05 March 2006

Wanna Know What's In It? –Update

Do you want to know what's in the food you eat? Do the makers have obligation to tell you?

UPDATE –As of today You still have Right to know, your state still in charge: Thursday House of Rep. put off Vote to gut food label laws after Congress received Thousands of protests. But lobbyists for Food Industry threw so much money around, Congress still refuses to hold hearing and only postponed Vote until next week. Want to know if chicken for dinner has arsenic –if neighborhood cafe is clean –heavy metals in milk –toxins in water? Want Food label laws 'fixed' the way this Administration 'fixed' Iraq WMD search, Energy 'policy,' Welfare for Wealthy, Medi-Care, Treasury Balance, Iraq invasion, Prison management, “Patriot” Spying, Gas prices, Job exporting, New Orleans hurricane relief? Congress is listening.

Read it here: CONSUMER ALERT http://www.organicconsumers.org/foodsafety/speech060301.cfm
here: NEW YORK TIMES http://www.organicconsumers.org/foodsafety/eliminate060303.cfm
Then send a message to your Rep.

03 March - 911: Food Alert
The people in charge responded to Sept. 11 attack –with “disappearance” of $9 Billion bucks –Money Give-Away to drug houses –strict new bankruptcy laws –seven days of hurricane inaction –“secured” Ports with give-away to foreign country.

Now –food supply. If you like the way Oval Office Occupant & Co have responded, no reason to read on.

If your view is otherwise: the people charged with providing security and safety –the ones you expect to look out for you, the country –are about to gut the laws in your state –to help food industry.

While the media is abandoning their responsibility and disrespecting you to 'look out' for the Oscars with “news” of the free clothing the self-absorbed will wear and other drivel –If you want food protection and accurate labeling –don’t want to eat contaminated shellfish –irradiated vegetables –genetically altered produce you need to know:

HR4167 Will eliminate any food safety laws in your state that are stronger than federal laws; state laws will be voided.
Originator of this Bill? Folks who grease election wheels: lobbyists –for food industry. Public Hearings? Zip –not even one.

Thousands of people get sick from eating contaminated food every year and many die. We have a right to clean safe food–that's why your local and state government passed food safety laws. If you don’t want to eat lethal oysters: send message to your federal Reps –they work for YOU.

The vote will be next week –and will pass –unless those who represent you hear from you and every one you know –before the Vote.

-Find your Representative in the House here:
  • •Your House Rep

  • Send fax or e-mail or call

    -Send message through those fighting this under-the-radar Bill at National Resource Defense Council here:
  • •NRDC.org

  • Organization that challenges government laws which harm environment and planet. Example: sued EPA over use of CFCs, which burned the hole in the ozone, and won, other countries also discontinued use of CFCs. Example Hudson River, NY: forced clean up of chemical waste, PCBs, toxic dumping; restored to pristine condition; many other projects in twenty-five+ year history.

    Action: TODAY
    See the Bill at: NRDC.org
    Consider a donation to NRDC

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    send a message to your Rep.

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