01 March 2006

Hair Loss? What to Eat Pt IV: Beef

Hair loss –thinning –balding –bald? Loosing hair –but not from ‘chemo’ treatment? Think that’s ‘natural’ progression –believe you inherited a gene, from your mother?

Maybe. Maybe not…. Ever look at paintings, photos of people from past centuries? Not only are not all bald, not all wearing wigs.

So: ‘best’–cream –drug –herb –procedure –treatment for hair loss? You can not treat Symptoms of hair loss. You need to look for Source –cause –reason for loss. First Best place to look: what are you eating that’s eating you?

Eating beef? Beef story goes like this: in this country cattle are speed-fed grain. Translation: cattle put in pens, force-fed corn. Why? Americans’ reputation: ‘we want what we want and we want it NOW.’ Cattlemen are like that too. If cows are restricted from moving around, they fatten quickly, slaughtered quickly, turn into cash fast. But on the way: cows are allergic to “grain” it makes them sick; then given antibiotics to “cure” them which makes them weak which gets them hormones, steroids, other drugs –chemicals. When they get to slaughter house: those chaps also in a hurry. Changes? When thousands died from eating beef laced with E. coli, written about in famous book, published in 1906, Americans were outraged and demanded changes. Congress held extensive hearings on those practices. Response? So they butcher in ways that haven’t changed since their practices turn of last century. No finer lobbyist group than those that represent beef industry.

Proof? Recall the children who died from eating McDonald’s burgers, 1980s? The main changes: speed-feeding cattle –with toxins. –How else did you think fast-made cheap food joints –could Afford to sell burgers for a buck and still make a profit? If you have noticed hair loss –diagnosed with immunity to antibiotics –male ‘pattern balding’ –watching hair brush with trepidation, concern about heart –breast –prostate, consider:

Remedy –If you absolutely positively HAVE to eat beef
1. Buy beef raised naturally: cattle allowed to roam, grazed grass only
2. No hormones, no drugs, no steroids, no chemicals added
3. Best quality possible: “grass-finished” –few weeks before slaughter, not
4. Cut consumption to twice a month; at most: once a week
5. Size? Heard about the tradition of teams playing in the Rose Bowl eating Lawry's Prime Rib plate-sized beef the week of the big game so –Bigger is better? Look at your palm: a piece that will fit inside palm of your hand is all the protein needed –more is worse.
6. Eating a junk burger once or so a year won’t kill your body, but when that stuff is consumed ALL of its ingredients are unknown; at least: do not allow small children to eat it, their body is highly sensitive, that’s why toddler’s died of E. coli-laced beef that did not kill parents.

That’s connection: politicians need money to run election campaigns. Beef industry “needs” no snooping inspectors, changes, oversight or rigid laws; happy to help politicians who help them. Latest “help” –pumping gas into beef for ‘eye-appeal’ then stretch-wrapping old product. You pay.

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