30 August 2006

9/11 + "full responsibility" = Three Strikes?

The occupant of the Oval Office was in office for nineteen months when this country was attacked. One month before attack he received written briefing titled:

"Terrorists Want to Hijack Planes and Attack the US"
while he was on vacation. He continued to vacation. When he was informed that morning, September 11, that two planes had struck World Trade center: he kept on reading a book, to children. Then: he got into a plane and flew around for hours. Two NORAD fighter jets got in the air and went looking --in the wrong direction --After all four planes had already crashed. So much for the millions spent on "training" --on planes --on crew --on "technology" --on "defense." He failed to do even one thing to prevent the worst attack in US history.

FBI? They had an informant --living with two of the hijackers --several months before the attack. Field agents sent reports --on students who didn't want to learn how to land; requests for court order to examine suspicious people, computers; one sent over 70 e-mail requesting permission to pick up, question suspicious foreigner. FBI management: denied permission or ignored all.

One brilliant person --in FBI --connected all the dots of coordinated terrorist organization --long before US attack: forced out of FBI on minor infraction, management jealous, annoyed at his intelligence; John O'Neal subsequently took job: head of Security -World Trade Center, New York; died while working, September 11.

FBI, on No oversight by Republican majority in Congress, business as usual --without changes or up-dating, did use the attack --to secure additional budget for translators, showing they were 'short-handed' by: deleting translations done each previous day. They failed to share or to communicate with CIA or with Congress. Vigilance on domestic bank robberies: did not suffer.

Occupant went to New York, several days later, told mourning firefighters, police, grieving new orphans, widows, parents and the country: US government would strike those who attacked us. Three years, five months and several billion dollars later: nobody involved in the attack tried, arrested or even caught. The rest of the world, however, despises, fears, loathes us. Does that cause you to feel "safe" --are you safe?

In case they hadn't read a newspaper, watched TV, heard weather report, White House administration was given written and video notice that a really big hurricane, worst hurricane ever, was headed to Gulf Coast states. But "genius" puppeteer was on vacation; President of Vice: off fishing; Occupant: on vacation, as usual. The thirteenth person offered job of heading up nation's security: got on a plane --in the opposite direction, the day hurricane struck; then declared media coverage of damage, effect, devastation, after-affect was "over-blown, exaggerated." Occupant? Not watching any TV, so his staff prepared a tape --what happened to four of the 50 states he swore to protect.

He watched the tape --while survivors rescued off roofs, trudged through 5' high water sludge and debris to arrive at 'refuge' center --no water, food, hygiene facilities, medical care or even any cots. Pentagon nabs $420 billion bucks every year, but couldn't manage to spare any of it or use any Black Hawks or ordinary helicopters to air drop water or MREs to desperate survivors. That is our money. Would you like to sit in extreme heat, surrounded by filth --without water or food --for days? --A good thing for children?

Five entire days later: Occupant shambled on down to New Orleans to pat fed people on the back for "heck of a job." Later: his PR people grabbed available generators --so he could make a 'feel good' speech with attractive background lit up, seen by no one in the four states --without electricity, shelter or TVs.

Twelve months later: survivors have one foot 'at home' --one foot in relocation cities, rooted nowhere as they wait...for facts, answers, master plan, decisions, promised funds to rebuild, as thousands of gallons of water bubbles away daily out of broken pipes. They wait for electricity, just like Iraqis.... Only unlike Iraq: schools, hospitals, libraries --roads, pipes, pumps, levies haven't been repaired.

Occupant: took "full responsibility" for fed failure to get off their collective butts --get anything in gear. --Ya so, what's changed? --What's his penalty --what cost to him?

Where is Osama? Pentagon: headed by civilian, Donald Rumsfeld, chosen by Occupant, who has no military experience, ordered generals NOT to read After-War plans for Iraq, didn't have a problem with US military violating Geneva Conventions --or with prisoners standing for 12 hours a day; over-sees vast bloated top-heavy bureaucracy, that receives $420 Billion annually; protects no one but themselves, their budget; hasn't got Clue One how to secure peace in Iraq, protect US military or exit.

Occupant and his oil pals: used the military to attempt to loot Iraq --take its oil, while telling Americans, world: Iraq --"imminent threat" to this country. WHAT did Iraq or its leader have to do with September 11, 2001 attack on this country? Should our best, brightest die --to engorge some fat cats? Who should loose an eye --leg --hand --arm to enrich these people?

"Genius" puppeteer thinks, no doubt, that he is clever --for getting Oval Office occupant to blame Americans, at fault --for "addiction to oil." --Americans use oil instead of??? Where is: alternative? What is Penta-goofs using to run their fake war? These people have been occupying White House nearly SIX Years --where is alternative fuel --ideas, budget, incentive, engineers, scientists --PLAN for alternative fuel?

Question: if he and his posse failed to prevent attack --on one month's notice;

failed to respond --before or after to a natural disaster --when they had five full days notice

do we need a third disaster --to get it: these people have admitted --can't/ won't/ don't know how to protect --defend --or even prepare?

Entire country, all Americans put in jeopardy by invading a country, angering vast numbers of people in other countries; has not secured ports or transportation or chemical plants or oil refineries or airport cargo --nor captured those responsible for the attack --after five years.

We DON'T need government to swipe rights granted in the Bill of Rights, regulate religion, invade privacy, determine 'acceptable' personal behavior. Protecting citizens is primary reason for government. --That is entire purpose, to do for us --for the common good, that which we can not do individually. --But these people?

As they make midnight raids on Treasury, slipping pork into bills that gets bacon shipped 'back home' but violate fiscal responsibility, Republican principles, ethics, decency and future generations' ability to live decent safe life: How many more have to die --before we ALL get it?

2,617 Americans: will not come back from Iraq
62,000 Americans: wounded, maimed, permanently injured
100,000+ Iraqis: perished since American invasion
Treasury: $8 TRILLION debt --and soaring

Republicans can spend money, but they can't protect, defend Any body --but themselves. Isn't two strikes enough --to count Occupant, his administration and his employees, his Party, his Republican supporters in Senate, in House of Representatives out?

-Republicans: not good for health

-Work with friends, neighbors and co-workers to Get electronic "vote" machines removed

-Start networking with neighbors to inform families of enlisted: to STOP voting for Republicans

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10 August 2006

War on Terrorists: Connecticut, PC Hwy, Oval Office...

Sacramento...US Senate...House of Representatives....

Indiscriminate harm...to indiscriminate number of people...all kinds of terrorists.

It's a 'good thing' to shove American democracy --into another country? Bullets, bombs, severed limbs...on radar of The "Good" Democrat? --Gives a damn --working class, universal medical insurance, Democratic Party or its ideals --what it means --to everyone else, to have to live with the consequences of his arrogance? He was hired by all, but abetted insurance companies, huge accounting firms and fat cats. When they wanted something: he obliged. When he prevented SEC from protecting investors from un-indexed stock options: investors lost all their money --employees lost their job, their pension wiped out. His ignorance of which way is up and his ego short-circuited reality --Blaming others for his failure to represent --work for all, hire competent employees or to even pay 'smart' to have a proper website. He failed to pay attention to all, so Connecticut fired the "good." Refuses to accept getting fired: he filed to keep on running. If a company fired him and he refused to leave: they would see him as a direct threat, which the 'good' Democrat is. Just ask former employees of Enron --ones too senior, now, to get the thousands of hours over thousands of weeks back, when their pensions were wiped out --thanks to the 'good' Joe. His 'help' Even today: ask employees, watching fat management back-date stock options --to collect 300 --400 --500% more than average employee --with no restriction or even over-sight by SEC or any other agency, thanks to the "good" Joe --fair? Kiss of death....

Pours so much booze down his gullet --moans, groans, whines he's drunk --yet speeds 2,000 lb lethal weapon down a highway, mountain one side, houses butted up against the other. How much would you pay --not to be on the road --in the opposite direction? A couple of sad parents would have paid any amount --for their young intelligent beautiful daughter not out the night a drunk struck her car --a boozed up drunk "celebrating" --for hours, the day end of World War II was announced. This author's young aunt lived --in a coma --at home --four and half years, then died.

A drunk --speeding a vehicle --is 'special'? People get dead, daily, by such self-absorbed infantile irresponsible putrid punks. The people left behind, who have to find a way to go on, Don't think: "special." But If you have 'fame' you resent laws --for everyone --applied to you. So instead of taking it like a man: you turn ugly --vicious --core of your brain: leaks. Prison time --if black, brown, poor? --Straight line, no stops, no Get-Out-of-Jail free card. --A famous drunk Entitled to special privileges? --City Attorney of Los Angeles thinks so: drunk charged only with minor offenses --NOT even for speeding 84 miles an hour in 45 mph zone.

Prison --for the rich --the white --the famous boozers? Chump: The judge, the City Attorney, the smooth overly-paid mouth-piece: will all join hands --and see that drunk terrorist who got behind a wheel --won't see a day inside jail. Proof? The day after the anti-Semitic terrorist tried to evade arrest on Pacific Coast Highway and was oh-so-gently carried around Malibu: another man didn't want to be stopped by police either, only he wasn't speeding or drunk, he was caught: DWB, that's Driving While Black. He didn't do quite as well as the rich terrorist, he got: dead --shot courtesy of LAPD, his car sliced full of bullets at close range, he un-armed. [NOTE: LAPD just returned the dead man's car to his family; if he had been a threat: why didn't LAPD retain bullet-laced car as evidence?] You want to defend a drunk --well-aware he had too much booze --to drive --but got behind wheel anyway? Think long, hard --about what you are 'defending' --and why.

Use nation's trees --oceans --parks --Guard to line your bank account --and your pal's pockets --to prove you are a man --gosh, too bad if some get their hands, legs, arms, feet blown off? When you are not man enough to even attend a funeral --of even one of the people pulled out of a farm, a police station, a junior college --duped by your scam --makes YOU part of the problem. Telling lies: To grieving parents, mate, young children, community, country, Congress left behind: makes you a terrorist.

Molest --rape --pay off --those dependent for a job; use fame, money, secret deals, publicity, expensive lawyers, connections to steal office --shove your ego through a state's legislature --then through the ballot box, with a $70 MILLION dollar tab attached, on already broke state: you're a terrorist.

Shove public's money, future --Giving welfare to wealthiest, drug makers, banks, oil boys, insurance companies, accounting firms...makers of violence machinery --military war mongers: Don't see a 'prob' --with sticking Americans with the bill? --Striping Americans of rights --invading privacy --while avoiding court over-sight? --Enabling toxins, pollutants, gases, incompetence, arrogance to further heat up the planet: makes you a terrorist --a war criminal.

Nine BILLION bucks 'disappeared' out of Iraq...All kinds of terrorists --all over the place.

Warning: if you imagine US Treasury your piggy bank, pretend to care about Minimum Wage while taking NINE pay raises, jet around in our plane to pick up bags of money covered by phony speeches: We were NOT put on the earth to be used, abused, ripped off, killed for the benefit of others. Stuck on stupid and incompetent, obey extreme right-wing ideology and right-wingers: Without justice, fairness, decency there can be no good life --no health --no peace. We didn't start 'war on terrorists' --but: we will finish it. We will NOT tolerate terrorists among us.

One more down, several to go....

Remedies: You are invited to e-mail this to everyone you know...then make SURE you, everyone you know, is Registered to Vote.

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07 August 2006

Lierberman: Doesn't Want Americans to Know?

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Joe Lieberman wants to keep his job. For past several years his job: working for residents of Connecticut in the US Senate. How’s he done? Many residents are angry enough at Mr. Lieberman, to want to fire him, angry enough to hire someone else. –If you don't live in Connecticut What does that have to do with you? Does it matter if Connecticut keeps him? Giant Yes.

First: many residents are angry about this country’s involvement in Iraq. Did Mr. Lieberman vote “FOR” starting a war in Iraq? Nope. What he did: far worse. Joe Lieberman voted: to give away his authority to declare war –to the Executive branch. The person occupying Oval Office: kissed him, at the end of “State of the Union” speech, by way of thanks for his support. Ah… The Kiss of Death. –But he was not alone. Nearly every other Senator voted away their responsibility: 98 Senators voted to let someone else do their job, only the Senators of Wisconsin and Louisiana did not. That means: legally and technically the US is NOT in a war with Iraq –we invaded Iraq, since the Articles of War were not enacted.

Second: Connecticut residents are angry about the “Patriot” Act. Only several weeks after US was viciously attacked by cowards on September 11, 2001, Congress was presented with a ‘package’ –supposedly to protect the country –delivered not in the morning, mid-day, afternoon or evening, but the night before the vote. It was some 1,500 pages long. It came with a side of: ‘if you are patriotic loyal American you will vote “FOR” the “Patriot” Act. How was this Administration able –to produce such a specific and long and detailed convoluted rape of Americans’ rights –so quickly? No one asked…the answers belong in another post. Number of Senators who read the Act that slashed Rights given to you in the Bill of Rights –before they voted on it? Zero.
Senator Joe Lieberman voted: “FOR” the Act of ‘Patriotism’ –so did 97 others. Only the Senators of Wisconsin, Feingold, and Louisiana, Landry, did not.

Okay, so Senator Joe Lieberman was no worse than the other 97 (out of 100) Senators who shirked their responsibility and voted “For” someone else to decide war and “FOR” striping us of our rights. So what’s the beef? Long time readers of this blog know: this blog is for, about you –this author does not use first person singular. I make an exception for Joseph Lieberman. What do his votes, his running with the pack, have to do with you –if those votes were no worse than what most Senators did?

Third: one day Joseph Lieberman picked up a phone and changed life for Americans. I fumed when it happened. I was outraged. MANY were outraged. There was not Thing One we could do to stop him —or the result. Short version, it goes like this: He called the head of Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, and told the head, basically, ‘back off’ and if he didn’t, SEC would get its budget cut. Result? SEC backed off, Senate passed bill Joe Lieberman wrote: business was changed. What did those actions mean, what does it have to do with you? If I skip over all the details, even the highlights, it meant: Enron. What Enron did –hiding its losses –wiping out value for stockholders –destroying pensions of long-time and new employees, and how corporations function –now –is on Joseph Lieberman’s head.

Why did he pick up the phone –write the bill that changed how corporations account for stock options? –The obscene amount of money the oily boys get? Because large accounting firms asked him –and his pal Chris Dodd, to interfere in SEC laws, looking out for investors, stockholders and allowing loopholes. See: Connecticut is chock full of insurance companies, giant accounting firms, big shots –with money. The head of SEC did not stand up to Lieberman, because he said he was afraid they would cut his budget and he would loose good SEC lawyers he had left. Lieberman and Dodd got gifts when it was over –big cash gifts. They don't call it that in Washington though, they class it up with "donation" –so everybody looks like the decent folk. Dodd got $250,000 though he wasn't up for re-election. But: The amounts were chump change, compared to amount corporations get to keep, not taxed, because of it. Joe Lieberman Hopes: you don't know anything about what he did in the 1990s that affects Every person in the US. Big boys get stock options; stockholders have to pay for them; workers: get none, they get screwed.

Joe Lieberman: has the arrogance to claim he is a “good” Democrat. If residents of Connecticut don’t think so: he will re-register, if he looses, and run for the Senate as an “Independent.” THIS is the arrogance of Joe Lieberman and many many others in the US Senate. He believes he is Entitled to the job. He Doesn’t Get It.

Voters: need to choose someone who will represent ALL residents of the state. Then: we need to boot Chris Dodd and EVERY other person taking up space in the US Senate and House of Representatives who has represented corporations –and used/ignored everyone else to fund their lifestyle while being indifferent to non-wealthy middle class and working people.

I ask Connecticut voters: Do NOT vote for Joe Lieberman. Do NOT choose arrogance. It is OUR turn to have our say about being used –screwed –abused by people who OWE us, the voters, even if we are not wealthy.

Remedy: Choose someone else to represent you in the Senate.

Next piece of business: we fund elections with public money so our representatives don’t turn into whores. Then we go after salaries our reps are paid.

Please Vote NO on Joseph Lieberman. We can do better.

Interfered with SEC - abetted Enron - Pensions, jobs, stock value wiped out - documented
by: PBS.org

He authored an "investigation" of SEC --for failing to protect investors. They "failed" when Lieberman threatened SEC if they didn't back off of Enron over indexing stock options. "Slate" wrote about the report and the hypocrisy: here