08 October 2006

Right to Life? Hell No, NRA's Rights More Important

Do you believe in the right to life? --Do you have the right to live?

Are you sure?
Someone's daughter got up one morning, got dressed, went to school: got raped at gunpoint, then got shot dead. Will never come home. Bailey, Colorado

Daughters and sons sat together in a small schoolroom drawing pictures --for the last time: a man with a semi-automatic weapon, hundreds of bullets and a diseased mind entered the school. He filled Twelve small girls with bullets --five shot until they died, one child had 20 bullets in her 7-year old body. Shot dead, One begged...

Only happens to other people's children --poor, middle-class children? A child --on the playground --on the street --walking home from school --in a car on the highway, with parents --is shot dead --in every city in the US --every day.

Can government make you sick? It can kill you.
US government believes: it has the right to put lead into Great Lakes --poisoning drinking water, endangering wildlife, fish, eco-system, boaters. lead into Great Lakes

Members of Congress: get campaign donations from religious groups that believe in the right to life, hell: who doesn't believe in the right to live.

While you are busy working --shopping --focusing on yourself, your family, your friends: your representative in Congress has been busy --helping members of National Rifle Association keep their perceived right --to have semi-automatic weapons.

Members of Congress, like the Speaker for the majority Party Dennis Hastert, disgraced ex Rep. Tom Delay, other extremists, believe in: money. --They also get donations from: NRA --which believes their members have Right to use semi-automatic weapons . --Deer hunters --Real hunters: use semi-automatic--rapid-fire-- weapons to kill prey for dinner? Members of Congress are quietly busy helping them --keep their "right."

Did those children --thousands every year, die for a cause? Well...members of Congress like money, Now they have more of it --from both sides --to run more campaigns to stay in office....

While everyone is watching Republican Party disgrace themselves on other issues: they are trying to change gun laws --quietly....

England, Austraila: don't have 15,000 murders every year --people slaughtering children, wives, strangers. --They also don't have right-to-gun laws --or government 'over-running people' even though citizens aren't armed --the stupidest argument of all.

Nature demands justice...is it an "accident" Charlton Heston, ex president of NRA, is dying --a slow death?

Which side are you on?
You think --there is some Good Reason country is filled with semi-automatic weapons --children have a right to live --or Your representative should have more money or more ethics?

Here's An Idea

If you believe you, family, children have a right to live: supposing 'right to guns' people keep their guns, but ALL bullets: only available at police station
-ANY bullets, any amount: fill out a request form
-Two police officers have to examine and Approve
-Dispense the bullets
-Keep part of the profit --to hire more police
-Permanent record: who got which bullets
-Amnesty Period: turn in ALL bullets; bullets found/not registered: special jail time/added to a sentence

Local Police: can verify permit, legality, mental state. Anyone else who sells bullets: gets long prison term. Period. Could this be done in your community? Ask your mayor, your local representative. That phone call could start the process --and save a child you know, or your life.

What do You care about? If you actually really Truly believe in the Right to life, your inaction --so far, says otherwise.
-LOOK: at the links in left margin this page, click on "Senate" --"House of Representatives"
-Enter your zip code --you'll get your rep's Home Page
-SEND a message: Demand end to semi-automatic weapons --easy access to guns
or: outlaw bullets except by local police.

-Believe it: only 100 sincere letters from voters will sway your representative
Can you ask 99 friends, neighbors, co-workers, PTA members, people waiting in line at Post Office -grocery store to write to representative?

You want life? DEMAND Congress get off their butts, Pay attention to YOU, to children

Can't be bothered to write, send e-mail? DON'T moan, cry --show up --at the next funeral. Hell, the next funeral: might be for you.

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