12 February 2006

Over -Under Weight? What to Eat? Pt I

Lots of people –doctors –gym owners –‘nutritionists’ –hospital owners and products –drugs –junk food joints –‘low’ fat food, drink ready and way willing to take your money, give ‘fix’ for what isn’t broken. Loads of ‘advice’ –conflict –junk –confusion. Break it down.

Start with simple question, each time: Who made it?

Food about to buy –order, ask: Nature or Man-made? Nature: does not make mistakes. Created by Nature: created to supply what your body needs (exception if your body is missing a gene/ intolerant of a specific food). Created by Man: created to deceive. That is: even if originally created by Nature, but altered –flavor and chemicals to attract, prolong shelf-life –avoid. Major clue: Packaging. Nature: built-in –i.e. skin on tomato. Man-made: cracker –needs a wrapper.

Example: flour. Flour in its original state has a hull. That hull provides a “broom” to ‘scrub’ walls of the colon as it travels out of the body. If Nature wanted hull removed: Nature would make that happen. Man removes hull = white flour –nutrition removed, so Man interferes again:
“fortified with…” Flour begins fortified –with vitamins, nutrients; if Man left it alone it wouldn’t need to be ‘fortified.’

Second question before purchase: How many steps?

Example: Green bean. Picked yesterday, offered today –in its original state = no steps: grab it! Example: Green Bean: Picked unknown time from unknown source, grown with unknown chemical enhancement/ combined with others /heated / offered in frozen state / requires second heating = too many steps away from original –nutritional value low –little value/reason to eat. Example: hull-removed wheat –cake, crust, cookies, crackers, etc. –nutritional value? Too many steps away from original; value: next to zero.

Third Question to ask: color

Why eat dye? Nature produces purple –orange, green, brown, cream, red, yellow –naturally. Eat as many colors as there are in Nature –each ‘package’ provides what your body needs –without “help” from FDA, Monsanto, DuPont, Archer Daniels Midlands –without cancer-causing dye or preservative.

Choose to Eat: what Nature provides –cooked simply, until you are full = no fat, no cancer–causing ingredients, no deductible, no medical bills, no debt, no junk, no confusion. That’s Remedy –to cancer-politics

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