? Stuff happens, but when it does: you can show your patriotism and help the cause –just whip it out –get that credit card going on some good ol' USA porn. The Party will appreciate your contribution. Let the good times roll.

Wiener deflated –more like burger patty? Join the Party and Run with the Big Boys –maybe try to grab one –a seat for yourself. Really show: you can send up rockets with the best of them, even if a few fizzle in space or bleed Treasury dry. Only little people will quibble about the size –of the hole it blows, in the deficit.

After a member joins: if you're good, very good, at swinging, you might get an invitation to hit on some balls –swinging in expensive places around the world, on other people's tab. But what are a few balls, between friends, who is going to check out size –when there's opportunity to peep private e-mails –bank records –phone call transcripts –able to look down –on little ones, who don't get the member thing. –Members Must protect their interests, and the Boys in the Republican hood have Lots of interests....

If you extend yourself –really put it out there, you might even get invited to get into tall grass –with the major Dick –knock back some booze and get off some –cocks –bulls, Big Boy heads aren't picky, they love to squeeze off a few, to relieve the tension, when things get tight.

So don't hold back, screw size, just put it out there. If you want to cop that deep male feeling –show everybody you're All Male –run with the pack. –Big Boy Republicans, they don't know the meaning of the word “no” –they're bottoms up, all the time, and they'll have you coming –back, for ever more....

–For proving you don't have a teeny weenie?
As Biggest Boy works it –roams the globe doing eyeball exams –so he's never around for military funerals: Put it out there –no, not just letters to the Good Ol’ Boys in the House, haul it –to the border; jump on those bricks, build on the great wall –Prove you're all male –on those stiffs –working for Minimum Wage.

–For those dressed in black who went door to door to pull women, children, fathers out of their homes over the week-end –murdered for being part of “wrong” Iraqi sect?
Well you could get your ‘male’ on by: bitching about the press –for reporting 41 murdered, 24+ who somehow got to hospitals, the dozens who got blown up in car bombs –but not reporting on the good stuff. –You'd look like a real hero, to the ‘Big’ Boys –joining you warming benches, and asses, in nooks and crannies at home.

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05 July 2006

Lay –Delay –Betray?

Think those people get away with everything –don’t have to pay? Ken Lay, convict –First Pal of Oval Office occupant: got dead last night.

Lay and his thugs, among many acts: shut off the electrical grid –until Californians agreed to pay astronomical amount far in excess of prevailing rate. –Then magically: ‘urgent’ maintenance ended, electricity back on. Employees of First Pal Lay, who loaned his jet to the occupant, so he could hop around the country to pick up more money –laughed about elderly adults, surgeons, business owners, families, students –in the dark, frantic. –People had to fork over hundreds of dollars –every week, just to keep lights, fridge on.

The governor of California didn’t think it was so funny. He filed suit against Lay and Enron with evidence of what they had done. Scared that he would loose, Lay and three others: cut a deal with a 3rd rate actor –to put him in the governor’s office. After the actor slid behind the desk of the governor's office: he “agreed” to accept $.05 for every dollar Lay and Enron thugs got from shutting off the electricity, promptly signed. Agreement = dead lawsuit.

Lie, cheat, steal –thousands of days of hard work of thousands –without punishment? Ding~Dong~the Wicked B******s~Dead...Every employee who ever worked at Enron should sue Skillings and Lay’s estate for Breach of Contract. Then Mrs. Lay can begin figuring out: how to live in one house, acquire humility.

Ken Lay –convicted thief: Dead.

The Universe has the Last Word. Six down, dozens to go….

04 July 2006

Hot Dog Eating Contest?

Did you see it –4th of July Hot Dog eating contest in New York, on the news?

If you are outside the US:
-HOT DOG: made of ground up pig's snout, tail, ears, unmentionable parts, added to parts of cows most sober people also wouldn't eat, added to some sort of cereal, other things, sugar, shoved into casing of pig's intestine

-CONEY ISLAND: long-time amusement resort, beach, off the coast of New York, long-used to escape intense summer heat, humidity

-EATING CONTEST: thought up by a maker of hot dogs, decades ago, as a way to promote his brand; sell more hot dogs; object: publicity –for most consumed in fastest time

Which part of this contest amusing? Gluttony attractive? American gluttony somehow special? We don't have enough of a bad image around the world –we need to show off how much we can speed eat? It is stunning Americans can experience September 11 yet still be insensitive to what the world thinks of us. The people who put on, publicized, entered, replayed that ‘contest’ somehow haven't heard of Darfur? Even if none of them can point to it on a map, they don't know millions of people are frantically searching for food –all over the world? --Some risking rape in the search? If you’re thinking of comedian David Letterman: he is also dead wrong for photographing food thrown off studio rooftop to show it hitting pavement.

Even if what goes into producing hot dogs is ignored—believe it: labels don't/ don't have to state all the ingredients—why shovel in massive quantities of un-needed food? How pathetic a life –to help a manufacturer brand a product. No director of any TV station –realized it was too disgusting to run –wasn’t news?

Can one person make a difference? At least one: should have had brains/ ethics/sensitivity/decency enough to call the contest producers on what they were doing –protested; not thrown it up on TV –certainly not as “news.” Oval Office occupant apparently not the only one who engenders shame for stupidity.

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03 July 2006

Low-Cost Medical Ins: Set to Launch?

Have you purchased medical insurance at a low cost for yourself –family –children? Why don’t you have low-cost insurance? US is a "super" country –to some: a country "superior" to all others? Then: why haven't our representatives in Washington provided us, their constituents, with medical insurance –at least as good, as affordable as that of poor countries? –At least as good as the insurance that covers them and their families? Why do a bunch of corporate profit-motivated White House pals get to decide: if your spouse gets treatment –your child gets surgery –you live/die –how much you will pay for the "privilege" of what should be basic protection?

If –IF your ballot wasn’t tossed into the trash/changed electronically, you followed what your religious leaders told you to do: voted FOR the current White House administration? Then: Why aren't they looking out for you, your neighbors –ALL Americans? WHY don't we have universal medical insurance –affordable?

One place to look for answers: NASA. Oval Office occupant is willing to borrow massive amounts of money, EVERY day, give it to space program –Why? They shoot rockets into space, look around, write down minutia (boring facts), leave junk. Why? –Of no use to Your health, on This planet.

If scientists, current administration Actually cared: they would be looking for answers below –in the sea, not off in space. Shooting off rockets: strictly Boys and Their Toys game. Think about it: after spending billions to send off dozens of rockets –have they learned A Single thing that has changed anything that matters on This planet?

–As you watch them launch billions of bucks –up –up and away –off into space –but YOU don't have any medical insurance? Religious leaders –occupant –administration –Republicans in Congress –looking out for us, we the people, doing that?

–If you are emergency patient needing heart –head –multi-organ treatment, but no medical insurance: doctors in ER have no specialist to call. –Specialists: when they know they won’t be paid for costly treatment –won’t answer a page. What will you/your family do then?

Of the people who file for bankruptcy: 80 to 90% do it because they can’t pay enormous medical bills, but most had medical insurance –that ‘somehow’ did not cover the bills. Reaction from Congress? They changed bankruptcy laws –made it Much harder to FILE for bankruptcy –NOT easier to pay the bills. What does that tell you –Who asked them to do that? Your representative, if Republican, voted to look out for insurance, credit card, banking companies –NOT look out for You. Why?

While US military was in the middle of invading Iraq: White House administration tried to cut VA benefits –until the press found out about it. Now? A returning soldier can get a medical appointment: 12 MONTHS after returning. Administration: just changed tactics –not goals. They moved the goal post –but who gives returning vets voice about that?

As they fiddle with the flag, debate denying rights to some Americans, how to keep out ‘intruders’ while pandering to those who give them money –but can't be bothered to look out for you, your family –anybody but themselves: They deserve –your vote?

NASA fiddles with when to shoot off Another rocket, blathers on and on about ‘expecting’ parts to fall off –while media reports their every Public Relations bit of fluff. But they/nobody Asks any Hard questions: Who gave permission to spend such money? –Why shooting off a rocket is More important than looking out for Americans? How many corporations that got NASA contracts to build those rockets, Also donated to Oval Office occupant? –To Republican Party?

Does your religious leader have medical insurance? WHO paid for it?

If you are injured –get a disease –in a car crash: shooting off a billion dollar rocket will do What for your health? Think about those questions –as the boys use the money that could provide basis for universal non-profit medical insurance –to play with their toys, launch another one, whenever they can get their act together....

Write to your representative in Washington:
-Begin: looking out for You when
-fiddling with flag: Ask how that will help if you, your family gets cancer
-insurance coverage : Demand as good as they have –as affordable
Find link to your representative - left column

If Every American had medical insurance:
-cost of premiums would drop sharply: healthy patients would balance elderly/ill patients cost
-bureaucracy for Medi-care, stupid rules, insane ‘pricing’ could be slashed
-doctors, nurses, techs could get paid for services rendered –to all, not just wealthy patients

Register to Vote –this week
Already registered as a “Republican”: re-register –as Independent, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party

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