30 October 2006

Get Absentee Ballot Now NOW

White House So-called press conference --If you saw it only on the news --heard it but didn't SEE it --when a reporter asked him about the election he went off on usual wandering blathering --Not answering question asked, not-subtle attempt to put down Democrats, but then Oval Office occupant said:

"I will have Republican majority in the Senate and Republican majority in the House after this election." Then-- Smirk.
The same smug face --election night 2004 --before the votes were counted. HE IS UP TO SOMETHING.

My instincts tell me: he's going to pull something --I don't know what --Yet. THREE times can NOT be a charm. You MUST get: Absentee Ballot --Do NOT risk voting on electronic vote machine. Not even if they offer you a Notarized paper recipt.

To Vote by Absentee Ballot:
-Google your City's name - then add "dot gov"
-When you are on local government's page: elections is on front page of most --if it isn't >Look for "election" or "registration" "ballot" "polling place" --something like that
-Read Rules on getting/qualifying for Absentee Ballot --very carefully
--you may also be able to request Absentee Ballot by phone
-Some require written request for Absentee Ballot, etc., follow rules carefully --a mistake, missed deadline could mean: not voting
-When you recive the ballot: fill it out promptly, return it as instructed --some will only accept by snail mail, some require send to specific address --by a certain date, follow rules carefully and fast.

Look around --your neighborhood, local areas --see if any senior adult needs an Absentee ballot, offer to help NOW. Only few more days until Absentee Ballot deadline.

I have Very good instincts, good ideas --but I'm clueless: HOW --WHAT he intends to do, but Believe it: that Smirk means He IS going to steal the ELECTION --he already knows it.

If anyone told me --in 2000 --that no-longer supreme court would be used to get inserted into Oval Office --I would have said: 'Get into Re-hab, you're Crazy.'

--If you don't know: in 2004 --in districts with registered Democrats --in Ohio --Florida --South, didn't have enough Polling Places --broken voting equipment; retired and ex FBI agents went into polling areas: told workers there was "red threat alert" --ordered the workers to leave and "counted" the votes. --Proof? At 8 pm EST: all three TV networks reported receiving angry calls from the White House --demanding they report that Ohio had won him the election. --People in Ohio stood to vote in the rain until 4 am --so HOW did they "know" Ohio would 'go Republican'?

US Census Bureau and GAO filed reports: in many heavily-registered Democratic districts the Occupant WON. --In one district of New Mexico: he "won" by 58,000 MORE votes than registered voters of both parties.

I have written about electronic "vote" machines since last year --begged people to contact local elction officals to DUMP those machines --vote can EASILY be changed.
-Get Absentee Ballot yourself or
-Fill out Absentee Ballot on-line: here
-Ask around: see if anyone needs Help --to Get Absentee Balllot

-Send e-mail: to Democratic Party --demand they provide election monitors and attorneys at Polling places, prevent fraud, challenge irregularities in vulnerable districts --like Tennessee --Missouri --Ohio --Virginia --Florida

-Donate: help them monitor polling places, prevent fraud, take back the country
-Donate: by mail or phone

We can Not have universal medical insurance --world's respect --jobs, prosperous country --peace --if that person has Republican majority in Congress after this election....

UPDATE: Goverment announced economy "grew" 1.6%. If Occupant's 'trickle down' tax cuts for the wealthiest is "working": where is the growth? --Where is the money? Wage-workers aren't doing better.

I suspect figures on growth and on unemployment have been manipulated past six years. When unemployment insurance runs out: workers are dropped from the rolls --no longer counted --not the same as dropped for getting a job. The people who hijacked Republican Party: don't care.

They also don't seem to be smart enough to figure out: if they ship production of goods/services out of the country --to "improve" their bottom line, who will be able to buy IN the US? They don't care about that either.

This Administration: has to borrow billions every week, to keep the war and the country going. I believe we are in for very rough times. One day: the bills will HAVE to be paid. There's Good reasons: foreclosure rate of recent home purchases is at 76%. Foreclosure: like the canary in the mine. --It will kill the economy, which could cause other things to fall --sharply.

-Pay Yourself FIRST: You worked for it --Save Your Money
-When you get paid: take 25% off the 'top' --BEFORE you pay bills, mortgage, buy things

-Put into savings account: if you don't have a savings account --keep it simple, go to closest bank, just open account, put in the money. --Make it a deadline --to open an account THIS week --by next Friday
-Set another deadline: Find, open a ROTH-IRA account. Give yourself rigid deadline: within two weeks. Money you put into a ROTH: means you won't have to pay tax on it next year. You are allowed to stash several thousand dollars into a ROTH each year, but you only have two months, until December 30, of this year
-Save: BEFORE you buy things --go out to dinner, etc.

-Look at every area to save/cut back: you will be happy later on --when everyone else is panicing.
-Halloween: Instead of handing out candy, with white sugar which is toxic & addictive, hand out new pennies --get a few rolls. --3 to 10-year olds don't need candy.
-Make coffee at home, take to-go in insulated cup --kick the $20. -30. a week Starbuck habit. One pound of organic (no pesticide) quality coffee costs $8., lasts two weeks. Put the average difference, $42. in the bank.
-Every week: buy a few canned goods, stash away for future.

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17 October 2006

Open Letter To: "Doctor" Condo

"Doctor" Condo:

You were hired, for obscene amount of money, to give crash-course to one student on your specialty: Russia.

Then you were hired by federal government to work in national security, as advisor.

Given: two month's 'heads up' notice --that people who hate Americans wanted to hijack planes, crash them into buildings, You: shoved the notice under your ex student's nose. The End.

You failed to even call FBI, Air Force, NTSB, Pentagoons, NORAD, Coast Guard, Customs --anyone??? --to warn: 'Watch for the unusual / Follow procedures strictly / Use instincts / Watch Out.'

You did not advise.

You did not search, read, look for pattern, past assessments -experience -knowledge of previous Administrations. You asked about nothing of any. You evidenced no arming of questions / answers of the knowledgeable.

You did not ask anyone in any other country if they knew of any one, any plans --any inelligence, hatred chatter by anyone.

You failed to intervene: when 182 Saudi Arabian nationals around the country were picked up --assembled onto one plane --allowed to fly out of the country, only plane allowed into US airspace two days after the country was attacked. --Over the objections of FBI, which demanded time and access to question them before they left the country.

You did not determine: how/why FBI came to have an informant living with two of the Saudi hijackers in the months before attack. You did not ask for investigation --CIA inquiry --Congress to hold even closed-door hearings. --You did not require divulgence: What FBI knew, when they knew it, how much informant was paid; what happened to him. You asked no questions, you gained no knowledge.

Having failed at the job after attack on the country September 11, 2001, which had nothing whatever to do with your "specialty" Russia: you received promotion.

You have not prevented, detered, curtailed war --any war, anywhere. You have not offered even a single organic solution for countries to get along, fight common enemey global warming --nuclear bombs --nuclear energy. --Hell, you even failed to teach your ex student how to pronounce the word. Are you standing on "moral" ground when you call for others to shun nuclear weapons? --When Pentagoons have created thousands of them, and you well know it....

Whenever your mouth is open: the multi-edited smooth copy written by the ad agency writers, rolls off your honed serpentine tongue. --But why? By the time the puppet-masters hoist you before cameras to perform: those who scrutinze --already know, newest version of the dance. --You don't answer, admit, acknowledge --or apologize. So whyever do you bother? --We already know what you're going to say --Please: STOP polluting Sunday morning political programs. --It's a waste of our air-waves.

You imagine that you work for the person occupying OUR Oval Office. You are wrong, You do not understand the job. You: serve at the pleasure of Americans --us, we who pay the price --pay your salary --your perks --your meals --your jet fuel bills --your long-distance calls to learn "nothing."

When a country threatens with nuclear weapons
--when discussion, dialogue, diplomacy could organically reduce threat
--when invasion results in murder of 665,000 people --2,759 military blown up --when 50,000 loose eyes -feet -hands -legs from inadequate weapons, transport, bullets
--when the starving cold unemployed homeless turn to growing narcotic because of failed policies, strategies
--when $9 Billion disappears
--when the flooded are hungry, thirsty, stranded
--when fossil, carbon fuel heats the planet, clogs lungs, intensifies storms, strands polar bears, deforms frogs
--when mid-night raids on Treasury means government must borrow $3 1/2 billion dollars Each Day

--when rights, privacy stolen
--when contracts given in violation of law, over-sight, competition
--when the mangled return --hidden in boxes hidden from view --your boss too squish to look, but war-lover by remote-control
--You have no ideas --no knowledge --no solutions --no spine --no voice. You only have the honed serpentine tongue and Your specialty: Russia --nothing whatever to do with anything that matters Now. YOU: Past your sell-by date. Perhaps you heard --we aren't fighting communists now.

To women: you are not a woman.

To people of color: you are not black.

To people who want peace, don't want to be blown up, shot with semi-automatic weapons in schools, go hungry, go homeless: you provide no knowledge, skill, ability, security or comfort.

This author: child of person skilled in cardiac-pulmonary surgery, private practice, teacher of kidney disease to nine hand-picked students each spring, rounds in three hospitals and house calls. I know what a doctor is. You "doctor" Condo are no doctor. You: no comfort to anyone.

When you hop around the world --tell allies: no person secretly transported, delivered to torture --then hop home to tell our representatives: you 'won't do it any more --you promise,' you make liars out of us.

You: brought shame, disfigurement, dishonor, scorn, contempt, death on Americans. Your specialty: Russia --irrelevant. You don't understand your job any better than ex student incompetent boss understands his. You: disaster --for the country, the planet, the peace.

You: cancer on Americans, on peace-loving people everywhere.

May you receive: Every Single Thing you earned --SOON.

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12 October 2006

UPDATE Urgent: Are You About to Loose Rights?

[UPDATE] WOW! FCC commissioners: Put off the vote --until tomorrow --Friday morning. Commissioners: saw White House and Justice Dept. rubber-stamp SBC swallowing AT&T --and held up the vote.

Your Power

"The two Democrats, Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps, were infuriated that the Justice Department's antitrust division cleared the deal on Wednesday without any conditions, and they argued the FCC should conduct a more rigorous review."

Texans don't give a damn about You

IF: owners of SBC get control of AT&T --they WILL have a monoply on phone service in the US. Want to go back to No choice? Repubicans already used FCC --to help six mega-corps to control ALL our TV networks. Want to stop them --from controlling ALL telephone service?

There is Still Time: Send e-mail to FCC --tell them "Vote NO" on merger.
See this page - left margin to: FCC link

Power, Privacy, Rights on the line: Some good ol' boys from Texas bought what was once the finest corporation in the country --Pac Bell. They changed it, wow did they change it.

They steam-rolled long-time smart employees, ground out each word allowed to say; nickel & dimed every single part of the business. They changed the name, the ethics, the trust, the quality. Their greed: leeks out of every thing they do. They are pals: of Oval Office occupant.

Today: they get approval --to become more powerful than any other hogs sucking at any trough --unless you stop them. They need Justice Department and your silence to take over AT&T.

If you do nothing: good luck having privacy, fighting a wrong bill, getting attention from your rep in Congress.
--AT&T will be printing money --throwing so much money at Your rep: You won't count.

Write to your Senators, your rep in the House --NOW. Demand stop to the deal --SBC take-over of AT&T. See: links left margin this page to find yours, just enter your zip code.

If rumors are true: they paid the occupant $990 million bucks --for an introduction to royal house of Saud --to get the telephone rights to wire Saudi Arabia.

Stop them NOW --before they get any bigger --any greedier --any more powerful.

Don't forget: they didn't have a problem --turned over phone records --even WITHOUT court order. They play nice --with their pals.

Tomorrow is Too Late: send e-mail NOW.

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09 October 2006

Making History in Texas: Kinky Friedman?

The people who wrote our Constitution: wanted Joe Citizen to step into government, run things for the rest of Americans, then step out.

Ex exterminator Tom Delay, his associates and White House occupant: stepped into government to get money --for themselves, redraw district lines to keep their jobs and use others to fly to distant golf courses, first class. They and their pals live high on the hog, ignore welfare and common good of everyone else --that voted for them to look out for Americans.

Former cockroach hunter Delay, Republican: will stand trial soon, for getting money from 27 Texas corporations--violating Texas law that has stood for 106 years--directing it to RNC in Washington, then having it distributed to Texas Republicans --to keep a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. The donations went to Washington as "soft money" --back to Texas as "hard money" --legal to distribute, after it was 'laundered.'

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff, his pal, 'contributed' to Delay, his wife, his daughter: lavish trips, suites, dinners, salary and gifts totaling millions of the $66 million they got from ripping off four Indian tribes. Pal Abramoff pled guilty, cooperating, going to prison for six years.

Before his Party forced him to resign

Republican Delay threatened: if lobbyist firms hired Democrats --any Democrat to work in their firms, they would not get any bills they wanted passed. On indictment he grinned and declared: "this is just partisan politics." Does Texas have stupid prosecutors --arrest and indict without evidence???

So many Republicans in trouble, if you aren't from Texas or aren't sure which one is Delay: when he forced a vote of the Texas legislature that was going to redraw district lines, to send six more Republicans to House of Representatives, Democrats, to avoid the vote they believed was illegal, left the state, stayed in a motel until deadline passed. Delay: used Homeland Security Dept. --and laws, to send Marshalls and a jet to go get the Democrats, costing thousands and violating laws.

Delay: the one who, as Party Whip, shoved the grotesque Drug Bill --welfare for drug-makers--on American senior adults --and on you, to pay the bill; deepened Treasury debt, un-born great-grandchildren will still be paying it off; threatened members of his own Party --if they didn't do what he wanted.

Grinning Delay: orchestrated the vote that stole our rights: "Patriot" Act. --Government can spy on you --snoop on your bank records, phone calls, e-mail --without a court's approval or warrant, thanks to fat-cat Republican Tom Delay. No-longer supreme court: told the White House to shove it --to get approval from Congress to do that. Good little Republicans toed the line, tried to craft a Bill, even retroactive, to give authority to White House occupant to spy on you, but Occupant: doesn't want to recognize Congress's authority, he wants: sole authority --without interference. There's a name for that: it's called "dictatorship."

What is Tom Delay doing while he waits for his trial to begin? "Religious" leaders --of mega churches --pay Delay to speak to mega groups? --To bring in mega donations? Aren't worshipers TIRED of giving, but never getting anything back but anti-spirit?

Many Texans: voted for the person they most wanted to have a beer with --for president, for ex cockroach hunter Delay and many other Republicans. Apparently they have decided: it's time for those people to 'step off' --don't want any more of those 'partisan' politics --starting with Texas governor's office.

Voter Registration
Ranchers --farmers --working class, all kinds of Republicans and Democrats in Texas: lining up to register so they can vote for 'None of the Above' and choose Independent: Kinky Friedman --to handle the governor's office for them. They have way had enough of Republicans.

Kinky Friedman: plans and goals loaded with common sense --to look out for all. He doesn't have consultants, smooth patter, glib phrases or much money. Does have: contempt for status quo and career politicians. He is smart, single, musical, funny, mature, rather crude, wise --and pissed off. Sound like a typical politician?

How bad is Friedman: he wants a moment of silence and the Ten Commandments --in schools. He wants quality education, Peace Core-type program for teaching and renewable energy.

Remedies for Republican Arrogance, Indifference
Someone has to govern --we may as well choose well --this time --all over the country.

People in all fifty states need to care what happens to Independent Friedman, IF we are going to take back this country.
Send a donation to Kinky Friedman, even $10. is $10. more than Republican Party will be giving him.
Read his platform, goals: Independent Friedman

Friedman said. "I think the soul of Texas is riding on this campaign."

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08 October 2006

Right to Life? Hell No, NRA's Rights More Important

Do you believe in the right to life? --Do you have the right to live?

Are you sure?
Someone's daughter got up one morning, got dressed, went to school: got raped at gunpoint, then got shot dead. Will never come home. Bailey, Colorado

Daughters and sons sat together in a small schoolroom drawing pictures --for the last time: a man with a semi-automatic weapon, hundreds of bullets and a diseased mind entered the school. He filled Twelve small girls with bullets --five shot until they died, one child had 20 bullets in her 7-year old body. Shot dead, One begged...

Only happens to other people's children --poor, middle-class children? A child --on the playground --on the street --walking home from school --in a car on the highway, with parents --is shot dead --in every city in the US --every day.

Can government make you sick? It can kill you.
US government believes: it has the right to put lead into Great Lakes --poisoning drinking water, endangering wildlife, fish, eco-system, boaters. lead into Great Lakes

Members of Congress: get campaign donations from religious groups that believe in the right to life, hell: who doesn't believe in the right to live.

While you are busy working --shopping --focusing on yourself, your family, your friends: your representative in Congress has been busy --helping members of National Rifle Association keep their perceived right --to have semi-automatic weapons.

Members of Congress, like the Speaker for the majority Party Dennis Hastert, disgraced ex Rep. Tom Delay, other extremists, believe in: money. --They also get donations from: NRA --which believes their members have Right to use semi-automatic weapons . --Deer hunters --Real hunters: use semi-automatic--rapid-fire-- weapons to kill prey for dinner? Members of Congress are quietly busy helping them --keep their "right."

Did those children --thousands every year, die for a cause? Well...members of Congress like money, Now they have more of it --from both sides --to run more campaigns to stay in office....

While everyone is watching Republican Party disgrace themselves on other issues: they are trying to change gun laws --quietly....

England, Austraila: don't have 15,000 murders every year --people slaughtering children, wives, strangers. --They also don't have right-to-gun laws --or government 'over-running people' even though citizens aren't armed --the stupidest argument of all.

Nature demands justice...is it an "accident" Charlton Heston, ex president of NRA, is dying --a slow death?

Which side are you on?
You think --there is some Good Reason country is filled with semi-automatic weapons --children have a right to live --or Your representative should have more money or more ethics?

Here's An Idea

If you believe you, family, children have a right to live: supposing 'right to guns' people keep their guns, but ALL bullets: only available at police station
-ANY bullets, any amount: fill out a request form
-Two police officers have to examine and Approve
-Dispense the bullets
-Keep part of the profit --to hire more police
-Permanent record: who got which bullets
-Amnesty Period: turn in ALL bullets; bullets found/not registered: special jail time/added to a sentence

Local Police: can verify permit, legality, mental state. Anyone else who sells bullets: gets long prison term. Period. Could this be done in your community? Ask your mayor, your local representative. That phone call could start the process --and save a child you know, or your life.

What do You care about? If you actually really Truly believe in the Right to life, your inaction --so far, says otherwise.
-LOOK: at the links in left margin this page, click on "Senate" --"House of Representatives"
-Enter your zip code --you'll get your rep's Home Page
-SEND a message: Demand end to semi-automatic weapons --easy access to guns
or: outlaw bullets except by local police.

-Believe it: only 100 sincere letters from voters will sway your representative
Can you ask 99 friends, neighbors, co-workers, PTA members, people waiting in line at Post Office -grocery store to write to representative?

You want life? DEMAND Congress get off their butts, Pay attention to YOU, to children

Can't be bothered to write, send e-mail? DON'T moan, cry --show up --at the next funeral. Hell, the next funeral: might be for you.

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02 October 2006

Pop Quiz: WMD --Fed Up?

Starting from the day after September 11, 2001 until now you have heard every "administration" person allowed to speak on camera and nearly every person in Congress say variations of:
'--everybody thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction --so I voted... blah blah blah"
"--gathering --grey cloud over US" --'biological' --'chemical weapons, put on protective gear...blah blah blah.' Then the talker, ususally, cites the UN resolution --which 'allowed' US to invade Iraq. --You want to give, at least some, the benefit of doubt --maybe even Oval Office occupant, because they just "--got bad intelligence"? --But If you hear one more claim WMD justified invasion --you have an air-sick bag handy?

OK, mouse ready --Pop Quiz: Imagine that the Internet had to be stripped of all websites --they were all using too much bandwith, e.g., so only one could stay up:

Name the most important website to save

Which One site --the most valuable, important, must-save? Post your answer in Comments below. Answers, without obscenities, will be enabled and posted.

This is, obviously, Part I of two-part post.

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