30 September 2006


One morning you are going to wake up and it will be seven days before Christmas...put off the dreaded drag to The Mall as long as you could, but now...as the panic spreads, out comes the plastic...there go Best of Intentions. But Think.

Oval Office "administration" has done things --many secret, that will affect us --for decades. Believe It: government way not going to help or care if you are too tired, too ill to work and have no money. You have to set aside Serious chunks of money, in your own account --each year --each month --end of each week --starting now --Pay YOU First. Buying expensive gifts NOT going to help. But: Giving summer fruit, veggies --out of season, will not take a bite out of your future.

Remember --two years ago --the stuff, the tech toys you Had to buy for Them, all those others --now tech trash, still lingering on the Debt Card bill, but long since in the landfill? Do you need to repeat the dance to remember the feeling --of dread? Is More Stuff -Another piece of tech trash Really worth your future?

It does not have to be that way. Nobody "needs" more objects --we are a country crammed FULL of Stuff. There IS another way --and It is Still summer...how heavenly would it be to deliver a gift --only to those who Really matter, of the Best of Summer --for winter treat. All kinds of fruit --available now, would be much sweeter, special in the middle of winter's cold...strawberries --blackberries -blue berries -figs, dates... ripe juicy peaches.... You don't need to make jam -bake -or cook anything: just freeze, then put into a glass jar (--left-over from peanut butter, mayo, or pickles and small size jars)...olive oil, with a few raspberries dropped in...wrapped simply, ribbon round the lid: --perfect size --right color --rejected by No One!

Stroll through weekly farmer's market will reveal all that is in season now, sorely missed in December. Simplest form is best, but lots of cookbooks, on-line recipe sites can give more complex ideas, but avoid recipes that include white sugar, fats, artificial chemicals. Nothing is as zingy, heavenly as perfectly ripe unadorned blackberries...on buckwheat pancakes --while rain, wind pounds life outside.

To Freeze Fruit, Berries:

  • Use any flat surface, such as cake pan -pie plate -stiff cardboard -aluminum tray
  • Cover surface with paper towel or wax paper
  • Spread out berries -so none touch
  • Place in freezer -small berries will harden within two hours
  • Glass Jar, lid: as jar becomes available thoroughly wash, including inside lid; thoroughly dry
  • Place fruit inside jar loosely -without packing, screw lid tightly; replace in the freezer
  • Sheet of Labels, wide-nib pen, such as caligraphy pen from art store, clear tape
  • Write: name of each fruit, possibly date of purchase, and "From"
  • Don't add label to the jar -until just before delivery or: add label first, then cover with tape (to keep the ink from smearing when moist)
  • Ribbon: while doing other errands during next few months, stop in at a fabric store and purchase few yards of satin or gros grain ribbon, to place around each lid --you're done!

NOTE: Do NOT freeze Tomato: never ever even chill --cold destroys the 47 enzymes in tomato, which turns it to garbage -no reason to eat; but using summer tomatoes to make Tomato Sauce, with fresh basil, That is a very good idea; could be used on wheat pizza dough, as soup, on any pasta shape; on bagels, topped with cheese -under broiler.

NOTE: Use glass jar --no not NOT plastic. Why NO Plastic: will not freeze; how long until plastic --in landfill breaks down? Try: 1,000 years --or never. Plastic: made from petroleum --not helpful to the planet.

Or: you could do the usual --buy more stuff, more tech toys --for people who's last names you hardly know --they will take you in --take care of you --when you have no home, no income --in your 70's, 80's --right? Ask a senior adult -a grandparent, if you're lucky enough to have one, what life is like living on Social Security...how many trips, treats, restaurant meals....

If you absolutely Positively Hafta buy an Object:
-Look around, now, while everyone is outta town, leaving the shops empty --what's on sale --bargain from season, reduced to insignificant cost...books...wool scarf, unusual shirt, tennis balls

-Start checking in at charity shops: not only can you find good bargains, toys, books and such, but designers, bankrupt store owners and unusual others (such as brides who received 'white elephants') donate un-used/new merchandise to charity and thrift shops for the tax write off. Gift Idea for a family or wedding gift: assemble all the parts for a picnic basket.

All of which will not make Serious dings in: Your Plan to Save for Your Future. Some day: you will be too tired to work. If you take care of that Future person today, Future person will thank you.

No matter what happens in November --how many right-wingers still in Congress after November election: Part of having Healthy life is having enough money to take care of yourself. That is harder to do, much more important when right-wing Republican holds nearly every seat. The chief Whack-job will still whine about secrets, swipe rights, invade privacy, tell only part of the truth and help his pals do the same, But: Eventually he'll blow outta DC, leaving the rest of us to restore shredded reputation, Bill of Rights, Treasury, ify future. We have to get through two and a half more years --of his imperial tyranny, appalling illiteracy, endangering policies, indifference to middle -working class Americans --those who help his pals get wealthier, but aren't in the country to pick crops. He has done things that will make future difficult for the individual --while helping corporations and his pals. You must begin doing defensive things --look out for yourself, despite his ugly plans, changes of law.

But: Next year could be OK for you...if you have a plan, stick to it weekly, pick the best of summer and ignore Oval Office occupant's pals' pressure to Buy More Stuff.

Get a wire shopping cart basket --get a ROTH-IRA pension account --sign up for any work-available pension plan, sock away all the goodies.

You can enjoy all the season's best --no fear factor, no guilt, no fire alarms, no Wal-Mart, no mauling, no crowds, no left-over debt --no landfill filler, for stress-free tasty season. Bon Apetite!`

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22 September 2006

All Saints Vs IRS: Where is Republican Ken Melman?

The Goo Ol' oily Boys occupying the White House: like to blend their politics with oil, when they want money, with religion when they want votes and cash. They don't gotta prob with generals, decked out in full regalia, banging on church pulpits, spewing whatever --if gets them results they like. They do gotta prob with religious leaders who don't tow their line --or who speak their own mind --against them.

This being the Land of the Free --they use their power, might, freedom --to launch --the IRS on a church in Pasadena, California which had a visiting priest who made the "mistake" of speaking about freedom --during 2004 election. Seems the priest, the church, the worshipers weren't on the, uh, 'right' side of that "election" --so IRS is eyeballing (read: threatening to revoke Catholic church's tax-exempt status) them.

Now you can take the view that politics from the pulpit ain't kosher. Okay. Let's say the Gooey Boys have a point --and to sic (--sicking?) IRS on the church is fair game. If so: Please account for Republican tool Ken Melman. Just PRECISELY where has he been, say last 20 Sundays? Well, if you aren't socially well-connected, not a Major Republican donor, don't have access to "genius" Rove's datebook, here's a hint: he's on the road --every Sunday. What's he doing? He's looking for a few of the foolish.

Jewish Republican tool Ken Melman is in church --any black --any Latino church that will have him. What's he doing? He's pitching --Republican politics --on the Join Us tour, to any worshipers willing to be fooled a third time. He only needs a few --to peal off a few dozen from each church, to punch up voter rolls with people of color....

EXCUUUSE me: WHY is THAT okay? WHERE is IRS --WHY aren't they going after EVERY church in which Melman pops his weenie little pointed head?

Connected to spirit: good for your health. Connected to Republican Party: raising Minimum Wage would "harm" them --ain't gonna happen; they want to eject all Mexicans in the US who aren't citizens--good luck on getting any fresh fruit, vegetables--to "protect" the rest of us. They like war, lobbyists with trunks of cash, midnight raids on US Treasury for "special" projects, torture, signing statements ---that disavow bills, making personal wealth off government, invading privacy--without court 'snooping'--massive debt --stupid public school children, telling women what to do with their body --packing courts with ideologs --bloated incompetent departments, weapons that don't work, slashing veteran benefits --building fences, lots and lots of fences, checking your shoes while ignoring the cargo underfoot in airplanes --borrowing money --being world bullies --bloated Pentagon --pretending global-warming a mystery --screwing with gas price and the status quo. Sound like your kind of party? --Good for your health? If not...

-Christian --Jewish --black --Latino: Write --Gooey Boys in the White House --IRS --Republican National Committee making war on Americans and PROTEST selective targeting --ALL churches or NONE

-Justice Department: Ken Melman --should be indicted for dragging his politics into houses of worship

-Contact Religious Leaders: Republican Ken Melman --DON'T allow into ANY church

-Contact your Rep in the House: Demand IRS open investigation: Ken Melman and Republican National Committee --Your Rep's address: See links left side this page, enter your zip code - get their direct link

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01 September 2006

~Anne-thrax Colter: Sprinkles on 9-11 Bodies...

This page originally posted: June 07, 2006 11:55 pm Reposted to reply to a Comment
"You know that woman Anne? She's blond and single and maybe someone will introduce her to OJ." --David Letterman.

What does it say about a Party that has a member: so needy, so Desperate for attention that her idea of appropriate behavior is to attack 9-11 widows?

She caused the unnecessary death of trees to entomb demented thoughts in paper: She attacked four women, each of whom was married to a man murdered September 11. She "feels" they shouldn't use murder "to make political statements." Uhm...isn't that Precisely what she's doing? The women should be silent even though their husbands were part of mass murder and want to know why; shouldn't ask, but she Doesn't wonder or even have a somebody to mourn...? Why is it OK for her put down the women? Why is she using the grief and the outrage those women feel to get herself on TV to criticize them?

So: Don't rail that initial survivors of the Tower crashes were given fatally bad instructions, to go back up to offices and wait because firefighters were not informed to evacuate --worthless radio communication...mis-matched frequences; equipment Known to be inadequate years before September 11 attack, but not corrected, by indifferent Congress, indifferent to pleas for budget to correct the problems. Corrected now so police, firefighters, paramedics and ERs, in cities all over the US, can talk to each other on same frequency? Nope.

If your mate was murdered: you are not, according to Anne-thrax, supposed to question it, don't ask; don't demand answers, better protection, preparation, technology, training to prevent it happening again??? Don't be sad? Don't protest? Don't express anger??? Don't Ask What government employees knew, When they knew it??? Hmmm...so she must be Plenty sore, livid, crazed at outspoken heads, members of the committee which investigated the attack and presented recommendations to Congress? Hmmm...how come she didn't attack THEM? Too much Evidence too much for the poor dear?

Ah course, there is the other bit: if ol' Anney-poo attacked the Nine-Eleven Commission she would have had to use actual facts...then WHO would have booked her, how could she get her bones on camera, BS-oriented media being what it is, with it's infantile focus --what morning-drivel circus would give her any time? Did you catch the reptilian sneer as she whined/pretended she was being 'attacked'? Gag us with a spoon. Where's the barf bags....

Well, Poor scrawny thing. Maybe: she's upset there's little chance she could be a widow --cuz nobody will even date her? Listen Up, Guys: IF you are a True Patriot: give her some hope and Shut Her the hell up. Volunteer: Take the hungry beast out --jamb a corndog, some half-cooked pork, speed-slaughtered cheap beef --cram a pie into the pie-hole, let Nature go to work. The world has serious problems to deal with without a skrawny chicken plucking at the edges. Another black mark for Republican Party.

-Hey Media: STOP polluting our airwaves, Stop pandering to right-wing whackos, STOP giving Anne-thrax air time; Producers: DO NOT BOOK HER

-Don't buy the chicken's book

-Register to Vote
-Make sure everyone in your circle is registered; get Registration forms, free, at the Post Office

They Already have plans to Steal the 2008 Election
-Call your local Registrar of Voters: DEMAND electronic voting machines
be removed, totally replaced either with Ink Dot machines or with chad-type ballot machines

Remember: over Three MILLION votes were NOT counted in 2004 "election" because, somehow, the governor of duh, Florida happened to put decades-long voters onto "Felon" rolls --Democratic-voting voters, who happened to be black; other ballots were put straight into the trash so they would not have to use valuable time counting them; other "mis-guided" voters had their votes 'corrected' with electronic voting machine easily-manipulated software manipulated, "for" Ohio voters.

NOTE: In case you don't know: Google was recently attacked by spammers and sploggers, so Blogger has been a bit uneven, down time in enabling posts; sorry for delay.

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