21 April 2006

Oily “Decider” Decided: Was It Good For You?

Remedy: The Rummy should go –stay? Republicans –care about the quality of your life, your health, your job –about what's good for the country, the Treasury, the “war,” the environment so much that when came to the hard decisions on The Rummy they? –Got outta town. Gosh those rascals are good for a chuckle, But they left it all up to their fearless leader: The “Decider.” “Decider” decided remedy –to ask oily pals, who fish for oil off Katrina-destroyed coast –to donate funds to restore? –Demanded they build homes for employees and their families? –To make sacrifices –for his made-up war? The “Decider” decided: to blame YOU –for being an oil addict.

The Rummy should be booted or keep on bungling? –Irrelevant. The “Decider” decided: if The Rummy was
ordered to get the hell out, the “Decider” would have to Actually accept responsibility –for his own incompetence. But Oily corporations’ contribution –to “war” –to coastline restoration –to pollution reduction? —So: Their patriotic contribution?

In every other real war this country has engaged in: Americans, big and small, individual and business, wealthy and working class, were asked to sacrifice. So: oily corporations’ contribution? WHERE is oily corporations’ sacrifice? Nada. Squat. Zip. Why?

In case you don’t already know and haven’t read it in this website’s pages: The “Decider” decided to invade the two countries which form perfect path –to the Caspian Sea –for ships to load oil –using “terrorism” as his excuse. So the “Decider” decided: to lob the nation’s Guard into Iraq –to get rid of a dictator –who stood in their way. NOTHING whatsoever to do with “terrorism.”

Oily corporations donated to “Decider” –first and second election campaign. Pay-off? They get to hide behind all of it. Their ‘contribution’? They get to dig deep –into your pocket –into your business profit –into your plans for the future –your livelihood –your vacation –your grocery money. They claim: ‘switching to “summer” fuel’ –costly transport of corn additive –‘not enough refineries’ –are driving up the price.

HOW did corn get to be additive to gas? Remember good ol’ Democrat Dashle –and slurping Republicans who “demanded” corn was necessary in gasoline? Oily lobbyists went after Senate, House members and got them to write a Bill. The ‘invoice’ –corn as additive—was supposed to help Daschle’s state, for which he expected them to be so grateful they would re-elect him. Instead: Republicans got the Bill to help their oily pals –and then went after Daschle’s seat and got that too. Americans got stuck with the tab, for both. It costs TONS to transport ‘refined’ corn –by truck, ethanol can’t be shipped by railroad car. Reduction of gas cost: Zip.

“Not enough refineries.” If you hear any oil-related mouth-piece say that sentence: KNOW oily corporations shut down over 100 refineries –to damp down the supply, squeeze up the price. Remember that –they voluntarily SHUT refineries –when they decided price was too low. –They couldn’t care any less about re-opening or building refineries –THAT would defeat goal.

Oily corporations' –goal? Drive UP the price, of course. How they do’n? According to their mouthpieces: things are ‘terrible’ –Iran “might” do something –and this and that, until: most believe the hype –that oil is in “short” supply. If –IF that is actually True: HOW do they have the Money to send Exxon’s chief geezer out the door –with $400 MILLION bucks? IF oil/gas was in tight supply: there would NOT be extra revenue generated, things would stay equal, including the amount of PROFIT. NO EXTRA. Hence: crowning the Chief Executive Oinker with $400 MILLION –their way of saying ‘Thanks for the bloat –for getting us more bucks.’

“Decider” decided: to cause death –of Iraqi families, American families, Marines, soldiers; to reveal undercover agent’s name –for revenge for the agent’s spouse exposure of their lies; to ignore your need for medical insurance –to ignore any help for 99% of Americans.

The Rummy should –go –stay? The question –whole subject is irrelevant because, this author believes, the people, behind the scene, who run the “Decider” want everything that’s happening. “Decider” –even though he evaded doing actual military service the way everyone else was forced to, is a good little soldier. He is taking orders –delivering the ‘goods.’ Even if The Rummy was booted: would 2,500+ marines, soldiers, pilots be returned? –Over 50,000 would get back their legs –arms, eyes, hands? –Toddlers would get back their daddy? –Whole Iraqi families would be reunited? –Americans would get back the “disappeared” $9 Billion bucks –or the money Haliburton sucked out of the Treasury for un-washed laundry, un-hot food, aided by the President of Vice?

How much money is enough for those people? How much power? How many more "wars"?

The Remedy to destruction, theft, mendacity, death IS in your control. If a bunch of students and senior adults can get a king to reinstate democratic parliament (in Katmandu): can you do less –than demand your local Registrar of Voting get voting machines that can NOT be altered with easily-invaded software? Demand, like California: ink dot voting, with paper trail receipt. Can you do any less?

YOU Can contact the person who is Registrar of Voting in your county –region –state and Demand voting machines be changed; that no easily-altered software electronic voting machines be allowed. Don’t want to go it alone? Ask people you have lunch with, people at work; PTA –Little League/Soccer parents –Boys/Girls club parents –any, all to join you in contacting the Registrar of Voting. Make a simple flier with:
“CONTACT: Registrar of Voting Mr./Ms. X
telephone: 000-000-0000
web address: ______________
Electronic Voting machines: REMOVED –Long before November election.”

Don’t want to –get involved –ask others to get involved –contact Registrar? Then: you may as well contact real estate agent –in another country, because this country will belong / OWNED by corporations and YOU, your family, your neighbors will have fewer and fewer rights each year; declining health, quality of life. Is your legacy –to be cowardice? Are you here only to get your ‘share’? Your ‘share’ of zero: will be zero –without your voice, your energy, your intelligence –your involvement. You’ve seen what Republican-controlled government has gotten this country. Even the “religious” right-wingers are angry. There are more of us, in opposition, than those who run corporations –and the “Decider” pals. --Now only 36 (33?)% “approve” job those people have done. –Medical insurance –six years of job security, raises?

Today, Friday April 21, 2006: Gas on the Commodity market went to over $75. a barrel at the close. Supposedly each dollar equals $.24 –therefore

at $70. per barrel earlier in the week equates to:
Gas at $3.02 will go to $4.22 for one gallon. Wow.

Remember: de thug Delay, Republican, forced to give up his position in the House and then his seat, is under indictment and going to trial for criminal political activity. Remember: “Decider” has decided to ‘release’ Karl Rove –to work on November elections –if KKKarl doesn’t get indicted before then.

Remember: “Decider” HAS to borrow money EVERY DAY –to cover his messes.

Remember: they used $6 MILLION bucks to fly around –in First Class –on OUR money, tons of which was wasted on un-used un-returned tickets.

Remember: There are More of us who Oppose corporate take-over of America than there are supporters of pollution, corruption and spreaders of disease and global warming. YOU CAN make a difference. Vote with your wallet. Get on your feet and get your neighbors, your family, friends, co-workers involved.

Remedy: Make a Boycott flier
Then: Go door to door on your block –ask each neighbor not to buy gas from Mobil or Exxon; distribute to co-workers; make extra for them to hand out. Find Independent gas stations –only buy from them, until Mobil and Exxon are forced to reduce gas price, change disgusting ‘bonus’ given to their gougers of your wallet, your life.

Remedy: Call your union rep/office manager
Ask if your union/employer holds any stock in any oil company. If so: demand they divest –sell all such stock. Ask your co-workers, family, friends to make the same request. Unhappy shareholders will have even bigger effect on oil oinkers than negative news stories about the price of gas. Then: call your local newspaper and tell them you are calling for Mobil, Exxon boycott and for unions and employers to sell oil company stock.

click the link for more ways to make a difference:

Plant Solutions

Remedy: Boycott Mobil, Exxon
Remedy: Send this as e-mail to ten people, ask each to send to ten people (use link below)
Remedy: Demand SECURE safe voting machines –for our lives.
Remedy: link to this page, send out in every e-mail.
Get busy!

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