18 April 2006

Impotence –Hair Loss –Barry Bonds?

Impotent –but the little blue pill handy remedy? Loosing hair –but goop in the tube slathered on daily? Hmmm…then what, exactly, is the problem with Barry Bonds?

‘Pious’ Senators, sports writers, authors, parents (–you?) –condemn him; demand professional baseball outlaw drugs. Here’s a question: why?

Right to criticize what an athlete does to be his best? If a professional athlete trains using ballet, pink bat, nude sunbathing, pockets stuffed full of four-leaf clovers, 48 hours of pre-game silence or muscle-enhancing drugs: what is it to you? How is that your /anybody’s business?

You didn’t do any whining when a foreigner with family ties to The most vile organization in history entered the country, and then body contests, very obviously with a body-enhancer, and used the results as stepping-stone to hitch himself to: one of the most famous US families, movie roles and political office. –All without education, experience, skills, knowledge or a peep outta media, Congress or you. He got his body that size –because he was ‘healthy’ and worked out? How does a ‘healthy’ 49-year old: wind up with emergency surgery for a heart attack? –Eight women on record about his grab & shove ‘technique’ on movie set locations –rumors all over Hollywood about what’s on video tape before he turned ‘actor.’ Duh. Uh, no problemo with reportedly foul-mouthed vulgar Babe Ruth, who stuffed food and booze in Depression-era sport –seeing how many women he could stuff into a hotel bed?

So what’s your beef with a contemporary athlete who has trained, has skill and single-minded purpose? Ooooh, you think he sets a ‘bad’ example for your kid? So: How many beers are you downing on the week-end? Cigarettes, cigars? Nightly bottle of wine? Your waistline –same as when you were in high school or reaching for pizza, ice cream, cookies, too much of everything so none of those clothes would fit? Let’s talk a little walk…down the hall…to your bathroom…crack open the medicine cabinet…what’s this –the ‘little purple pill’ for acid reflux “disease” –instead of eating less quantity and better quality? A bottle of headache remedy; one for wrinkles? The three main over-the-counter ‘sleep’ drugs earned $2 billion bucks last year –but you’re not one of the ‘contributors’ –those pills don’t do your sleeping for you? A drug for cholesterol –diabetes –AIDS –herpes –diarrhea –bad breath? Birth control? –Inhaler? –Allergy –sinus, sore throat –tooth ache? Any –drug, salve, pill, prescription beyond dental floss and tooth brush in that wall safe: Your “need” to cover for an erection –grey hair, pregnancy, flatulence, obesity, pain, wrinkles –justified? Tossing back toxins for vanity or ‘health’ but not for cure: Then you are being a hypocrite.

–But a professional athlete’s goal –for fame, money, personal satisfaction of attaining a record is not?

How about instead of getting another law on personal behavior: you recognize some responsibility and stop teaching your kid that your drugs are “okay” and stop sending hypocritical mixed messages. Go the natural route. Tell your child: ‘very fine’ the way they are; they don’t need to be anything other than who they are for you to love them –unconditionally. Then let them have the advantage of learning on their own –pull them out of Pewee /Little League –soccer –any adult-organized sport –No wearing a uniform; way NOT more fun than child-organized dodge-ball, basketball, softball –and let children have a childhood; play for pure pleasure and fun of playing –adults and pressure Out of the way–without ‘winning’ a damn thing.

The remedy for children: is having a childhood and seeing their parents be toxin-free –way not in getting Congress to stick their collective nose into Professional sports. Tiger Woods was maybe the oldest-looking 21-year old sports figure ever to appear on camera. Dump the toxins, let your child play without adult interference and leave Barry Bonds alone. Or: admit you are a hypocrite.

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