29 March 2006

Illegals –Bigotry? –Solutions?

The thousands–illegals?–who have demonstrated past few days: demand “dignity” –and citizenship(?) for 9 -10 -11 -13 million? –How many have entered the country illegally? If you know how many illegals: please tell the rest of us, we’re clueless, government doesn't 'do' illegals. So what now? Bigger ‘better’ fence? Hilarious –when they build tunnels.

Congress has muddied the issues on illegals and on proposed resolutions. If you were ‘ruler of the universe’ what would you decide about illegals?

Real Remedy: Stop the Source. President of Mexico LOVES the dollars that pour in, he doesn't have to do a thing to make his country better: All the rewards, benefits, no consequences; no new jobs; no new fair tax laws; no crack-down on corrupt law enforcement. He loves the dollars so much: his sole 'contribution' to produce instruction pamphlet -how to illegally cross "safely."

Canada and US leaders MUST demand Mexico step UP; improve country for Mexican citizens so they will have no need to leave to get a better life.

Canada, US and Mexico:
-MUST negotiate Real terms (of NAFTA?) so that all three strengthened
-Mexican income tax structure: cut;
-Raise standard of living;
-Improve intra-trade;
-Penalize predatory corporations i.e., corporations may not do any negative impact that they can’t/won’t allowed do in US & Canada such as dump toxins in waterways, abuse employees, hire children, etc.
-Repair, restore infrastructure

Meanwhile: The thief who stole $68 (–$70? ) million belonging to American Indians and stole unknown millions from Americans’ US Treasury, in collusion with elected members of Congress, gets “justice” of puny six year sentence, while any ordinary robber who steals a few thousand from an insured bank gets twice that sentence –more if he’s black. If the ‘justice’ system can make distinctions, then supposing we, American citizens, make distinction of those who are here illegally.

To illegals: Suppose granted US citizenship, you're twenty-something illegals and say, in ten –fifteen years, will be late 30s -early 40s, earning say $15. to $35. dollars an hour and then ten million new people enter the country illegally, from, say some destitute Asian or African country. –Willing to work ‘cheap’ –depress wages and flood so many areas they bankrupt communities. What would you current illegals say, do? –Would you current illegals be willing to have wages slashed, back to $7. to $12.? –Learn another language –pay increased taxes to support services, schools for the new illegals? –Amnesty –enforcement of laws on the new illegals? –Demand all of us absorb them? When repeated again ten years later, you're at retirement age, then what? Want to have your income go not for your pension but into higher taxes to support those illegals? Where does it end?

Real remedies? Ignore emotion, politics, angry protests, demands and consider:
-English declared language of US; no other language by police, vote-related, 911 or public schools (non-English speaking students: three-month intense English class before enrollment).

-Enact legislation that makes distinction: elderly, agriculture, general, criminal.

-Any/All who entered the US between January 1, 1985 to December 31, 2005 and is not now a citizen: must register
-Anyone born in US of non-citizen during that period: No automatic citizenship –same as European laws; all considered illegal/ citizenship or deportation, but NOT a legal citizen because of birth while in the US

-Above age 66, without charge of criminal record, abuse or fraud: deemed neutral
-Allowed to remain if: proof of financial independence (pension, Social Security, savings, other form of financial income) and proof of Catastrophic Medical insurance, presented annually
-Exemption from financial requirement if: sole care-taker to minor child

-If proof of consistent employment: allowed to stay, may apply for citizenship(–seasonal, free-lance, independent contractor employment accepted case-by-case)

Agricultural crop/farm-related:
-Farm owner not using pesticide, herbicide, toxins of any type on the property: allowed into a unique program
-Must write a unique letter, notarized; sent directly to a federal dept., every twelve months, affriming 'Mr./Ms. X employed, working on agricultural-related farm' (no risk of falsification, worker never has control or sees)
-Must enter monies into self-insured like pool: cost of catastrophic illness for each worker;
-Share / split with worker: cost of preventative health methods, contracted with local hospital, clinic and local physician; annual check-up
-Housing: each worker to have shelter that can withstand wind, water, rain, cold; cost: shared by parties, case-by-case, with new construction to allow for owner/ farmer to add additional amount to recoup cost, in addition to any mortgage

Ag Worker:
-Mr./Ms. X enrolled in unique status for such work
-Allowed to apply for Driver’s License, renewable annually upon verification of reference letter and on-sight visit by state DMV;
-Exempt: from state, federal income tax
-After five years: allowed to enter front of citizenship line, provided continuously employed in farm work; not been accused of any felony, nor responsible
for any child accused of a felony; conviction of either of a felony: worker forfeits tax-exempt status, looses driver license and gets citizenship application clock ‘re-set’ to back of the line or deported, along with parents, spouse and children

Criminal, Gang member:
-Parent(s), spouse and any children of such: –all deported upon verification and/or sixty days after any arrest
-Confirmation via: conviction; criminal record, lack of employment record, tattoo insignia, video tape, testimonials, police in-put, other means; same for anyone on parole

-While citizenship pending: all must pay an annual fee, non-refundable, to cover cost of application

E-mail this to your representatives in DC –they need to hear from you.


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