12 February 2006

Cancer Report?

Report -cancer rates down. Down? "Down" from -what?

Ask mothers, if you can find them, from Cancer Alley of West Virginia, New Orleans, Kentucky -any/every place oil -coal -plastics -chemicals -fertilizer -pesticide is produced if they -their sons, daughters, husbands, parents have "less" cancer this year?

Children, all over this country, getting, dying of brain tumors -tumors unknown 100 years ago. How is That measured? Source of tumors?

Why are twenty-something women getting cancer -once so 'unthinkable' doctors did not -refused to give mamograms to women under age 40. Why did 'old woman disease' jump to young ones? Cause?

Cancer of the blood...rising Why? Is there a month without finding, hearing, fund-drive for someone with cancerous marrow in the bone? How to stop it from forminig?

Men expect to die of / with prostate cancer -in the West. Asian men: don't know what it is. "Cancer rate down" -includes Asians or pedestrian to even ask -only the West counts? Hmmm...wonder what East Indians think of that...cancer rate was low -till giant battery acid factory blew up, 1987, now showing up in next generation, born with deformity, disease.

Purpose of "Report"? If: they 'announced' rate of cancer went 'down' -maybe you will believe they are 'close' to "cure"? -So close if 'they' just had some more money they could get the "cure"?

Remedy? You can "Walk" -"Run" -write checks for the "cure" -nobody can stop you. Much more will be written here about cancer, but for now consider:

1. HOW can they "cure" cancer: if they don't know -or even look at SOURCE?
If you had infection on a finger -treat the infection? Or: first look for a sliver?

2. How many billions over how many decades have they received? American Cancer Soc. "cure"? "Eat five servings of vegetables and fruits a day." Why did THAT cost Billions?

3. IF they 'found' the "cure": they would -go out of business?
-Doctors, lab techs, drug house employees -CEOs -millions more would let That happen? -Go earn a living where?

Ever pay a mechanic -to 'cure' car problem SYMPTOMS? Or: do you expect mechanic to FIX the problem -so the symptoms will disappear?

cancer "news" symtoms source money

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