11 March 2006


How did those wily coyotes that control Congress look after your money? Working families on Food Stamps, students needing Student Loan for college? –People at the very top –the 99.99th percentile? Income gain: 181 percent, between 1972 and 2001. Analysis of income-tax returns: top 1 percent of households own almost twice as much of the nation's corporate wealth as they did 15 years ago.

Did you watch your money sail away –Up up up in the sky –searching for –whatever…on some other planet…yup, a total Priority what the boring stuff facing them: a way to repay vast bloody pool of debt…. What else did they do with your money besides throw vast chunks at space geeks while Occupant jets around, playing bagman for his causes but not yours?

What else did they do? They gave themselves a raise in 2000. How much? Not your business. But: whatever it was, it wasn’t enough so they got another one in 2001. It was also inadequate in 2002 so they got together to vote –another raise. What amount –on top of what salary, you’re asking? You’re nosy, quit asking. And anyway just because staff, office, postage, supplies, travel, gym, meals, phone, fax, car, driver and gas, parking, etc. paid for, doesn’t mean it was enough, what with their life-time pension, their discounted medical insurance, their perks –cuz it wasn’t, clearly –So they did it again, voted a raise, 2003. Things were tough in 2004, remember? Congress did too, so they got –yup, another raise that year. In 2005 cost of living just rose up and up and Congressional salaries rode the wave. In case things don’t get better in 2006, they prepared –with cost-of-living raise.

Did you get six raises in six years? How much –did they get? Ask your Senator. Maybe your Rep. in the House will tell you, if you ask nicely…it’s ‘private.’ If you get answer: Please come back and post it here, Lots are curious. Dead silence –No reply after say, eight days? Don’t take it personally, it’s a mystery to reporters, non-family members all over America. –Waitress who delivers your pancakes, millions at Federal minimum wage? Stagnate at $5.15 per hour. Congress doesn't have a problem -with other people living on $10,000. a year....

While the people who asked –got—your vote to represent you voted –to prevent you from suing those who make faulty guns, food deceptively laced with lard –makers of pills that will kill –trucks pretending to be cars, that roll –makers of toxins –new bankruptcy laws on those with no medical insurance, and took rights –states’ National Guard and shipped out of the nation to take away rights of other nation’s, so was it good –for you?

After working –one –two –three –four decades, at the end of a work day your employer decided to change the rules –to enrich ‘management’ and CEO –un-funded your pension or used it to help the company’s bottom or plain stole it. Punishment of those who stole pensions? –Consequences –enforcement –new laws? Nope, too busy penciling in pork on midnight raids on bills already passed –and asking those employers for donations –to get re-elected.

They are super patriots –who super-sized federal government –and its reach; gave desperately needed break on taxes to the desperately wealthy –while you, for the troops –right? stuck you with the tab –for their salaries –for schools, roads, bridges, infrastructure, bloated contracts, worthless weapons, flimsy jeeps, wars –and funerals Occupant never attends. Your pension –your welfare –your health –your raise –your medical insurance –your right to clean water, air, secure ports, toxic-free environment –your ability to pursue happiness? Not on the agenda –if you’re not part of the top 1%. After all: You, millions of Americans voted for the people who believe in self-reliance –and they’re just doing their thing, relying on you to fund them.

What now? A light heart, good night’s sleep? –with pit-of-the-stomach fear –pension, rights disappear while phone –wire –e-mail taps appear –with no judge watching, only cameras on every corner –prevent Nothing.

As the Occupant uses fear –of the Bogie Man he created, to grab power, money –rights –your pension –your job...to aide his pals, mega-corporations and international investors and rewards inept cronies and donors with agencies, departments, embassies, ports, contracts to drill nation’s parks –as the 99.99% others are free to go with the sewage flow…debt…pension destruction…. While the President of Vice with a bad heart awards/rewards his last employer with by-pass contracts that by-passed federal scrutiny, over-sight, competitive bidding, conflict of interest laws to serve up ice cream and cake, war side and laundry at $100. bucks un-washed pound…contractors who beat America’s reputation into the sand. –Those you voted to represent you –told to go pound sand.

What now? Unless you got working model Time Machine stashed away –you can not get Back the loyalty, the effort, the work, the hours –time that you put into your employer’s business. You need to realize: no one can abuse you without your Permission.

No one can abuse you without your Permission: Millions of Americans –gave one Party Permission –to run amok, to abuse power, to engorge corporations and nation’s wealthiest –and left you to pick up the tab. Realize: you are the CEO –of your own business. You need to use your power to demand those who got your vote need to reward YOU –with your rights –your pension –your security –and accountability of corporations that stole pensions, vast inept agencies that soak up money, leave Americans to twist in the wind, float in sewage.

What now? Realize: no bauble, no tech toy, no new clothing going to make you happy or safe. Put away the plastic debt cards. You need two-part action plan: yourself, your neighborhood –offense, defense.

-Squirrel away cash –at least $200. in small bills, always easily accessible in fire –wind –snow –tornado –earthquake –hurricane –mud –flood emergency.
-Notepad, pencil: for a week write down things you use –water, food, gas, heat, personal care, etc. Use list to assemble everything you and your family will need to survive –independently, for one week minimum. Include First Aide kit and some of the new tiny ‘blankets’ that come in a 3” pouch; no battery flashlite; solar radio; map; assemble another First Aide kit to store in car trunk; $20. worth of rolls of quarters; batteries. Write date of purchase on perishables and replace those consumed during the year, so they aren’t sitting for years going bad.

-Knock on apartment –house next door –yes, you really can, and ask if they would like to sit down and discuss plan of action for disaster, emergency with everyone in your building –on your block. Call fire chief, police chief, city representative: ask for their Plan and for advice. Make a plan, write it down, exchange phone numbers; consider practicing the plan.

-Next Post Office trip: pick up Voter Registration forms –keep them with you, hand out to everyone. The Occupant is going to “administer” government for three more years –but YOUR representative in that government, in the House, the Senate is going to come around in November, asking for permission –to abuse you some more?

The Occupant can do sly things, but he can not Cause money to go from your pocket into his pet projects –into bloated government without your Representative’s help. –Even if you are on Food Stamps, the people who represent you are on Your Board of Directors. –They can do Nothing without Your permission. If they failed to Balance the books –pluck the stranded –protect your pension –preserve your rights, infrastructure, Gulf states –then punish them. Don’t give those people the thing even Bill Gates can’t buy: your permission –your vote.

-There Must be Balance to power. All three branches of government can NOT be under one Party’s control –unless You won’t mind floating in sewage, hungry, thirsty for days.

-A new person who asks for your vote –asks to represent you: Make it Clear –the terms in which you will let them be on the Board of your business. Payment into government pot –by ALL; balance the budget, don’t trash money –bridges to nowhere –big holes –worthless weapons, lingerie, porn, dinners instead of office supplies for Pentagon.

-If Blood and Treasure are going to be used to export democracy around the world: between now and November, once a month find at least one child, 8 to 12 years of age, to explain being a citizen of this country –rights, privileges –importance of government, of voting. You have inherited responsibility of continuation of this amazing experiment of democracy. If you don’t pass on the legacy, this country will fail –with your permission, your indifference. Next time you’re at the coffee shop: $5. pancakes? Leave at least 25% tip, $1.25 –at least until ALL ‘boats rise’ with the tide of change in Congress.

NOTE: If you are American ask your Representative in the House, Senate: amount of last raise, current salary. –If you do not receive reply at end of eight days –Come back and post under “COMMENT” name of reps you asked, your state. Help all of us get a snapshot of Congress.

"Money is mother's milk to politicians. Without it they can't survive."

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