20 April 2006

White House: Changes?

Changes --in the White House? Those wiley coyote Republicans "running" government for us took a look at their "approval" ratings and decided to make changes? Oval Office Occupant "remedies" for deaths of nation's National Guard, entire families in Iraq --US treasury bleeding so much red ink this generation's great grandchildren will be cursing him, us as they walk to school, work struggling to pay it off. Changes? The "decider" decided --to blame the messenger, booting the press secretary and 'demoting' messenger Krafter KKKarl. Oval Office Occupant "decider" decided: the ship stinks so the deck chairs need rearranging --before the ship sinks.

Open Letter to Media: You deliver the news this "government" delivered $190 MILLION bucks to a contractor to build 16 clinics in Iraq, including one on top of a pond --because no employee of this "government" could be found to change the site or oversee the contractor or the money. Now the clinics sit without windows, floors, unfinished and contractor has 'moved on.' New clinics built in the US? Squat. You deliver news: wealthy whackos have Finally found way to get Bible into schools --via new labeling as "literature." Are they trying that tactic in Shaker Heights --Dearborn --Beverly Hills? Or only in poor districts where representatives don't give a damn about laws? Just what will it take to get you to report: emperor is Buck Nekkid?

That the "Architect" of "plan" to raid a country lets: its museums, offices, schools be looted; disbanded its military, police, civil service; gave $70 million, in cash, to officers to hand out to any 'neighbor' who ratted out a "terrorist" then transported those "terrorists" --on no evidence--to 'secret' prison, to be interrogated without any rights --so far for five years; 'engineered' torturing of others, some until death --for what purpose? Can Anyone, anywhere name even a Single thing this employee has done right --correctly --well? Yet reward for his incompetence, violation of laws, international treaties, human rights? --Yup, keeps his "job." Media: Is his medal being minted while we wait --for photos of the dead; phony death stats, funerals "Decider" won't attend, the other shoe to drop?

That the President of Vice "crafted" energy policy 'for the country' --using cronies. CEO of Exxon: while price of oil, gas soaring "because of shortage; switching to summer fuel; transport costs of corn additive; lack of refinery." IF even ONE of those were actually True: HOW do they wind up with enough cash to fork over $400 MILLION "bonus" bucks to a geezer as he walks out the door? Another CEO geezer who "helped" with energy "policy": on trial --for looting the company. He didn't do the looting? Where's the money? HOW did he wind up with Multi-millions in the months just prior to house-of-rats exposure? Other CEOs: whined about annoying laws, so miners died; nation's parks got opened for drilling, logging; more coal toxin got dumped in waterways --but no biggy, it only happens on 'rainy' days. But President of Vice was so busy making world safe for oil companies: he didn't notice; spy --working in his office three years; his chief of staff spilling his guts --and an undercover agent's name to newspapers.

While FEMA ordered, paid for trailers --that can't be wired for electricity, hooked up or used in wet land, Homeland "Security" employees arrested for child molestation and office pornography, Occupant hands out contracts to foreigners to 'guard' our ports, while his brother hands out our money to cruise ships connected to the same foreigners --all on no bid, no compete contracts, violating federal law. Consequences? Media: Just Exaaactly WHEN will any of you get a spine --demand Impeachment --Arrest --Resignation?

Was it good for you? CEO policy meeting --to get medical insurance for all Americans? --Bargaining with drug makers? Reasonable pay for doctors? Reimbursement for failing hospitals, ERs? More of America's best got wounded, maimed, dead; more watched their home blow away; more filed for bankruptcy; more got deeper in debt; more began living in trailers, cars, sidewalk tents. More people got confused which way pollution is blowing; more children got asthma; more tornados, hurricanes; melanoma.

"Decider" decided to: remain silent on demanding oil companies make contribution to war --and not raise prices --donate to clean up, restore areas where they pump. "Decider" decided to --look out for You? "Decider" decided to: rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. To: Become the worst Thing that ever happened to this country.

Remedy --for arrogance, indifference, no medical insurance, no drug bargaining? Your rep in the Senate and the House needs to hear from you --while they are still there. It's the last chance they have to do the RIGHT things to remedy these messes --before they are kicked to the curb in November. You can find your rep in the links on the left margin. YOU are the CEO of your life --don't just tolerate abuse --ACT. They can only get away with looting with your silence.

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