01 September 2006

~Anne-thrax Colter: Sprinkles on 9-11 Bodies...

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"You know that woman Anne? She's blond and single and maybe someone will introduce her to OJ." --David Letterman.

What does it say about a Party that has a member: so needy, so Desperate for attention that her idea of appropriate behavior is to attack 9-11 widows?

She caused the unnecessary death of trees to entomb demented thoughts in paper: She attacked four women, each of whom was married to a man murdered September 11. She "feels" they shouldn't use murder "to make political statements." Uhm...isn't that Precisely what she's doing? The women should be silent even though their husbands were part of mass murder and want to know why; shouldn't ask, but she Doesn't wonder or even have a somebody to mourn...? Why is it OK for her put down the women? Why is she using the grief and the outrage those women feel to get herself on TV to criticize them?

So: Don't rail that initial survivors of the Tower crashes were given fatally bad instructions, to go back up to offices and wait because firefighters were not informed to evacuate --worthless radio communication...mis-matched frequences; equipment Known to be inadequate years before September 11 attack, but not corrected, by indifferent Congress, indifferent to pleas for budget to correct the problems. Corrected now so police, firefighters, paramedics and ERs, in cities all over the US, can talk to each other on same frequency? Nope.

If your mate was murdered: you are not, according to Anne-thrax, supposed to question it, don't ask; don't demand answers, better protection, preparation, technology, training to prevent it happening again??? Don't be sad? Don't protest? Don't express anger??? Don't Ask What government employees knew, When they knew it??? Hmmm...so she must be Plenty sore, livid, crazed at outspoken heads, members of the committee which investigated the attack and presented recommendations to Congress? Hmmm...how come she didn't attack THEM? Too much Evidence too much for the poor dear?

Ah course, there is the other bit: if ol' Anney-poo attacked the Nine-Eleven Commission she would have had to use actual facts...then WHO would have booked her, how could she get her bones on camera, BS-oriented media being what it is, with it's infantile focus --what morning-drivel circus would give her any time? Did you catch the reptilian sneer as she whined/pretended she was being 'attacked'? Gag us with a spoon. Where's the barf bags....

Well, Poor scrawny thing. Maybe: she's upset there's little chance she could be a widow --cuz nobody will even date her? Listen Up, Guys: IF you are a True Patriot: give her some hope and Shut Her the hell up. Volunteer: Take the hungry beast out --jamb a corndog, some half-cooked pork, speed-slaughtered cheap beef --cram a pie into the pie-hole, let Nature go to work. The world has serious problems to deal with without a skrawny chicken plucking at the edges. Another black mark for Republican Party.

-Hey Media: STOP polluting our airwaves, Stop pandering to right-wing whackos, STOP giving Anne-thrax air time; Producers: DO NOT BOOK HER

-Don't buy the chicken's book

-Register to Vote
-Make sure everyone in your circle is registered; get Registration forms, free, at the Post Office

They Already have plans to Steal the 2008 Election
-Call your local Registrar of Voters: DEMAND electronic voting machines
be removed, totally replaced either with Ink Dot machines or with chad-type ballot machines

Remember: over Three MILLION votes were NOT counted in 2004 "election" because, somehow, the governor of duh, Florida happened to put decades-long voters onto "Felon" rolls --Democratic-voting voters, who happened to be black; other ballots were put straight into the trash so they would not have to use valuable time counting them; other "mis-guided" voters had their votes 'corrected' with electronic voting machine easily-manipulated software manipulated, "for" Ohio voters.

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  1. Do you have a reference for "three million votes were not counted"? If so please send it to me. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for asking. A far more interesting question: Why are you asking? It is 'curious' to ask such a question, you have access to Google like anyone, so why not research it yourself?

    You don't know, it's news to you --the 2004 "election" was riven with voter fraud?

    Or: you know and you are part of those who challenge anyone who refuses to accept what was done?

    Or: you know that despicable things
    have been possible because of who squats in the White House and the "election" machines used to get them there, but you want the data?

    Not enough polls in Democratic districts; more votes for the Occupant than registered voters in a county; 'workers' who "counted" uncertified software, ballots in trash, etc. etc. etc. You don't know any of that --or you 'don't' believe it?

    Is US Census good enough? How about the office Congress uses to investigate inquiries, GAO?




    If you're serious buy Greg Palast's
    book "Armed Madness":
    "In Ohio, there were 153,237 ballots simply thrown away, more than the Bush 'victory' margin. In New Mexico the uncounted vote was five times the Bush alleged victory margin of 5,988. In Iowa...
    in black-and-white on a U.S. Census
    Bureau announcement released seven months after the election...
    tabulation of voters voting
    'differs,' from ballots tallied by the Clerk of the House of Representatives for the 2004 presidential race by 3.4 million votes." Wow.

    Palast's book: see my link in left sidebar, Amazon will be happy to speed-deliver to you --If your question wasn't fake.... No, you did Not have to create a blog to post comment to this blog.