22 September 2006

All Saints Vs IRS: Where is Republican Ken Melman?

The Goo Ol' oily Boys occupying the White House: like to blend their politics with oil, when they want money, with religion when they want votes and cash. They don't gotta prob with generals, decked out in full regalia, banging on church pulpits, spewing whatever --if gets them results they like. They do gotta prob with religious leaders who don't tow their line --or who speak their own mind --against them.

This being the Land of the Free --they use their power, might, freedom --to launch --the IRS on a church in Pasadena, California which had a visiting priest who made the "mistake" of speaking about freedom --during 2004 election. Seems the priest, the church, the worshipers weren't on the, uh, 'right' side of that "election" --so IRS is eyeballing (read: threatening to revoke Catholic church's tax-exempt status) them.

Now you can take the view that politics from the pulpit ain't kosher. Okay. Let's say the Gooey Boys have a point --and to sic (--sicking?) IRS on the church is fair game. If so: Please account for Republican tool Ken Melman. Just PRECISELY where has he been, say last 20 Sundays? Well, if you aren't socially well-connected, not a Major Republican donor, don't have access to "genius" Rove's datebook, here's a hint: he's on the road --every Sunday. What's he doing? He's looking for a few of the foolish.

Jewish Republican tool Ken Melman is in church --any black --any Latino church that will have him. What's he doing? He's pitching --Republican politics --on the Join Us tour, to any worshipers willing to be fooled a third time. He only needs a few --to peal off a few dozen from each church, to punch up voter rolls with people of color....

EXCUUUSE me: WHY is THAT okay? WHERE is IRS --WHY aren't they going after EVERY church in which Melman pops his weenie little pointed head?

Connected to spirit: good for your health. Connected to Republican Party: raising Minimum Wage would "harm" them --ain't gonna happen; they want to eject all Mexicans in the US who aren't citizens--good luck on getting any fresh fruit, vegetables--to "protect" the rest of us. They like war, lobbyists with trunks of cash, midnight raids on US Treasury for "special" projects, torture, signing statements ---that disavow bills, making personal wealth off government, invading privacy--without court 'snooping'--massive debt --stupid public school children, telling women what to do with their body --packing courts with ideologs --bloated incompetent departments, weapons that don't work, slashing veteran benefits --building fences, lots and lots of fences, checking your shoes while ignoring the cargo underfoot in airplanes --borrowing money --being world bullies --bloated Pentagon --pretending global-warming a mystery --screwing with gas price and the status quo. Sound like your kind of party? --Good for your health? If not...

-Christian --Jewish --black --Latino: Write --Gooey Boys in the White House --IRS --Republican National Committee making war on Americans and PROTEST selective targeting --ALL churches or NONE

-Justice Department: Ken Melman --should be indicted for dragging his politics into houses of worship

-Contact Religious Leaders: Republican Ken Melman --DON'T allow into ANY church

-Contact your Rep in the House: Demand IRS open investigation: Ken Melman and Republican National Committee --Your Rep's address: See links left side this page, enter your zip code - get their direct link

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