17 October 2006

Open Letter To: "Doctor" Condo

"Doctor" Condo:

You were hired, for obscene amount of money, to give crash-course to one student on your specialty: Russia.

Then you were hired by federal government to work in national security, as advisor.

Given: two month's 'heads up' notice --that people who hate Americans wanted to hijack planes, crash them into buildings, You: shoved the notice under your ex student's nose. The End.

You failed to even call FBI, Air Force, NTSB, Pentagoons, NORAD, Coast Guard, Customs --anyone??? --to warn: 'Watch for the unusual / Follow procedures strictly / Use instincts / Watch Out.'

You did not advise.

You did not search, read, look for pattern, past assessments -experience -knowledge of previous Administrations. You asked about nothing of any. You evidenced no arming of questions / answers of the knowledgeable.

You did not ask anyone in any other country if they knew of any one, any plans --any inelligence, hatred chatter by anyone.

You failed to intervene: when 182 Saudi Arabian nationals around the country were picked up --assembled onto one plane --allowed to fly out of the country, only plane allowed into US airspace two days after the country was attacked. --Over the objections of FBI, which demanded time and access to question them before they left the country.

You did not determine: how/why FBI came to have an informant living with two of the Saudi hijackers in the months before attack. You did not ask for investigation --CIA inquiry --Congress to hold even closed-door hearings. --You did not require divulgence: What FBI knew, when they knew it, how much informant was paid; what happened to him. You asked no questions, you gained no knowledge.

Having failed at the job after attack on the country September 11, 2001, which had nothing whatever to do with your "specialty" Russia: you received promotion.

You have not prevented, detered, curtailed war --any war, anywhere. You have not offered even a single organic solution for countries to get along, fight common enemey global warming --nuclear bombs --nuclear energy. --Hell, you even failed to teach your ex student how to pronounce the word. Are you standing on "moral" ground when you call for others to shun nuclear weapons? --When Pentagoons have created thousands of them, and you well know it....

Whenever your mouth is open: the multi-edited smooth copy written by the ad agency writers, rolls off your honed serpentine tongue. --But why? By the time the puppet-masters hoist you before cameras to perform: those who scrutinze --already know, newest version of the dance. --You don't answer, admit, acknowledge --or apologize. So whyever do you bother? --We already know what you're going to say --Please: STOP polluting Sunday morning political programs. --It's a waste of our air-waves.

You imagine that you work for the person occupying OUR Oval Office. You are wrong, You do not understand the job. You: serve at the pleasure of Americans --us, we who pay the price --pay your salary --your perks --your meals --your jet fuel bills --your long-distance calls to learn "nothing."

When a country threatens with nuclear weapons
--when discussion, dialogue, diplomacy could organically reduce threat
--when invasion results in murder of 665,000 people --2,759 military blown up --when 50,000 loose eyes -feet -hands -legs from inadequate weapons, transport, bullets
--when the starving cold unemployed homeless turn to growing narcotic because of failed policies, strategies
--when $9 Billion disappears
--when the flooded are hungry, thirsty, stranded
--when fossil, carbon fuel heats the planet, clogs lungs, intensifies storms, strands polar bears, deforms frogs
--when mid-night raids on Treasury means government must borrow $3 1/2 billion dollars Each Day

--when rights, privacy stolen
--when contracts given in violation of law, over-sight, competition
--when the mangled return --hidden in boxes hidden from view --your boss too squish to look, but war-lover by remote-control
--You have no ideas --no knowledge --no solutions --no spine --no voice. You only have the honed serpentine tongue and Your specialty: Russia --nothing whatever to do with anything that matters Now. YOU: Past your sell-by date. Perhaps you heard --we aren't fighting communists now.

To women: you are not a woman.

To people of color: you are not black.

To people who want peace, don't want to be blown up, shot with semi-automatic weapons in schools, go hungry, go homeless: you provide no knowledge, skill, ability, security or comfort.

This author: child of person skilled in cardiac-pulmonary surgery, private practice, teacher of kidney disease to nine hand-picked students each spring, rounds in three hospitals and house calls. I know what a doctor is. You "doctor" Condo are no doctor. You: no comfort to anyone.

When you hop around the world --tell allies: no person secretly transported, delivered to torture --then hop home to tell our representatives: you 'won't do it any more --you promise,' you make liars out of us.

You: brought shame, disfigurement, dishonor, scorn, contempt, death on Americans. Your specialty: Russia --irrelevant. You don't understand your job any better than ex student incompetent boss understands his. You: disaster --for the country, the planet, the peace.

You: cancer on Americans, on peace-loving people everywhere.

May you receive: Every Single Thing you earned --SOON.

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