25 February 2006

US Ports: Hidden Politics?

Non-American Management of US Port terminals? Do WE get to Question HIS patriotism?

WHY does Oval Office Occupant WANT this deal –what is behind it? Since NOTHING is as Expected with Occupant & Co: until Americans KNOW, Arguments against the seeming lunacy are waste of time.

–Occupant was handed a CIA Memo:
“Arabs Want to Hijack Planes, Use to Crash into Tall Buildings”
one month before they did it. –He did what.... We got: Rights stolen, Traffic light spectrum of 'terrorists are everywhere'-Bogey-man warnings, Pentagon got more money, The Rummy got un-restricted Green Light to go on “WMD hunt” with Troop-lite crew, President of Vice last employer got Fat Grasp on US Treasury and Some 'unknown' body Somewhere Got: $9 BILLION Bucks.... Mission Accomplished? Are you Safe / Safer / Better off / Healthier now?

How about his next Adventure into Compentency –Gulf states? National Weather Service, Coast Guard, Governors, several TV networks tell him: 'Big hurricane coming,' Five days before it hits, every day thereafter. Response? Oh, yah... he 'took' responsibility for failure –to even turn on a TV.... Safe / Safer/ Better off / Healthier now?

So: Foreign Management? A foreign country in charge of Port terminals? Best Indicator of Future behavior –Past behavior? So: Good Idea –Smart –Legal?

Non-stop looking for answers... turned up this:
...get out of his way

–trail and links –makes sense...of the Veto threat...? If all the political, geographical links are correct, the conclusion: far more horrific than Iraq...connects the actions before, after September 11...?

NOTE: New added links; See: new Posts at above link.

Remedy: Use your power –Send it –everywhere –your Senator, Rep, any/all media....

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  1. Thanks for the link, I only hope readers and the media will take the time to prove me wrong rather than simply dismissing me as some kind of nut.

  2. Ahmen. It feels like conclusion you laid out is correct --it's scary just reading it, it tracks; and better than my suspicion (that he/they laying path to go after Syria, or us to get hit again before Nov.).

    Did you catch Sunday morning political shows, nearly all had SAME obvious spin: occupant
    'didn't know'
    blah blah blah. I'm disappointed with Fareed on ABC. He's smarter than most, but his take only:
    'Americans are being taken as racist, even in India' for not wanting Arab country port managers. Maybe they're all too involved in dead-lines to do any thinking.... That's why I posted again on your blog: Everyone needs to send it & push mainstream media and reps to actually DO some work and LOOK.