29 March 2006

Illegals –Bigotry? –Solutions?

The thousands–illegals?–who have demonstrated past few days: demand “dignity” –and citizenship(?) for 9 -10 -11 -13 million? –How many have entered the country illegally? If you know how many illegals: please tell the rest of us, we’re clueless, government doesn't 'do' illegals. So what now? Bigger ‘better’ fence? Hilarious –when they build tunnels.

Congress has muddied the issues on illegals and on proposed resolutions. If you were ‘ruler of the universe’ what would you decide about illegals?

Real Remedy: Stop the Source. President of Mexico LOVES the dollars that pour in, he doesn't have to do a thing to make his country better: All the rewards, benefits, no consequences; no new jobs; no new fair tax laws; no crack-down on corrupt law enforcement. He loves the dollars so much: his sole 'contribution' to produce instruction pamphlet -how to illegally cross "safely."

Canada and US leaders MUST demand Mexico step UP; improve country for Mexican citizens so they will have no need to leave to get a better life.

Canada, US and Mexico:
-MUST negotiate Real terms (of NAFTA?) so that all three strengthened
-Mexican income tax structure: cut;
-Raise standard of living;
-Improve intra-trade;
-Penalize predatory corporations i.e., corporations may not do any negative impact that they can’t/won’t allowed do in US & Canada such as dump toxins in waterways, abuse employees, hire children, etc.
-Repair, restore infrastructure

Meanwhile: The thief who stole $68 (–$70? ) million belonging to American Indians and stole unknown millions from Americans’ US Treasury, in collusion with elected members of Congress, gets “justice” of puny six year sentence, while any ordinary robber who steals a few thousand from an insured bank gets twice that sentence –more if he’s black. If the ‘justice’ system can make distinctions, then supposing we, American citizens, make distinction of those who are here illegally.

To illegals: Suppose granted US citizenship, you're twenty-something illegals and say, in ten –fifteen years, will be late 30s -early 40s, earning say $15. to $35. dollars an hour and then ten million new people enter the country illegally, from, say some destitute Asian or African country. –Willing to work ‘cheap’ –depress wages and flood so many areas they bankrupt communities. What would you current illegals say, do? –Would you current illegals be willing to have wages slashed, back to $7. to $12.? –Learn another language –pay increased taxes to support services, schools for the new illegals? –Amnesty –enforcement of laws on the new illegals? –Demand all of us absorb them? When repeated again ten years later, you're at retirement age, then what? Want to have your income go not for your pension but into higher taxes to support those illegals? Where does it end?

Real remedies? Ignore emotion, politics, angry protests, demands and consider:
-English declared language of US; no other language by police, vote-related, 911 or public schools (non-English speaking students: three-month intense English class before enrollment).

-Enact legislation that makes distinction: elderly, agriculture, general, criminal.

-Any/All who entered the US between January 1, 1985 to December 31, 2005 and is not now a citizen: must register
-Anyone born in US of non-citizen during that period: No automatic citizenship –same as European laws; all considered illegal/ citizenship or deportation, but NOT a legal citizen because of birth while in the US

-Above age 66, without charge of criminal record, abuse or fraud: deemed neutral
-Allowed to remain if: proof of financial independence (pension, Social Security, savings, other form of financial income) and proof of Catastrophic Medical insurance, presented annually
-Exemption from financial requirement if: sole care-taker to minor child

-If proof of consistent employment: allowed to stay, may apply for citizenship(–seasonal, free-lance, independent contractor employment accepted case-by-case)

Agricultural crop/farm-related:
-Farm owner not using pesticide, herbicide, toxins of any type on the property: allowed into a unique program
-Must write a unique letter, notarized; sent directly to a federal dept., every twelve months, affriming 'Mr./Ms. X employed, working on agricultural-related farm' (no risk of falsification, worker never has control or sees)
-Must enter monies into self-insured like pool: cost of catastrophic illness for each worker;
-Share / split with worker: cost of preventative health methods, contracted with local hospital, clinic and local physician; annual check-up
-Housing: each worker to have shelter that can withstand wind, water, rain, cold; cost: shared by parties, case-by-case, with new construction to allow for owner/ farmer to add additional amount to recoup cost, in addition to any mortgage

Ag Worker:
-Mr./Ms. X enrolled in unique status for such work
-Allowed to apply for Driver’s License, renewable annually upon verification of reference letter and on-sight visit by state DMV;
-Exempt: from state, federal income tax
-After five years: allowed to enter front of citizenship line, provided continuously employed in farm work; not been accused of any felony, nor responsible
for any child accused of a felony; conviction of either of a felony: worker forfeits tax-exempt status, looses driver license and gets citizenship application clock ‘re-set’ to back of the line or deported, along with parents, spouse and children

Criminal, Gang member:
-Parent(s), spouse and any children of such: –all deported upon verification and/or sixty days after any arrest
-Confirmation via: conviction; criminal record, lack of employment record, tattoo insignia, video tape, testimonials, police in-put, other means; same for anyone on parole

-While citizenship pending: all must pay an annual fee, non-refundable, to cover cost of application

E-mail this to your representatives in DC –they need to hear from you.

25 March 2006

Illegal Immigration --Bigot?

Immigrants… illegal immigrants… illegal Hispanic workers. Congress –after swiping rights, invasion nightmare, opening nation’s parks for pals, shutting court suits for other pals, handing Treasury to “contractors” and drug makers; ‘leadership’ –lobbyist, travel, gifts -spy -CIA -FBI scandals; New Orleans incompetence, FEMA failures, Medi-Care failures; failure to secure ports, airports or balanced budget and “terrorism” not ‘working’ for them any more; watching their image and poll numbers crashing –is now working on a bill –dealing with illegal migrants. They hope it will shore up campaign contributions, quell roused angry Americans, get majority Party members re-elected. Most of the people entering the US illegally come from Mexico. –If you support immigration restriction –does that mean you are biased against Mexicans? A bigot?

Right now: we don’t have real Clue One –why administration invaded Iraq, the mission, the goal –why Iraqis don’t have water, electricity or security –why Iraqis and Americans are dying –what the hell we’re doing there. –We can’t do squat about Iraq, for now, so for ‘relief’: we crab about ‘illegals’ –those pouring over the border, buying our cast-off cars, getting fake ID, using our services, going to our schools, hospitals….

We used to call them: “illegal aliens” –European or wealthy: “émigré” –a slew of unprintable versions, those who came to America. People from Mexico, Central America say: “undocumented” workers –making distinction ‘with’ or without proper entrance documents, shifting focus from the person to the ‘paper.’ But once: those who wanted to enter the US had to get in line, ‘quota’ line –just so many allowed from each country; had to wait for their number to come up to enter and apply for US citizenship. Some waited decades –unless a great ballet dancer –singer –famous writer –had tons of money –or rowed over from Cuba. –Those got at the ‘front’ of the line; numerous administrations enjoyed ‘lifting velvet rope’ on Cubans, especially if they were joining family in Florida, to annoy Castro, supposedly, and to: add to Republican Party voter rolls.

Then Congress, in its infinite wooden-headedness, eliminated quotas –threw the doors wide open –unless an entrant had infectious disease or Serious crime rap sheet, any body /every body allowed. So –Vietnamese, Iranians, Filipinos, Pakistanis, Guatemalans, Samoans –everybody from everywhere showed up.

But some crossed into the country with ‘help’ from paid ‘coyotes’ –paid to smuggle humans, which is a crime, so prosecuting those that are caught –makes you a ‘law & order’ righteous kind of person? Or –because they come from Mexico, prejudiced? –Or “post 9-11” kind of person as Karl, the wonder-genius aide to Occupant, is trying to frame it – not a bigot, but “concerned” about terrorists?

If you want Congress to ‘get serious’ about ‘porous’ border, do Serious things about illegals –if you support those ‘free-lancers’ standing along US – Mexico border, with binoculars and shotguns watching people cross the border –are you a bigot? What is solution for illegal immigration? People in Congress, trying to make everyone ‘happy’ never say the hard truths:

-Americans have a right and a need to know –who is in the country
‘Counted Noses’–long before “illegals” pushed Iraq war off front pages–every ten years, for good reasons. Founding Father authors thought it was important, so important they wrote ‘take head count’ into the Constitution.

-Big and Small Biz thrilled: Central, South Americans work cheap –cheaper than Americans. Big Biz: big donors to re-election campaigns

-Americans –Don’t want to clean up messes, do “add fries with that?” –wash the dishes, lift the bales, bend at the waist 8 -10 hours a day, in hot sun, for Minimum Wage

-How many –named to high-profile position, had to decline -resign because of employing an illegal immigrant?

-Every person in the US –here because once upon a time: a relative was an immigrant. –Everybody came here from somewhere else, including ‘native’ Indians

-‘Illegals’ pay into the system –Social Security—from which they will not benefit, won’t collect –yet supporting today’s pensioners

-No group –legal or illegal, has a Right to force majority to speak their language –provide materials, teachers, police that speak any language other than English

-No group has Right –to force a community to uniquely accommodate a specific group –use Eminent Domain to take historical properties or homeowners’ property to build schools to accommodate them in situ

-No business has a Right to abuse employees –legal or illegal residents; force them to accept dangerous work conditions, less than market rate wage, toxins, toxic workplace

-Without new people who came before: we could not have built the country into prosperous democratic thriving entity it is now.

People from Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, Honduras –come here for the same reasons your relatives came. But –how do they live –how is it possible to earn Minimum Wage and live in such a wealthy country? Young men live together –four, five, even seven or more live in basements, garages, trailers, one bedroom apartments. Not uncommon: two families to share an apartment, mattresses lined up in every room. ‘How can people live that way’ –you’re saying? Why are you asking –that is exactly how most Americans’ relatives lived between 1840 and 1926. Your great grandparents –and their children, worked 16 -18-hour days, in conditions we consider utterly unacceptable today, until they acquired enough skills and money to rise out of slums –mines –pits –sweatshops. –While facing rampant bigotry of “No Irish Need Apply” and ‘No Jews –No Italians –No Poles Wanted Here’ signs. People who were black didn’t need to read anything to know the rules.

So what is Mexican family life like? ‘Stranger’ moves into the neighborhood –the block –the building, Everyone is included: invited; grandparents and little children celebrate together, with the teens and the parents. Mothers, who aren’t sitting in their child’s classroom all day, wait outside the gate and walk their children home from school. Few things are more important to Hispanic parents than: education. Using crystal meth? White suburban -urban youth –Hispanics don’t use drugs. No child who gets pregnant –left behind, tossed out or shunned; abortion: unacceptable, to nearly all Hispanics. –Really, really need to squeeze into next lane –pull out of an alley? The driver who just let you cut in line –most likely Hispanic. Break down at an intersection –got a flat tire? Hispanics will pull over, jump out and help you. They know what it is to be stranded –help each other and everyone else.

-Taking Welfare? Nearly every state: proof of citizenship required before even accepting application. California, other states, fingerprint recipients, match & cross-check for fraud. To get Welfare benefits: applicant must enroll in Jobs Prep class; show up late, miss a class: loose Welfare. Don't get a job by class end: must repeat the class until job found. Yup, case workers know when they are looking at fake Social Security cards, documents. Many states have copied California’s requirement: notarized Birth Certificate required to apply for Driver’s License.

But Americans object to illegals getting free medical ER services? Documented studies: those who use ER for health care –Hispanics equal only 20%. –Largest group using hospital ER services? White middle -working class –who don’t have medical insurance –or a primary care physician, so they go to ER sicker, costing far more to treat acute illness rather than preventative medicine.

So: if you don’t want people with those family values pouring into the country –does that make you a bigot? Maybe –or maybe: you had help becoming a “bigot.”

When Iranians, after Shah was exiled, rocketed out of Iran and, estimated 500,000 to 750,000, arrived in US all at same time –shop signs in Farsi –voter pamphlets in Arabic characters? On arriving in this country –your Italian –Polish –Greek –Swedish relatives demanded –police, firefighters, voting materials, signs –in their native language? Nope, Nope –and Nope.

Hispanics are the sole ethnic group to come to this country and demand that we, Americans, accommodate them. In this country, famously, anybody can sue anybody for anything, but core issue Congress members and community leaders don’t talk about: Hispanic community leaders went into court and convinced a foolish, stupid stupid judge to make a stupid stupid ruling. Decision: If an ethnic group constitutes 10% of US population a judge “deemed” it correct –entitled to have voter registration, police –government –teachers –all parts of American society –accommodate them –in native language –Spanish. No other ethnic group in US history demanded that the majority accommodate, conform to a minority’s language.

When materials began appearing in Spanish: Thai immigrants said ‘Hey, we want voter materials in our native language –print or we will sue –for discrimination.’ Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, India –nearly every ethnic group, also demanded. Communities had no choice –acquiesce –to groups that threatened suit –or face bankruptcy.

Americans, across all lines, share two traits: we believe in fairness and we root for the underdog. We delight in the international visitor who attempts to speak English while visiting. We don’t see fairness, not amused at seeing rows of shops with unintelligible signs.

But now: English signs, 911, voter pamphlets, police –followed by Spanish? Followed by: seven+ languages. What does that do to a society –that can not speak in one language? Is it bigotry –not wanting people to walk over the border, or is it unspoken resentment –that after arriving here, Hispanics demanded we accommodate them –thereby fracturing our culture? If seven accommodated –isn’t that bias, bigotry against the French, Greek, Italian, Serb, Russian et al immigrants –not also included?

Some of the finest advice ever heard came out of art school: to come up with a solution first take it to an extreme, then come back to reality in increments. Take Hispanic language issue to extreme: every ethnic group demands their language be accommodated –ten –twenty –one hundred thirty-seven languages spoken, written here: There will be no more here here. We will not have a shared history, community –police department –ability to speak to each other without translators, messengers trying to keep the peace.

Enter the country illegally and work without proper documents –solution? –Really want one? Sure? You sure can use your power –Demand Congress build a bigger fence –no more over the border. –Penalize employers of illegal workers. But: will that resolve? What is the goal? Break it down. Hispanics risk much to come to this country –because there is no work at home.

–So Remedy?
Native Mexicans survive –on empty calories. If manufacturers were Forced to add nutrients –$.02 worth, to every batch of tortilla –Mexicans would thrive, grow up healthy, strong –prosper –able to think –solve their country’s problems? Now: they refuse to add, fearful competition will not add, get priced out by desperately poor who won’t, can’t pay if cheaper tortilla is available.

So, bleeding-heart –right-winger –middle American, if your goal is to stop border hemorrhage: get ready. Start practicing –bend over, pick up your own berries, vegetables. –Wash your own car, tend the lawn, the weeds, the tree-tops; change your own sheets, vacuum the floors, build the new house, patio yourself –or expect to pay market rate. Hotel? –Separate charge for room-clean –every part, with separate charge? How many times will you be eating in restaurants –when the bill goes double, triple? –There isn’t a professional kitchen in the US without Hispanics –at the stove, dishwasher, prep table. Who will make up missing difference in Social Security pool?

Person occupying Oval Office gets it. He got Congress to make a special law –just for New Orleans: Minimum Wage rolled back –for pals doing reconstruction. But that’s just “temporary” –right? If your salary rolled back –you’d be OK with that? Consequences…Republicans….

The obvious is obviously wrong. You can’t have it both ways. Maybe instead of a canon to kill a flea, We declare, make law:

-Language of the US: “English”
-Follow Europe: child born in the country of non-citizen, Also NOT a citizen; roll back –those born of non-citizen parents in past sixteen years –not US citizen; require all to apply for citizenship
-Enable immigration for temporary jobs –temporary stay, temporary Driver’s License

–No child allowed to graduate grade school until read, write fluently
-No worker hired permanently: unless English-fluent
-Government employees –speak one language only
-Top-most shop sign –English
-Voter materials, firefighters, 911, police, teachers –one language only –English
-Enable people to do the jobs existing workers don’t want to do; allow temporary workers to go home, return
-No English: no vote, no job, no parole, no graduation. –If Greeks could do it, so can everyone else.

-Everyone already here: Must be a citizen or must file application to become citizen –show proof of application or leave. Demand Administration: immediately begin working with Central American countries to strengthen those economies.

Then get ready to do your own work –or: get ready to pay market rate.
–You want the service –clothing sewn, roof repaired, sheets changed, sod laid, cars assembled, coal mined, houses built –and you’re prepared to pay market rate: Congress should be helping you. You want the skills, the service –but pay ‘illegals’ rate? –Take less because they are here ‘illegally’? Americans’ wrath should be directed at you, the cheat, the thief –the bigot. –You don’t live on $10,000. a year, why should anyone else? Pandering…grandstanding Congress…consequences….

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20 March 2006

Conservative? Right winger?

–Extreme right winger? The arrogance of such certitude will bring destruction on this country.

People moved away from Democratic Party when the Party stood up for all –refused to deny rights to any. As those who would deny most to most shifted to opposition Party –certain that attacking –those who are black –Asian –peace-loving –‘different’ –any who wanted fairness, equality under blind-folded law, the country was rent; rendered nearly impotent, as people of ‘difference’ got judgment, while the pale, the rich, the “certain” got the probation –the ‘Not Guilty’ –the Get Out of Jail card –the free pass.

You want to use celebrities –our airwaves –our free press –our representatives to get us to pay your bills, buy your drugs, your trash food, your soda, your toxins? How long will your scams last –if those without medical insurance, forced into bankruptcy, forced emergency rooms to close –where will ambulance take you?

As long as the ‘certain’ –the ‘rightists’ mete “justice” to everyone else and arrange special laws for themselves: those “certain” must stay off highways, roads, bridges, tarmacs, rails, rivers. Go get generators, dig your own wells; never call 911 –fire fighters –police –National Guard –military troops –CIA, FBI; no public library –elementary, middle, high school. Don’t be contacting representatives in Congress –you don’t pay, you’re not entitled to representation. –You are not ‘better’ than the bank robber if you use the services, skip out on the tab. We ALL contribute to the pool.

You want to use your money –your religion –your corporation –get ahead of the line, twist laws to your benefit? You want to use our resources, land, oceans, rivers, air, water, parks for your coal, your spent rods, your toxins, your waste? You want to be right-wing –discriminate everyone else –get 'break' on taxes? –Then you aren’t entitled to the services, fairness, justice the rest of us made possible. What business can be done –on scorched earth?

Remedy –for “conservative” “right winger” –managers of vast corporate power –1% of the wealthiest? We've seen this movie, we know your kind, we don't want “Rome II –the sequel.” You are part of the solution or: Get off the streets we paved. Get out, Go –some where else. You are not entitled to the protection of other people’s children, sent everywhere, to provide for the rest of us. NOT “special” –NO FREE lunch here.

17 March 2006

Tommy Franks --Troop Support?

Invading Iraq –you thought right thing to do –right response to Sept 11 attack –damn those Frenchies –believed Oval Office Occupant when he said that Iraq connected to Osma bin forgotten –he didn’t want to... “wait for mushroom cloud” over US soil? Well you had help believing those –in the form of good ol' Tommy-boy Franks, ex General.

Good ol’ Tommy-boy, do ya know many over age 15 who like be referred to in the diminutive? –How about over age 30 –over 60? So who is he? Maybe you’ve seen him –on your TV making a pitch to get young people to enlist in military. This good ol’ boy a good choice for recruiter?

Before he got out: he was the guy, on hearing that an officer stopped marching during Iraq conflict –to fight insurgent/resisters on the way, who went ballistic, threatened to fire the officer. Why? The officer did a naughty thing: he told the media the truth –“we will have to come back and fight them again –if we don’t stop them now.” Tommy-boy didn’t much care for that, the fight or the truth: Tommy-boy likes 'patriotic' speeches, that belie his contempt for people, especially competent people; long on gas-bag cliches, short on facts. Yup, Tommy Franks, patriot, your money -hard at work.

Tommy-boy isn’t big on reading –like the tons of material prepared by the knowledgeable before the invasion, of what to do after the invasion. –Stuff like how to actually manage stuff –like looting, surrounding important buildings to retain papers, weapons, rockets, Saddam loyalists, the people who didn’t want their country invaded –organize water, electricity –secure borders, ya know, boring stuff.

What else did Tommy-boy do –when he wasn’t whispering in The Rummy’s ear whatever the Rummy wanted to hear? He was making goo-goo with The Dicks, President of Vice and chief-of-the-joints, Myers. Between the running, the kissing, the cooing, the sucking and the sweet nothings –it’s a wonder Tommy-boy had time to run the “war” –but he’s a good ol’ suck up, so he made some time. –Not enough to get adequate supplies like water or night goggles, Kevlar vests, hardened transport, maps, translators, working weapons, bullets, walkie-talkies or enough troops over there –but hey, there’s only so many hours in the day. –Tommy-boy had his future to think about. –So what if some determined there should have been three –four times as many troops. Three to four hundred thousand troops is a lot of peeps and he was just ‘sure’ he could get by with less, what with The Rummy so sure it could be done on the quick and the cheap –“stream-lined” war for the new century.

–So what if he had since the Occupant’s inauguration to prepare. –Two years plus two months wasn’t nearly enough time –even though Pentagon got orders to prepare LOOONG before Sept. 11 happened. There were side deals to be made –stuff to be bought with those newly issued credit cards Congress allowed. –So what if they were only supposed to be used for office supplies –not porn, lingerie, car payments, dinners, lap dances, trips, dishes. It wasn’t his job to watch every purchase; Tommy-boy was busy boy –lining up a “consultant” place to land –after the “war” –in some cushy high-paying network to give his “insight” into “how” to fight during an illegal invasion of a country in direct violation of UN. Pushing back on the Rummy –President of Vice –Occupant? Aw shucks, not for go along to get along Tommy-boy, and the troops could just look after themselves, what with they being so far away and all.

Remedy –for Tommy-boy? Mediocrity –his type exists everywhere. But when they feed off the public trough –yet fail to do their own job, to look out for those under command, Americans have every right to demand people in that position be people of ethics –moral rectitude; that they look out for the welfare of the troops and of Americans –NOT bosses.

Real Remedy: how long –what will it take –to get it: hire a Republican for the top job –you’re gonna get a “war.” Don’t want war? Don’t give away your power –your children, your neighbors to a Republican, Don’t vote for a Republican for president.

As for Tommy-boy: whatever network “hired” him –deserves contempt. But maybe he should keep on doing the public service ads for recruitment –so the unsure can see what sort of person “supports” the troops, and then they can choose some other career.

If you’re glad the snakes are gone: Happy St. Pat’s Day.

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Bottom-less keg?

If you’re going out drinking for St. Patty’s: One hour -One beer + one set of car keys = possibility of lifetime use of wheelchair or coffin.

Yup, it CAN happen. Find a safe place to land before getting sloshed and before it’s not easy to use reason. Hand your Auto Club card to the bartender, to get you and car towed home –or tuck cash into envelope, to use on a cab –choose who will be beer-free and watchdog for the evening. Stuff your tummy with bread, heavily coated with butter before drinking; don’t drink till stupid.

If you aren’t 21 yet: you aren’t legal to drink –for good reasons. Your skull hasn’t hardened; alcohol –even one beer binge, ‘tags’ markers in your brain –permanently. You could cause yourself addiction to booze without even realizing it or wanting to. If you aren’t 21 Don’t drink Don’t drink.

Legal age or not, if you’re so unhappy you want to get drunk: when you sober up you’ll still have same issues –plus a sore head. Turn your face to whatever is making you unhappy, it’s not at the bottom of a glass.


--vicious evil thugs...spied...then disabled computer, prevented Posting (this is 5th attempt). Which made a question pop up:

Google -Yahoo -MS, the others crawl websites --have tech ability to see --well enough to determine if a site belongs in "Safe" or in "Filter" and well enough to rank, etc. Why can't the spiders that crawl websites crawl for spyware -adware -other malicious invasive code NO ONE wants and then if such code is found: Keep such websites from appearing in engines --why not reject entire listing?

Corporations use spyware -hire webmasters that embed it, but do NOT have a Right to spy on any one. Neither do corporations have a Right to plead 'ignorance' that such malicious invasive stinking code is used. They well know it --they pay for it. Right now: We are livid that government is spying on Americans. WHY should corporations get a pass to do the same thing? Benefit? Government "theoretically" wants to catch potential violent people. Corporations want to 'catch' money.


Remedy: Contact search engines you use > Demand engines reject any website that contains spy or malicious code.

Remedy: Check your TOOLS menu
unsigned Active X controls has not accidentally been enabled > EACH time you log on.

Don't let any gremlins get ya! Happy St. Patty's Day to you and yours!

14 March 2006

Frist --First???

Hey –People of Tennessee: After deep deliberation, careful consideration –“decided” –best BEST person to lead the country –Billy Frist??? –You just Love “Leader” of the Senate Billy Frist –for President??? These are hard times, you all claim you love the country –Prove you Really care: –We all could use a giggle –do share. Tell the rest of us –brand –form –label –joy juice you people taking? –WHAT Are you people on?

Which part of Frist made you choose him in your straw poll? The part where he goes to the back door, gets the day’s orders –then passes to the next guy –“leads” the bucket line –carrying out Occupant’s bidding –any /all /Whatever things he wants? —With delivery speed to make Dominoes drivers weep with envy? Which part of that: leadership? Course, he did swear, before G— and everybody, that he’d do his job and look out for a different crowd, American people, but hey, DC is a busy place, maybe he got confused on obligation, priorities, Constitution –hey, stuff happens, right?

No —Not your favorite part? Oh, well maybe you voted on his business acumen? –His ability to buy low –stock in his family’s business –and sell while it still had value –three weeks before it crashed? Well that does show he could help with the gapping maw that used to be the US Treasury –but he be passing stock tips to carpenters, pipe-fitters, fruit pickers –middle class –all of us –or just for his family, inner circle and the Cabinet? Well that won’t help rest of us get ahead much, and the SEC not amused.

But well, what good is obscene amount of cash anyway –if you haven’t got health, so maybe you chose him cuz you admire skill-set of his last job –“doctoring”? –Ability to diagnose –from video tape? –From over 1,000 miles away, woman in Florida. His diagnosis? Senate called back to DC to emergency “vote” –‘Functional’ ‘responding’ –fine with him, the right thing for her to keep on living, on tubes. –Women in US do need to have their body ‘looked after’ by men folk. Unlucky for him: coroner determined the woman’s brain was ¾ gone –“never going to regain meaningful life” –her responses “involuntary movement, not to commands.” Oh well, not his problem –but maybe yours if you don’t want kept alive in vegetative state –and he’s in the presidency….

Remedy: we have GOT to get Tennesseans off the booze. Remedy: If you haven’t got it stashed –start saving –millions –in case he’s actually nominated and elected. He’d be expecting Everybody pay their own way, hooked up to tubes, except of course criminals —it’s OK to fry them, and at home —birth’n those babies….

McCain Able?

Does Senator John want to be “President McCain? No. Yes. No. Maybe.... He entered a ‘who should be president’ contest, in Tennessee. What do people think of Senator McCain? Reporters like to call him “maverick.” Some people call him “manic – depressive.” Some people admire him because occasionally he –names a “dog” a “dog.”

How did he run? Well, he's no James Garner. He ran “Stockholm Syndrome” campaign. Does he want to be president? He told voters: “Not to vote (for him)” but to vote for person who can not be elected, can not run –current Oval Office occupant, who is termed out. Does he want to be president? Why the fake ‘humility’? He’s a LOT like the woman with a shiner who says: I got the black eye by walking into a door’ –instead of naming her abuser. McCain got beat up –by the Occupant. –Beat dirty –as vicious a beating as it gets in politics. McCain’s response? Denial. He “forgives” his abuser –like a kidnapped victim identifies with kidnapper. How the Hell believe his head anchored well enough –not to swivel like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”? WHY enter contest –why pander to voters –tell them to give away their vote to a candidate who can’t run? Can America, world afford –his kind of ‘vision’ while he debates appointments –decisions –direction long after inauguration?

In case you’re thinking McCain is able –please function With Memory: before McCain was into Campaign Reform kindly remember –he was into Treasury for $100 Billion bucks –to help bank pal Lincoln Savings & “Loan.” McCain was part of Keating Five –that got ‘special’ rules –which got us debt, big time. Ya, he apologized –while Americans pushed over their taxes to bail them out. –He was “sorry”??? Ninety five others did Not ask/get special treatment for constituents. –His WHOLE record Counts.

Remedy: Have to get Intervention going in Tennessee –pronto.

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–George? Halloo Gracie…Allen?

–Person Over You? Senator George –did a good turn –gave Americans a good giggle over the week-end: he told people he wants to be the prez! Hehehehehehehohoho.

His “qualifications”? Of any 100 items current occupant wanted: Senator George agreed –96 times –or: voting record with the occupant 96%.

Asking Why –this country attacked –Americans’ rights restricted -wire tapping without court over-sight –agencies utterly incompetent –contracts handed out without following law –cameras that prevent nothing appear everywhere –hundreds held without any country's rights or trial dates –nobody in management, Pentagon or Defense held accountable for ANY THING –troops dying without Specific mission –it’s OK to drain Treasury with no plan to restore? Not on George’s radar.

So if you like Nation’s Guard shipped out of the nation, without adequate supplies, training or end-date, midnight raids on the Budget, CIA –FEMA –FBI –security agencies that secure employees’ jobs but no actual security for country – every thing just the way it is, you're just set, got your candidate for 2008.

Remedy –for the rest of us: could you please wear a T shirt declaring your love of George Allen so the rest of us could give you wide space whenever you appear in public, in case you leave your aluminum hat home. –It’s only fair warning.

Republicans on sparkle juice –Remedy: start looking, investigating –candidates who have actual skills –economic –legal –accounting –science –diplomacy –union negotiating –any Real skills, in the Democratic –Green and Independent Party. We Way can not afford any more Most Height, Best Hair or Supreme Drinker candidates –to decide the hard questions, apply sharp pencil to this mess.

People murdered in Iraq today: 87

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11 March 2006


How did those wily coyotes that control Congress look after your money? Working families on Food Stamps, students needing Student Loan for college? –People at the very top –the 99.99th percentile? Income gain: 181 percent, between 1972 and 2001. Analysis of income-tax returns: top 1 percent of households own almost twice as much of the nation's corporate wealth as they did 15 years ago.

Did you watch your money sail away –Up up up in the sky –searching for –whatever…on some other planet…yup, a total Priority what the boring stuff facing them: a way to repay vast bloody pool of debt…. What else did they do with your money besides throw vast chunks at space geeks while Occupant jets around, playing bagman for his causes but not yours?

What else did they do? They gave themselves a raise in 2000. How much? Not your business. But: whatever it was, it wasn’t enough so they got another one in 2001. It was also inadequate in 2002 so they got together to vote –another raise. What amount –on top of what salary, you’re asking? You’re nosy, quit asking. And anyway just because staff, office, postage, supplies, travel, gym, meals, phone, fax, car, driver and gas, parking, etc. paid for, doesn’t mean it was enough, what with their life-time pension, their discounted medical insurance, their perks –cuz it wasn’t, clearly –So they did it again, voted a raise, 2003. Things were tough in 2004, remember? Congress did too, so they got –yup, another raise that year. In 2005 cost of living just rose up and up and Congressional salaries rode the wave. In case things don’t get better in 2006, they prepared –with cost-of-living raise.

Did you get six raises in six years? How much –did they get? Ask your Senator. Maybe your Rep. in the House will tell you, if you ask nicely…it’s ‘private.’ If you get answer: Please come back and post it here, Lots are curious. Dead silence –No reply after say, eight days? Don’t take it personally, it’s a mystery to reporters, non-family members all over America. –Waitress who delivers your pancakes, millions at Federal minimum wage? Stagnate at $5.15 per hour. Congress doesn't have a problem -with other people living on $10,000. a year....

While the people who asked –got—your vote to represent you voted –to prevent you from suing those who make faulty guns, food deceptively laced with lard –makers of pills that will kill –trucks pretending to be cars, that roll –makers of toxins –new bankruptcy laws on those with no medical insurance, and took rights –states’ National Guard and shipped out of the nation to take away rights of other nation’s, so was it good –for you?

After working –one –two –three –four decades, at the end of a work day your employer decided to change the rules –to enrich ‘management’ and CEO –un-funded your pension or used it to help the company’s bottom or plain stole it. Punishment of those who stole pensions? –Consequences –enforcement –new laws? Nope, too busy penciling in pork on midnight raids on bills already passed –and asking those employers for donations –to get re-elected.

They are super patriots –who super-sized federal government –and its reach; gave desperately needed break on taxes to the desperately wealthy –while you, for the troops –right? stuck you with the tab –for their salaries –for schools, roads, bridges, infrastructure, bloated contracts, worthless weapons, flimsy jeeps, wars –and funerals Occupant never attends. Your pension –your welfare –your health –your raise –your medical insurance –your right to clean water, air, secure ports, toxic-free environment –your ability to pursue happiness? Not on the agenda –if you’re not part of the top 1%. After all: You, millions of Americans voted for the people who believe in self-reliance –and they’re just doing their thing, relying on you to fund them.

What now? A light heart, good night’s sleep? –with pit-of-the-stomach fear –pension, rights disappear while phone –wire –e-mail taps appear –with no judge watching, only cameras on every corner –prevent Nothing.

As the Occupant uses fear –of the Bogie Man he created, to grab power, money –rights –your pension –your job...to aide his pals, mega-corporations and international investors and rewards inept cronies and donors with agencies, departments, embassies, ports, contracts to drill nation’s parks –as the 99.99% others are free to go with the sewage flow…debt…pension destruction…. While the President of Vice with a bad heart awards/rewards his last employer with by-pass contracts that by-passed federal scrutiny, over-sight, competitive bidding, conflict of interest laws to serve up ice cream and cake, war side and laundry at $100. bucks un-washed pound…contractors who beat America’s reputation into the sand. –Those you voted to represent you –told to go pound sand.

What now? Unless you got working model Time Machine stashed away –you can not get Back the loyalty, the effort, the work, the hours –time that you put into your employer’s business. You need to realize: no one can abuse you without your Permission.

No one can abuse you without your Permission: Millions of Americans –gave one Party Permission –to run amok, to abuse power, to engorge corporations and nation’s wealthiest –and left you to pick up the tab. Realize: you are the CEO –of your own business. You need to use your power to demand those who got your vote need to reward YOU –with your rights –your pension –your security –and accountability of corporations that stole pensions, vast inept agencies that soak up money, leave Americans to twist in the wind, float in sewage.

What now? Realize: no bauble, no tech toy, no new clothing going to make you happy or safe. Put away the plastic debt cards. You need two-part action plan: yourself, your neighborhood –offense, defense.

-Squirrel away cash –at least $200. in small bills, always easily accessible in fire –wind –snow –tornado –earthquake –hurricane –mud –flood emergency.
-Notepad, pencil: for a week write down things you use –water, food, gas, heat, personal care, etc. Use list to assemble everything you and your family will need to survive –independently, for one week minimum. Include First Aide kit and some of the new tiny ‘blankets’ that come in a 3” pouch; no battery flashlite; solar radio; map; assemble another First Aide kit to store in car trunk; $20. worth of rolls of quarters; batteries. Write date of purchase on perishables and replace those consumed during the year, so they aren’t sitting for years going bad.

-Knock on apartment –house next door –yes, you really can, and ask if they would like to sit down and discuss plan of action for disaster, emergency with everyone in your building –on your block. Call fire chief, police chief, city representative: ask for their Plan and for advice. Make a plan, write it down, exchange phone numbers; consider practicing the plan.

-Next Post Office trip: pick up Voter Registration forms –keep them with you, hand out to everyone. The Occupant is going to “administer” government for three more years –but YOUR representative in that government, in the House, the Senate is going to come around in November, asking for permission –to abuse you some more?

The Occupant can do sly things, but he can not Cause money to go from your pocket into his pet projects –into bloated government without your Representative’s help. –Even if you are on Food Stamps, the people who represent you are on Your Board of Directors. –They can do Nothing without Your permission. If they failed to Balance the books –pluck the stranded –protect your pension –preserve your rights, infrastructure, Gulf states –then punish them. Don’t give those people the thing even Bill Gates can’t buy: your permission –your vote.

-There Must be Balance to power. All three branches of government can NOT be under one Party’s control –unless You won’t mind floating in sewage, hungry, thirsty for days.

-A new person who asks for your vote –asks to represent you: Make it Clear –the terms in which you will let them be on the Board of your business. Payment into government pot –by ALL; balance the budget, don’t trash money –bridges to nowhere –big holes –worthless weapons, lingerie, porn, dinners instead of office supplies for Pentagon.

-If Blood and Treasure are going to be used to export democracy around the world: between now and November, once a month find at least one child, 8 to 12 years of age, to explain being a citizen of this country –rights, privileges –importance of government, of voting. You have inherited responsibility of continuation of this amazing experiment of democracy. If you don’t pass on the legacy, this country will fail –with your permission, your indifference. Next time you’re at the coffee shop: $5. pancakes? Leave at least 25% tip, $1.25 –at least until ALL ‘boats rise’ with the tide of change in Congress.

NOTE: If you are American ask your Representative in the House, Senate: amount of last raise, current salary. –If you do not receive reply at end of eight days –Come back and post under “COMMENT” name of reps you asked, your state. Help all of us get a snapshot of Congress.

"Money is mother's milk to politicians. Without it they can't survive."

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07 March 2006


What were they thinking? If three men showed up at a formal wedding –black bridle couple, black-tie ceremony, getting married ––three white men, wearing jeans, wedding party would feel?

Yes, we were once treated to Bab’s beautiful bare bottom, when she co-won with Katherine Hepburn and Sasheen Littlefeather’s Indian leather skin dress when she subbed for Marlon Brando’s snub of Oscar. But: The people nominated for ‘Song’ showed up in jeans cuz –that’s ‘their thing’ –that’s ‘hood’ way –didn’t have money to dress appropriately? A Wedding party –on seeing jean-clad yuckers – ‘that’s just what white does’? Not.

Baseball caps, sweats, baggy street clothes –at Academy Awards Ceremony? –Dress code for everyone else –Rules don’t apply –they’re special? Can’t be bothered? Then: Don’t bother showing up. They Weren’t special. Rude, arrogant, disrespectful. Academy: What were you thinking? –They acted like low-life trash; you enabled. You Should have prevented them from going on stage.

Sidney Poitier, yup. –Johnny Carson any way or Bob Hope, at his funny height –not available. But Their heir David Letterman –as sharp funny sly as it gets –got another passed-over. –Chross Pebble –Whimpi-lectures-Goldbit –doing version of boring, making dumb swipes at actors –thanks for not flinging at us this year. Steve Martin –Billy Crystal –yup, any time, any year –and the Oscar goes to –Jon Stewart. Subtle, funny, on point, sophisticated, witty. SOLD. We’ll take him. Sign him up –fast. Good job Academy.

But: Those who died since last Awards Ceremony, should have been honored, All of them.

Walking down the promenade –maybe most disciplined elegant professional beautiful person ever to appear in film, transformed, submerged herself to tell alcoholism, death of a child story, to waiting microphones –for –“who made the dress”??? The person, the story, the film, the issues –reduced to who made dress Grace Kelly wore? ‘Who loaned you jewelry? ‘Who’s stuff did you borrow’??? –Katherine Hepburn –Cary Grant –Bogart –Gary Cooper –Garbo –would have –tolerated such stupid questions?

To each who walked the line: What were you thinking? The real question: ‘Why did you hire yourself out –as a clothes hanger? –‘Why did you sell yourself –so cheaply’? Why –dignify the question –with an answer? Correct answer to such banality: ‘If you’ll forgive me for not answering I’ll forgive you for asking’ or even better: silence.

If you work for TV station, connected to a twit hogging a microphone: WHAT were you thinking? Get a grip. Nobody gives a damn what clothing label says. –Not clever amusing of any interest. –13 year-olds way Aren’t going to be buying, adults in debt to the max, haven’t got anywhere to go in those. –Wealthiest 1% –won’t want copies. Ever read sections of any newspapers? People got their jobs exported; thousands added their name to Food Stamp and to Aide to Families rolls. –Way Disrespectful: ‘who made the clothes.’ Quit asking; quit showing. Pretend you have some dignity, Try Real questions: ‘What causes are important to you’ –‘What books did you read past year’ –‘What movies should be made’ –‘What would you like to see happen next twelve months’? ‘What will you be doing to make it happen?’

Academy Members: A man is introduced TO a woman; younger TO senior adult; friends TO the newcomer/ guest. Not the other way. A man shakes hands with a woman only if she extends hand first. Once seated, the proper way to applaud: one hand remains fixed, the other brought to it. Any/every other way: makes you look unsophisticated, ill-educated, vulgar. Yup, manners matter. It's the 'glue' that makes life more pleasant. Children are watching.

Academy –showing off free stuff given to the under-worked obscenely over-paid by advertisers –just for showing up, What were you thinking? —Way not a ‘draw’ to induce people to watch Awards show. But Is vulgar; very poor PR. No one cares, Stop doing it. The show? “Best” song –‘pimp my—’ –ghetto/street/rap sound –in the tradition of “Moon River” –dozens of well-written beautiful lyrics of past Academy winners? Really? What were they thinking –the producers who asked that to be part of a movie, the voters who nominated it, Academy that elected it “Best” “Song”??? Can you just see farmers, librarians, ranchers, young lovers, writers, brokers, teachers, sales people, parents –uh humming that?

But that ‘song’ coupled with “Best Picture” winner –and not homosexual cowboy movie, does induce suspicion: awards got ‘fixed’? After nominations announced many quoted variations of ‘not my kind of movies.’ Rap sound –ditto. So Motion Picture Arts & Sciences –did the voodoo they do so well –changed the winners –to help their image –to appeal to more viewers…? Think about it…. If ‘gay cowboys’ took the Oscar –would have also taken –away even more from seeing movies...? –it is called show business....

Afterwards: What were they thinking –twits with microphones –each paired with scruffy elderly male homosexuals –doing commentary, 'reviews' on clothing worn by heterosexual females –uhm, Why? Was it breast-envy? WHY would viewers care about their opinions? Get a grip.

Academy, someone needs to tell you: Figure out your strengths, go with those. Golden Globes: socially relevant, charming, earthy, clubby. Stop trying to do a better version. Academy Awards –tradition, history, Class, Greatness. Go with Those. Males: should be dressed in white tie and tails –yes, tails. Women: ball gowns. Stick to arms-length elegance, less information –PR –hype -swinging of baubles is more. Making Good Stories written –acted –directed well, to honor wouldn’t hurt either.

Does any of this matter? “Birth of a Nation”… “Withering Heights”… “Twelve Angry Men” …“High Noon”… “Gone With the Wind”… “From Here to Eternity”… “Diary of Anne Frank”… Fred & Ginger… “Notorious”… “The Razor’s Edge”… “Holiday”… “True Grit”…“National Velvet”…“The Graduate”…“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
… “The Godfather”… WW II movies –mattered… sometimes something we didn’t know, sometimes delight, sadden, enrage …sometimes entertainment, respite….

Head of a studio? What were you thinking? If a movie HAS BEEN made –it’s a has been –over –done. –We’ve already seen it –can rent it –see it in art house. Read slowly, write it down: we DON’T want to see second-rate actors trying to imitate great ones in story already made to perfection. –Way not gonna give you $10, $11 + to see –a bore. Don’t make it again. All those people you pass in the hall on the way to your office? Not a one of those MB-wise-Ass bean-counters would say “Yes” –to a “Chinatown.” –Or even get it –they’re only into keeping a job –not making good movies. Toss ‘em. TRY to make the connection: if you make GOOD movies –we’ll see them. We ain’t gonna go see your latest waste of millions –get trapped with commercials –get more abuse with products shoved into scenes (–How much money is enough for you?) –because you book a bimbette on a Sale show who ‘divulges’ some personal drivel while she’s flogging some junk. Nope. –Not as long as there are independent people with cameras who care about movies. Fergetabotit.

Here’s another tip: take good hard look at Washington –“Defense” soaking-up-money-dept., invasions, Congress, technology, science –spirituality. Pay Writers what they’re worth, to tell those stories. Michael Moore proved the market. Not an actor on the planet who can do Any Thing worth $20 million bucks. In the meantime: Keep on making those trailers –we can see/figure out whole thing from those, save money, get entertainment remedy elsewhere.

~blip~blip~BLIP- - -

Great voice, terrific dancer.... Personality that didn't quit...smart, quick...
funny, fun...painter, cook...good at Scrabble, too good....so popular nobody, not the adults or any of the children went to the table, wanted to eat yet, till she got there...life -soul-saver...listener...the direct center of the family... she was the matter that held the family together.... World's greatest Aunt.... Suddenly...arteries in her heart melted...back a little farther: doctors did surgery they shouldn't have done... back farther: she died of a broken heart ...she died with all her music still inside her...she died because she didn't know how to live...on this day, the anniversary of her death.... May you be Resting in peace ...with love....

05 March 2006

Wanna Know What's In It? –Update

Do you want to know what's in the food you eat? Do the makers have obligation to tell you?

UPDATE –As of today You still have Right to know, your state still in charge: Thursday House of Rep. put off Vote to gut food label laws after Congress received Thousands of protests. But lobbyists for Food Industry threw so much money around, Congress still refuses to hold hearing and only postponed Vote until next week. Want to know if chicken for dinner has arsenic –if neighborhood cafe is clean –heavy metals in milk –toxins in water? Want Food label laws 'fixed' the way this Administration 'fixed' Iraq WMD search, Energy 'policy,' Welfare for Wealthy, Medi-Care, Treasury Balance, Iraq invasion, Prison management, “Patriot” Spying, Gas prices, Job exporting, New Orleans hurricane relief? Congress is listening.

Read it here: CONSUMER ALERT http://www.organicconsumers.org/foodsafety/speech060301.cfm
here: NEW YORK TIMES http://www.organicconsumers.org/foodsafety/eliminate060303.cfm
Then send a message to your Rep.

03 March - 911: Food Alert
The people in charge responded to Sept. 11 attack –with “disappearance” of $9 Billion bucks –Money Give-Away to drug houses –strict new bankruptcy laws –seven days of hurricane inaction –“secured” Ports with give-away to foreign country.

Now –food supply. If you like the way Oval Office Occupant & Co have responded, no reason to read on.

If your view is otherwise: the people charged with providing security and safety –the ones you expect to look out for you, the country –are about to gut the laws in your state –to help food industry.

While the media is abandoning their responsibility and disrespecting you to 'look out' for the Oscars with “news” of the free clothing the self-absorbed will wear and other drivel –If you want food protection and accurate labeling –don’t want to eat contaminated shellfish –irradiated vegetables –genetically altered produce you need to know:

HR4167 Will eliminate any food safety laws in your state that are stronger than federal laws; state laws will be voided.
Originator of this Bill? Folks who grease election wheels: lobbyists –for food industry. Public Hearings? Zip –not even one.

Thousands of people get sick from eating contaminated food every year and many die. We have a right to clean safe food–that's why your local and state government passed food safety laws. If you don’t want to eat lethal oysters: send message to your federal Reps –they work for YOU.

The vote will be next week –and will pass –unless those who represent you hear from you and every one you know –before the Vote.

-Find your Representative in the House here:
  • •Your House Rep

  • Send fax or e-mail or call

    -Send message through those fighting this under-the-radar Bill at National Resource Defense Council here:
  • •NRDC.org

  • Organization that challenges government laws which harm environment and planet. Example: sued EPA over use of CFCs, which burned the hole in the ozone, and won, other countries also discontinued use of CFCs. Example Hudson River, NY: forced clean up of chemical waste, PCBs, toxic dumping; restored to pristine condition; many other projects in twenty-five+ year history.

    Action: TODAY
    See the Bill at: NRDC.org
    Consider a donation to NRDC

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    send a message to your Rep.

    01 March 2006

    Hair Loss? What to Eat Pt IV: Beef

    Hair loss –thinning –balding –bald? Loosing hair –but not from ‘chemo’ treatment? Think that’s ‘natural’ progression –believe you inherited a gene, from your mother?

    Maybe. Maybe not…. Ever look at paintings, photos of people from past centuries? Not only are not all bald, not all wearing wigs.

    So: ‘best’–cream –drug –herb –procedure –treatment for hair loss? You can not treat Symptoms of hair loss. You need to look for Source –cause –reason for loss. First Best place to look: what are you eating that’s eating you?

    Eating beef? Beef story goes like this: in this country cattle are speed-fed grain. Translation: cattle put in pens, force-fed corn. Why? Americans’ reputation: ‘we want what we want and we want it NOW.’ Cattlemen are like that too. If cows are restricted from moving around, they fatten quickly, slaughtered quickly, turn into cash fast. But on the way: cows are allergic to “grain” it makes them sick; then given antibiotics to “cure” them which makes them weak which gets them hormones, steroids, other drugs –chemicals. When they get to slaughter house: those chaps also in a hurry. Changes? When thousands died from eating beef laced with E. coli, written about in famous book, published in 1906, Americans were outraged and demanded changes. Congress held extensive hearings on those practices. Response? So they butcher in ways that haven’t changed since their practices turn of last century. No finer lobbyist group than those that represent beef industry.

    Proof? Recall the children who died from eating McDonald’s burgers, 1980s? The main changes: speed-feeding cattle –with toxins. –How else did you think fast-made cheap food joints –could Afford to sell burgers for a buck and still make a profit? If you have noticed hair loss –diagnosed with immunity to antibiotics –male ‘pattern balding’ –watching hair brush with trepidation, concern about heart –breast –prostate, consider:

    Remedy –If you absolutely positively HAVE to eat beef
    1. Buy beef raised naturally: cattle allowed to roam, grazed grass only
    2. No hormones, no drugs, no steroids, no chemicals added
    3. Best quality possible: “grass-finished” –few weeks before slaughter, not
    4. Cut consumption to twice a month; at most: once a week
    5. Size? Heard about the tradition of teams playing in the Rose Bowl eating Lawry's Prime Rib plate-sized beef the week of the big game so –Bigger is better? Look at your palm: a piece that will fit inside palm of your hand is all the protein needed –more is worse.
    6. Eating a junk burger once or so a year won’t kill your body, but when that stuff is consumed ALL of its ingredients are unknown; at least: do not allow small children to eat it, their body is highly sensitive, that’s why toddler’s died of E. coli-laced beef that did not kill parents.

    That’s connection: politicians need money to run election campaigns. Beef industry “needs” no snooping inspectors, changes, oversight or rigid laws; happy to help politicians who help them. Latest “help” –pumping gas into beef for ‘eye-appeal’ then stretch-wrapping old product. You pay.

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