04 April 2006

Acid Reflux: "disease"?

What does that mean: “acid reflux”? Is “reflux” a “disease”? Do you have diagnosis of acid reflux? Do you take a prescription drug for acid reflux? If so: you are among –15 to 17 million Americans taking a prescription drug for it.

“Everybody Loves Raymond” TV show actress who played the irritating mother made the talk-show circuit several years ago to alert Americans that “acid reflux” was a real disease and that there happened to be a pill for it –a ‘little purple pill.’ So helpful…so necessary? Do people in Asia, Africa know about this?

Acid reflux –a disease on the rise? If you saw ABC NewsTonight last week, you would think so. The latest tool for acid reflux disease, according to ABC’s resident doc? A camera – swallow a camera that takes photos as it goes…cost? $450. –well we are the ‘throw-away’ country, what’s the big deal about actually swallowing and discarding 450 bucks worth of tool? We ‘lucky’ to live in a country where the ‘little purple pill’ is available? Well if you were employed by the drug house that makes the ‘little purple pill’ things have worked out well, and Yup –if you don’t mind being part of neurotic gang, getting fleeced, getting worthless diagnosis.

“Acid reflux”? “Acid” –the fluids in the stomach that break down food. “Reflux” –when stomach acid travels Up the digestive track. Is that a “disease”? Why does stomach acid travel up? Consider: it is a ‘gift’ –in the same way that pain is a gift if your finger is over an open flame. Your brain gets a message ‘hey –this is HOT –move it.’ Without the ‘gift’ –the feeling of pain, you could leave your finger until burnt to the bone. Acid coming out of the stomach is the same: it is ‘message’ –‘not enough acid.’ Talking a drug that stops the acid from rising –for such condition –a good thing? A dumb thing.

What causes acid to rise? Your stomach does not have enough fluid to breakdown the food consumed. Sending fluid UP –a natural reflex of your body. If you consume too many different foods, requiring too many different acids to breakdown = depletion. Consumed foods in wrong order = depletes acid. After many years of breaking down foods: your body does not produce as much acid as before. Consume too much food, all at once = depletion.

So prescription –to prevent acid from rising, from giving warning signal? Utterly worthless. If stomach acid is depleted? People in Asia, Africa: Do not know anything about ‘heartburn’ ‘acid reflux’ “disease.” They get on fine without pills –of any color.

Remedy 1. Add acid. Yup, if stomach acid depleted –add acid. –One to two Tbs. unfiltered apple cider vinegar –all at once.

Remedy 2. If your doctor has not told you any of this, but has written prescription: consider getting recommendations for another doctor. –One of three things is true:
a) Doctor doesn’t know how stomach works
b) Has listened to your request for a prescription –after you watched TV ads, and is only complying with your request –even though You know nothing about anatomy, diagnosis, consequences of putting a toxin in your body
c) Doctor has entered into oral or written contract with drug-maker for “acid reflux” made-up “disease” –to sell drugs for such “disease” and receives ‘compensation’ –cash, trips/travel, meals or gifts–for making drug-maker wealthy beyond imaging….
Find: another doctor.

How does this happen? How, Why is a drug house able to do this? Politics. Politicians created an agency, Food and Drug, which oversees what goes into the marketplace. Except that FDA relies on funding from those it regulates. Every drug submitted for approval arrives with data designed to show ‘wonderfulness’ and ‘necessity’ of the drug and with a check. Those checks are FDA’s primary source of funding. Those checks are major part of the reason drugs get approval. Then the drug-makers write more checks –to elected members of Congress as ‘support’ and ‘thank you’ for continuation of system in which everybody makes money and you get: diagnosis “acid reflux disease.” Pick up some unfiltered apple cider vinegar next trip to grocery store, eat less food, fewer different foods, and “cure” yourself of the “disease.”

Remedy 4. Remember: “Vioxx? FDA had evidence of heart problems caused by that drug, several years before yanked from the market –after several died of heart failure. Write to your representatives in Congress:
-Demand FDA be independently funded.
-Demand that if natural remedy exists that already can accomplish effect naturally, that no manufactured drug get approval.
You can find your reps' address on the left, under *Links*

That is remedy –for politics, policies, politicians enabling disease

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