16 February 2006

Vice President?

...Shotgun…zipper…shotgun…zipper…zipper –shotgun–zipper–shotgun–zipper? Tough choice?

Chain~chain~chain…Chain of Fools ~Uhhh~Uhhh

Since President of Vice was taking time ‘off’ –“war” on terror/ terrorism/ terrorists must be going well?

…His boss, the Occupant, said he “didn’t like lawyers” –what’s the Big Deal now? “They Shoot Lawyers Don’t They”

–Give him a little credit –they forgot to order enough shots for everybody –so he was just working on Bird Flu pandemic….

“…wanted to wait on telling the press...to make sure …got medical attention…” –A nurse, a doctor and an ambulance always on stand-by –so 21 hours to give attention???

Well, everyone knows reporters are insensitive louts –but the sheriff who got showed off the porch was prolly interested….

If an ex ambassador was “…“right” person to announce…to get the news out…” –where was she when prison abuse –humiliation –torture –murder photos came out? –IF they nab Osama bin Forgotten –she will be announcer?

He was sooo concerned about “doing it right” –so getting a hunting license –before?

“What we have here is a failure to communicate…” or even get it… “…worst day of my life, I’ll never forget it.”

–Worst? –Worst? –Worse –than telling American parents their children “…would be greeted with rose petals, kisses –as liberators” –if they ‘liberated’ the second country –that forms perfect path to Caspian Sea, to off-load oil onto waiting ships….

–Worse –than his last employer violating federal law by getting No-bid No-compete contract that charged for hot but delivered cold food –$100. a pound for un-washed laundry –68% over cost of gasoline already IN country –“contractor” interrogator ‘services’ –billions more than necessary –while slipping him 2.5 MILLION bucks a year in “pension”…? –Gosh it was luck to call invasion –“war” –but will they have luck finding the Nine BILLION Bucks that went missing?

–Worse than using fear –on Orthodox Jewish people who fear Israel’s future –to collect votes and checks? –Worse –than being bagman for Occupant’s “re-election”? –Worse –than sitting in front of Tim Russert and cameras and oh-so-quietly oozing the oh-not-quite-true –that cost thousands their life? –Worse –than using his own kid during election to get votes, then ignoring her –to pander to ‘their’ base voters? –Worse –than not noticing spy working in his office –for three years…?

–Worse than Americans having to live with pollution results of his cohorts’ energy “policies”? –Worse –than giving no-longer supreme court ‘judge’ a lift & a trip on our plane just before hearing case involving him & Co? –Worse –than picking head of his staff as the head fall-guy to ‘out’ secret identity of undercover agent –revenge on the agent’s spouse for bad-mouthing Occupant and oily plans?

HIS “Worst” day –way Worse than the day the mother, the father of one of 2,250 watched their child come off cargo-end of a plane, wrapped in stripes –Worse than the military funeral?

–“Worse” than watching Darfur mothers holding dead babies with no place to place them? –Watching families floating in New Orleans sewage? –Or his family’s values don’t cover those –or he doesn’t watch that much TV?

His Worst day worse than Americans living daily with his “Search” results for a VP candidate?

What we have here –gen-u-ine narcissist….

What we have here –if pals are in danger: Dems better watch their backs.

What we have here…Greed…avarice…fraud… abuse ...fear ...loathing… denial…mendacity. You knew Why he got the title….

Uhm… Remedy? –For geezer with lousy eye-sight, personal crack round-the-clock medical team that services “minor” wounds in 21 hours and loaded weapon –who shoots members of his own Party? Well…close his account at AK47-R-Us? …send him up a mountain with a special cowboy –and let Nature take over?...since he’s been working so hard lately, maybe Brit Hume could go with them, maybe he’d enjoy an outing…wonder what he’d charge…?

Vice President shotgun "Fox News" profiteer "war"

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