19 February 2006


The philosophy of the Republican Party, for quite a long time: Small government, Individual Self-Reliance, Care for the Environment.

Reasonable, hard to disagree ‘philosophy.’ Majority who are members of the Republican Party –believe that is the functioning philosophy of the Party, their perception.

Reality? Those who loathe bureaucracy and ‘interference’ want to ‘squeeze’ government until it is as small as possible. –Except when it comes to interference and bureaucracy –to control the bodies of 50% of Americans. –Except for control of those who pick their fruit, vegetables –Except for those who make their cars, their armies, their security.

Hijackers of Republican Party care about the environment –Except for mining coal –pumping oil –making ‘safe’ nuclear energy. Spent nuclear rods? –Oil spills –Exploding refineries –Toxic waste? Not their problem. Government –‘needs to get off the backs of producers of energy and jobs.’ Perception…reality….

Ronald Reagan, converted, perceived as conservative member of Republican Party –for the philosophy –by many who said he was “great” after announcement of his death. Asked –“why” –‘Great Communicator.’ Pressed for details: none could name an item, a detail of what he had done for the country.

At the time of his inauguration, people who worked for federal government? “Too many.” Actual: approximately 248,000. One of the ways he reduced the number: he refused to name new appointments to boards, for example. One of those boards: had no commission head and short two commissioners, through attrition. When some German investors bought a grocery chain, they purchased it for “the assets it had.” Asset? Cash –owed to people who worked for A & P their entire career, retired, received a pension. The Germans bought the ‘chain’ –to take the cash –back to Germany. The board with no head: could not meet, because it could not form a quorum. –Could not protect the A & P pensioners. Should the pensioners have had "more" Philosophy or more help?

He believed in the philosophy government should stay out of people’s lives. He started a “war” –to ‘free’ some medical students off an island…. He communicated with the Russians –publicly, demanding they “…tear down this wall” –credited with ending Communism. –Perception. Reality: CIA was utterly clueless –the Russians were broke. They didn’t have the money to pay soldiers to even guard the wall let alone build any weapons to wage war on anybody. Perception…reality…. Philosophy: stay out of others’ business. Reality: he placed wreaths on graves to honor the dead –dead nazis, orchestrated by his ‘aide’ Pat Buchanan. What did that “communicate” –to American WW II veterans? When Mr. Reagan left Washington “beloved” –he took his personal astrologist who had determined which day important events should occur, and he left behind 465,000 employees of federal government… a convoluted deal in which rebels illegally received weapons in direct violation of Congress –a tarnished reputation for it, a general who, under oath, lied to Congress about it, Treasury debt and the most expensive plates ever purchased for the White House. Perception…reality….

Some people were happy about the person who followed Mr. Reagan into the Oval Office. He also believed in the Philosophy –‘mind your own business, mind your own money.’ He got the country into a war –to rescue a ‘defenseless’ country. How? The leader of a neighboring country asked the US Ambassador for permission to get back land that had been taken. US Ambassador gave her permission to Saddam Hussein, so he attacked Kuwait. The “Republican” president told Congress we needed to rescue the Kuwaitis –he didn’t tell that the US Ambassador was ordered to give Saddam permission. After promising with his lips not to during his campaign, he raised taxes once he was in office. Perception… reality….

So along comes his son…who believes in the Philosophy… promises to be “conservative” and “compassionate”

…wants to “unite” the country, doesn’t want any foreign “nation-building”…faces directly, looks right in the eye and promises not to plant nuclear plant waste in Nevada –during campaign. You vote for him –because you’re working class and he ‘seems like somebody you could have a beer with.’ –Upper middle-class/CEO/ wealthiest 1% because he believes in the Philosophy. He immediately names three countries –as “enemies” necessitating the ‘machinery’ to ‘crank up’ –along with the Pentagon’s budget… doesn’t get what’s wrong with planting the waste in Nevada’s basement –after election, divides country so severely civility is put on endangered species list.... the country is dragged into “war”…largest department in the country’s history –any country’s—created, on largest deficit ever conceived by any country in history…. Perception…reality.

You, one of the wealthy –wealthiest, Does it matter –if others do not have medical insurance –did not do whatever, failed to find ways to take care of themselves –failed to follow the Philosophy? Consider…as you head home, you get into a car crash –but the paramedics take a long time to arrive, there aren’t enough of them, because the people who wanted to do the work didn’t get the Student Loan or the education to train. When they do arrive they don’t take you to the nearest hospital, it closed its ER –to stop the hemorrhage –of red ink of those who didn’t have insurance, couldn’t pay –nor to the farthest ER either. They call the nearest doctor –who won’t/can’t answer the page, gone out of practice for lack of affordable malpractice insurance, from patients who didn’t/couldn’t pay. So the ambulance –takes you where –as you bleed to death….?

Does Iraq need world’s largest embassy and 16 new military bases? While families swim in sewage…ice caps collapse…minor fines on major mines massaged away…nation’s parks pock-marked and parceled to pals… “war” rages and rights slip-slide away… those who would crank up government and industrial military complex and red ink on country’s bank account, slip in perks and special rules –to benefit the insiders…. Yet specious arguments, religion, Bible, General in full military drag at a pulpit, video tape ‘examination’ on the declared-brain dead –extremists seated on courts –rules, laws, enmity on minorities -women and homosexuals –used on outsiders, to gain votes and checks and control. Members of Republican Party who believe in the Philosophy? Hijacked –betrayed.

Consider: you get into a dispute with a neighbor down the street. The neighbor returns: puts a bullet in your spouse’s ear. The neighbor –turns you into a convert –convinces that your religion –your culture –your values not as good as the shooter’s? But: your bullets will convince Iraqis?

There isn’t enough money or “drugs” –AKA weasel weapons, to plug all the holes –breaches in the security 'body' of this country. WHEN do members, in control and followers, stand up, demand: Actually Find Out what policies, politics –what ‘disputes’ caused the hatred that caused September 11 –and Fix those.

Thousands of Worthless airplanes stand lined up neatly to collect sand, while thousands of pieces for new ones –scattered –in Every state –so no elected representative will refuse to re-fund the Pentagon machine…. Remedy? What would it mean –if the budget cranked up to $494 BILLION –restored to sanity –to provide only for troop needs, but not for worthless weapons –cranked DOWN to $200 billion?

Remedy? Why is medical insurance sold for profit? Why are Public’s airwaves given away –yet sold to candidates? Remedy: No one will be healthy –until ALL contribute to non-profit medical insurance pool –for All.
No elected representative will represent the Common Good if they must represent the “special” interest –to get re-elected. Public’s airwaves: must be declared FREE of cost, Prime Time –to air debate, campaign material, candidate advertising. Elections for federal office must be paid by public pool –public financing of campaigns. Every child in every 4th Grade class in America: Must receive education on why voting Matters. Reality will trump perception. –This country can not afford any more Goo ‘ol boys from the back room, only the best and the brightest, telling the truth.

Republicans absolutely run government –right now. Right now: absolutely corrupt. They Must stop using Americans for insurance, bank, weapon, debt-card, retail, drug –canon fodder –canon fodder. They Must fix the systems that can/will destroy this country –Now. You need to demand they do. Is the planet heating up? Are ice caps melting? Watch “60 Minutes” CBS, tonight

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