30 October 2006

Get Absentee Ballot Now NOW

White House So-called press conference --If you saw it only on the news --heard it but didn't SEE it --when a reporter asked him about the election he went off on usual wandering blathering --Not answering question asked, not-subtle attempt to put down Democrats, but then Oval Office occupant said:

"I will have Republican majority in the Senate and Republican majority in the House after this election." Then-- Smirk.
The same smug face --election night 2004 --before the votes were counted. HE IS UP TO SOMETHING.

My instincts tell me: he's going to pull something --I don't know what --Yet. THREE times can NOT be a charm. You MUST get: Absentee Ballot --Do NOT risk voting on electronic vote machine. Not even if they offer you a Notarized paper recipt.

To Vote by Absentee Ballot:
-Google your City's name - then add "dot gov"
-When you are on local government's page: elections is on front page of most --if it isn't >Look for "election" or "registration" "ballot" "polling place" --something like that
-Read Rules on getting/qualifying for Absentee Ballot --very carefully
--you may also be able to request Absentee Ballot by phone
-Some require written request for Absentee Ballot, etc., follow rules carefully --a mistake, missed deadline could mean: not voting
-When you recive the ballot: fill it out promptly, return it as instructed --some will only accept by snail mail, some require send to specific address --by a certain date, follow rules carefully and fast.

Look around --your neighborhood, local areas --see if any senior adult needs an Absentee ballot, offer to help NOW. Only few more days until Absentee Ballot deadline.

I have Very good instincts, good ideas --but I'm clueless: HOW --WHAT he intends to do, but Believe it: that Smirk means He IS going to steal the ELECTION --he already knows it.

If anyone told me --in 2000 --that no-longer supreme court would be used to get inserted into Oval Office --I would have said: 'Get into Re-hab, you're Crazy.'

--If you don't know: in 2004 --in districts with registered Democrats --in Ohio --Florida --South, didn't have enough Polling Places --broken voting equipment; retired and ex FBI agents went into polling areas: told workers there was "red threat alert" --ordered the workers to leave and "counted" the votes. --Proof? At 8 pm EST: all three TV networks reported receiving angry calls from the White House --demanding they report that Ohio had won him the election. --People in Ohio stood to vote in the rain until 4 am --so HOW did they "know" Ohio would 'go Republican'?

US Census Bureau and GAO filed reports: in many heavily-registered Democratic districts the Occupant WON. --In one district of New Mexico: he "won" by 58,000 MORE votes than registered voters of both parties.

I have written about electronic "vote" machines since last year --begged people to contact local elction officals to DUMP those machines --vote can EASILY be changed.
-Get Absentee Ballot yourself or
-Fill out Absentee Ballot on-line: here
-Ask around: see if anyone needs Help --to Get Absentee Balllot

-Send e-mail: to Democratic Party --demand they provide election monitors and attorneys at Polling places, prevent fraud, challenge irregularities in vulnerable districts --like Tennessee --Missouri --Ohio --Virginia --Florida

-Donate: help them monitor polling places, prevent fraud, take back the country
-Donate: by mail or phone

We can Not have universal medical insurance --world's respect --jobs, prosperous country --peace --if that person has Republican majority in Congress after this election....

UPDATE: Goverment announced economy "grew" 1.6%. If Occupant's 'trickle down' tax cuts for the wealthiest is "working": where is the growth? --Where is the money? Wage-workers aren't doing better.

I suspect figures on growth and on unemployment have been manipulated past six years. When unemployment insurance runs out: workers are dropped from the rolls --no longer counted --not the same as dropped for getting a job. The people who hijacked Republican Party: don't care.

They also don't seem to be smart enough to figure out: if they ship production of goods/services out of the country --to "improve" their bottom line, who will be able to buy IN the US? They don't care about that either.

This Administration: has to borrow billions every week, to keep the war and the country going. I believe we are in for very rough times. One day: the bills will HAVE to be paid. There's Good reasons: foreclosure rate of recent home purchases is at 76%. Foreclosure: like the canary in the mine. --It will kill the economy, which could cause other things to fall --sharply.

-Pay Yourself FIRST: You worked for it --Save Your Money
-When you get paid: take 25% off the 'top' --BEFORE you pay bills, mortgage, buy things

-Put into savings account: if you don't have a savings account --keep it simple, go to closest bank, just open account, put in the money. --Make it a deadline --to open an account THIS week --by next Friday
-Set another deadline: Find, open a ROTH-IRA account. Give yourself rigid deadline: within two weeks. Money you put into a ROTH: means you won't have to pay tax on it next year. You are allowed to stash several thousand dollars into a ROTH each year, but you only have two months, until December 30, of this year
-Save: BEFORE you buy things --go out to dinner, etc.

-Look at every area to save/cut back: you will be happy later on --when everyone else is panicing.
-Halloween: Instead of handing out candy, with white sugar which is toxic & addictive, hand out new pennies --get a few rolls. --3 to 10-year olds don't need candy.
-Make coffee at home, take to-go in insulated cup --kick the $20. -30. a week Starbuck habit. One pound of organic (no pesticide) quality coffee costs $8., lasts two weeks. Put the average difference, $42. in the bank.
-Every week: buy a few canned goods, stash away for future.

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