25 March 2006

Illegal Immigration --Bigot?

Immigrants… illegal immigrants… illegal Hispanic workers. Congress –after swiping rights, invasion nightmare, opening nation’s parks for pals, shutting court suits for other pals, handing Treasury to “contractors” and drug makers; ‘leadership’ –lobbyist, travel, gifts -spy -CIA -FBI scandals; New Orleans incompetence, FEMA failures, Medi-Care failures; failure to secure ports, airports or balanced budget and “terrorism” not ‘working’ for them any more; watching their image and poll numbers crashing –is now working on a bill –dealing with illegal migrants. They hope it will shore up campaign contributions, quell roused angry Americans, get majority Party members re-elected. Most of the people entering the US illegally come from Mexico. –If you support immigration restriction –does that mean you are biased against Mexicans? A bigot?

Right now: we don’t have real Clue One –why administration invaded Iraq, the mission, the goal –why Iraqis don’t have water, electricity or security –why Iraqis and Americans are dying –what the hell we’re doing there. –We can’t do squat about Iraq, for now, so for ‘relief’: we crab about ‘illegals’ –those pouring over the border, buying our cast-off cars, getting fake ID, using our services, going to our schools, hospitals….

We used to call them: “illegal aliens” –European or wealthy: “émigré” –a slew of unprintable versions, those who came to America. People from Mexico, Central America say: “undocumented” workers –making distinction ‘with’ or without proper entrance documents, shifting focus from the person to the ‘paper.’ But once: those who wanted to enter the US had to get in line, ‘quota’ line –just so many allowed from each country; had to wait for their number to come up to enter and apply for US citizenship. Some waited decades –unless a great ballet dancer –singer –famous writer –had tons of money –or rowed over from Cuba. –Those got at the ‘front’ of the line; numerous administrations enjoyed ‘lifting velvet rope’ on Cubans, especially if they were joining family in Florida, to annoy Castro, supposedly, and to: add to Republican Party voter rolls.

Then Congress, in its infinite wooden-headedness, eliminated quotas –threw the doors wide open –unless an entrant had infectious disease or Serious crime rap sheet, any body /every body allowed. So –Vietnamese, Iranians, Filipinos, Pakistanis, Guatemalans, Samoans –everybody from everywhere showed up.

But some crossed into the country with ‘help’ from paid ‘coyotes’ –paid to smuggle humans, which is a crime, so prosecuting those that are caught –makes you a ‘law & order’ righteous kind of person? Or –because they come from Mexico, prejudiced? –Or “post 9-11” kind of person as Karl, the wonder-genius aide to Occupant, is trying to frame it – not a bigot, but “concerned” about terrorists?

If you want Congress to ‘get serious’ about ‘porous’ border, do Serious things about illegals –if you support those ‘free-lancers’ standing along US – Mexico border, with binoculars and shotguns watching people cross the border –are you a bigot? What is solution for illegal immigration? People in Congress, trying to make everyone ‘happy’ never say the hard truths:

-Americans have a right and a need to know –who is in the country
‘Counted Noses’–long before “illegals” pushed Iraq war off front pages–every ten years, for good reasons. Founding Father authors thought it was important, so important they wrote ‘take head count’ into the Constitution.

-Big and Small Biz thrilled: Central, South Americans work cheap –cheaper than Americans. Big Biz: big donors to re-election campaigns

-Americans –Don’t want to clean up messes, do “add fries with that?” –wash the dishes, lift the bales, bend at the waist 8 -10 hours a day, in hot sun, for Minimum Wage

-How many –named to high-profile position, had to decline -resign because of employing an illegal immigrant?

-Every person in the US –here because once upon a time: a relative was an immigrant. –Everybody came here from somewhere else, including ‘native’ Indians

-‘Illegals’ pay into the system –Social Security—from which they will not benefit, won’t collect –yet supporting today’s pensioners

-No group –legal or illegal, has a Right to force majority to speak their language –provide materials, teachers, police that speak any language other than English

-No group has Right –to force a community to uniquely accommodate a specific group –use Eminent Domain to take historical properties or homeowners’ property to build schools to accommodate them in situ

-No business has a Right to abuse employees –legal or illegal residents; force them to accept dangerous work conditions, less than market rate wage, toxins, toxic workplace

-Without new people who came before: we could not have built the country into prosperous democratic thriving entity it is now.

People from Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, Honduras –come here for the same reasons your relatives came. But –how do they live –how is it possible to earn Minimum Wage and live in such a wealthy country? Young men live together –four, five, even seven or more live in basements, garages, trailers, one bedroom apartments. Not uncommon: two families to share an apartment, mattresses lined up in every room. ‘How can people live that way’ –you’re saying? Why are you asking –that is exactly how most Americans’ relatives lived between 1840 and 1926. Your great grandparents –and their children, worked 16 -18-hour days, in conditions we consider utterly unacceptable today, until they acquired enough skills and money to rise out of slums –mines –pits –sweatshops. –While facing rampant bigotry of “No Irish Need Apply” and ‘No Jews –No Italians –No Poles Wanted Here’ signs. People who were black didn’t need to read anything to know the rules.

So what is Mexican family life like? ‘Stranger’ moves into the neighborhood –the block –the building, Everyone is included: invited; grandparents and little children celebrate together, with the teens and the parents. Mothers, who aren’t sitting in their child’s classroom all day, wait outside the gate and walk their children home from school. Few things are more important to Hispanic parents than: education. Using crystal meth? White suburban -urban youth –Hispanics don’t use drugs. No child who gets pregnant –left behind, tossed out or shunned; abortion: unacceptable, to nearly all Hispanics. –Really, really need to squeeze into next lane –pull out of an alley? The driver who just let you cut in line –most likely Hispanic. Break down at an intersection –got a flat tire? Hispanics will pull over, jump out and help you. They know what it is to be stranded –help each other and everyone else.

-Taking Welfare? Nearly every state: proof of citizenship required before even accepting application. California, other states, fingerprint recipients, match & cross-check for fraud. To get Welfare benefits: applicant must enroll in Jobs Prep class; show up late, miss a class: loose Welfare. Don't get a job by class end: must repeat the class until job found. Yup, case workers know when they are looking at fake Social Security cards, documents. Many states have copied California’s requirement: notarized Birth Certificate required to apply for Driver’s License.

But Americans object to illegals getting free medical ER services? Documented studies: those who use ER for health care –Hispanics equal only 20%. –Largest group using hospital ER services? White middle -working class –who don’t have medical insurance –or a primary care physician, so they go to ER sicker, costing far more to treat acute illness rather than preventative medicine.

So: if you don’t want people with those family values pouring into the country –does that make you a bigot? Maybe –or maybe: you had help becoming a “bigot.”

When Iranians, after Shah was exiled, rocketed out of Iran and, estimated 500,000 to 750,000, arrived in US all at same time –shop signs in Farsi –voter pamphlets in Arabic characters? On arriving in this country –your Italian –Polish –Greek –Swedish relatives demanded –police, firefighters, voting materials, signs –in their native language? Nope, Nope –and Nope.

Hispanics are the sole ethnic group to come to this country and demand that we, Americans, accommodate them. In this country, famously, anybody can sue anybody for anything, but core issue Congress members and community leaders don’t talk about: Hispanic community leaders went into court and convinced a foolish, stupid stupid judge to make a stupid stupid ruling. Decision: If an ethnic group constitutes 10% of US population a judge “deemed” it correct –entitled to have voter registration, police –government –teachers –all parts of American society –accommodate them –in native language –Spanish. No other ethnic group in US history demanded that the majority accommodate, conform to a minority’s language.

When materials began appearing in Spanish: Thai immigrants said ‘Hey, we want voter materials in our native language –print or we will sue –for discrimination.’ Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, India –nearly every ethnic group, also demanded. Communities had no choice –acquiesce –to groups that threatened suit –or face bankruptcy.

Americans, across all lines, share two traits: we believe in fairness and we root for the underdog. We delight in the international visitor who attempts to speak English while visiting. We don’t see fairness, not amused at seeing rows of shops with unintelligible signs.

But now: English signs, 911, voter pamphlets, police –followed by Spanish? Followed by: seven+ languages. What does that do to a society –that can not speak in one language? Is it bigotry –not wanting people to walk over the border, or is it unspoken resentment –that after arriving here, Hispanics demanded we accommodate them –thereby fracturing our culture? If seven accommodated –isn’t that bias, bigotry against the French, Greek, Italian, Serb, Russian et al immigrants –not also included?

Some of the finest advice ever heard came out of art school: to come up with a solution first take it to an extreme, then come back to reality in increments. Take Hispanic language issue to extreme: every ethnic group demands their language be accommodated –ten –twenty –one hundred thirty-seven languages spoken, written here: There will be no more here here. We will not have a shared history, community –police department –ability to speak to each other without translators, messengers trying to keep the peace.

Enter the country illegally and work without proper documents –solution? –Really want one? Sure? You sure can use your power –Demand Congress build a bigger fence –no more over the border. –Penalize employers of illegal workers. But: will that resolve? What is the goal? Break it down. Hispanics risk much to come to this country –because there is no work at home.

–So Remedy?
Native Mexicans survive –on empty calories. If manufacturers were Forced to add nutrients –$.02 worth, to every batch of tortilla –Mexicans would thrive, grow up healthy, strong –prosper –able to think –solve their country’s problems? Now: they refuse to add, fearful competition will not add, get priced out by desperately poor who won’t, can’t pay if cheaper tortilla is available.

So, bleeding-heart –right-winger –middle American, if your goal is to stop border hemorrhage: get ready. Start practicing –bend over, pick up your own berries, vegetables. –Wash your own car, tend the lawn, the weeds, the tree-tops; change your own sheets, vacuum the floors, build the new house, patio yourself –or expect to pay market rate. Hotel? –Separate charge for room-clean –every part, with separate charge? How many times will you be eating in restaurants –when the bill goes double, triple? –There isn’t a professional kitchen in the US without Hispanics –at the stove, dishwasher, prep table. Who will make up missing difference in Social Security pool?

Person occupying Oval Office gets it. He got Congress to make a special law –just for New Orleans: Minimum Wage rolled back –for pals doing reconstruction. But that’s just “temporary” –right? If your salary rolled back –you’d be OK with that? Consequences…Republicans….

The obvious is obviously wrong. You can’t have it both ways. Maybe instead of a canon to kill a flea, We declare, make law:

-Language of the US: “English”
-Follow Europe: child born in the country of non-citizen, Also NOT a citizen; roll back –those born of non-citizen parents in past sixteen years –not US citizen; require all to apply for citizenship
-Enable immigration for temporary jobs –temporary stay, temporary Driver’s License

–No child allowed to graduate grade school until read, write fluently
-No worker hired permanently: unless English-fluent
-Government employees –speak one language only
-Top-most shop sign –English
-Voter materials, firefighters, 911, police, teachers –one language only –English
-Enable people to do the jobs existing workers don’t want to do; allow temporary workers to go home, return
-No English: no vote, no job, no parole, no graduation. –If Greeks could do it, so can everyone else.

-Everyone already here: Must be a citizen or must file application to become citizen –show proof of application or leave. Demand Administration: immediately begin working with Central American countries to strengthen those economies.

Then get ready to do your own work –or: get ready to pay market rate.
–You want the service –clothing sewn, roof repaired, sheets changed, sod laid, cars assembled, coal mined, houses built –and you’re prepared to pay market rate: Congress should be helping you. You want the skills, the service –but pay ‘illegals’ rate? –Take less because they are here ‘illegally’? Americans’ wrath should be directed at you, the cheat, the thief –the bigot. –You don’t live on $10,000. a year, why should anyone else? Pandering…grandstanding Congress…consequences….

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  1. Confused6:30 PM

    I must admit that I was eager to read your post on illegal immigration. As I read, I found myself trying to decode your opinion on the matter. You state that we should all speak English and then say bend over and pick the veggies ourselves. I am not trying to be combative, I just wondered if you would mind clarifying your position. Are you pro illegal immigration or not? Thanks!

  2. I welcome your comments, don't mind 'combative' (--with opinion sort of goes with the territory) and my pleasure to clarify. [In case you don't know: webhost has had a problem; virtual virus in IE and major storm in real life so unable to post until now.]

    Each lists 'benefits,' tries to justify position, says the 'other'
    is wrong. I'm saying each of them: doesn't know the others, has no empathy, is part wrong.
    "Remedy" each seeks: will resolve nothing.

    -Hispanic people who entered country illegally: cite benefits they provide as justification for entering, using services, getting citizenship –and labels Anglos
    "bigots" for not accepting 'terms' of an unwritten contract.
    -'Anglos' –aka citizens, began enjoying getting janitors, dishwashers, then all categories of workers, at bargain price; agri biz can't survive without Hispanic immigrants to pick crops. We didn't ask, didn't care why they worked cheap –till the price: ERs hemorrhaging money; business, 911, police speaking foreign language; landmarks torn down to build schools; cities making laws about things we all took for granted; insurance co's taking advantage of every segment, i.e., auto coverage cost soared. So many entered so fast communities could not absorb, adapt.

    Americans don't know anything (my opinion) about how hard workers' lives, but stunned at the cost -illegal labor no longer ‘bargain.’ Now that they know price, 71% want a ‘do-over’ -go back to enforcing laws, but they aren't looking at Whole Map –who will do the jobs we don't want to do?

    -"Leader" of a religion inserts himself into legal issue, declares position –defy laws, demands how other peoples' money be spent –Americans "bigots" if won't spend, won't enable citizenship –no consequences to him or his 'religious' institution. Why? He is speaking to his ‘market’ –he stands to gain, big time. Actually: no ‘down side’ for him (Mahoney), he figures poor, minority will make plenty of contributions –every Sunday; he can't loose. No one has criticized him.
    -Occupant: doesn't care how hard any body's life is; appears to like Hispanics, they don't put him down, over middle -working class doesn't give a damn about
    = bigot. Believes in pay-back--his biggest donors, Monsanto, Archer Daniel Midlands, et al need labor, cheap. So he pretends to care: ‘let some in, temporary, work the fields, then get out.’ Benefits whom?
    -Republican Party: ‘law & order’ boys now hammered for not dealing with issue at all. Why would they: they don't care about Democrats, poor, doing right or real solutions; they want Both –core supporters and immigrants –all votes in November.

    Each of which gets us: nowhere. So? Let the 10 million have their way –citizenship? –depress wages further, strain local budgets, more underground economy? Solutions? Continued…see new Post