14 March 2006

Frist --First???

Hey –People of Tennessee: After deep deliberation, careful consideration –“decided” –best BEST person to lead the country –Billy Frist??? –You just Love “Leader” of the Senate Billy Frist –for President??? These are hard times, you all claim you love the country –Prove you Really care: –We all could use a giggle –do share. Tell the rest of us –brand –form –label –joy juice you people taking? –WHAT Are you people on?

Which part of Frist made you choose him in your straw poll? The part where he goes to the back door, gets the day’s orders –then passes to the next guy –“leads” the bucket line –carrying out Occupant’s bidding –any /all /Whatever things he wants? —With delivery speed to make Dominoes drivers weep with envy? Which part of that: leadership? Course, he did swear, before G— and everybody, that he’d do his job and look out for a different crowd, American people, but hey, DC is a busy place, maybe he got confused on obligation, priorities, Constitution –hey, stuff happens, right?

No —Not your favorite part? Oh, well maybe you voted on his business acumen? –His ability to buy low –stock in his family’s business –and sell while it still had value –three weeks before it crashed? Well that does show he could help with the gapping maw that used to be the US Treasury –but he be passing stock tips to carpenters, pipe-fitters, fruit pickers –middle class –all of us –or just for his family, inner circle and the Cabinet? Well that won’t help rest of us get ahead much, and the SEC not amused.

But well, what good is obscene amount of cash anyway –if you haven’t got health, so maybe you chose him cuz you admire skill-set of his last job –“doctoring”? –Ability to diagnose –from video tape? –From over 1,000 miles away, woman in Florida. His diagnosis? Senate called back to DC to emergency “vote” –‘Functional’ ‘responding’ –fine with him, the right thing for her to keep on living, on tubes. –Women in US do need to have their body ‘looked after’ by men folk. Unlucky for him: coroner determined the woman’s brain was ¾ gone –“never going to regain meaningful life” –her responses “involuntary movement, not to commands.” Oh well, not his problem –but maybe yours if you don’t want kept alive in vegetative state –and he’s in the presidency….

Remedy: we have GOT to get Tennesseans off the booze. Remedy: If you haven’t got it stashed –start saving –millions –in case he’s actually nominated and elected. He’d be expecting Everybody pay their own way, hooked up to tubes, except of course criminals —it’s OK to fry them, and at home —birth’n those babies….

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