12 October 2006

UPDATE Urgent: Are You About to Loose Rights?

[UPDATE] WOW! FCC commissioners: Put off the vote --until tomorrow --Friday morning. Commissioners: saw White House and Justice Dept. rubber-stamp SBC swallowing AT&T --and held up the vote.

Your Power

"The two Democrats, Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps, were infuriated that the Justice Department's antitrust division cleared the deal on Wednesday without any conditions, and they argued the FCC should conduct a more rigorous review."

Texans don't give a damn about You

IF: owners of SBC get control of AT&T --they WILL have a monoply on phone service in the US. Want to go back to No choice? Repubicans already used FCC --to help six mega-corps to control ALL our TV networks. Want to stop them --from controlling ALL telephone service?

There is Still Time: Send e-mail to FCC --tell them "Vote NO" on merger.
See this page - left margin to: FCC link

Power, Privacy, Rights on the line: Some good ol' boys from Texas bought what was once the finest corporation in the country --Pac Bell. They changed it, wow did they change it.

They steam-rolled long-time smart employees, ground out each word allowed to say; nickel & dimed every single part of the business. They changed the name, the ethics, the trust, the quality. Their greed: leeks out of every thing they do. They are pals: of Oval Office occupant.

Today: they get approval --to become more powerful than any other hogs sucking at any trough --unless you stop them. They need Justice Department and your silence to take over AT&T.

If you do nothing: good luck having privacy, fighting a wrong bill, getting attention from your rep in Congress.
--AT&T will be printing money --throwing so much money at Your rep: You won't count.

Write to your Senators, your rep in the House --NOW. Demand stop to the deal --SBC take-over of AT&T. See: links left margin this page to find yours, just enter your zip code.

If rumors are true: they paid the occupant $990 million bucks --for an introduction to royal house of Saud --to get the telephone rights to wire Saudi Arabia.

Stop them NOW --before they get any bigger --any greedier --any more powerful.

Don't forget: they didn't have a problem --turned over phone records --even WITHOUT court order. They play nice --with their pals.

Tomorrow is Too Late: send e-mail NOW.

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