14 March 2006

–George? Halloo Gracie…Allen?

–Person Over You? Senator George –did a good turn –gave Americans a good giggle over the week-end: he told people he wants to be the prez! Hehehehehehehohoho.

His “qualifications”? Of any 100 items current occupant wanted: Senator George agreed –96 times –or: voting record with the occupant 96%.

Asking Why –this country attacked –Americans’ rights restricted -wire tapping without court over-sight –agencies utterly incompetent –contracts handed out without following law –cameras that prevent nothing appear everywhere –hundreds held without any country's rights or trial dates –nobody in management, Pentagon or Defense held accountable for ANY THING –troops dying without Specific mission –it’s OK to drain Treasury with no plan to restore? Not on George’s radar.

So if you like Nation’s Guard shipped out of the nation, without adequate supplies, training or end-date, midnight raids on the Budget, CIA –FEMA –FBI –security agencies that secure employees’ jobs but no actual security for country – every thing just the way it is, you're just set, got your candidate for 2008.

Remedy –for the rest of us: could you please wear a T shirt declaring your love of George Allen so the rest of us could give you wide space whenever you appear in public, in case you leave your aluminum hat home. –It’s only fair warning.

Republicans on sparkle juice –Remedy: start looking, investigating –candidates who have actual skills –economic –legal –accounting –science –diplomacy –union negotiating –any Real skills, in the Democratic –Green and Independent Party. We Way can not afford any more Most Height, Best Hair or Supreme Drinker candidates –to decide the hard questions, apply sharp pencil to this mess.

People murdered in Iraq today: 87

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