17 March 2006


--vicious evil thugs...spied...then disabled computer, prevented Posting (this is 5th attempt). Which made a question pop up:

Google -Yahoo -MS, the others crawl websites --have tech ability to see --well enough to determine if a site belongs in "Safe" or in "Filter" and well enough to rank, etc. Why can't the spiders that crawl websites crawl for spyware -adware -other malicious invasive code NO ONE wants and then if such code is found: Keep such websites from appearing in engines --why not reject entire listing?

Corporations use spyware -hire webmasters that embed it, but do NOT have a Right to spy on any one. Neither do corporations have a Right to plead 'ignorance' that such malicious invasive stinking code is used. They well know it --they pay for it. Right now: We are livid that government is spying on Americans. WHY should corporations get a pass to do the same thing? Benefit? Government "theoretically" wants to catch potential violent people. Corporations want to 'catch' money.


Remedy: Contact search engines you use > Demand engines reject any website that contains spy or malicious code.

Remedy: Check your TOOLS menu
unsigned Active X controls has not accidentally been enabled > EACH time you log on.

Don't let any gremlins get ya! Happy St. Patty's Day to you and yours!

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