02 October 2006

Pop Quiz: WMD --Fed Up?

Starting from the day after September 11, 2001 until now you have heard every "administration" person allowed to speak on camera and nearly every person in Congress say variations of:
'--everybody thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction --so I voted... blah blah blah"
"--gathering --grey cloud over US" --'biological' --'chemical weapons, put on protective gear...blah blah blah.' Then the talker, ususally, cites the UN resolution --which 'allowed' US to invade Iraq. --You want to give, at least some, the benefit of doubt --maybe even Oval Office occupant, because they just "--got bad intelligence"? --But If you hear one more claim WMD justified invasion --you have an air-sick bag handy?

OK, mouse ready --Pop Quiz: Imagine that the Internet had to be stripped of all websites --they were all using too much bandwith, e.g., so only one could stay up:

Name the most important website to save

Which One site --the most valuable, important, must-save? Post your answer in Comments below. Answers, without obscenities, will be enabled and posted.

This is, obviously, Part I of two-part post.

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