10 August 2006

War on Terrorists: Connecticut, PC Hwy, Oval Office...

Sacramento...US Senate...House of Representatives....

Indiscriminate harm...to indiscriminate number of people...all kinds of terrorists.

It's a 'good thing' to shove American democracy --into another country? Bullets, bombs, severed limbs...on radar of The "Good" Democrat? --Gives a damn --working class, universal medical insurance, Democratic Party or its ideals --what it means --to everyone else, to have to live with the consequences of his arrogance? He was hired by all, but abetted insurance companies, huge accounting firms and fat cats. When they wanted something: he obliged. When he prevented SEC from protecting investors from un-indexed stock options: investors lost all their money --employees lost their job, their pension wiped out. His ignorance of which way is up and his ego short-circuited reality --Blaming others for his failure to represent --work for all, hire competent employees or to even pay 'smart' to have a proper website. He failed to pay attention to all, so Connecticut fired the "good." Refuses to accept getting fired: he filed to keep on running. If a company fired him and he refused to leave: they would see him as a direct threat, which the 'good' Democrat is. Just ask former employees of Enron --ones too senior, now, to get the thousands of hours over thousands of weeks back, when their pensions were wiped out --thanks to the 'good' Joe. His 'help' Even today: ask employees, watching fat management back-date stock options --to collect 300 --400 --500% more than average employee --with no restriction or even over-sight by SEC or any other agency, thanks to the "good" Joe --fair? Kiss of death....

Pours so much booze down his gullet --moans, groans, whines he's drunk --yet speeds 2,000 lb lethal weapon down a highway, mountain one side, houses butted up against the other. How much would you pay --not to be on the road --in the opposite direction? A couple of sad parents would have paid any amount --for their young intelligent beautiful daughter not out the night a drunk struck her car --a boozed up drunk "celebrating" --for hours, the day end of World War II was announced. This author's young aunt lived --in a coma --at home --four and half years, then died.

A drunk --speeding a vehicle --is 'special'? People get dead, daily, by such self-absorbed infantile irresponsible putrid punks. The people left behind, who have to find a way to go on, Don't think: "special." But If you have 'fame' you resent laws --for everyone --applied to you. So instead of taking it like a man: you turn ugly --vicious --core of your brain: leaks. Prison time --if black, brown, poor? --Straight line, no stops, no Get-Out-of-Jail free card. --A famous drunk Entitled to special privileges? --City Attorney of Los Angeles thinks so: drunk charged only with minor offenses --NOT even for speeding 84 miles an hour in 45 mph zone.

Prison --for the rich --the white --the famous boozers? Chump: The judge, the City Attorney, the smooth overly-paid mouth-piece: will all join hands --and see that drunk terrorist who got behind a wheel --won't see a day inside jail. Proof? The day after the anti-Semitic terrorist tried to evade arrest on Pacific Coast Highway and was oh-so-gently carried around Malibu: another man didn't want to be stopped by police either, only he wasn't speeding or drunk, he was caught: DWB, that's Driving While Black. He didn't do quite as well as the rich terrorist, he got: dead --shot courtesy of LAPD, his car sliced full of bullets at close range, he un-armed. [NOTE: LAPD just returned the dead man's car to his family; if he had been a threat: why didn't LAPD retain bullet-laced car as evidence?] You want to defend a drunk --well-aware he had too much booze --to drive --but got behind wheel anyway? Think long, hard --about what you are 'defending' --and why.

Use nation's trees --oceans --parks --Guard to line your bank account --and your pal's pockets --to prove you are a man --gosh, too bad if some get their hands, legs, arms, feet blown off? When you are not man enough to even attend a funeral --of even one of the people pulled out of a farm, a police station, a junior college --duped by your scam --makes YOU part of the problem. Telling lies: To grieving parents, mate, young children, community, country, Congress left behind: makes you a terrorist.

Molest --rape --pay off --those dependent for a job; use fame, money, secret deals, publicity, expensive lawyers, connections to steal office --shove your ego through a state's legislature --then through the ballot box, with a $70 MILLION dollar tab attached, on already broke state: you're a terrorist.

Shove public's money, future --Giving welfare to wealthiest, drug makers, banks, oil boys, insurance companies, accounting firms...makers of violence machinery --military war mongers: Don't see a 'prob' --with sticking Americans with the bill? --Striping Americans of rights --invading privacy --while avoiding court over-sight? --Enabling toxins, pollutants, gases, incompetence, arrogance to further heat up the planet: makes you a terrorist --a war criminal.

Nine BILLION bucks 'disappeared' out of Iraq...All kinds of terrorists --all over the place.

Warning: if you imagine US Treasury your piggy bank, pretend to care about Minimum Wage while taking NINE pay raises, jet around in our plane to pick up bags of money covered by phony speeches: We were NOT put on the earth to be used, abused, ripped off, killed for the benefit of others. Stuck on stupid and incompetent, obey extreme right-wing ideology and right-wingers: Without justice, fairness, decency there can be no good life --no health --no peace. We didn't start 'war on terrorists' --but: we will finish it. We will NOT tolerate terrorists among us.

One more down, several to go....

Remedies: You are invited to e-mail this to everyone you know...then make SURE you, everyone you know, is Registered to Vote.

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