21 August 2008

Cervical Cancer "Vaccine" --Scam?

"Vaccine": Scam?
One of the best marketing campaigns ever invented: 'Keep Your Daughter from Cervical Cancer" --vaccinate --pronto.' Excuuuse me....?

The lab rats that came up with the so-called vaccine to counter cervical cancer: picked the disease, I suspect, because marketing for the drug was so slice-of-cake easy.

This post could have been written
--when the 'trials' were going --ignorant school board members were spammed --ad campaign hit the media/our airwaves used --for free, to sell a corporation's product. Now: as good as any other time, while reports roll in ---how useless the 'wonder' drug....

Playing on fear
Giant pharma picked a disease and NO doubt, the plan to sell it and worked it: you want to protect/prevent your daughter from getting cervical cancer? Okey-dokey: shoot her up with this 'vaccine' we made. Oh, gosh: warts --STDs --lesions --fainted --died? Oops, sorry. Uh, Proof --high-profit margin drug will prevent the disease --from ALL the cervical cancer viruses? --All the side effects? Hmm....

Giant pharma: used their sales force --to prey on ignorant members of school boards, on parents, on willing doctors, on FDA...who all jumped on the pitch wagon.

But, Hmm, how does a daughter get cervical cancer?

How: cancer of the cervix? Disease transmitted: via a penis, during intercourse. No penis: cure --no virus?

Sticks and Stones...
Would it perhaps, be useful to educate girls: NOT to accommodate the aggressive penis-holder? --NOT to care so much about being called names/be "popular"/fit "in" --NOT to be passive passenger of one's life --NOT to be 'polite'/NOT go along to get along --demand girls be as aggressive in looking out for well-being of their health, their body --as boys are in looking for sexual gratification? Hmm....

Where, Precisely, is the Evidence that said vaccine: WILL actually prevent all cervical cancers --justifies the consequences and the expense --and the message: only GIRLS should be vaccinated?

Ah, the politics of big pharma, enabled by policies and politicians --and lobbyists --and small ignorant/un-informed minds --and possibly the 'bought' medical establishment, which encourages such vaccine?

So-called "conservatives"
object to the vaccine: on the grounds giving it to girls will enable/encourage sexual activity. Crap. How about respect: Give girls ALL the facts. Empower girls: to USE the brain they were given, to decide for themselves.

Or, duh: just Exactly WHERE is the vaccine/drug/remedy for the disease CARRIER, instead of only the Recipient? WHY is big pharma even making a drug which supposedly prevents the Consequences of getting a penis inserted --but NOT a drug for the penis-holder?

When the penis-user is routinely instructed
--educated --INFORMED of the damage inflicted as a result of repeated insertion --and the consequences --After boys are instructed to refrain from inflicting disease --on girls they are both too young to make life-long commitments with, Then the discussion might reasonably begin: what to do about remedy for resultant disease --but Not before.

Until that day: parents, school board members, politicians, FDA should NOT be looking to engorge big pharma's bottom line --on a vaccine --of unknown long-term consequences --on only HALF of the equation, Right-wing or left-wing.

Otherwise THAT is the prescription: how to get cancer --without remedy, just politics.