25 February 2006

US Ports: Hidden Politics?

Non-American Management of US Port terminals? Do WE get to Question HIS patriotism?

WHY does Oval Office Occupant WANT this deal –what is behind it? Since NOTHING is as Expected with Occupant & Co: until Americans KNOW, Arguments against the seeming lunacy are waste of time.

–Occupant was handed a CIA Memo:
“Arabs Want to Hijack Planes, Use to Crash into Tall Buildings”
one month before they did it. –He did what.... We got: Rights stolen, Traffic light spectrum of 'terrorists are everywhere'-Bogey-man warnings, Pentagon got more money, The Rummy got un-restricted Green Light to go on “WMD hunt” with Troop-lite crew, President of Vice last employer got Fat Grasp on US Treasury and Some 'unknown' body Somewhere Got: $9 BILLION Bucks.... Mission Accomplished? Are you Safe / Safer / Better off / Healthier now?

How about his next Adventure into Compentency –Gulf states? National Weather Service, Coast Guard, Governors, several TV networks tell him: 'Big hurricane coming,' Five days before it hits, every day thereafter. Response? Oh, yah... he 'took' responsibility for failure –to even turn on a TV.... Safe / Safer/ Better off / Healthier now?

So: Foreign Management? A foreign country in charge of Port terminals? Best Indicator of Future behavior –Past behavior? So: Good Idea –Smart –Legal?

Non-stop looking for answers... turned up this:
...get out of his way

–trail and links –makes sense...of the Veto threat...? If all the political, geographical links are correct, the conclusion: far more horrific than Iraq...connects the actions before, after September 11...?

NOTE: New added links; See: new Posts at above link.

Remedy: Use your power –Send it –everywhere –your Senator, Rep, any/all media....

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22 February 2006

US Ports --For Sale???

Show of Hands: Will feel warm & cozy with non-American Port mgmt?
“ “ “ Who knew a British corporation was running ports in the country?
“ “ “ Who believes spend-a-holic who hasn’t seen a spending Bill he didn’t like –is now going to get it up to Veto legislation that would quash the deal?

Who believes Oval Office Occupant –hitting the sauce –big time?

Neveeermind what he says: everything is opposite of what it’s labeled or its named goal. His history: not a single thing you Thought it was going to be. Example: “$15 billion to fight AIDS.” –Reality: threw a chunk at a group that claims a religion connection; their AIDS-fighting method? Threw a chunk –of condoms –at married people, in Africa, along with brochures, lectures on “Just Say “No” to Sex” unless married. How's that working out –on adults who already have AIDS –on children? Now: Forty million people have AIDS. The promised $15 billion? $13 of it ‘working its way through the system’ –cuz no oil –coal –nuclee-ar goo ol’ boys attached, so it’s taking a bit longer –what, three –four years?

If Americans –people in BOTH Parties –in Congress, don’t go Along with him –We ‘slander’ a country??? We Don’t Think so…. –TWO on the attack team of murderers came from the same country as the wannabe buyer country....

What the Hell is going on? Were people from United Arab Emirates among the 182 passengers on the only plane allowed to fly after September 11 –that flew out of the country??? KKKarl told him it was OKAY to sell off management of six ports –WHY??? What the Hell is in it for them? President of Vice, Occupant and KKKarl –need another pension? –From Dubai???

BUT: With all the Welfare he’s heaved at the Wealthiest –NONE can come up with enough scratch to run the ports??? WWWhat Are those rascals doing with all their dough? He’s pitched serious chunks at any/every “special” group with their hands out –None left for our government to run ports? Hello Groucho –Where are you when we need you.

“Only 5% of containers are checked”??? WHY Is that still happening?

This author has a friend, country of origin not to be named, who inherited a contract his father had with the ruling family in Dubai. He used to get phone calls and faxes –in his car, chastising him for not using more gasoline. One day he was ‘summoned.’ Took long time to get there, kept him waiting nearly a week before seeing him; when they did, told him: ‘send in all your invoices.’ He asked, among other things, “why.” When he got home he got: “Dear John” letter –and stiffed, for $295,000… among other things. Could he go back and get the money? Could he get into the country? If his friends hadn't pitched in: he and his family -pitched homeless. That’s how they “honored” relationship with him and his father….

But they’ll be “better” with a country??? Ya, when porcines can get airborne. And you’re a bigot –for not wanting them to be in charge? Nice…. Did you catch Occupant’s thirteenth choice to run “Homeland” “Security” on the Sunday talk shows? Excuse-man C***off tripped over his own tongue trying to spit out “reasons.”

If anybody in Congress puts up legislation to stop the port sale –Without finding out WHY the Occupant WANTS it to go through: they can legitimately be called “Dumber than Dirt.” He Can’t Possibly believe –a fireman, a widow, a non-brain-dead person anywhere in the country would not say: Fool me once....

So WHY does the occupant want such a thing? First Thought: we’re being set-up –to get hit again –just before November elections…Dubai lets suicide-bombers in, we get attacked –Lone Danger rides in and convinces what he thinks of as sheep –that we need Another “war” –to “protect” us from –Syria??? –from Iran? Let us Pray: he’s only on the sauce….

SOMEBODY: better stop watching “celebrities” –Karaoke bores –Drivel long enough to investigate Precisely WHY the Occupant wants this deal. –What’s Behind it. Then we figure out What to do about it.

And you thought health –politics –politicians enabling disease –a ‘stretch’ –for a blog premise?! Remedy –for this non-Marx Bros mess? Don’t fish off any East coast piers –stay off boats till we get Answers. –Ask your reps in DC to do some actual work and Find out what the Hell is going on. Legislation to stop the sale: Not enough. Author needs a drink.

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19 February 2006


The philosophy of the Republican Party, for quite a long time: Small government, Individual Self-Reliance, Care for the Environment.

Reasonable, hard to disagree ‘philosophy.’ Majority who are members of the Republican Party –believe that is the functioning philosophy of the Party, their perception.

Reality? Those who loathe bureaucracy and ‘interference’ want to ‘squeeze’ government until it is as small as possible. –Except when it comes to interference and bureaucracy –to control the bodies of 50% of Americans. –Except for control of those who pick their fruit, vegetables –Except for those who make their cars, their armies, their security.

Hijackers of Republican Party care about the environment –Except for mining coal –pumping oil –making ‘safe’ nuclear energy. Spent nuclear rods? –Oil spills –Exploding refineries –Toxic waste? Not their problem. Government –‘needs to get off the backs of producers of energy and jobs.’ Perception…reality….

Ronald Reagan, converted, perceived as conservative member of Republican Party –for the philosophy –by many who said he was “great” after announcement of his death. Asked –“why” –‘Great Communicator.’ Pressed for details: none could name an item, a detail of what he had done for the country.

At the time of his inauguration, people who worked for federal government? “Too many.” Actual: approximately 248,000. One of the ways he reduced the number: he refused to name new appointments to boards, for example. One of those boards: had no commission head and short two commissioners, through attrition. When some German investors bought a grocery chain, they purchased it for “the assets it had.” Asset? Cash –owed to people who worked for A & P their entire career, retired, received a pension. The Germans bought the ‘chain’ –to take the cash –back to Germany. The board with no head: could not meet, because it could not form a quorum. –Could not protect the A & P pensioners. Should the pensioners have had "more" Philosophy or more help?

He believed in the philosophy government should stay out of people’s lives. He started a “war” –to ‘free’ some medical students off an island…. He communicated with the Russians –publicly, demanding they “…tear down this wall” –credited with ending Communism. –Perception. Reality: CIA was utterly clueless –the Russians were broke. They didn’t have the money to pay soldiers to even guard the wall let alone build any weapons to wage war on anybody. Perception…reality…. Philosophy: stay out of others’ business. Reality: he placed wreaths on graves to honor the dead –dead nazis, orchestrated by his ‘aide’ Pat Buchanan. What did that “communicate” –to American WW II veterans? When Mr. Reagan left Washington “beloved” –he took his personal astrologist who had determined which day important events should occur, and he left behind 465,000 employees of federal government… a convoluted deal in which rebels illegally received weapons in direct violation of Congress –a tarnished reputation for it, a general who, under oath, lied to Congress about it, Treasury debt and the most expensive plates ever purchased for the White House. Perception…reality….

Some people were happy about the person who followed Mr. Reagan into the Oval Office. He also believed in the Philosophy –‘mind your own business, mind your own money.’ He got the country into a war –to rescue a ‘defenseless’ country. How? The leader of a neighboring country asked the US Ambassador for permission to get back land that had been taken. US Ambassador gave her permission to Saddam Hussein, so he attacked Kuwait. The “Republican” president told Congress we needed to rescue the Kuwaitis –he didn’t tell that the US Ambassador was ordered to give Saddam permission. After promising with his lips not to during his campaign, he raised taxes once he was in office. Perception… reality….

So along comes his son…who believes in the Philosophy… promises to be “conservative” and “compassionate”

…wants to “unite” the country, doesn’t want any foreign “nation-building”…faces directly, looks right in the eye and promises not to plant nuclear plant waste in Nevada –during campaign. You vote for him –because you’re working class and he ‘seems like somebody you could have a beer with.’ –Upper middle-class/CEO/ wealthiest 1% because he believes in the Philosophy. He immediately names three countries –as “enemies” necessitating the ‘machinery’ to ‘crank up’ –along with the Pentagon’s budget… doesn’t get what’s wrong with planting the waste in Nevada’s basement –after election, divides country so severely civility is put on endangered species list.... the country is dragged into “war”…largest department in the country’s history –any country’s—created, on largest deficit ever conceived by any country in history…. Perception…reality.

You, one of the wealthy –wealthiest, Does it matter –if others do not have medical insurance –did not do whatever, failed to find ways to take care of themselves –failed to follow the Philosophy? Consider…as you head home, you get into a car crash –but the paramedics take a long time to arrive, there aren’t enough of them, because the people who wanted to do the work didn’t get the Student Loan or the education to train. When they do arrive they don’t take you to the nearest hospital, it closed its ER –to stop the hemorrhage –of red ink of those who didn’t have insurance, couldn’t pay –nor to the farthest ER either. They call the nearest doctor –who won’t/can’t answer the page, gone out of practice for lack of affordable malpractice insurance, from patients who didn’t/couldn’t pay. So the ambulance –takes you where –as you bleed to death….?

Does Iraq need world’s largest embassy and 16 new military bases? While families swim in sewage…ice caps collapse…minor fines on major mines massaged away…nation’s parks pock-marked and parceled to pals… “war” rages and rights slip-slide away… those who would crank up government and industrial military complex and red ink on country’s bank account, slip in perks and special rules –to benefit the insiders…. Yet specious arguments, religion, Bible, General in full military drag at a pulpit, video tape ‘examination’ on the declared-brain dead –extremists seated on courts –rules, laws, enmity on minorities -women and homosexuals –used on outsiders, to gain votes and checks and control. Members of Republican Party who believe in the Philosophy? Hijacked –betrayed.

Consider: you get into a dispute with a neighbor down the street. The neighbor returns: puts a bullet in your spouse’s ear. The neighbor –turns you into a convert –convinces that your religion –your culture –your values not as good as the shooter’s? But: your bullets will convince Iraqis?

There isn’t enough money or “drugs” –AKA weasel weapons, to plug all the holes –breaches in the security 'body' of this country. WHEN do members, in control and followers, stand up, demand: Actually Find Out what policies, politics –what ‘disputes’ caused the hatred that caused September 11 –and Fix those.

Thousands of Worthless airplanes stand lined up neatly to collect sand, while thousands of pieces for new ones –scattered –in Every state –so no elected representative will refuse to re-fund the Pentagon machine…. Remedy? What would it mean –if the budget cranked up to $494 BILLION –restored to sanity –to provide only for troop needs, but not for worthless weapons –cranked DOWN to $200 billion?

Remedy? Why is medical insurance sold for profit? Why are Public’s airwaves given away –yet sold to candidates? Remedy: No one will be healthy –until ALL contribute to non-profit medical insurance pool –for All.
No elected representative will represent the Common Good if they must represent the “special” interest –to get re-elected. Public’s airwaves: must be declared FREE of cost, Prime Time –to air debate, campaign material, candidate advertising. Elections for federal office must be paid by public pool –public financing of campaigns. Every child in every 4th Grade class in America: Must receive education on why voting Matters. Reality will trump perception. –This country can not afford any more Goo ‘ol boys from the back room, only the best and the brightest, telling the truth.

Republicans absolutely run government –right now. Right now: absolutely corrupt. They Must stop using Americans for insurance, bank, weapon, debt-card, retail, drug –canon fodder –canon fodder. They Must fix the systems that can/will destroy this country –Now. You need to demand they do. Is the planet heating up? Are ice caps melting? Watch “60 Minutes” CBS, tonight

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16 February 2006

Vice President?

...Shotgun…zipper…shotgun…zipper…zipper –shotgun–zipper–shotgun–zipper? Tough choice?

Chain~chain~chain…Chain of Fools ~Uhhh~Uhhh

Since President of Vice was taking time ‘off’ –“war” on terror/ terrorism/ terrorists must be going well?

…His boss, the Occupant, said he “didn’t like lawyers” –what’s the Big Deal now? “They Shoot Lawyers Don’t They”

–Give him a little credit –they forgot to order enough shots for everybody –so he was just working on Bird Flu pandemic….

“…wanted to wait on telling the press...to make sure …got medical attention…” –A nurse, a doctor and an ambulance always on stand-by –so 21 hours to give attention???

Well, everyone knows reporters are insensitive louts –but the sheriff who got showed off the porch was prolly interested….

If an ex ambassador was “…“right” person to announce…to get the news out…” –where was she when prison abuse –humiliation –torture –murder photos came out? –IF they nab Osama bin Forgotten –she will be announcer?

He was sooo concerned about “doing it right” –so getting a hunting license –before?

“What we have here is a failure to communicate…” or even get it… “…worst day of my life, I’ll never forget it.”

–Worst? –Worst? –Worse –than telling American parents their children “…would be greeted with rose petals, kisses –as liberators” –if they ‘liberated’ the second country –that forms perfect path to Caspian Sea, to off-load oil onto waiting ships….

–Worse –than his last employer violating federal law by getting No-bid No-compete contract that charged for hot but delivered cold food –$100. a pound for un-washed laundry –68% over cost of gasoline already IN country –“contractor” interrogator ‘services’ –billions more than necessary –while slipping him 2.5 MILLION bucks a year in “pension”…? –Gosh it was luck to call invasion –“war” –but will they have luck finding the Nine BILLION Bucks that went missing?

–Worse than using fear –on Orthodox Jewish people who fear Israel’s future –to collect votes and checks? –Worse –than being bagman for Occupant’s “re-election”? –Worse –than sitting in front of Tim Russert and cameras and oh-so-quietly oozing the oh-not-quite-true –that cost thousands their life? –Worse –than using his own kid during election to get votes, then ignoring her –to pander to ‘their’ base voters? –Worse –than not noticing spy working in his office –for three years…?

–Worse than Americans having to live with pollution results of his cohorts’ energy “policies”? –Worse –than giving no-longer supreme court ‘judge’ a lift & a trip on our plane just before hearing case involving him & Co? –Worse –than picking head of his staff as the head fall-guy to ‘out’ secret identity of undercover agent –revenge on the agent’s spouse for bad-mouthing Occupant and oily plans?

HIS “Worst” day –way Worse than the day the mother, the father of one of 2,250 watched their child come off cargo-end of a plane, wrapped in stripes –Worse than the military funeral?

–“Worse” than watching Darfur mothers holding dead babies with no place to place them? –Watching families floating in New Orleans sewage? –Or his family’s values don’t cover those –or he doesn’t watch that much TV?

His Worst day worse than Americans living daily with his “Search” results for a VP candidate?

What we have here –gen-u-ine narcissist….

What we have here –if pals are in danger: Dems better watch their backs.

What we have here…Greed…avarice…fraud… abuse ...fear ...loathing… denial…mendacity. You knew Why he got the title….

Uhm… Remedy? –For geezer with lousy eye-sight, personal crack round-the-clock medical team that services “minor” wounds in 21 hours and loaded weapon –who shoots members of his own Party? Well…close his account at AK47-R-Us? …send him up a mountain with a special cowboy –and let Nature take over?...since he’s been working so hard lately, maybe Brit Hume could go with them, maybe he’d enjoy an outing…wonder what he’d charge…?

Vice President shotgun "Fox News" profiteer "war"

15 February 2006

Olympic Greed?

Picture this: your job is now network News Director. Now: choose –what will go on the air.

In a week that included –woman’s funeral, partner of maybe the most important civil rights leader in US history, eulogies, by whom, fall-out, future benefit
–Emergency surgery of a Prime Minister whose strategic country on verge of peace or full out war
–Steps Congress is taking on federal agency violating the Constitution, its own charter to spy on Americans’ communication without court oversight
–Important oil-exporter leaders not told they would be scape-goated in State of Union speech, reaction, consequences
–Foods low in fat have little effect
–Large illegal-immigrant border state had a prison race-riot, two murdered
–Probe launched to planet with no known benefits on borrowed money, ETA ten years
–Several hundred thousand people, grand parents –couples with small children, facing motel eviction on fed failure to extend, provide temporary housing, set-up of purchased trailers or checks for people to begin their own rebuilding five+ months after catastrophe –live where
–Senate hearing of feeble fed head and his buck-passing testimony to a committee
–Members of a religion rioting in several countries over perceived disrespect of most of Europe
–Mid east country’s leader announcement they want to make nuclear bombs and cartoons ridiculing WW II murder of over six million people –consequences to the world
–Purchase of homes rate fell while precious metal, stability indicator, price rose to highest level in over a decade
–Indicted aide who had hourly access to Executive branch, testified before Grand Jury on investigation of a fed agent’s outted identity, a federal violation

OK: fresh coffee, feet up, your job –to inform –tell Americans what they need to know. Look at the list, concentrate –which one do you choose as the #One, the lead story?

–Oh, you’re not very good at this –remember –you are ‘eyes’ ‘ears’ of what government is doing. –Now which one? Sheesh, whatsamatta you? The story that aired First: winter weather –in winter, of one corner of the country.

Ok, you’re 0 for one, but everyone’s human, one more chance: what do you choose as the Second Most Important story to tell Americans –Take your time, look carefully….

Oh Geeze –you’re NO good at this At All –wrongo bongo –Keep your regular job –you’d be Useless –the Second Most Important thing Americans needed to know? How pampered self-absorbed teens made out on their quest –for future big-money –in Italy. #1 Weather #2 Sports –according to NBC “news” department –
how they used our airwaves on Saturday evening news. Informing Americans? Way bottom.

How did Informing Americans Get: bottom of the list status? Members of IOC. –They’re at the top. They’re also first in line –when the ‘goodies’ get handed out –their paws outstretched, so far they got caught and slapped in Utah, to those “prominent” peeps who made money on widgets, now looking for some status; movers-shakers of cities, who hand out ‘stuff’ to those who got themselves on “The Board.” –The board ones who go around the world –to decide which country will be allowed to use their citizens’ money to bend over backwards to bankrupt their city to ‘present’ Ta-da: olympic-size Contest for Money. Those on the board –well-chosen, for minding their own business. Recently the business they didn’t mind: copying of other countries’ movies, music, books, ideas, purse design, weapons and prison terms, human rights abuse and infanticide –but only of girls, of wealthiest country on the planet, chosen to be next. Where’s Most-Favored Religion when they could actually be useful?

–But, Hell –advertisers paid serious dough to get their stuff on the air, that’s the important thing. NBC paid olympic-size Moochers olympic-size money to get the “right” to sell that stuff to you and the world, and to show some sports stuff in between. –So the money went –back to the Host –to recoup their costs –of security, building stadiums, dorms, infrastructure and cafeterias for two weeks of use? –Sheesh, naïf, Greece got stuck for 12 billion bucks, dontcha know? Nope, IT went into pockets. So who foots the bill for American Jock, Jockess wannabes to train for the Money Pits? American Moochers asked advertisers for it. You? You’re the one that’s supposed to get them All well –by buying whatever advertisers, Katie –Matt & Co are selling –and whatever the Jocks and Jockesses have slapped all over their bods. At the core of all of it? People hanging out in DC gave away use of OUR airwaves to do it to us.

But: fracturing a second is useful to determine excellence –why? How is dancing –a sport? Snow boarding is modern equivalent of Greek -Roman sport of? –Or modern equivalent of pandering to next generation –of donors? How does a groin injury rate telling –re-telling six, seven, ad nausea, times and more important than the regular re-running of “Meet the Press”? How is any of it more important than reporting what government is doing –during the news?

Remedy? Not a member of Most-Favored Religion? Write your representatives and FCC. Tell them to enforce broadcast rules; demand relevant coverage of local, national news. Write NBC: tell them to fulfill their obligation, terms of their license, to inform; to hold up on the morning-noon-evening-all night long non-stop crap.

Write: IOC. Tell them to put down the name of One country and stay put –from this year on.

Don’t think it’s worth your time, effort to write? –Expect more “wars.” Occupant is out, every week, “explaining what you got to understand” –about invasion, usurping power, spying on Americans’ without court over-sight –about selling the sizzle and stealing your rights. Nobody can abuse you without your permission. –Your silence IS permission. NBC way does NOT have “right” to run sports at expense of running Real news.

14 February 2006

Heart Day?

Cliché? Too commercial? Undecided if / where to have a drink/ dinner/ hide out?

Have an original day: the little boy –who’s alone whenever you see him—the senior adult –without much company? Do something originial –for one/both. Once: wouldn’t you have been thrilled –if a grown-up had paid attention to you? Take your ‘significant other’ and some music to the senior adult –or anything else you would enjoy when you will be standing in their shoes. Remedy….

Blog Mess: Apologies

Something happened to this Blog -to server -to engineer? -to connection? -to code? -to...what: unknown. Un/non techie exposed (!), several work-arounds failed, but finally found a solution. Apologies for annoyance. Thank you for returning.

12 February 2006

Over -Under Weight? What to Eat? Pt I

Lots of people –doctors –gym owners –‘nutritionists’ –hospital owners and products –drugs –junk food joints –‘low’ fat food, drink ready and way willing to take your money, give ‘fix’ for what isn’t broken. Loads of ‘advice’ –conflict –junk –confusion. Break it down.

Start with simple question, each time: Who made it?

Food about to buy –order, ask: Nature or Man-made? Nature: does not make mistakes. Created by Nature: created to supply what your body needs (exception if your body is missing a gene/ intolerant of a specific food). Created by Man: created to deceive. That is: even if originally created by Nature, but altered –flavor and chemicals to attract, prolong shelf-life –avoid. Major clue: Packaging. Nature: built-in –i.e. skin on tomato. Man-made: cracker –needs a wrapper.

Example: flour. Flour in its original state has a hull. That hull provides a “broom” to ‘scrub’ walls of the colon as it travels out of the body. If Nature wanted hull removed: Nature would make that happen. Man removes hull = white flour –nutrition removed, so Man interferes again:
“fortified with…” Flour begins fortified –with vitamins, nutrients; if Man left it alone it wouldn’t need to be ‘fortified.’

Second question before purchase: How many steps?

Example: Green bean. Picked yesterday, offered today –in its original state = no steps: grab it! Example: Green Bean: Picked unknown time from unknown source, grown with unknown chemical enhancement/ combined with others /heated / offered in frozen state / requires second heating = too many steps away from original –nutritional value low –little value/reason to eat. Example: hull-removed wheat –cake, crust, cookies, crackers, etc. –nutritional value? Too many steps away from original; value: next to zero.

Third Question to ask: color

Why eat dye? Nature produces purple –orange, green, brown, cream, red, yellow –naturally. Eat as many colors as there are in Nature –each ‘package’ provides what your body needs –without “help” from FDA, Monsanto, DuPont, Archer Daniels Midlands –without cancer-causing dye or preservative.

Choose to Eat: what Nature provides –cooked simply, until you are full = no fat, no cancer–causing ingredients, no deductible, no medical bills, no debt, no junk, no confusion. That’s Remedy –to cancer-politics

Cancer Report?

Report -cancer rates down. Down? "Down" from -what?

Ask mothers, if you can find them, from Cancer Alley of West Virginia, New Orleans, Kentucky -any/every place oil -coal -plastics -chemicals -fertilizer -pesticide is produced if they -their sons, daughters, husbands, parents have "less" cancer this year?

Children, all over this country, getting, dying of brain tumors -tumors unknown 100 years ago. How is That measured? Source of tumors?

Why are twenty-something women getting cancer -once so 'unthinkable' doctors did not -refused to give mamograms to women under age 40. Why did 'old woman disease' jump to young ones? Cause?

Cancer of the blood...rising Why? Is there a month without finding, hearing, fund-drive for someone with cancerous marrow in the bone? How to stop it from forminig?

Men expect to die of / with prostate cancer -in the West. Asian men: don't know what it is. "Cancer rate down" -includes Asians or pedestrian to even ask -only the West counts? Hmmm...wonder what East Indians think of that...cancer rate was low -till giant battery acid factory blew up, 1987, now showing up in next generation, born with deformity, disease.

Purpose of "Report"? If: they 'announced' rate of cancer went 'down' -maybe you will believe they are 'close' to "cure"? -So close if 'they' just had some more money they could get the "cure"?

Remedy? You can "Walk" -"Run" -write checks for the "cure" -nobody can stop you. Much more will be written here about cancer, but for now consider:

1. HOW can they "cure" cancer: if they don't know -or even look at SOURCE?
If you had infection on a finger -treat the infection? Or: first look for a sliver?

2. How many billions over how many decades have they received? American Cancer Soc. "cure"? "Eat five servings of vegetables and fruits a day." Why did THAT cost Billions?

3. IF they 'found' the "cure": they would -go out of business?
-Doctors, lab techs, drug house employees -CEOs -millions more would let That happen? -Go earn a living where?

Ever pay a mechanic -to 'cure' car problem SYMPTOMS? Or: do you expect mechanic to FIX the problem -so the symptoms will disappear?

cancer "news" symtoms source money

11 February 2006


With long hours, hard work, some extra money, decided birthday present one year was to be a trip, to a city with snow. A week before the holidays: arrived in Manhattan, for the first time. It snowed sharp beautiful evening of arrival, on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, birthday, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, last day. Gifts….

First day: got into a cab, pulled the door closed. The driver turned all the way around in his seat and no preamble said: “I came to this country when I was 15, alone. I worked and dreamed about going back to Italy –about seeing my family. I worked, saved, and scrimped and finally my dream happened: I went back –but I forgot about the stairs. In my mind I was 15 –but my mother, most of my family were dead. I could not climb. I had an old man’s legs. I forgot about all the steps.” Stunned into silence…a week from 33rd birthday. Silently got out. He drove away. Gifts….

Every street: magnificent doors, windows full of secrets –everywhere a couple stopped, kissed…New Yorkers angled around out-of-towner savoring all of it...the city of Edith Wharton...Bogart... gangsters... glamour girls, Sugar Daddies... pots that didn't ever melt...all of it far better than the movies…didn’t want to leave, changed departure date, asked a concierge what was possible that day. Headed for art exhibit at beautiful museum with directions & bad advice, wrong closing time; struggled to go in as tons poured out. Finally grabbed door handle –security guard glared, growled: “You can’t come in.” Deep disappointment, sadness must have uncovered while walking backwards, slowly, trying to see in/up…with an angry gesture he half hollered “can you be Right Here –6 pm sharp?” Nodded vigorously. Door slammed shut. When he opened it: treasures –floors of gallery after gallery –private silent thrilling exhibition, for two…Gifts.

IheardthenewstodayOhboy: a neighbor died. “He was okay with it, he had finished his work, his body no longer served him”…he went to sleep and did not wake up. Gifts.... Everything you do matters…given gifts…finite amount of time…use your power…act. Everything you do matters.

07 February 2006


If people who are white knew what people who are black know: there would be no racism.

If men knew what women know: there would be no violence, no rape.

If women knew what men know: there would be no broke single mothers.

Thank you, Coretta Scott King...in peace and in grace.
January 2006

04 February 2006

Cold Feet?

Cold weather, cold office –no office, outdoor job, poor circulation, no heat –frozen tundra –too cold, lazy, wobbly –to move frozen toesies?

Chili pepper

Shake chili pepper into boots, wear socks -thick cotton. Feet will interact, release heat from pepper, keep toes warm. –Not enough heat/extreme cold weather? Use: chili powder, finer grind. At night: sprinkle small amount into tight-weave socks; massage feet, toes to release heat.

Author: suggested above to US Army, got positive response, but no word if actual troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Seoul, etc. received. Connection to Afghanistan quake survivors, senior adult, small child, military, hiker -camper -skier? Forward above for cozy toesies.

NOTE: There must be some time, daily, when feet are NOT covered -to prevent in-grown toenails.

03 February 2006

UNION “State”?

Did you watch –How did he (Oval Office Occupant –“OOO”) do? Opinion based on which aisle –Party –position on Iraq?

Well, no...4th-Grade Geography missed for emergency appendectomy recovery, so unclear –which part of America: “Iran” –militant organization –of Palestinians?

Way wasn’t billed as: ‘Set-up to get votes in ten months’ –‘Daddy’s Feelings’ –‘Speak-to-Choir’ –‘Tell Other Countries What To Do’ Report. The Assignment: Report on Condition –current status –of America.

The people with hate enough to murder over 3,000 Americans four years ago –hate us less –more? We are measurably safer –endangered? Relations with other countries –improved -worsened –with which countries? Why? Current debt? Proposals to reduce? What specifically helped/hurt farmers, working -middle class, college-bound, senior adults, handicapped –ranchers –children, singles? Gains –losses? How many bought a first house –how many had foreclosure? How many enrolled in Food Stamps –compared to last year? Helped oceans, mountains, forests, rivers, air, trees, wildlife, fish, endangered species –how? Vetoed what pork –‘earmarks’ –worthless weapons? ‘Spent’ election ‘capital’ –to benefit All –how?

-‘–sorry on creating biggest agency in history, but I’m trying to cut down on bureaucracy –like annoying laws and safety enforcement of mines.

-‘My Party & I spent all the money last President had in the bank, all that you gave us last year, all that we borrowed –so much money from so many countries the interest on the debt is over $1 million a day. –I’m gonna keep on spending it, so tell your kids, grandkids: ‘too bad.’ –If debt gets too big while I’m here: I’ll demand China, our biggest lender, devalue their money –again.’

–‘Roads, trains, bridges, my salary, police, firefighters, air-traffic controllers, FBI, CIA, military, pipes, weapons, education, parks, cameras, invasions, “security” –working -middle class can pay those bills, again. Not my fault their job got exported, I’m working for welfare –for country’s wealthiest –givetome –or I’ll accuse Democrats of trying to help all –with “tax increase.”'

No Honorable Mention Award:
-Arrival time of that “roses and kisses” greeting from Iraqis…maybe when the lights stay on longer than four hours a day…

–‘When a state gets messed up I can’t fix it all by myself –I need my cronies to like do stuff.’

-‘I know I showed up just days of a Florida hurricane the year before –with a $11 Billion check, but that was just before my election. So it took longer to get over to New Orleans, so what: New Orleans doesn’t have any thing for me –no campaign money, no votes.’

-‘Ya, their guy Billy T. helped me out, big time, on my ‘Medi-Care Money Giveaway’ to drug-makers –but Billy isn’t in the Senate any more, he took a job immediately with a pharmaceutical house. Three –seven days –what’s a few days, it’s not like the people could dress for a visit from their leader; I wore suit and tie when I flew over them and my PR people made sure my dress shirts were lit good for the camera on my face visits. But they were dirty, mostly –covered in mud –and whining, not very proper.’

Missions Accomplished -No Mention:
–38,000 oil contracts, written before November 20004 election, doled to pals after election –no mention of the water taken from ranchers, residents living on the land –pals are busy look’n for oil.

-School kids tested non-stop. Those unable to read, do math, stay in school –dropping out of high school, 20 to 50% –depending on political orientation of those doing the counting, with no education, no skills, no trade: no follow-up.

-'Looked Out for Americans’ Health: New Bankruptcy laws
–with help from …oh ya, that ex cockroach hunter guy in charge of House Majority, now off in Texas proving he’s innocent of collecting $700,000 from pals –sent to Party Headquarters in DC, then $700,000 back to Texas pals running for office –so what if that’s illegal. Together we convinced your over-paid representatives to teach wasteful Americans a lesson: when they get sick –bills have to be paid –even if they had insurance, even if they’re broke. When people spend money on surgery, drugs, tests, lounging in hospitals –they can’t just file bankruptcy, gotta learn better money-management. No excuses. We fixed those scofflaws –and helped insurance companies at the same time. Nice coincidence.’

-‘Party responsible for abuse, humiliation, sodomy, torture, death in Iraqi prisons: tossed her ass into prison, being a new mommy no excuse; woman general in charge of the prison, told to sit quietly in the corner: after we demoted her, she quit so she must’ve been guilty too. We didn’t find any male generals or anybody higher up guilty of anything.’

-‘Even though over 100,000 Iraqis dead, over 50,000 American military wounded –it wasn’t easy to get all that stuff they needed over there. At least we got electricity going –long enough for kids to do their homework, what with all the schools we built. Now is not the time to mention school or teacher shortages in this country –this is about “positives.”’

-‘While everybody was busy on vacation in July in a single Bill we:
-Dealt with energy: MTBE, supposed to help gasoline mileage but poisoned water supply of several states, we got protection –we bullet-proofed the makers; they can’t be sued or forced to clean up the mess. States will have to learn what responsible Republican people know –‘clean up your own messes, don’t look to government for help’ –even though we got MTBE put into gasoline.’

-‘Made investment in your future: we gave oil, gas & nuclear energy producers some spending money –13 billion bucks, to see if they could come up with anything new.’

-‘Looked out for you –changed Daylight Savings hours. –Canada had no call to be rude, just cuz we didn’t tell them in advance. Heck, we didn’t ‘heads up’ anybody that every camera –computer –MRI –every digital thing in North America has to be changed, but they probably read about it in the newspaper after we did it. Really, not our problem.’

-‘We got you covered if you eat fast food: get fat –fast-food makers can’t be sued now, we made it a law. And don’t be bothering to look for hidden addictive ingredients, not your business.’

'If there’s any insomnia going don’t forget:
-We sent the “doctor” over to convince Europeans we don’t ‘do’ torture, really –even though the pregnant grunt got tossed into prison for it –we didn’t bag any country’s citizens, send them off into the black & blue…. Nope, we only do legal stuff.’

-‘Everybody gets to keep their AK47s and all the bullets needed
-Car makers don’t have to do anything drastic on mileage or anything taxing about $35,000 tax breaks on SUVs costing more than $100,000.
-Nobody got restricted from blowing up mountain tops –or dumping toxic coal plant waste into waterways –only happens on rainy days
–CEOs made out OK, even if lots of pensioners took it on the chin & the wallet
-Oil, Coal, Gas, Drug, Debt-card, Bank, Weapon and Caterer companies –got protection –all did ‘better’ last year –with our help
-“Contractors” –those working Iraqi prisons, made out OK, with US military doing the heavy lifting on heat and jail terms, while they lifted the heavy paychecks. –Those working New Orleans damage: got Minimum Wage roll-back, our pals just trying to help –roll-back just temporary, right?’

'Odd: Louisiana the only state without contractors. Oh well, lucky FEMA knew a few pals they could call to go over and help. Too bad they can’t lift the thousands of trailers sitting empty, they’ll prolly get to them soon.'

‘FBI & Co:
-Found the spy –working in President of Vice’s office for three years
–Nabbed Republican Party’s main travel agent/ bagman…wonder if he’s wearing that black hat while spilling his guts
–Got all (?) the reporters, leakees, of ‘leaked’ identity of under cover agent
–Bagged main buyer of stuff, who stuffed his deep pockets deeply –it’s not your business who he worked with or if he shared the booty’

–'We started Probe –planet Pluto –important cuz…well, it must be or we wouldn’t be spending tons of your money on it if wasn’t going to get us something’

-Doing by-gone era ‘party-line’ thing –on Americans’ phone calls.’

Religion had a rockn’ year:
-‘We’re still dishing buckets of your money to those organized around one religion –to stop the disease infecting 40 million: they used your money to spread ‘just say “no” to sex’ instruction, instead of condoms or medicine. It’s super for the one religion...no word on how that’s working out –for the people and their children who already have the disease….’

-‘Head of one religion asked FBI: to kill elected head of a country with a lot of oil –well, he asked, not demanded…guess he don’t follow the Ten Commandments.’

-‘But Followers sued all the way to no-longer supreme court to get them Commandments allowed on public property –maybe the ‘leader’ hadn’t heard.’

-‘Same guy blamed a Prime Minister who got sick –as ‘punishment’ for working on peace for his country. –“Religious” ‘leader’ with Blackberry messages straight from the Almighty, Lucky us’

So: Signs we are secure? Cameras hanging over city blocks spying on pedestrians, scissors–small knives even–allowed back on planes, Pentagon nailed 16 –children, women, some old men, in two houses –face to face? Naw, high-tech toy. –Two wedding parties got dead –neighbors got $100. -a year’s income, for giving “terrorist” names to military, so some 600 still sitting in a wedge of Cuba without any rights, lawyers or trial dates.

Translators? Helicopters that stay up? Nickel one hasn’t been spent on bridges, pipes, rails, protecting ports or any infrastructure –hasn’t found Osama –scissors could hold passengers hostage till cockpit doors open –border a bit leaky –Iraq invasion hemorrhaging billions –a pandemic flu capable of killing millions coming, they forgot to order flu shots. Safer?

Fewer will be eating –going to college –getting meds –rights. Fewer vets will get treatment on government’s tab –but rich people will get more money –to make more jobs? –to send out of the country?

Family values…families floating in sewage, Food Stamp aid to families cut…law, order, rights for all…court nominees opposed to property -gender -sexual -minority rights for all…demand for more science, math education, Student Loan fund slashed…coal waste dumped into water-ways, air pollution …oil leases in nation’s parks; deforestation… massive debt. –Which part: “compassionate” –“conservative”?

So with the missing parts filled in: All Things Considered you feel safer –are safer now?

Lobbyists who want to do business with Congress –prevented from donating to Democrats or even hiring Democrats, by ex-cockroach hunter Republican who ran House of Representatives. The money lobbyists give to Republicans comes from giant corporations and Indian tribes –each/all with an agenda –goal –project –special law they want. –Cash ‘donation’ large enough: lobbyist and/or the client get face time with Congress member –at dinner –at Scottish golf course. Which part of that: honorable, decent? Did YOU get face time with your representative? At the core –source of Indian tribes’ money: gambling. Occupant donations? --$100,000+ and use of Enron private jet, plus millions to Republican Party. –Returned: zero. –Proposals to clean up that mess?

Well, give him credit: there weren’t that many train wrecks, not that many old pipes burst…at least not just one Party in the room hearing the speech…but a mystery: what happened to the stutter? Drugs? At the end: occupant shook hands –with an opposition Party Senator –ranked second from bottom in seniority, but ‘skipped’ most senior Senator –standing next to him, the opposition Party Leader. Why? The way to ‘lower’ “partisan rancor”? Pandering? “Uniter” –“not a divider”? Serious disrespect.

New Orleans repair estimate: $250 Billion. Residents bucking flood, sewage, starvation, thirst, employment, homelessness –five months, going on a year: ineffective protest.

Medicare Prescription Drug coverage estimate: true cost, hidden from Congress during debate –$750 Billion. People bucking lousy coverage: media attention, hearings, changes –on four weeks of unhappiness. Why? –Easier to fix? OOO a racist? Indifferent to costs?

Support the Troops? But not a CEO –a pal –a one per-center –the one religion member –no medical insurance?

You have 100% ownership of what even Bill Gates can’t buy: Your power.

You saw the pictures: women in Afghanistan, families in Iraq. Even with lousy/missing equipment –training –supplies: American military made it happen –women in Afghanistan risked death. Fathers, mothers risked getting blown up in Iraq.

The people unhappy with medication coverage: vote –big time, big numbers –every election –people in Washington Know it. You want change in Bankruptcy laws –medical insurance –Pentagon –worthless weapons –budget –Iraq –agencies –more –less of something –in your neighborhood –your state –your country –government to actually respond?

First get your voice heard –use your power –Before another week goes by Send a message: go to nearest Post Office, pick up Voter Registration form, fill it out, turn it in –on the spot.

Don’t ever forget: Election night, 2004, 8 PM Eastern Time each network, ABC, CBS, NBC, announced they received calls from the White House –angry calls because the networks had not declared Ohio for the Occupant –while people in Ohio were still standing in line to vote –long lines, until 4 AM. WHY were they angry –How did the White House Know Ohio’s Electoral Votes would go to him –before the polls had closed –before votes counted? Electronic Voting machines –with easily-manipulated software. –And a CEO of machine-maker corporation who stood up at a Republican fund-raiser to vow: “I will help you and Republicans any way I can” –two years before the election.

Once upon a time long-time residents went to vote: they found polling places moved or doors locked; some were told “wrong” polling place, their name removed; others found their ballots in the trash –black residents –in Florida, five years ago.

DO NOT claim you love this country –DO NOT claim ‘Support the Troops’ –DO NOT whine if YOU wind up floating in sewage –stranded on one-way freeway –barred from nearest hospital if: you don’t Demand your state officials remove electronic voting machines –Register –Vote.

Too indifferent to vote? Other people counted on that –THEY made decisions that affect your life now –their voice counted, yours didn’t. If just one person in each city had voted differently: John F. Kennedy would not have been President.

Democracy isn’t free –but the form is. The only ‘courage’ required of you to support the country: fill out Voter Registration form. Then: Share the power –get one form for each neighbor on the block, the new kid who will graduate this year, the baby-sitter, each at work, at the car-wash, the cleaners, soccer practice parents, religious house worshipers. Keep extras with you –for coffee shop, bus stop, grocery check-out line, PTA meeting, bake sale, movie line, flea market.

Don’t want to be ignored: Use your power the way Afghanistani women, Iraqis, American senior adults do. –Register this week, while democracy still exists in This country.