22 February 2006

US Ports --For Sale???

Show of Hands: Will feel warm & cozy with non-American Port mgmt?
“ “ “ Who knew a British corporation was running ports in the country?
“ “ “ Who believes spend-a-holic who hasn’t seen a spending Bill he didn’t like –is now going to get it up to Veto legislation that would quash the deal?

Who believes Oval Office Occupant –hitting the sauce –big time?

Neveeermind what he says: everything is opposite of what it’s labeled or its named goal. His history: not a single thing you Thought it was going to be. Example: “$15 billion to fight AIDS.” –Reality: threw a chunk at a group that claims a religion connection; their AIDS-fighting method? Threw a chunk –of condoms –at married people, in Africa, along with brochures, lectures on “Just Say “No” to Sex” unless married. How's that working out –on adults who already have AIDS –on children? Now: Forty million people have AIDS. The promised $15 billion? $13 of it ‘working its way through the system’ –cuz no oil –coal –nuclee-ar goo ol’ boys attached, so it’s taking a bit longer –what, three –four years?

If Americans –people in BOTH Parties –in Congress, don’t go Along with him –We ‘slander’ a country??? We Don’t Think so…. –TWO on the attack team of murderers came from the same country as the wannabe buyer country....

What the Hell is going on? Were people from United Arab Emirates among the 182 passengers on the only plane allowed to fly after September 11 –that flew out of the country??? KKKarl told him it was OKAY to sell off management of six ports –WHY??? What the Hell is in it for them? President of Vice, Occupant and KKKarl –need another pension? –From Dubai???

BUT: With all the Welfare he’s heaved at the Wealthiest –NONE can come up with enough scratch to run the ports??? WWWhat Are those rascals doing with all their dough? He’s pitched serious chunks at any/every “special” group with their hands out –None left for our government to run ports? Hello Groucho –Where are you when we need you.

“Only 5% of containers are checked”??? WHY Is that still happening?

This author has a friend, country of origin not to be named, who inherited a contract his father had with the ruling family in Dubai. He used to get phone calls and faxes –in his car, chastising him for not using more gasoline. One day he was ‘summoned.’ Took long time to get there, kept him waiting nearly a week before seeing him; when they did, told him: ‘send in all your invoices.’ He asked, among other things, “why.” When he got home he got: “Dear John” letter –and stiffed, for $295,000… among other things. Could he go back and get the money? Could he get into the country? If his friends hadn't pitched in: he and his family -pitched homeless. That’s how they “honored” relationship with him and his father….

But they’ll be “better” with a country??? Ya, when porcines can get airborne. And you’re a bigot –for not wanting them to be in charge? Nice…. Did you catch Occupant’s thirteenth choice to run “Homeland” “Security” on the Sunday talk shows? Excuse-man C***off tripped over his own tongue trying to spit out “reasons.”

If anybody in Congress puts up legislation to stop the port sale –Without finding out WHY the Occupant WANTS it to go through: they can legitimately be called “Dumber than Dirt.” He Can’t Possibly believe –a fireman, a widow, a non-brain-dead person anywhere in the country would not say: Fool me once....

So WHY does the occupant want such a thing? First Thought: we’re being set-up –to get hit again –just before November elections…Dubai lets suicide-bombers in, we get attacked –Lone Danger rides in and convinces what he thinks of as sheep –that we need Another “war” –to “protect” us from –Syria??? –from Iran? Let us Pray: he’s only on the sauce….

SOMEBODY: better stop watching “celebrities” –Karaoke bores –Drivel long enough to investigate Precisely WHY the Occupant wants this deal. –What’s Behind it. Then we figure out What to do about it.

And you thought health –politics –politicians enabling disease –a ‘stretch’ –for a blog premise?! Remedy –for this non-Marx Bros mess? Don’t fish off any East coast piers –stay off boats till we get Answers. –Ask your reps in DC to do some actual work and Find out what the Hell is going on. Legislation to stop the sale: Not enough. Author needs a drink.

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  1. You asked if you could link to my post on what's behind the ports deal-- yes, yes, yes, please help spread the word.