15 February 2006

Olympic Greed?

Picture this: your job is now network News Director. Now: choose –what will go on the air.

In a week that included –woman’s funeral, partner of maybe the most important civil rights leader in US history, eulogies, by whom, fall-out, future benefit
–Emergency surgery of a Prime Minister whose strategic country on verge of peace or full out war
–Steps Congress is taking on federal agency violating the Constitution, its own charter to spy on Americans’ communication without court oversight
–Important oil-exporter leaders not told they would be scape-goated in State of Union speech, reaction, consequences
–Foods low in fat have little effect
–Large illegal-immigrant border state had a prison race-riot, two murdered
–Probe launched to planet with no known benefits on borrowed money, ETA ten years
–Several hundred thousand people, grand parents –couples with small children, facing motel eviction on fed failure to extend, provide temporary housing, set-up of purchased trailers or checks for people to begin their own rebuilding five+ months after catastrophe –live where
–Senate hearing of feeble fed head and his buck-passing testimony to a committee
–Members of a religion rioting in several countries over perceived disrespect of most of Europe
–Mid east country’s leader announcement they want to make nuclear bombs and cartoons ridiculing WW II murder of over six million people –consequences to the world
–Purchase of homes rate fell while precious metal, stability indicator, price rose to highest level in over a decade
–Indicted aide who had hourly access to Executive branch, testified before Grand Jury on investigation of a fed agent’s outted identity, a federal violation

OK: fresh coffee, feet up, your job –to inform –tell Americans what they need to know. Look at the list, concentrate –which one do you choose as the #One, the lead story?

–Oh, you’re not very good at this –remember –you are ‘eyes’ ‘ears’ of what government is doing. –Now which one? Sheesh, whatsamatta you? The story that aired First: winter weather –in winter, of one corner of the country.

Ok, you’re 0 for one, but everyone’s human, one more chance: what do you choose as the Second Most Important story to tell Americans –Take your time, look carefully….

Oh Geeze –you’re NO good at this At All –wrongo bongo –Keep your regular job –you’d be Useless –the Second Most Important thing Americans needed to know? How pampered self-absorbed teens made out on their quest –for future big-money –in Italy. #1 Weather #2 Sports –according to NBC “news” department –
how they used our airwaves on Saturday evening news. Informing Americans? Way bottom.

How did Informing Americans Get: bottom of the list status? Members of IOC. –They’re at the top. They’re also first in line –when the ‘goodies’ get handed out –their paws outstretched, so far they got caught and slapped in Utah, to those “prominent” peeps who made money on widgets, now looking for some status; movers-shakers of cities, who hand out ‘stuff’ to those who got themselves on “The Board.” –The board ones who go around the world –to decide which country will be allowed to use their citizens’ money to bend over backwards to bankrupt their city to ‘present’ Ta-da: olympic-size Contest for Money. Those on the board –well-chosen, for minding their own business. Recently the business they didn’t mind: copying of other countries’ movies, music, books, ideas, purse design, weapons and prison terms, human rights abuse and infanticide –but only of girls, of wealthiest country on the planet, chosen to be next. Where’s Most-Favored Religion when they could actually be useful?

–But, Hell –advertisers paid serious dough to get their stuff on the air, that’s the important thing. NBC paid olympic-size Moochers olympic-size money to get the “right” to sell that stuff to you and the world, and to show some sports stuff in between. –So the money went –back to the Host –to recoup their costs –of security, building stadiums, dorms, infrastructure and cafeterias for two weeks of use? –Sheesh, naïf, Greece got stuck for 12 billion bucks, dontcha know? Nope, IT went into pockets. So who foots the bill for American Jock, Jockess wannabes to train for the Money Pits? American Moochers asked advertisers for it. You? You’re the one that’s supposed to get them All well –by buying whatever advertisers, Katie –Matt & Co are selling –and whatever the Jocks and Jockesses have slapped all over their bods. At the core of all of it? People hanging out in DC gave away use of OUR airwaves to do it to us.

But: fracturing a second is useful to determine excellence –why? How is dancing –a sport? Snow boarding is modern equivalent of Greek -Roman sport of? –Or modern equivalent of pandering to next generation –of donors? How does a groin injury rate telling –re-telling six, seven, ad nausea, times and more important than the regular re-running of “Meet the Press”? How is any of it more important than reporting what government is doing –during the news?

Remedy? Not a member of Most-Favored Religion? Write your representatives and FCC. Tell them to enforce broadcast rules; demand relevant coverage of local, national news. Write NBC: tell them to fulfill their obligation, terms of their license, to inform; to hold up on the morning-noon-evening-all night long non-stop crap.

Write: IOC. Tell them to put down the name of One country and stay put –from this year on.

Don’t think it’s worth your time, effort to write? –Expect more “wars.” Occupant is out, every week, “explaining what you got to understand” –about invasion, usurping power, spying on Americans’ without court over-sight –about selling the sizzle and stealing your rights. Nobody can abuse you without your permission. –Your silence IS permission. NBC way does NOT have “right” to run sports at expense of running Real news.

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