14 March 2006

McCain Able?

Does Senator John want to be “President McCain? No. Yes. No. Maybe.... He entered a ‘who should be president’ contest, in Tennessee. What do people think of Senator McCain? Reporters like to call him “maverick.” Some people call him “manic – depressive.” Some people admire him because occasionally he –names a “dog” a “dog.”

How did he run? Well, he's no James Garner. He ran “Stockholm Syndrome” campaign. Does he want to be president? He told voters: “Not to vote (for him)” but to vote for person who can not be elected, can not run –current Oval Office occupant, who is termed out. Does he want to be president? Why the fake ‘humility’? He’s a LOT like the woman with a shiner who says: I got the black eye by walking into a door’ –instead of naming her abuser. McCain got beat up –by the Occupant. –Beat dirty –as vicious a beating as it gets in politics. McCain’s response? Denial. He “forgives” his abuser –like a kidnapped victim identifies with kidnapper. How the Hell believe his head anchored well enough –not to swivel like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”? WHY enter contest –why pander to voters –tell them to give away their vote to a candidate who can’t run? Can America, world afford –his kind of ‘vision’ while he debates appointments –decisions –direction long after inauguration?

In case you’re thinking McCain is able –please function With Memory: before McCain was into Campaign Reform kindly remember –he was into Treasury for $100 Billion bucks –to help bank pal Lincoln Savings & “Loan.” McCain was part of Keating Five –that got ‘special’ rules –which got us debt, big time. Ya, he apologized –while Americans pushed over their taxes to bail them out. –He was “sorry”??? Ninety five others did Not ask/get special treatment for constituents. –His WHOLE record Counts.

Remedy: Have to get Intervention going in Tennessee –pronto.

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