01 November 2006

2,759 + 104 = Funerals 0 -WHO Should Apologize?

The people who hijacked the Republican Party got: deferments --special treatment instead of tours of duty. Now they are panting and blathering over a comment by the Senator from Massachusetts. Why? Even One American believes --a man who SERVED in the military is going to slam others serving in the military??? Paleeese --how sad, how desperate are they, to be showing off their weenieness in public.

Who shipped Americans' National Guard --to other side of the world for --what was the reason?

A person who chooses to have war is responsible --for consequences --faulty equipment --flimsy transport --helicopters that crash --inadequate water, Kevlar vests, night goggles, bullets, weapons, translators, supplies, maps --protection of troops, civilians, infrastructure, homes, bridges, roads, electricity --destruction of schools, religious houses, families --death --world's contempt, hatred --massive theft --chaos.

Oval Office occupant claims: we "should blame [him]" for the war --so what's he whining about? We DO blame him for Iraq --and so does the Senator.

A woman flying home from Iraq, feeling bad about the soldiers, took out her camera --photographed soldiers going home. She gave her pictures to her newspaper, which published them. Then: she got fired. Why? Pentagoons: didn't like her pictures --showing utmost respect for soldiers --each in a coffin meticulously draped with US flag. --People "running" Iraq invasion and Pentagoons: don't want Americans to see any thing that reveals results --showing how poorly they do their job. --They banned photographers from Day One at Dover airport runway, as coffins off-loaded. Why? Excuse: "that's up to family members of the dead." --Yet no military family has denied permission to reporter or photographer to be at the airport. Pictures of tortured, humiliated Iraq prisoners? Ex Chief of the Joints Meyers --sat on those pictures for eight weeks --until he couldn't prevent media from publishing.

Oval Office occupant: not attended one military funeral. Wives, parents, family members of dead soldiers and marines brought into the White House --calls them "mommy." --Respectful? --Something to admire?

After September 11 attack on the US --advice we got? "Just shop --just live normally." In other words:

'don't make sacrifices' and 'DON'T stop spending your money' --don't pay any attention to what we are doing --to 'aid' our benefactors and giant corporations.' How did 'shop till you drop' --help wives, who suddenly found out "National Guard" meant some other nation?

He and the people he hired to run invasion and occupation of Iraq:
don't have a Plan --how to get out.

His choice --civilian who runs Defense Dept: has no military --strategy --tactical --aerial knowledge or experience. He is equipped with massive quantity of: arrogance. He told Generals any who read prepared papers on How to Handle the Peace: would be fired. Now THERE was a Plan. Anyone in military who stands up to him --tries to argue facts with him: finds their career --"altered" --or over. So "brilliant": orderded strikes --TWO wedding parties --slaughtered. --You forgot?

These are the people who paid a liar and bank thief: $350,000 per MONTH --for over a year --to hear? --What they wanted to hear --whispered in their ears. What did we get for the money? Fake facts. CIA: warned them he couldn't be trusted --before he was "hired." --But They didn't mind spending --our money on a liar --on contracts of former employer of President of Vice, violating federal law on no-compete and no-bid --on mercenaries.

These people claim they don't like welfare. --Yet wrote a "drug" bill to give billions in aide to drug makers --to oil companies --to airlines --to coal producers --to insurance, credit card and bank corporations --anyone who ever 'donated' to their election campaigns.

Those people: don't have a problem with CEOs making Millions --but don't want Minimum Wage raise. How is everyone else supposed to pay bills --survive?

They claim to want smaller government: blew a $8 TRILLION hole in our Treasury. --Who will be paying that debt --after they blow town?

--These people howling about a Senator's disgust: Gave out 38,000 oil contracts to dig for oil in nation's parks to pals.

They refused to join the world to cut pollution. They made it harder for struggling families to declare bankruptcy. They gave themselves raises and pension increases --every year. Did you get $3,000. more a year --six years in a row?

How does all that compare --hmmm...to a badly-worded slam of what they have Actually done --military deaths, massive debt, Iraq chaos --655,000 deaths --blood --destruction --two countries threatening to build nuclear weapons --world's disrespect, contempt. Are we better off? --Are you wealthy now? Do You work less hours now? Are You, your family --safer now? --Is the world more stable? WHO should apologize?

-Vote Tuesday --for anyone but Republicans, unless you want More of the same
-Offer: Give senior adults a ride to the polls to vote
-Contact: your local Registrar of Voters, your local City Council Representative and local Democratic Party office --request that they have monitors and lawyers at Every polling place --to prevent anyone with fake creditials from entering the polling place --from altering vote totals --from "counting" votes --from evicting Poll workers and "counting" votes --or dumping ballots in the trash. --In case you are one of rare people who doesn't know: Republicans tossed ballots into the trash, "forgot" to count thousands of ballots --in Florida --throughout Southern states.

Do Not Forget: In New Mexico, 2004 "election": the person occupying the Oval Office "received" 58,000 more votes than there are registered voters. --Same in Ohio, Florida, many states and districts with heavily-Democratic registered voters --Reported by US Census Bureau and by GAO for Congress. If such dirty tricks worked twice: why wouldn't he try them again?

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