20 March 2006

Conservative? Right winger?

–Extreme right winger? The arrogance of such certitude will bring destruction on this country.

People moved away from Democratic Party when the Party stood up for all –refused to deny rights to any. As those who would deny most to most shifted to opposition Party –certain that attacking –those who are black –Asian –peace-loving –‘different’ –any who wanted fairness, equality under blind-folded law, the country was rent; rendered nearly impotent, as people of ‘difference’ got judgment, while the pale, the rich, the “certain” got the probation –the ‘Not Guilty’ –the Get Out of Jail card –the free pass.

You want to use celebrities –our airwaves –our free press –our representatives to get us to pay your bills, buy your drugs, your trash food, your soda, your toxins? How long will your scams last –if those without medical insurance, forced into bankruptcy, forced emergency rooms to close –where will ambulance take you?

As long as the ‘certain’ –the ‘rightists’ mete “justice” to everyone else and arrange special laws for themselves: those “certain” must stay off highways, roads, bridges, tarmacs, rails, rivers. Go get generators, dig your own wells; never call 911 –fire fighters –police –National Guard –military troops –CIA, FBI; no public library –elementary, middle, high school. Don’t be contacting representatives in Congress –you don’t pay, you’re not entitled to representation. –You are not ‘better’ than the bank robber if you use the services, skip out on the tab. We ALL contribute to the pool.

You want to use your money –your religion –your corporation –get ahead of the line, twist laws to your benefit? You want to use our resources, land, oceans, rivers, air, water, parks for your coal, your spent rods, your toxins, your waste? You want to be right-wing –discriminate everyone else –get 'break' on taxes? –Then you aren’t entitled to the services, fairness, justice the rest of us made possible. What business can be done –on scorched earth?

Remedy –for “conservative” “right winger” –managers of vast corporate power –1% of the wealthiest? We've seen this movie, we know your kind, we don't want “Rome II –the sequel.” You are part of the solution or: Get off the streets we paved. Get out, Go –some where else. You are not entitled to the protection of other people’s children, sent everywhere, to provide for the rest of us. NOT “special” –NO FREE lunch here.

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  1. Right wingnuts love the war in Iraq. They look at how many Americans die in this battle and how many insurgents in that battle, and this really excites them. It's like an extension of Sunday football, the glory of battle. Never mind that they all avoided military service like the plague. But Iraq gives them a really neat hobby, and, hey, someone else does the dying.