04 February 2006

Cold Feet?

Cold weather, cold office –no office, outdoor job, poor circulation, no heat –frozen tundra –too cold, lazy, wobbly –to move frozen toesies?

Chili pepper

Shake chili pepper into boots, wear socks -thick cotton. Feet will interact, release heat from pepper, keep toes warm. –Not enough heat/extreme cold weather? Use: chili powder, finer grind. At night: sprinkle small amount into tight-weave socks; massage feet, toes to release heat.

Author: suggested above to US Army, got positive response, but no word if actual troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Seoul, etc. received. Connection to Afghanistan quake survivors, senior adult, small child, military, hiker -camper -skier? Forward above for cozy toesies.

NOTE: There must be some time, daily, when feet are NOT covered -to prevent in-grown toenails.

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